9 Best Waffle Fries Makers

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Do you want to make waffle fries like the ones you get from your favorite fast food place? Then it’s high time you invested in the right tool. 

But what are the best waffle fries makers? Mandoline slicers with crinkled blades are the best tools for making waffle fries. When buying a mandoline slicer, pay attention to the design features and overall sturdiness of the tool. Also, make sure the slicer set is easy to use, clean, and store. 

Continue reading to learn what you should consider when looking for a mandoline slicer that can make waffle fries as well as a list of the best waffle fries makers. 

How Do You Make Waffle Fries?

You can tell just by looking at waffle fries that they take a little more effort to make. But the time and effort put into making waffle fries are certainly worth it. 

First off, waffle fries are fun. Secondly, thanks to their structure, waffle fries can hold more of your favorite sauces, dips, and condiments. And lastly, because of the many angles waffle fries have, they turn out a lot crunchier than French fries. 

Though waffle fries look complicated, it is easy to make them if you have the right tool to cut the potatoes. The best waffle fries maker tool is a mandoline slicer with a crinkled/wavy blade.

Making waffle fries with a mandoline slicer is easy once you get the hang of slicing the potatoes so that you get intricate-looking potato slices. All you need to do is to rotate the potato 90 degrees after each cut.

You can also use a crinkle cutter to make waffle fries. However, using this handheld tool requires quite a lot of physical effort and time especially when you need to make a lot of waffle fries. 

How To Choose The Best Waffle Fries Slicer?

Not all mandoline slicers can make waffle chips. On the other hand, if a mandoline slicer comes with a wavy blade, it still doesn’t mean that it is a good slicer. 

Here’s the list of criteria to consider when looking for the best waffle fries maker.

Blade Types And Shapes 

If you are looking for a waffle fries maker, you should make sure to buy a mandoline slicer that comes with a crinkled blade. A crinkled blade allows you to get crinkle cut and waffle cut fries that are a lot more fun than regular fries. 

Aside from the crinkled blade, the slicer should also have a versatile straight blade as well as julienne blades of different sizes. In fact, the more blades the mandoline slicer has the better. 

We recommend you consider the blade shape of the mandoline slicer too. The blades on mandoline slicers can be straight, diagonal, and V-shaped. 

While an average buyer may not know the differences between these blade designs, there are some important things you should know if you are looking for the best mandoline slicer. 

A straight blade, which is still found on many mandoline models, is becoming less and less popular for a reason. It requires more force to cut vegetables and fruits on a slicer with a straight blade. This makes using the mandoline slicer less safe. 

Additionally, straight blades are not very efficient at cutting delicate fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes. Diagonal blades, on the other hand, work fine for cutting delicate foods. 

Lastly, many mandoline slicers now have V-shaped blades. This blade shape makes the mandoline slicer stabler and safer. It eases the cutting process too. 


When it comes to the design of mandoline slicers, you can choose between a handheld and a  kickstand mandoline slicer.

With handheld mandoline slicers, you have more control over the tool and can hold it at an angle that is more convenient for you. A kickstand mandoline slicer, on the other hand, has a stand that supports it. So, you don’t need to hold the mandoline slicer yourself. 

Another design feature to consider is the container that some mandoline slicers come with. You slice the fruits and vegetables right into the container and may even store them in it for future use. 

Adjustable Thickness 

One of the best features a mandoline slicer can have is adjustable thickness. Most people prefer their waffle fries to be on the thicker side rather than paper-thin.

If this is your preference too, then buy a mandoline slicer that can make slices of various thicknesses. 

Blade Material 

The blades on mandoline slicers are commonly made of stainless steel and ceramic materials. Both materials are rust-resistant and very sharp. 

As a rule, ceramic blades remain sharp longer than steel blades. On the other hand, you should be very careful with ceramic blades as they are more susceptible to breaking and chipping. 


It is important to consider the overall size of the mandoline slicer and the length of the blades. Compact and narrow mandoline slicers are good.

But you may need to cut your potatoes, eggplants, and other large produce in half to be able to slice them comfortably using the mandoline slicer. 


The blades on good mandoline slicers are very sharp. And the way you use these tools to slice fruits and vegetables makes it very easy to hurt your hands if you are not careful enough and the slicer lacks safety features. 

Look for a mandoline slicer that comes with a handguard. The handguard should be comfortable to hold and use. The base of the slicer should be sturdy and preferably with non-slip feet. 

The process of switching blades can be unsafe too if you are not careful. Buying a mandoline slicer the blades of which can be changed through a rotation knob is a lot safer as you have little interaction with the blades when you change them. 

Ease Of Cleaning 

It is good to buy a mandoline slicer some parts of which are dishwasher-safe. 

With this said, never buy a mandoline slicer that claims to be fully dishwasher-safe. This is tempting.

But we all know by now that blades should never go into the dishwasher. Even the blades of the best mandoline slicer will dull soon after a few washes in the dishwasher. 

Many mandoline slicers come with brushes that make the cleaning process easy and efficient. 

To make sure your mandoline slicer has a long life span, wash the blades immediately after using them. Use mild soap and warm water to wash the blades and dry them thoroughly with paper towels. 

Ease Of Use

Some mandoline slicers are so complicated to set up that sometimes you prefer to slice the fruits and vegetables by hand rather than spend time setting up the mandoline slicer. 

A mandoline slicer that you will have on your kitchen counter all the time and use for all your meal preparations needs to be easy and quick to set up and use. 


Mandoline slicers that come with many parts should be easy and neat to store. 

Some mandoline slicers are foldable for compact and convenient storage. Even if the mandoline slicer is not foldable, you should be able to store it away safely.

Best Waffle Fries Makers 

There are hundreds of mandoline slicer sets available online and in stores. And still, not all of them can be used as waffle fries makers.

In this article, we have ranked and reviewed the best waffle fries makers. Aside from the crinkled wavy blade that these mandoline slicers come with, they are also sturdy and well designed. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Mueller Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Five blades, adjustable thickness
2.OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer Four blades, four thickness settings
3.Gramercy Kitchen Mandoline Food Slicer Built-in blades, adjustable thickness
4.Progressive International Mandoline Slicer Built-in blades, adjustable thickness
5.Norpro Deluxe Mandoline Slicer Five blades, adjustable thickness
6.IUAIU Multifunctional Chopper Four blades, comes with a container
7.ICO Potato Slicing MandolineTwo fixed and five interchangeable blades
8.Mueller Mandoline Slicer Five blades, comes with a container
9.GproMe Mandoline SlicerStraight and crinkle blades, adjustable thickness

1. Mueller Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline 

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Muller mandoline slicer is one of the most popular mandoline slicers you can get. And it’s easy to guess why. 

Despite its affordable price, this slicer set is well-made and has all the features you need.

It comes with five V-shaped blades, including a wavy blade that you can use to make waffle fries. 

Thanks to the thickness control setting, you can make waffle fries of your desired thickness – from 1 to 9 mm. And to protect your hands from the sharp blades, the Mueller mandoline set comes with a slicing guard. 

The overall construction of the slicer is sturdy as it is made of strong food-grade plastic. The slicer also has a kickstand. You don’t have to hold it with one hand while slicing waffle fries. 

For easy and convenient storage, this mandoline slicer set includes a plastic storage box where you can keep all the blades. 

2. OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer 

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OXO Good Grips mandoline slicer is another great option if you are looking for a slicer with kickstand support. 

This mandoline slicer comes with four slicing blades, including a wavy one for waffle fries. The blades are made of hardened stainless steel and will cut through potatoes, carrots, and other hard vegetables easily and smoothly. 

You can control the thickness of the waffle fries with the help of the rotating knob. With this mandoline slicer, you can make slices that are 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, and 6 mm thick. 

For enhanced safety, the OXO Good Grips mandoline slicer has non-slip feet and a soft-grip handle for your non-dominant hand. The set also includes a food holder that protects your fingers from the extra-sharp blades. 

Thanks to the smart design and the foldable kickstand, this mandoline slicer won’t take up a lot of space when not in use. The spare blades go into the body of the slicer.

This makes it easy to store the slicer away although some people note that this feature makes cleaning up the slicer a bit more time-consuming. 

3. Gramercy Kitchen Mandoline Food Slicer 

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Gramercy mandoline slicer is one of the sturdiest waffle fries makers you can get. It has high-quality plastic stand and a stainless steel runway. 

What makes this mandoline slicer stand out is that the blades are built-in.

To alter between the straight and the crinkled blade for waffle fries you simply need to flip open the lower half of the steel runway and flip the cutter to use the needed blade. 

With the help of a knob located on the side of the slicer, you can control the thickness of the slices. This same knob also helps control the thickness of julienne slices. Gramercy mandoline slicer can make slices of varying thickness – from paper-thin to 9 mm-thick. 

Another thing about this mandoline slicer that surprises all buyers is the full set of safety accessories it comes with. Aside from the food holder that nearly all mandoline slicers come with, the Gramercy slicer set also includes safety gloves. 

The set also comes with a brush that makes cleaning the blades easy and efficient. 

The kickstand of this slicer is foldable. It folds flat and the slicer takes very little storage space. And as the blades are built-in, storing away this slicer after each use is quick and trouble-free. 

4. Progressive International Mandoline Slicer 

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The Progressive International mandoline slicer is good for people who like making extra-large waffle fries. Thanks to the wide body, you can use large potatoes to make waffle fries. 

But despite having a stainless steel slicing deck that is on the wider side, this mandoline slicer is not bulky at all. 

With the Progressive International mandoline slicer, you can make thin and thick slices and waffle cuts as well as julienne cuts of different thicknesses.

All of the blades are built-in. You can control the cutting style and thickness with the help of the dials and the switch on the side of the slicer frame.

The mandoline slicer has a foldable supporting kickstand. This kickstand foot as well as the two front feet are all non-slip which is an important safety consideration. 

The slicer comes with a handguard. You can securely hold the potatoes using this handguard and make waffle fries without worrying about hurting your fingers. 

5. Norpro Deluxe Mandoline Slicer 

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If you are looking for an affordable yet versatile mandoline slicer, then this Norpro Deluxe mandoline slicer is another great option to look into. 

Aside from the crinkled blade for waffle fries, this mandoline set includes a few other blades.

It has a regular straight blade as well as grating and shredding blades. You can also make julienne cuts with this slicer too. 

You can easily control the thickness of the slices. Regular slices can be from 3-7 mm thick. Waffle fries, on the other hand, can be 6-9 mm thick. Considering this, this mandoline slicer may not be a good fit for people who like very thin waffle fries. 

The safety holder that comes in the Norpro Deluxe mandoline set doubles as a juicer. So, it’s easy to make a quick healthy salad and a lemon vinaigrette all with the same tool. Additionally, the slicer has concave notches at the bottom. You can rest it on nearly any container. 

The plastic legs that support the mandoline slicer are foldable, making it easy to store it.

6. IUAIU Multifunctional Chopper 

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IUAIU multifunctional chopper is unlike any mandoline slicer you can find on this list. But you can make the perfect waffle fries using it. 

This is a compact tool that not only slices, shreds, and grates fruits and vegetables but also has a strainer. 

This handy compact chopper has four stainless steel blades that are neatly stored under the lid and you can quickly change them and use the needed one.

All the blades included in the set are made of stainless steel. The container is made of a non-toxic plastic material. 

As the manufacturer states, this chopper is safe to go into the dishwasher. But we would recommend you only wash the container in the dishwasher as the blades will dull soon after a few washes in the machine. 

As slicing waffle fries requires some force, it is important for the slicer to have safety features.

This multifunctional chopper has a non-slip bottom and a comfortable rounded handle. You can hold it with your non-dominant hand while slicing the potatoes. 

When slicing fruits and vegetables, use the safety food holder that comes in this set to protect your fingers. 

7. ICO Potato Slicing Mandoline 

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If you use other tools to shred and grate fruits and vegetables and now you need a tool for making waffle fries, then it would be a good idea to buy this ICO mandoline slicer that is designed for potato slicing. 

You can use this mandoline slicer to make thin waffle fries and chips, as well as French fries of varying thicknesses. The thickness of the slices and waffle fries can be adjusted too. 

This mandoline slicer has a stainless steel frame and cutting plate. Due to this, ICO potato slicing mandoline is quite sturdy and will have a long life span if you take proper care of it. As it is made of stainless steel, it is important to dry it thoroughly after each wash. 

As for the blades, this mandoline slicer has two fixed blades – straight and wavy, and five interchangeable blades for julienne cuts of different thicknesses. These blades can be safely stored in the plastic case that comes with the set. 

ICO potato slicing mandoline has foldable feet with non-slip ends. These feet keep the mandoline stable while you are using it. The slicer also comes with a handguard. 

8. Mueller Mandoline Slicer 

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Another great mandoline slicer set from the Mueller brand.

This mandoline slicer features a high-quality set with five ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, including a regular V-shaped blade and a wavy blade for waffle fries. 

Unlike other mandoline slicers on this list, this one comes with a container at the bottom.

Shred a few of your favorite vegetables, mix, and season, and you have a fresh and healthy salad ready in just a few minutes. 

Despite the fact that this mandoline slicer comes with a container attached to it, you can remove it and place the slicer on your salad bowl. The notches on the plastic frame help fix the slicer in place when you put it on a different bowl or a container. 

Another benefit of buying a mandoline slicer with a container is that you can put in it all the blades that the slicer comes with and store it away neatly. 

The handguard that comes with the set is designed to be used conveniently even for small food which is often a problem with handguards. 

The plastic parts of this Mueller mandoline slicer are BPA-free. The handguard and the container are also dishwasher-safe. 

9. GProMe Mandoline Slicer

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GProMe is the mandoline slicer to get if you need a tool that is sturdy, easy to use, and versatile without excessive features. 

This slicer has straight and crinkled blades. They are diagonal for efficient cutting and you can easily switch between them without having to have direct contact with the blades. 

The thickness of the slices can be adjusted with the help of the knob on the side. The same knob also controls the thickness of the julienne slices. 

GProMe mandoline slicer has durable plastic feet and a convenient handle. It comes with a safety pusher that you can use to slice waffle fries without any danger to your fingers. 

The slicer folds flat and won’t take up a lot of storage space. No added blades come with this slicer as it has everything incorporated within the frame. 

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