Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs? – The Best Way

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We’re always looking for options to make cooking easier. We want simple and effective solutions that will deliver the same results in the end. One of our most recent obsessions is liquid eggs. Yes, you read that right – liquid eggs! 

You can use liquid eggs for absolutely anything you might use regular eggs for – aside from maybe poached, boiled, or fried eggs. But ultimately, you can cook with liquid eggs and you can make many egg dishes like omelets, scrambled eggs, quiche, and more using liquid eggs. 

Can you freeze liquid eggs to make them last longer? You can store liquid eggs in the freezer for up to one year. However, if you’re going to do so, it’s best if they haven’t been opened yet. They actually freeze quite well for up to 1 year if stored correctly. 

In this guide, we will be sharing all of the details about liquid eggs. We will give you a basic overview of the product, share with you some of the best types of liquid eggs, and give you all of the tips and tricks for proper storage and freezing liquid eggs. 

Keep reading to learn all about freezing liquid eggs and more. 

The Complete Guide to Freezing Liquid Eggs

If you’re seeing the term liquid eggs and thinking “well, aren’t all eggs liquid” let us explain. You’re right that the interior of all eggs are liquid when you crack the shells.

What we’re specifically referring to here is a product called liquid eggs – these can be purchased without the shells. 

This is a food product that you would find most likely near the egg or dairy section of your local grocery store. Liquid eggs will most likely be sold in a carton like milk or juice might be.

If you’re not familiar with liquid eggs, it’s a common product that’s great for cooking purposes that require eggs. 

It’s better for things like scrambled eggs, French toast, quiche, or something along those lines where you’re mixing the eggs in some way.

Liquid eggs are real eggs. The nutritional values of liquid eggs are consistent with that of fresh eggs in a shell. You can also purchase liquid egg whites as well. 

Liquid Eggs Vs Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid eggs and liquid egg whites are not the same. Much like fresh eggs and fresh egg whites are not the same. 

Liquid egg whites are primarily made with egg whites. This is a “healthier” version because it has reduced fat, cholesterol, and calories.

However, liquid egg whites are yellow in color because there are some things like beta carotene added to the mixture. 

The added items are primarily for flavor as well as vitamin additions. The product is still made with real eggs. 

Much like fresh eggs from the shell, we know that egg whites are typically healthier because of the reduced fat and cholesterol levels.

Ultimately, the color and consistency of these two egg products will look very similar. The known differences are primarily health-related. 

What Are Liquid Eggs Used For?

If you’re still a little unsure about the idea of using liquid eggs, here are some great ideas for things that work really well with liquid eggs. 

  • French toast
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Omelets
  • Baking products
  • Quiche
  • Breakfast casserole
  • Stir-fry or fried rice
  • Frittatas
  • Egg sandwiches

Liquid egg is a versatile product and you can really do a lot with it. Almost anything that uses eggs and does not require a whole egg or an intact yolk can easily be made with liquid egg rather than fresh eggs. 

Right now, while fresh eggs can be hard to find, these are a really good option to try out! 

Liquid Egg Brands

There are only a few well-known brands that sell liquid eggs. You might recognize names like Egg Beater’s or Eggland’s Best. Muscle Egg is another popular brand that is primarily used for egg protein purposes. 

We wanted to give you a quick overview of some of the best liquid egg options. 

  • Egg Beaters – this is perhaps the most popular brand of liquid eggs on the market. It is a bit more expensive but the quality is well worth it. If you’re looking for liquid eggs that are definitely made with real eggs and don’t have a lot of additives or preservatives, this is the way to go! 
  • Eggland’s Best – Eggland’s Best liquid egg is made with 100% eggs as well. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and they use egg white primarily for their liquid egg combination. Their eggs are also quality eggs. 
  • Muscle Egg – Muscle Egg is a brand that you may or may not find at the local grocery store. This product was designed as a workout protein product but it has the same concept. However, if your plan is for baking and cooking, we would recommend one of the other brands. 
  • Store Brands – we also want to point out that many stores have their own brand and these can be quite reliable. These are typically comparable to Egg Beaters or Eggland’s Best options. Just read the label to be sure you’re getting a quality product. 

Storing and Freezing Liquid Eggs

Interestingly enough, you can freeze whole eggs (not in the shell) as well as liquid eggs. If you’ve opened your liquid eggs, you will need to transfer them to a better container.

Something like this from Amazon would be perfect for freezing eggs.

Additionally, you may not want to trust the carton they are in either, although it usually works just fine for freezing. 

There are actually liquid egg varieties that you can purchase frozen. Egg Beater’s brand has some of these options. 

If your cart of liquid eggs is unopened, you can just slip that bad boy into the freezer as is.

If it is open, you need to choose another storage method so let’s go over that for you.

The thing you will want to keep in mind is that when it comes to using liquid eggs after they’ve been frozen, you only want to defrost what you’re going to need.

This is a good time to split your liquid eggs up into small portions if they aren’t already. 

  1. Separate liquid eggs into portions. Be sure to check for anything that looks like the egg may not be healthy. 
  2. Place portions into heavy-duty freezer bags or tight-sealing containers that will not spill or leak. If you use freezer bags, we recommend that you double bag them just to be on the safe side. 
  3. Carefully seal all packaging tightly. 
  4. Label and date packaging. You might also want to notate how much is in each package. 
  5. Store in the freezer for up to 1 year. 

Liquid eggs store very nicely. The biggest challenge is to figure out the portioning so you don’t have to toss out any eggs if you defrost them and don’t use everything. 

Using Liquid Eggs After Freezing

It is very important that you only defrost what you plan to use of your liquid eggs. You cannot refreeze them once they have been defrosted. 

You can defrost your liquid eggs by setting them out in the refrigerator overnight or for several hours. You can also take them from the freezer and run them under water or place them in a bowl of warm water. 

If you use the water method, be mindful of your packaging. If the packaging is a cardboard carton, you run the risk of leaking liquid egg when the product starts to defrost due to the saturated container. 

Liquid eggs can be used as normal after frozen. 

Related Questions

We hope that you find this guide to understanding liquid eggs and how to freeze them to be a valuable resource for your needs. Liquid eggs are certainly unique but they are irreplaceable and once you’ve started using them, you won’t be able to stop! 

In the following question and answer section, you will find some additional information that could be helpful to you. We invite you to take a look! 

Can You Drink Liquid Egg?

It is not recommended that you drink liquid egg as these are still raw eggs. Liquid egg whites, on the other, hand are typically pasteurized and therefore not raw.

Check your labels as some liquid egg whites are made specifically for body-building and drinking purposes. 

Are Liquid Eggs Bad for You?

Liquid eggs contain the same nutritional content that whole eggs do. In fact, there are times when liquid eggs might actually be better for you because some liquid eggs are made using the whites only, which means no fat and no cholesterol. 

Does McDonald’s Use Liquid Eggs?

McDonald’s (and many similar chains) use a mixture of whole eggs, liquid eggs, and frozen eggs to make their egg dishes. 

Can You Swap Whole Eggs for Liquid Eggs?

Yes, you certainly can!

It works well for most egg dishes as well as baking. You can measure 1/4 of a cup of liquid egg to replace each whole egg that a recipe calls for and it should equal out about the same. 

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  1. Just read your information about freezing liquid whole eggs. I found it extremely useful. Just wanted to know if you can pour the liquid into self sealing ice cube bags, then double bag?

  2. “Much like fresh eggs from the shell, we know that egg whites are typically healthier because of the reduced fat and cholesterol levels.” the only time whole eggs might be be less “healthy” is if a person has coronary artery disease…otherwise they are just fine for most of us. You can eat at least two whole eggs every day and as long as you don’t gorge on sugar and empty carb laden foods, your cholesterol level will be fine.

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