The 5 Best Napkin Rings Of 2023

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People often overlook table decorations and take them for granted. In most cases, we wouldn’t bother too much with the small details since there is nobody else to impress.

In other situations, we spend an entire day to prepare incredible dishes for our guests only to remember that we cannot serve them on an undecorated table. 

This is when we usually remember all the different types of table decorations like table runners, cloth napkins, and napkin rings.

And if you feel like an aesthetically pleasing setting is a necessity, you would agree that accessorizing your table is nearly as important as the dishes you will present. 

In this case, which are the best napkin rings? To make this easy and fair to you, we selected one napkin ring out of the most common styles as well as a couple of individual picks that simply stood out in the mix. Since your personal preferences would naturally be different than ours, we made sure to include diverse options to satisfy the different tastes and requirements.

Keep reading to see all of the options and why we think they are the best for each style!

The Best Napkin Rings

Take a look at the top 5 napkin rings below. We hope you find one that suits your fancy!

1.ShalinIndia Artisan Crafted Dinner Napkin RingsNatural wood
2.Efavormart Acrylic Napkin RingsShiny acrylic
3.SKAVIJ Metal Mesh Napkin Rings SetMetal mesh
4.Digoon Rhinestone Napkin RingsRhinestone
5.Global Crafts Mahogany Wood Animal Napkin RingsMahogany wood

1. ShalinIndia Artisan Crafted Dinner Napkin Rings

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As our number one entry, we will start with something classic like wooden napkin rings.

If you need something to fit any style and occasion, you can never go wrong with wooden decorations.

Wood goes perfect with any color and these napkin rings by ShalinIndia have the perfect minimalistic design and have been handcrafted to perfection by professional craftsmen in India. 

The diameter of the inner circle is 1.5 inch which is just the perfect size for any table linens.

Last but not least, the napkin rings are currently available in four sets – from 4 to 12 per set. You can never go wrong with wooden decorations and at this price range, it does not get any better than this. 

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from the finest hardwoods in India
  • 1.5-inch inner ring diameter
  • Available in four sets

Biggest Drawback: There is nothing negative to say about these napkin rings. When it comes to craftsmanship and durability, you get a perfect product for a great price.

We couldn’t find any possible drawbacks apart from the simplicity of the design which is also why we chose them. If you need something more complex and flashy, see some of the following napkin rings. 

2. Efavormart Acrylic Napkin Rings

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When it comes to decoration, it is best to purchase items that can be used for various occasions without getting boring or outdated.

If you want to add some elegance to your table without making your decorations flashy, check out the acrylic napkin rings by Efavormart. 

Why did we choose such a simplistic design over the abundance of other choices on the market? In most cases, elegance comes in the simplest form or shape.

Furthermore, this particular product comes in a total of 15 color variations. In other words, you will definitely find the perfect fit for your table or occasion. 

Key Features: 

  • 1.5-inch inner ring diameter 
  • Available in 15 color variations
  • Suitable for all occasions

Biggest Drawback: Acrylic is not a material that goes well with every color. It is clearly visible with this product also that not every color looks as well fit as the others. Take for example black and white.

They look extremely elegant and classy for such a low price on these napkin rings and seem like they are more expensive than they really are. Other colors fail to give that impression and do not look as good.

It is clearly visible on the original pictures by the manufacturer, therefore, you will not have a problem in making the right choice. 

3. SKAVIJ Metal Mesh Napkin Rings Set

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We feel like this particular type of metal mesh napkin rings present a truly genuine feeling of fall when the branches are empty.

If you want to use your imagination additionally, imagine a hand-woven basket then look at these mesh napkin rings. A similar concept, wouldn’t you agree? 

Anyway, we feel like these napkin rings by Skavij are really well-made when compared to other similar metal mesh ones.

They also come in a variety of colors – some give that natural feeling we talked about in the beginning while others could simply be useful for more specific occasions. After all, not many people would buy napkin rings in bright green unless there is a thematic event to decorate. 

Nevertheless, these napkin rings are available in sets from 4 to 100 which means that you can easily decorate large events or simply add a bit of elegance to your every-day meals with the family. 

Key Features: 

  • High-quality materials
  • Available in 8 color variations
  • Available in sets from 4 to 100  

Biggest Drawback: We feel like the manufacturer – Skavij, could improve their color selection or simply add some new ones in the future. Besides the regular metallic color shades, the flashier ones are nothing but an acquired taste, and even so, not all look good on this particular product.

If, for example, you need something green or red, you should consider getting napkin rings from a different material. This is because certain colors do not look as good on metal. 

4. Digoon Rhinestone Napkin Rings

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Every once in a while, there is a special event happening that requires more attention, luxurious decoration, and large quantities of napkin rings.

In case you need to keep costs on the minimum but still need an elegant alternative, Digoon has the perfect napkin rings in sets of 50 and 100. 

Of course, the rhinestones here are not genuine but the representation is exquisite and makes them look as if they are nonetheless.

You can choose between four of the most commonly used colors for events – gold, silver, silver black, and rose gold. 

Key Features: 

  • Available in 4 color variations
  • Available in sets of 50 and 100
  • Each ring is secured with hot glue 

Biggest Drawback: Unlike the previous entries we selected for our list, these napkin rings are smaller in diameter which is not particularly suitable for larger cloth napkins. You may need to secure them additionally with glue which is not what you want with such a large quantity. 

5. Global Crafts Mahogany Wood Animal Napkin Rings

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We saved our personal favorite for last and it is truly a unique product.

These napkin rings would not be suitable for official events but are perfect for large families with children or outgoing occasions that could use some uniqueness and additional fun.

Moreover, they make the perfect gift for close friends. 

Why is this product so important? Global Crafts, the original manufacturer, is a brand that is part of the Fair Trade Federation which aims to help people in poor regions by giving them a way to make a living.

With this said, you need to know that each animal napkin ring you see in this set of six will be handmade in Kenya

In other words, you not only get unique handcrafted napkin rings but you also help people in need with your purchase.

And if you feel like six is too many, you can purchase as many as you want from any of the models because they are also available individually. 

Key Features: 

  • Handcrafted by Kenyan craftspeople 
  • Six different animals made into napkin rings
  • The brand is part of the Fair Trade Federation

Biggest Drawback: This could hardly be considered a drawback but if you are a perfectionist, you should rather focus your attention on machine-made napkin rings. As each of the animal napkin rings we discuss is handcrafted, it is only natural that they have slight differences in size and width. However, knowing the actual unique concept behind this product, you shouldn’t consider this to be an actual problem. 

Related Questions

Who invented the napkin ring and what was their purpose?

Napkin rings are a curious invention. When you think about it, who would have thought about such an item? The correct answer, of course, could only be a nation that has a thing for luxury and is well-known for its grand palaces and Bourgeoisie – France. 

Since there is no individual name that we could give you as a creator, we only know that napkin rings first appeared in France around the 19th century. Of course, such were available only to the upper classes of the population.

Initially, they were made from silver but were later on developed from both cheaper and more expensive materials respectively. 

It is curious how such a rather pointless invention stormed the world and was soon demanded in every corner of the world. Even today, people go to impressive lengths with their napkin ring decorations and even make their own with their initials. 

What is known as a decoration today was used as a simple tool to designate dirty napkins from clean ones. Initially, people would use napkin rings to mark the napkins that can be reused again.

So, if a napkin was clean after dinner 100 or 200 years ago, people would put it in the napkin ring again to be reused later. 

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