The 5 Best Wood Pizza Peels

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Making homemade pizza can be so much fun! You get to make your own pizza, with the crust the way you like and the toppings made to your own preferences.

Many people place their pizzas directly on the rack to really get their crust cooked to perfection. If you’re going to make pizza at home, you really need a quality pizza peel for the task.

You know those kitchen tools that almost look like a paddle, and oar, or maybe even a giant spatula? Those are pizza peels. They are designed to help you slide your pizza in and out of the oven with ease. 

What is the best wood pizza peel? The best wood pizza peels are smooth so pizzas won’t stick to them with slanted or beveled edges to make it easy to slide under a pizza without having to use your hands. 

In this guide, we have chosen the best wood pizza peels to share with you. We have complete reviews for you. All of these options will work out great and we made a point to give you a variety to choose from so you can fit your needs. 

Keep reading to learn about the 5 best wood pizza peels on the market. 

How to Choose a Wood Pizza Peel

Before you start your search for a new pizza peel, we wanted to give you some pointers for picking out your new accessory. Not all pizza peels are created equally and our focus in this guide is for wood peels. 

If you’re in the market for a new wood pizza peel, take these factors into consideration before you settle on a specific choice. 


Wood is one of the favorites when it comes to a pizza peel but there are a few characteristics to be aware of. Be sure that the wood being used can truly withstand the high temperatures of your cooking space. 

You will want to be sure that the surface is finished and smooth in order to prevent cracking, splitting, or splintering of the wood. 

Handle Length

Next, you want to be sure your handle is going to be long enough to do the job. You will want to know just how long your handle needs to be to safely remove that fresh veggie pizza or that sizzling pepperoni from the oven.

The handle is there to keep your hands out of harm’s way as you move the pizza around. A handle that is too short won’t be able to do what it’s designed to do and will be hard to hold.

Blade Size

Finally, you need to review the size of the blade. This is the paddle portion or the flat surface area that your pizza will set on. It’s important to know whether or not this has a large enough surface area to handle your typical pizzas. 

There are both circular and rectangular options out there and the sizes can vary. Just be sure that you choose a size that will work for you. 

The 5 Best Wood Pizza Peels

While wood is the most popular material for a pizza peel, there are several different types of wood that can be used. Not all pizza peel options are designed exactly the same, as you will see in our reviews. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Pizza Royale Natural Bamboo Pizza PeelLarge, easy-grip
2.New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza PeelRestaurant-grade
3.G.A. Home Favor Natural Wood Pizza PeelDouble set
4.Chef Pomodoro Bamboo Pizza PeelFoldable handle
5.Picnic Time Toscana Acacia Wood Pizza PeelBeveled edge

Below, you will find all of the most important details for our top picks of the 5 best wood pizza peels. 

1. Pizza Royale Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

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Our first option comes from Pizza Royale. It is a highly-rated option that we think is certainly one of the best on the market.

This pizza peel is made with naturally-sourced bamboo and you can purchase it in large or extra-large sizes to meet your needs. 

It has a nice long handle. The total measurements are 12 inches wide by 19.6 inches long. It’s sturdy but not overly heavy so you can comfortably handle it and take care of your pizza needs.

In addition to being used as a pizza peel, this can also be used for serving or even as a cutting board if you need it. 

This pizza peel has a hole cut into the handle so you can easily hang it up for storage purposes. The handle is slim and comfortable to grip without feeling flimsy.

Under proper care, this bamboo will not crack, split, or splinter. It’s easy to clean up when you wash it by hand. Pizza Royale also offers a 6-month guarantee.


  • Comfortable, easy-grip handle
  • Versatile size with a long handle
  • Versatile and can be used for other things
  • Wood should not split, warp, or crack
  • 6-month guarantee


  • Some buyers have had issues with the handle splitting.

2. New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peel

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Our next option comes from a New Star Foodservice. This paddle is available in several different sizes so you can choose as large or as small a peel as you want.

The variety of sizes available is certainly a plus! This is a restaurant-grade peel and it is very reasonably-priced as well. 

This wood pizza peel is made with sturdy basswood. The wood is even and fine in texture. It is strong and durable but it also comfortably lightweight. The edges are slanted so you can easily slide under your pizza with no issues. 

You can use this for pizzas but you can also use it for many other things like bread, cakes, muffins, and more.

We already noted that you can choose your size but another versatile aspect of these peels is that you can also choose whether you want square or rounded blades. 

This is a hand-wash only wood peel but it is very easy to clean and care for. 


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • You can choose round or square
  • Tapered edge for easy sliding
  • Multi-purpose wooden peel
  • Sturdy and durable but lightweight


  • The surface is slightly rough when you get it and may need to be oiled before use.

3. G.A. Home Favor Natural Wood Pizza Peel

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We love this option because it actually comes in a set of two! And you get both for the price of a typical single peel.

These are large paddles but the handles are not quite as long so you will want to take note of that and make sure they will work for you. 

This set of wood pizza peels measures 16.5 inches long and 11.8 inches wide. Their square shape gives you some additional working space as well.

This is made with very strong birch wood. It actually has 7 layers to make it sturdy and durable. 

This does have a tapering, or beveled, edge to make it easy to slide under your pizza. The edge is still fairly thick so it may take some getting used to.

The handle is strong and sturdy and large enough to grip but it doesn’t have much extra length. You can fit any size of pizza though! 

Finally, this is made with solid wood. It wipes down very easily and maintenance should be simple as well. 


  • Very durable materials
  • Made with 7 layers of birch wood
  • Large blade size for versatility
  • Comfortable to grip and hold
  • Comes in a pack of 2 peels


  • The angle at the end is fairly small and sometimes it is hard to get under the crust.
  • This says it can be used as a cutting board but the cutting should be light use.

4. Chef Pomodoro Bamboo Pizza Peel with Foldable Handle

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This option is really quite unique. It has a decent-sized blade but the real catch here is the 12-inch handle.

It is extra-long but what’s really great is the handle is foldable so you can turn this into a compact pizza peel for storage purposes. It even has a hanging tassel on the end to hang it with.

Check Pomodoro delivers a quality tool here. The blade measures 12 inches by 12 inches so it’s pretty suitable for most sizing needs.

The end is tapered so you can easily slide under your pizza as well. This may not be large enough for a super-large pizza but it will work for most things. 

This peel is made with bamboo. It is 98% natural and it is very beautiful. That 2% is only there because they added a knob and screw for the handle. This is comfortable and easy to handle and it is also durable and sturdy for uses as well. 


  • Convenient, folding handle
  • Extra-long handle that is 12-inches long
  • Well-made and designed
  • Made with durable bamboo 
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • You may need to prep the board to avoid sticking.

5. Picnic Time Toscana Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

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Our final option is a premium option that is gorgeous to look at. It has that multi-colored wood grain that really makes it stand out.

It is well-made and a good size. The price tag isn’t too bad considering the quality and the look. 

This option from Toscana is made with acacia wood, which contributes to the stellar look that you simply can’t beat.

The paddle is flat without being overly thin and it does have the tapered edges to make slipping under your pizza simple. 

On this peel, the handle is nice and long and it has a hole so you can hang it for storage if needed. This is comfortable and easy to use.

You really can’t beat the look and the quality combined. This even has a lifetime pledge for company defects. 


  • Beautiful acacia wood
  • Long, comfortable handle
  • Thin but sturdy design
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Tapered blade for easy use


  • This board comes fairly rough and may need to be oiled before use.

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