The 7 Best Toasters for Bagels

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Breakfast has always been listed as one of the most important meals of the day. There are so many breakfast foods out there. If you need a quick and easy solution, one awesome choice is a breakfast bagel. 

Bagels are quick and easy to use, and they are absolutely delicious if you get them toasted just right. This gives them the perfect amount of crispy texture and warmth and then you can add your favorite toppings to them. For toasted bagels, you need a reliable toaster. 

What is the best toaster for bagels? The best toaster for bagels should have extra wide slots to accommodate the thicker bread. A good toaster will also offer multiple browning (or shade) settings to get the right level of toasting. Some toasters even come with a bagel setting, which is useful.

Our favorite is the Chefman 2-slice pop-up toaster with extra-wide slots and a bagel setting. It’s perfectly made for all types of toasting and works really well for bagels!

In this guide, we will walk you through the 7 best toasters for bagels, including the one from Chefman. We will share with you detailed reviews in ranked order for our top picks.

There are several good options out there and we’ve narrowed them down to bring you the very best. Keep reading to learn the best toaster for bagels – and more!

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Bagel Toasters

Choosing a toaster seems like it should be a simple task. But here’s the thing: no two toasters are really the same! When it comes to purchasing a toaster for bagels, you have to be mindful of what you’re buying. 

A standard toaster may or may not work for your bagels. It can be so hard to know what to look for!

But that is why we are here. We have some essential buyer’s guide tips for you to be sure you are reviewing before you buy a toaster for your bagel. 

Toasting Slots

Toasting slots are usually designed for bread. Your standard bread loaf doesn’t take up a lot of space so those slots don’t technically have to be very wide.

However, a bagel is much thicker than a typical slice of bread. 

It is for this reason that you will want to pay close attention to the size of the slots. Here’s one hint. Your toaster may say “bagel” as a setting or as an option for use but that doesn’t mean a real bagel will actually fit the toaster. 

You want to look for toasters that have a slot of at least 1.5 inches wide. That may be tight but it is the recommended size for toasting bagels. If you can find wider than that, then you will really be good to go. 

1.5 inches is the standard size for “extra-wide” toasting slots. We recommend that you not go any smaller if your bagel is being purchased with the intent of toasting bagels in mind. 

For bagels, the toasting slot length is not as important but this may be something you still want to pay attention to. You never know when you may need to use your bagel toaster for other means and it is best if you get something that is as versatile as possible. 

Bagel Setting

Be sure to check the setting options for any toaster of your choosing. You will want it to have a bagel setting. Bagels are thick and have a different texture than bread. The bagel setting is designed to both heat and toast your bagel. 

While you might be able to toast a bagel just fine in a toaster without the setting, we recommend looking for this feature just to be sure. 

Every toaster listed here in our ranks includes the bagel setting as well as slots that are wide enough to handle bagels accordingly. 

Toasting Capabilities

One of the hardest things to pinpoint on a toaster is the way that it toasts. Some toasters will get one side more done than the other or will not spread its toasting ability evenly over the surface. 

Be sure to look for this. This might be something that you only discover based on reviews of a product. All of the toaster brands will declare even toasting but it may or may not be totally true. 

This might not be an issue for you. Some toasters are designed to toast the “top” side of whatever is in the toaster slightly more than the underside. This is simply the way they are designed. However, it’s something to be aware of when shopping for your bagel toaster. 

The 7 Best Toasters For Bagels

In the following reviews, you will find a detailed description of each product. We will also share with you the pros and cons based on information from buyers and testers alike to give you an inside look into each toaster option. 

We know that there is an endless amount of options out there. We’ve done the hard work and sifted and sorted through them so that you don’t have to! The following reviews will be in order, starting with our top pick. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Chefman 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

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This toaster from Chefman is sleek and simple. It looks very nice on any countertop with its stainless steel design and a black center stripe where the toaster lever sits. This toaster has plenty of options and offers you extra-wide slots that will fit your bagels perfectly. 

This toaster has a specific bagel setting so that you don’t have to toast your bagel 2-3 times to get it done. You also will notice defrost, reheat, and cancel options. The dial offers 7 shade settings as well. 

The lever is designed to lift high so that things are easy to remove from the toaster. This toaster also has a crumb tray that makes cleanup easy. You can remove the crumb tray and clean it out at your convenience. 

This one is affordable and reliable. It will toast your bagel and has a lot of other functionality. 


  • Extra-wide slots fit bagels well
  • Special bagel setting
  • Crumb tray for easy cleanup
  • Stainless steel design
  • High-lift level to make things easy to remove
  • 7 shade settings


  • The slots are not super long and may not hold long bread slices well.
  • Not everything toasts evenly over the surfaces.

2. Cuisinart Classic Metal Toaster

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Cuisinart is a budget-friendly kitchen brand that many of us know and love. This 4-piece toaster is a great option! You can find it in this brushed stainless steel or you can choose black stainless, red, or white. They also have a 2-slice version of this toaster, as well.

This toaster is perfectly designed for any toasting needs you may have. Each side has its own setting capabilities so you can toast different things or toast with different preferences. There are 6 shade settings in all.

This toaster is equipped with a bagel setting. You can also choose defrost, reheat, and cancel settings as needed. The levers are easy to use with extra lift to make removing your slices easier. The slots are nice and wide. There is also a slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning. 


  • 4-slice toaster
  • Bagel setting for the perfect bagel
  • 6 various shade settings
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Wide slots for bagels
  • Dual control settings


  • The shade setting may need to be slightly higher than expected for the perfect toasting shade.

3. Keemo Retro Small Toaster

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Check out this fun retro-style toaster that might just take you down memory lane!

This toaster is nice and compact but also large enough for your bagels. It’s not huge like some toasters and takes up a minimal amount of space. 

With this retro design, you can choose from cream, black, blue, or turquoise colors. The slots are extra-wide to fit your bagels and there is a specific bagel setting. There are also cancel and defrost settings and 6 shade options. 

This toaster is designed for even toasting. It’s a bit more expensive for a toaster but it is well-made and highly-rated. The lever has high-lift functionality to easily get things out and there is a sliding crumb tray for easy cleanup for your toaster. 


  • Small and compact design
  • Fun retro style with 4 color choices
  • Bagel setting 
  • 6 shade settings
  • High-lift lever
  • Evenly toasts everything


  • Bagels will be tight-fitting into the slots.
  • Items do not always toast evenly on each side.

4. Holife Compact Bagel Toaster

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This toaster is another one that is unique in its very own way. This is a 2-slice toaster that is made with stainless steel. It looks very nice on your countertop. It’s made to be small and compact but while still housing extra-wide slots for your bagel-toasting needs. 

This toaster is designed with an LCD display that shows you the time remaining when you’re toasting items. It has 6 shade settings to choose from. It is equipped with a bagel setting. You can also select defrost and cancel when needed. 

The lever is a high-lift lever to assist with removing hot items. It’s simple and easy to use. It’s reliable and consistent, too, which is nice. You will find a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup. This toaster also has a cord wrap underneath the toaster for storage. 


  • 2-slice sleek toaster
  • Offers a bagel setting
  • Extra-wide slots for bagel use
  • Small and compact design
  • LCD timer display
  • Removable crumb tray


  • The slots are not very long and may not accommodate long bread slices.
  • The levers do not lift the toasted items very high for removing them.

5. Dash Clear View Toaster

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Here is another option that is unique in its own way. This toaster does cost a bit more but we think you will find that it has a lot to offer. This toaster is equipped with a viewing area so you can look at your toast and observe whether it’s getting dark enough or too dark while cooking. 

This toaster comes in aqua, black, red, or white. This is a long toaster where you put all slices into one long slot instead of side by side slots. It will hold bagels and it has the bagel setting included as well. It also has a defrost, reheat, and cancel option. 

There are 7 shade settings. The slot is extra-wide to accommodate large and thick pieces. This toaster is backed by a 1-year warranty and even comes with a fun recipe book and access to a recipe database as well. 


  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Clear view side panel to see your toast
  • Long and wide slots
  • Includes a bagel setting
  • Multiple color options
  • Unique design option


  • You may have to use a higher heat setting than expected.
  • When the toaster finishes, the pop-up lever sometimes pops too hard.

6. Hosome 2-Slice Toaster with Warming Rack

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Here is another unique option that you don’t see all the time. It has a somewhat new feature of a warming rack that lets you heat items rather than popping them inside the toaster. The warming racks are adjustable and movable so they don’t just get in the way. 

This toaster is equipped with a bagel setting as well. It has extra-wide slots to comfortably house bagels and thick items. There are 6 shade settings included. You will also find reheat, defrost, and cancel functions. 

This toaster also has a nice LCD display that has a timer on it for your convenience. The lever is designed for high-lift to make removing items easy. The toaster is simple to use. It has a removable crumb tray for cleaning and a place to wrap the cord for storage. 


  • Stainless steel design
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Bagel settings included
  • Bonus warming rack option
  • Includes 6 shade settings
  • Removable crumb tray for clean up


  • You may need your heat setting higher than expected.
  • With use, the push lever may stop lifting entirely without some manual assistance.

7. Amazon Basics 2-Slice Toaster

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This is a basic toaster that does exactly what you need it to. This toaster is nothing fancy, but that makes it affordable and a good option when you don’t care as much about a lot of bonus features. This is a 2-piece toaster. 

This toaster has extra-wide slots so it will house your bagels just find. It has a bagel setting and also has a frozen setting that is nice to use. You can adjust your shade from 1-6. This toaster also has a convenient crumb tray for easy cleaning. 

The lever is designed with extra lift to help make removing items easier. This is a simple black toaster but it does everything you need it to and will work just wonderfully on your bagel and other toasting needs. 


  • Basic toaster option
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Bagel setting included
  • Extra-wide slots 
  • Crumb tray for easy cleaning


  • Puts off a strong chemical smell that may not get better with time.
  • The shade controls are somewhat hard to get just right.

Related Questions

We hope that you find this guide to the 7 best toasters for bagels to be a valuable resource. There are so many great options out there and we have provided you with an assortment of options to choose from. 

We invite you to review the following question and answer section for some additional details that may be helpful to you. 

What Does the Bagel Button Do?

The bagel button allows for heating and toasting throughout your bagel since it is a thick food. The toaster automatically adjusts when this setting is selected to allow for toasting an item like a bagel or even an English muffin. 

How Long Should a Toaster Last?

The average life of a toaster falls somewhere between 6-8 years. With a really good toaster, you might be able to get 15-20 years out of it but that is simply not an expectation in appliances anymore. 

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