11 Best Veggie Shredders Of 2023

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The 2020s seem to be ushering in a decade of self-care taking place in our own homes. For many, that means spending a lot more time in our kitchens, learning new culinary skills, and getting more familiar with the fruits and vegetables of the world. 

When you cook at home, you not only have to know how to pair flavors, but you also need to prepare veggies for use in a variety of ways, from pseudo-pasta noodles to bright and colorful side dishes.

The more meals you prepare, the quicker you will decide that slicing, dicing, and shredding vegetables is time-consuming and generally not the most enjoyable part of cooking. 

The right veggie shredder can come to your rescue.

So what is the best veggie shredder? Manual vegetable shredders are more common than electric varieties, but both exist and come with unique pros and cons. Our favorite veggie shredder is Mueller Austria’s adjustable mandoline because it comes with multi-blade attachments made of stainless steel.

In this article, we discuss what veggies shredders are and how to choose the best one for your household. Of course, we also share with you our choice of the 11 best veggie shredders.

What is a Veggie Shredder?

Veggies shredders are designed to take the majority of the work and skill out of slicing or grating vegetables.

You certainly still have to be careful not to let your fingers get in the way, but veggie shredders can be much safer than sharp knives if you aren’t well practices at knife skills.

With the right veggie shredder, you will be able to create uniform slices, small or large shreds, and in some cases even julienne slices or noodle strings out of your vegetables or even fruits.

There are many different styles and features that can be incorporated into a useful veggie shredder, so let’s take some time to carefully discuss what you should look for when you’re choosing a vegetable shredder.

Electric Vegetable Shredder vs Manual

The vast majority of vegetable shredders are manually operated, requiring you to use some measure of force and skill to operate the gadget.

Even as such, they generally need less force and skill, not to mention time, than is needed to complete the same job using a sharp knife. You’re also likely to achieve much cleaner, more even results. 

There are a few electric options on the market now which can be even safer and faster. They are generally more expensive, which is to be expected when motorized parts are involved and safety must be taken into account.

Depending on the type of slicing, dicing, or grating you need, they may not have as precise results as a manual shredder.

When choosing between manual or electric you will have to decide whether your priorities lie.

  • Electric vegetable shredder: Faster, easier to use, less precise
  • Manual vegetable shredder: More precise, skilled, and slightly more time consuming
  • Sharp knife: Most skill required, most effort involved, and most significant time investment

Vegetable Slicer Blades

Different models of veggie shredders will have different blade attachments included.

This can make a significant difference in the style of chopping and slicing you can do with your vegetable slicer. It can also impact the type of vegetables you can slice or shred using the device. 

Some of the most common blades included with vegetable slicers include:

  • Slicers of various thickness
  • Coarse, regular and fine graters
  • Rippled or wavey slices

Some specialty units will also offer the ability to create long noodles or julienned slices.

Additional Features

Some veggie shredders may also come with additional features that are useful for your household. 

One of the most convenient additional features you should look for and plan around is a storage case for any removable pieces, especially if they are blades.

Vegetable slicers are incredibly sharp and having a safe place to contain them is important before you shove them into a drawer or cupboard.

Another important criterion to consider for many busy homes is whether or not the vegetable slicer is dishwasher safe. Many of the gadgets are made using a combination of plastic and stainless steel, which made need to be hand-washed.

If this is the case, you may also want to invest in a set of cleaning brushes with bristles (I recommend these ones) that can get into the nooks and crannies around the blades without putting your fingers in jeopardy.

If your vegetable shredder does have plastic parts, you will want to look for safety features that are important to you, such as being BPA free.

11 Best Veggie Shredders

We’ve done research on a variety of different types of veggie shredders and curated a list of the 11 best veggie shredders. We’ve taken into consideration ease of use, functionality, safety, versatility, and, of course, quality.

RankBrandBest FeatureFind on Amazon
1.Mueller AustriaBest veggie shredder overallMulti Blade Adjustable Mandoline
2.Spring ChefBest handheld vegetable shredderProfessional Box Grater
3.Kitchen SupremeBest zucchini pasta shredderSpiralizer Bundle
4.OurokhomeSafest manual vegetable shredderManual Rotary Grater
5.PrestoBest electric vegetable shredderProfessional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder
6.KitchenAidBest Kitchenaid vegetable shredder attachmentFresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment
7.MuellerBest veggie shredder with collection containerV-Pro Five Blade Adjustable Vegetable Slicer
8.GDLEasiest manual shredder to clean and assembleRotary Handheld Vegetable Mandoline
9.HchuangBest box grater with collection containerProfessional Box Grater
10.LoyalmasterSturdiest handheld veggie shredderManual Rotary Mandoline
11.VaesidaBest bowl top veggie shredderVegetable Slicer Cutter

1. Mueller Austria Multi-Blade Adjustable Mandoline

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Mueller Austria is a well-respected brand name in the kitchen gadget space, excelling particularly well with their knives and blades.

This mandoline is a traditional design with high quality, ultra-sharp, stainless steel blades.

Luckily, it also includes a slicing guard to protect your fingers while you make quick work of all your vegetables.

Key Features:

  • Best veggie shredder overall
  • 5 Blades included: slicer, wavy blade, shredder, grater, coarse shredder
  • Knob-controlled, adjustable thickness from 1 – 9 mm

Biggest Drawback: The mandoline design does limit the size of the vegetables you can slice or shred with this machine. For very large vegetables or fruits, you may have to first chop them into smaller pieces.

You will also want to be extremely sure that the prongs in the slicing guard have a good grip on your food because the blades are incredibly sharp and you do not want to accidentally lose control of the grip while slicing.

2. Spring Chef Professional Box Grater

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This basic box shredder is one of the most traditional kitchen staples, found in nearly all households.

The conventional 4 sides each have different blade varieties and the box shape creates a sturdy base and built-in containment chamber.

When using one of these box graters you are responsible for the safety of your fingers, but when used properly, this is an inexpensive, basic device with little to no learning curve and a lot of practical value.

Key Features:

  • Best handheld vegetable shredder
  • Blades included: Coarse, medium and fine grating as well as a slicer
  • This model has an extra-wide base, creating more space to collect your veggie shreds as you work

Biggest Drawback: The box itself is made of stainless steel but the top is made of hard plastic. If you’re not careful, this plastic can separate from the box blades.

As long as it isn’t broken it should snap back into place easily, but repeated exposure to the extreme heat of the dishwasher can warp the plastic a bit and make it more difficult to keep the two pieces together.

3. Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer Bundle

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There are large, bulky spiralizing machines on the market, but this small hand-held device has the benefit of being very compact.

The blade is built-in so you don’t have to change or adapt your machine every time you want to use it.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, which is always a great way to instil confidence in a kitchen gadget and we appreciate it.

Key Features:

  • Best zucchini pasta shredder
  • Blades included: built-in spiralizing blade for creating long vegetable noodles
  • Comes with 3 eBook cookbooks, a cleaning brush, and a vegetable peeler

Biggest Drawback: This handheld spiralizer does require you to manually twist the zucchini or other vegetable multiple times, with pressure, to create your noodles. It can be a somewhat tedious process. You also have to occasionally remove the “core” that collects in the center of the device.

4. Ourokhome Manual Rotary Grater

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If you’re worried about your fingers getting too close to the sharp blades of a vegetable shredder, this rotary grater might be perfect for you.

Operating much like a juicer, your vegetables can be placed in a chute at the top of the machine and by turning the rotary crank with the appropriate blade attachment in place, your vegetables will slice or grate in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Safest manual vegetable shredder
  • 3 interchangeable blades included: Slicer, coarse and fine Shredder
  • Comes with a vegetable peeler and cleaning brush

Biggest Drawback: The device is designed to suction to your countertop for added stability since it is quite lightweight.

Unfortunately, the suction cups don’t adhere well to certain countertops or under certain conditions. It’s not a universal issue, but it’s frustrating if it won’t stick to your counter and keeps wobbling when you try to shred your veggies.

5. Presto Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

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This is the only electric slicer we’ve included on our list, in part because they’re hard to find, and in part, because the ones we did find weren’t necessarily worth mentioning.

This electric salad shooter is very easy to use, convenient, and works impressively well.

Operating very similar to the previously mentioned rotary grater, this electric version does all the work for you, and you can move or hold it so that it shreds or slices directly into your serving or mixing bowls.

Key Features:

  • Best electric vegetable shredder
  • 4 interchangeable blades included: thick and regular slices, ripple slices, shreds
  • Strong enough to slice potatoes and versatile enough to be used with nuts or chocolate

Biggest Drawback: This unit comes with 4 blades, but the fine shredder is not included and is often one of the most popular blades for veggie shredders like this one. It is very annoying to have to purchase a separate attachment, especially if that is the one that you are most interested in.

6. KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment

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If you have a KitchenAid and love to use it for everything that has to do with cooking, you will be happy to find out that you can get an attachment for your KitchenAid to shred your vegetables for you.

There are multiple manufacturers making attachments said to fit KitchenAid machines, but we tend to trust the original manufacturer for parts to match their machines, and this attachment does not disappoint.

Key Features:

  • Best Kitchenaid vegetable shredder attachment
  • Blades included: Slicing blade, coarse and fine shredding blades
  • Comes with a 2-in-1 vegetable pusher for small and large food pieces and a convenient storage box for the blades and attachment when it’s not in use

Biggest Drawback: The blades are sharp but may not be suitable for very hard or very soft ingredients. For example, an extremely dense head of cabbage may not shred well, causing your machine to overwork, and a soft or warm block of cheese may gum up the interior or get mushed together.

7. Mueller V-Pro Five Blade Adjustable Vegetable Slicer

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Another mandoline from Mueller, this unit is both more budget-friendly and more appropriate for beginner chefs.

The design may not be as high quality as our first choice, but it is well put together and extremely easy to handle, largely due to the side rail and safety food holder that can be adapted for small vegetables.

It also has a large capacity collecting chamber for your slices or grated veggies, which is tidy and convenient.

Key Features:

  • Best veggie shredder with a collection container
  • Blades included: thick and thin julienne, regular slicer, wavy slicer, zester (fine grater)
  • The container is non-slip for added stability

Biggest Drawback: The blades can all be stored inside the main body of the device, which is excellent for tidy and safe storage but you always have to remember to remove and safely store them when you’re using the mandoline. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself washing blades you didn’t use but did get dirty.

8. GDL Rotary Handheld Vegetable Mandoline

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Another rotary, handheld veggie shredder, this unit has a slightly more angled chamber which allows food to spill out into the waiting bowl a little bit easier than the previously listed option.

GDL is also focusing exclusively on creating devices that chop, cut, or shred, which gives them the advantage of specialization in their field.

Key Features:

  • Easiest manual shredder to clean and assemble
  • Blades included: Slicing, regular and fine shredding
  • Strong enough to grate chocolate, nuts, and even hard squash

Biggest Drawback: The hard plastic can get brittle if exposed to too much heat, so even though it says it dishwasher safe in the top rack, you might be shortening the lifespan if this is how you wash it on a regular basis. If cleaned immediately after use, warm soapy water is perfect for cleaning and safer for the longevity of the device. 

9. Hchuang Professional Box Grater

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This box grater has 6 sides, rather than 4, and a very sturdy, almost hard-core appearance.

The additional sides allow for more variation in the types of slices or grating you can accomplish, and also adds to the stability of the device overall.

The fact that it comes not just with a collection container, but a lid for that container is a great selling feature as well.

Key Features:

  • Best box grater with a collection container
  • Blades included: Regular and ripple slicer, regular and coarse grater, citrus zester, ginger/garlic fine grater
  • Protected with a non-stick coating making it highly unlikely to ever rust

Biggest Drawback: The non-stick coating is both a great feature but also a drawback as many people actively avoid any type of added coating that can chip on in their food after repeated use, which is more than likely when your working with a device design to chip and grind food.

10. Loyalmaster Manual Rotary Mandoline

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One final rotary mandoline makes our list because these are incredibly safe and easy to use.

If one isn’t available, it is very important for there to be a backup option that is just as easy to use and effective.

This Loyalmaster model comes in very trendy colors and has an extra-strong suction base to keep it glued to your counter as you shred or slice your veggies, no matter how hard they are or how much pressure is involved.

Key Features:

  • Sturdiest handheld veggie shredder
  • Blades included: Slicer, coarse and fine shredder
  • Comes with an English/Spanish instruction manual, food pusher and cleaning brush

Biggest Drawback: The overall quality of the plastic on this unit isn’t the absolute highest, though there are certain features – like the suction devices – that can make up for the hard, brittle plastic. If you love this device, you will simply want to be somewhat careful about not applying pressure that causes it to crack on itself.

11. Vaesida Vegetable Slicer Cutter

Check Current Price on Amazon

This is a complete set that takes care of slicing, grating, and even mashing your vegetables, while also collecting a large supply in the attached bowl.

There’s even a built-in strainer to allow any extra liquid released from the slicing or grating to pass through into the collection chamber, keeping your vegetables out of the slurry. 

Key Features:

  • Best bowl top veggie shredder
  • Blades included: thin, thick, and wavy slices, medium and fine julienne slices, and masher
  • Includes a built-in bowl and strainer

Biggest Drawback: This is far from a compact vegetable shredder. It has a lot of versatility and benefits, but it also takes up a considerable amount of space. In addition to the bowl itself, you have to be careful to store the sharp blades in a safe place where they won’t become a liability.

Related Questions

How do I clean a vegetable shredder?

Some vegetable shredders are dishwasher safe, usually top-rack only, but you should always check the manufacturer’s directions before putting the blades or base of a veggie shredder into the dishwasher. The heat can warp or crack certain types of plastics. 

If your vegetable shredder is not dishwasher safe, regular soapy hot water is sufficient to clean the device. However, you will want to be very careful around the blades.

Having a bristle brush to use as a cleaning aid is very handle to get around the blades without getting your fingers close to the sharp edges. 

Can I shred veggies with a peeler?

You can use a peeler to peel strips of veggies, but it will take considerably more time and patience than using a dedicated veggie shredder.

You may also end up with more waste, as a vegetable peeler won’t be able to shred the very tops, bottoms, and sometimes centers of certain vegetables. 

To try, you can simply “peel” the vegetable of your choice into slices. Start with the flattest edge you can find and try to peel lengthwise. You can break the shred off as short or as long as is convenient for your recipe.

Can I make zucchini noodles without a spiralizer?

A spiralizer can turn a whole zucchini into precise, evenly sliced “noodles” in seconds, but if you don’t have one of these specific devices, you can still make your veggie noodles if you just have a little extra patience and some determination.

  1. Try a vegetable peeler. You can create thin strips of zucchini simply by peeling the vegetable lengthwise many times. Your noodles may be more flat and wide, but so are pappardelle noodles compared to spaghetti noodles.
  2. Patiently slice with a knife. If you have knife skills and know-how to julienne vegetables, you can cut your own zucchini noodles but creating wide, thin slices and then turning those wide, thin slices into thin, thin slices.
  3. Use a grater. Some noodles, like orzo, for example, are very small. If you’d like to make very small zucchini noodles, you can use your cheese grater.

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