5 Best Crab Mallets Of 2023

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If you love crab, you need a crab mallet to make eating and enjoying your crab far easier.

So many people eat crab the wrong way and it ends up taking a lot of effort for a little bit of satisfaction. With a crab mallet, it’s so much easier to get the meat out of some parts of the crab without a ton of extra work. 

Crab mallets are specifically made to be lightweight. They give you just enough strength and oomph to break apart the crab shell easily without sending pieces flying everywhere. You avoid the risk of it shattering the shell into the meat, which would make separating the meat even more of a chore. 

What is the best crab mallet? The best crab mallet is lightweight and yet effective. The head should be heavy enough to break apart the crab shell without causing it to shatter. You also want the mallet to be comfortable and easy to handle so you can work quickly and effortlessly when enjoying crab.

In this guide, we will share with you the 5 best crab mallets. We’ve scoured the market to find some really great options to choose from. We think you will find that any one of these could be acceptable for your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the 5 best crab mallets and more. Take a look and see for yourself! 

What Are Crab Mallets Used for? 

Crab mallets are designed to help you crack open tough crab shells.

While you might think that you use a crab mallet for the body of the crab, they actually are more commonly used for tough pieces of shell, like perhaps the claw or the leg of the crab. But these mallets can certainly be used on other areas as well. 

With the design of a crab mallet, you can control the weight and the pressure and just where the mallet makes contact, allowing you to hit the shell just right for impact and not shatter it into a million tiny pieces in the process.

Choosing the Best Crab Mallet

A crab mallet is fairly self-explanatory but there are some things to know and be aware of before you pick yours out. Just remember that while they are all the same concept, the designs may vary from mallet to mallet. 

Here are a few things to consider before you buy your new crab mallet: 


Remember that you want your mallet to be able to break the shell without shattering it. This means that the creators of the mallet have to get the weight just right on the head of the hammer.

This is not your everyday mallet that you will swing over your head and bring down on the crab. It’s much smaller and your swing is really more of a pound, like what you see when a judge uses their gavel.

The mallet should be just heavy enough to break up the shell but also just light enough to not shatter your shell in the process. 

It takes a balance. It might also take some effort on your part to learn the best way to use the mallet effectively. 


Next, you should consider the comfort of the mallet as well. Your mallet needs to feel comfortable in your hands. While you don’t necessarily grip it for extended periods of time, you do need to be able to hold and swing it long enough for the job at hand. 

If your handle is too short, it can be challenging to handle and if it’s too long, you might have a similar problem. The average length of crab mallets is around 6 to 8 inches.

If you’re smashing crab shells in the kitchen to prep crab meat for decorating on a salad or to include in a delicious chowder, you just need something heavy-duty which works quickly.

But if everyone at the table is getting a mallet to crack open crab or lobster shells, comfort may be more important.

The 5 Best Crab Mallets

Now it’s time to take a look at the very best options out there. We did the hard work so that you don’t have to spend hours sifting through the choices.

We think you will find that our selection provides 5 very good options to choose from:

RankProductKey Features
1.Crab Crackers and Tools SetZinc alloy crackers, wooden mallets, claw knives, butter cups, bibs (4 each)
2.MGTECH Crab/Lobster MalletStainless steel, compact but strong, 6"
3.Mihey Wooden Crab MalletsSolid beechwood, lacquer-free, 7.7" (set of 6)
4.Kuqqi Wooden Crab MalletsSolid hardwood, smooth finish 7.9" (set of 6)
5.MGTECH Wooden Crab MalletsSolid beechwood, smooth finish, 7.1" (set of 16)

Not only did we find versatility in quality and style but also in numbers. This gives you the ability to choose the crab mallet that is right for you. 

Below, you will find our top picks for the 5 best crab mallets with full reviews.

1. Crab Crackers and Tools Set

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This first option is our best overall choice. It’s more than just mallets; it’s a complete set that comes with everything you might need to enjoy crab.

Not everyone needs all of these fancy seafood tools, but for those who love to chow down on crab and lobster regularly, this set will appeal. This set includes mallets, lobster forks, seafood forks, butter cups, lobster crackers, and bibs. 

Everything here is great for lobster or crab. You may not need all of the tools every time, but many of them can be useful for picking out the meal from the shell. Use the mallets to crack them and then work from there. This is a set of 4 so a small family can sit down and enjoy the meal together.

The materials for all of the pieces are strong and durable. They are built to last and to stand up against your shell needs. The mallets have good weight to the heads. They have long, sturdy handles so you have plenty of control and you can be comfortable while you work with them as well. 


  • Well-balanced mallet with a long handle
  • Dishwasher safe materials
  • Complete seafood set for four people
  • Strong and durable materials


  • The crackers might not be as sturdy as the other pieces in the set.

2. MGTECH Crab/Lobster Mallet

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This next one is a bit of a premium model in stainless steel. It’s very sleek by design and the features and quality really stand out.

This comes as a single mallet but it definitely is worth a glance if you like the style and just want a high quality tool to help you in the kitchen.

This mallet is made with high-quality stainless steel. It is stead and durable and is very well-balanced so that the head is not too heavy or hard and won’t shatter your crab. It’s got a design that really sets it apart with a curvy handle that is unique and yet also controlled and comfortable. 

This mallet is about 6 inches long and only an inch wide. The mallet head is small and effective and the mallet is lightweight and comfortable in your grip. It’s a nice long handle so you have full control and won’t feel like you’re working with a tiny tool. 


  • Premium model crab mallet
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Unique and sleek design
  • Well-balanced head
  • Comfortable grasp with lightweight feel 


  • The head is pretty small but works well for crab.

3. Mihey Wooden Crab Mallets

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Here is a quality 6-piece wooden set that is very well-made and dependable. These are made with beech wood so the wood is strong and reliable.

The mallet heads are strong and are the perfect size to easily crack your crab and other forms of shellfish. They are sturdy and durable as well. 

These have a nice, simple finish. They are lacquer-free, which is beneficial if you prefer natural materials and finishes. Still, these mallets are made to be smooth and solid and they certainly get the job done. The handles are also of a good length so you have plenty of grip for cracking those shells. 


  • Set of 6 simple wooden mallets
  • Made with sturdy beech wood
  • Long handles and good balance


  • The overall size is a bit small so it takes some maneuvering to use well.

4. Kuqqi Wooden Crab Mallets

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This next set is a great budget-friendly set of plain and simple wooden mallets. It’s a great option if you are looking for an affordable set that includes multiple mallets that are still great quality. 

This comes with 6 wooden mallets. The mallets are well-made with quality hardwood materials. They have a smooth finish so they are comfortable to hold and work with. They are easy to use and well-balanced. 


  • Quality hardwood materials
  • Budget-friendly pack of 6 
  • Wide mallet head with a balanced weight


  • Some mallets work well for kitchen uses and as children’s toys, but it’s hard to tell if these mallets are double-duty or best saved for the toy box.

5. MGTECH Wooden Crab Mallets

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For our final option, we present to you a 16-piece mallet set that is highly-rated across the board for some great reasons.

If you want a bulk amount, this is an awesome set and they are very well-made to help with your crab needs. 

These are again made with natural beech wood so they are hard and sturdy. They are free of any type of finish but are smoothed to perfection. The handles are nice and long and they are designed with balanced heads for easy use as well. 


  • Bulk package of 16
  • Natural, hard wood
  • Well-balanced design


  • Slightly on the small side for some but still large enough to work for most people.

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