7 Best Mini Donut Makers Of 2023

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One of the most popular and most consumed desserts in the world, donuts are deep-fried cakes that taste absolutely heavenly.

Traditional glazed, Boston cream, jelly-filled, sprinkles—there are so many delicious flavors of donuts that we all just love!

They are a great customizable snack, especially if you make them yourself. However, we know the idea of making donuts at home can be a bit daunting – how long do you need to fry them for? Will you need special cutters?

The answer to all your homemade donut-making woes lies in three words: mini donut makers. A mini donut maker is a handy device that allows you to create a variety of different flavored donuts in baking style, and that too at home!

So, what are the best mini donut makers? The best mini donut makers are small kitchen appliances that are ideal for making bite-sized donuts that are perfect in terms of color, flavor, and taste. They help save time and effort and provide you with a healthier alternative to fried donuts since they are baked.

Read on to find out more about mini donut makers, our detailed buyer’s guide on how to choose the best ones, and our top picks on the 7 best mini donut makers in the market!

Buyer’s Guide

A mini donut maker is a small kitchen appliance that allows you to prepare batches of soft, light, and delicious bite-sized donuts in a little amount of time and with minimal effort.

Their baking plates are quite small, allowing you to make donuts that are small in size. On the contrary, full-sized donut makers have larger baking plates and a smaller capacity to make regular-sized donuts.

Mini donut makers make an excellent addition to your kitchen, especially if you like eating donuts frequently.

Compared to traditional deep-fried donuts that are made in a fryer, donuts made using a donut maker are baked and have less grease, fat, and calories.

As with all kitchen appliances, not all mini donut makers are the same and they vary in terms of their features and capabilities.

Therefore, to pick the best one for yourself and your family, here are all the things you need to consider before making the final decision:


The capacity refers to the number of donuts you can make at a time in the machine. A mini donut maker usually allows you to make 4-7 donuts at a time and is ideal for a small family.

However, if you plan on making donuts for parties and gatherings, you may want to consider investing in a bigger machine with a capacity of around 24 mini donuts.

In addition to keeping your requirements in mind, you also need to consider your kitchen space since a mini donut maker with a larger capacity will take up more space on your kitchen counter.


The material is another important factor to consider, especially the material that the baking plates are made with. 

The baking plates must be made using high-quality material that can retain heat for even cooking, and is sturdy, durable, and reliable

If they have a non-stick surface on top, make sure it’s free of toxic substances that leech into the donuts.

Ease Of Storage

If you have limited storage space in your kitchen, you must invest in a mini donut maker that is not too big and bulky.

Mini donut makers that can be stored in an upright position take up less space are much easier to store in tight spaces without much difficulty.

Make sure to always store your mini donut maker in a cool, dry place that is away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Ease Of Cleaning

A kitchen appliance that is not easy to clean is not convenient. Although mini donut makers are not dishwasher-safe, you should be able to clean them easily using a damp cloth.

All you have to do is unplug the machine from the power source, give it enough time to cool, and wipe the baking plates with a damp towel.

If you find it difficult to clean it with a cloth, you may look for a mini donut maker that comes with removable baking plates that allow you to submerge them in water and clean them without hassle.


You can find mini donut makers in a variety of designs, both simple designs that are very basic, to interesting ones with nice colors.

You may choose one according to your liking and based on your kitchen aesthetics. Using a nicely designed product makes it easy and all the more fun to use!

Indicator Lights

Mini donut makers usually have two indicator lights of different colors (mainly green and red) and though they might seem not as important, indicator lights are a good feature to look for.

They make the machine easier to use by notifying you when it is connected to a power source and when it is hot enough to be used for baking fresh and delicious donuts.


Though they’re called mini donut makers, they don’t necessarily have to make just donuts, do they?

The best donut makers allow you to make delicious and soft donuts with ease, in addition to baking cupcakes, muffins, bite-sized brownies, and a lot more using the same machine.

The 7 Best Mini Donut Makers

If you’re a donut lover, you must invest in a mini donut maker and thank us later! Here are our top picks of the 7 best mini donut makers that make the softest, fluffiest, and most delicious donuts:

RankProductBest Feature
1.Babycakes Mini Donut MakerBudget-friendly.
2.Dash Mini Donut Maker MachineAuto-shutdown feature.
3.Brentwood Mini Donut Maker MachineCompact design.
4.Betty Crocker Mini Donut MakerBest accessories.
5.Chef Buddy Mini Donut MakerGreat for beginners.
6.VonShef Mini Donut MakerAdjustable temperature.
7.Health and Home Interchangeable Mini Donut MakerBest multi-purpose.

1. Babycakes Mini Donut Maker

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This mini donut maker is budget-friendly, easy-to-store, and super convenient to use!

Each non-stick donut plate holds about 2 tablespoons of batter.

It makes perfectly shaped donuts that are 2 inches wide and ¾ inches thick in just 4-5 minutes.

The entire exterior of the machine is painted yellow and it has a latching handle that doesn’t get too hot while in use, making it easier to open and close the donut maker without using oven mitts and to carry it around with ease.

The top part of the donut maker has a red indicator light that turns on when the machine is connected to a power source and turns off automatically when the baking plates are well-heated.

2. Dash Mini Donut Maker Machine

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This aqua-colored mini donut maker from Dash allows you to make a total of 7 mini donuts at a time and is truly one of a kind.

Equipped with several features that allow you to use it with utmost ease, it is a versatile machine that you can use to make other bite-sized treats as well.

The baking plates have a non-stick coating on top that is free of any PFOA or other harmful chemicals. These plates allow for a quick release of the mini donuts without ruining their shape or texture.

It also has an indicator light on it that turns on when the machine is connected to a power source and turns off when it has been heated evenly for the donuts to be cooked.

In addition to that, you can set a timer with an auto-shutdown feature that sounds a buzzer when the timer goes off, preventing the donuts from overcooking.

3. Brentwood Mini Donut Maker Machine

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The Brentwood mini donut maker is a convenient, powerful, and sturdy machine that can make up to 7 mini donuts at a time with a diameter of about 2 inches.

It can stand upright, saving valuable kitchen counter and storage space.

It also has a non-stick coating that allows the donuts to simply slide off the baking plates once they are fully cooked. 

Moreover, it makes cleaning the machine extremely easy, with even hardened bits of foods coming off easily with a damp towel or cloth.

It has red and green indicator lights that turn on when the machine is connected to a power source and when it has been preheated.

In addition to donuts, you can use this versatile machine to make many more desserts such as cupcakes and muffins.

4. Betty Crocker Mini Donut Maker

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Betty Crocker is a renowned name when it comes to making delicious baked desserts.

This mini donut maker from Betty Crocker can make 7 cute little mini donuts in just a few minutes.

It comes with fun accessories such as a piping bag, a spatula, and three different nozzles for decorating the freshly baked golden-brown donuts.

Made using stainless steel that heats up pretty quickly, the baking plates have a non-stick coating on them that allows you to transfer the cooked donuts onto another plate without worrying about ruining their shape and look.

Super user-friendly with a cool-touch handle, power-on indicator light, and temperature-ready indicator light, you can make perfect donuts using this handy machine every single time.

5. Chef Buddy Mini Donut Maker

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If you want perfect homemade donuts that rival ones you see in high-end bakeries, the Chef Buddy mini donut maker is the perfect choice for you.

Perfect for beginners as well as seasoned bakers, it makes 7 mini donuts in a matter of minutes, that are each about 2 inches wide.

Super lightweight, this donut maker has large handles to make it easy to close the lid and carry around.

What’s best is that the handles remain cool throughout the cooking process, therefore, you don’t need to wear oven mitts or use potholders while handling it.

Its baking plates with a non-stick surface make the transfer of the donuts from the machine to the plate super smooth and easy. Also, it makes cleaning a breeze where all you need to do is use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

6. VonShef Mini Donut Maker

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This large capacity mini donut maker from VonShef allows you to make 12 mini donuts in a single batch, making it great for small parties and get-togethers.

It is a sturdy piece of equipment that comes with non-stick baking plates.

This makes the donut-making process (and the cleanup process!) easy and convenient for you.

All the baking plates are heated quickly and evenly, allowing you to make perfectly cooked golden-brown donuts in every batch.

The two indicator lights reduce the need for guesswork and notify you when the donut maker is connected to a power supply and when it has been preheated.

You can also adjust the temperature of the machine, allowing you to make either tender or crispy donuts based on your preference.

7. Health and Home Interchangeable Mini Donut Maker

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The Health and Home mini donut maker is a special addition to this list.

It comes with 3 interchangeable sheets to make 6 mini donuts, waffles, eggettes, and so much more, all using one machine!

A perfect option for those lacking kitchen storage space and who do not wish to invest in separate machines, this mini donut maker fits nicely in kitchens and is one of the most practical multi-taskers.

Its non-stick coating ensures that the donuts do not stick to the baking plates and come out very easily. Also, it is a snap to clean using a wet cloth or towel.

It includes an indicator light for power and another one for preheating so that you know which state the machine is in at the moment.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve discussed the best mini donut makers, along with the most important features to consider, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have:

How small are mini donuts?

A mini donut is about a quarter or half the size of a regular donut, with 2 half-sized and 4 quarter-sized mini donuts making one full serving.

Mini donuts look and taste exactly like regular donuts, just smaller, and some might not have a hole in the middle. 

They come in several toppings and, if you’re making them at home yourself, you have the freedom to top them with absolutely anything you like.

Should you add oil to the baking plates?

Yes, you can add coconut oil or palm oil to the baking plates of the mini donut maker. Avoid using cooking oil, such as corn oil, because it will make the donuts soggy.

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