5 Best Sphere Cake Pans Of 2023

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To bake a perfect sphere cake, you need two things: a cake batter recipe that is not too soft and a fitting cake pan. 

But what are the best sphere cake pans? The best sphere cake pans come in aluminum and silicone materials. Aside from the material, consider the size and the ease of cleaning the pan. Check if the pan comes with a support ring or built-in support in the base. 

Continue reading for a buyer’s guide for sphere cake pans and learn what the best sphere cake pans are that you can buy! 

How To Choose A Sphere Cake Pan

Making a sphere cake without a fitting pan is possible. But doing it will take a lot of time and effort. And the result will hardly be a perfect globe-shaped cake no matter how hard you try. 

Things get a lot easier when you own a sphere cake pan. Sphere cake pans are not as popular and versatile as round and square pans.

But they are certainly worth having if you bake a lot of cakes and want to experiment with shapes from time to time. 

Owning a hemisphere cake pan will allow you to get creative with your cake decorations. From a cake that looks like a ball to one painted to look like the Earth, you can come up with various design ideas

When buying a sphere cake pan, there are a few things you should consider. 


Cake pans come in a few common materials—aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, as well as paper. Because of their shape, sphere cake pans typically come in aluminum and silicone materials.

Each material has its pros and cons. The main advantage of aluminum pans is their great heat conductivity. This pan material is also lightweight. But aluminum cake pans have drawbacks too

One of the main disadvantages of aluminum pans is that they may react with acidic foods.

Luckily, this is not something to bother for cake pans as the pan won’t be coming into direct contact with common highly acidic ingredients, such as lemons or tomatoes. 

Another great material for sphere cake pans is silicone. Thanks to their pliable and non-stick nature, it is easy to remove the cake from the mold which is essential for baking a sphere cake.

When buying a silicone cake pan, make sure the material is food-grade and BPA-free. 


Sphere cake pans come in a range of sizes. Check the diameter of the pan before you make a purchase. 

If you will be baking a sphere cake for big family events and gatherings, consider buying a pan with a diameter of 6-9 inches

Ease Of Cleaning 

When it comes to the ease of cleaning, silicone cake pans win. They are non-stick and non-porous. So, there isn’t a lot to clean. Additionally, silicone pans are dishwasher-safe.

As for aluminum pans, it is recommended to always hand-wash them in order to preserve their finish. 


It is important for hemisphere cake pans to have some kind of support. Otherwise, the rounded bottom will fall sideways.

In the worst-case scenario, the cake batter will spill out. This is why many hemisphere cake pans come with a chassis—a support ring that goes under the pan with a rounded bottom

If you don’t own a chassis, make sure to buy a sphere cake pan that comes with one. Some sphere pans, especially the silicone ones, are designed to have support at the base of the pan. In such cases, you don’t need a chassis. 

Number Of Pans 

If you want to be able to bake a sphere shape cake in one go, you need to buy a set of two hemisphere pans.

But note that if the pans are on the larger side, they won’t fit in the oven together. So, you will have to bake one hemisphere cake at a time. 

On the other hand, you can purchase a set that includes multiple small hemisphere cake pans and bake mini globe-shaped cakes

The 5 Best Sphere Cake Pans 

We have created a list of the best sphere cake pans you can buy online. Pick one that fits your needs as far as the size and material of the pan are concerned. 

Rank Product Material and Diameter 
1.Wilton 3-D Sports Ball Cake Pan Set Aluminum, 6 inches 
2.Fat Daddio’s Hemisphere Pan  Anodized aluminum, 9 inches 
3.Lurch Flexiform Hemisphere Baking Mold Silicone, 7 inches 
4.Hedume Cake Sphere Pan Set Anodized Aluminum, 6.5 inches 
5.Gemma Sphere Baking MoldSilicone, 6.1 inches 

1. Wilton 3-D Sports Ball Cake Pan Set 

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The Wilton set of sphere cake pans is a great addition to your pan collection if you want to make your sport-themed events more fun.

Also, being able to bake sphere cakes, you can get creative with your cake decorations and make cakes that resemble all sorts of different things, not just sports balls!

The set includes 2 aluminum hemisphere pans. If you have a large oven, you can bake both the top and the bottom of the cake at once. The Wilton set also includes two rings to hold the hemisphere pans. 

The diameter of the pans is 6 inches. You can fit 4.5 cups of thick cake batter into each hemisphere

The aluminum material is durable and heats up well. The manufacturer recommends greasing it before use for the easy release of the cake.

Wash these pans by hand with warm soapy water and make sure to dry them before storing them away. 

2. Fat Daddio’s Hemisphere Pan 

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Fat Daddio’s sphere cake pan is another popular option with great customer reviews.

This pan is made of anodized aluminum. This material doesn’t contain any chemical additives and is completely safe for use.

Moreover, anodizing aluminum even has some benefits. It prevents chipping, flaking, and rusting.

The diameter of this hemisphere cake pan is 9 inches. So, it is a great pick if you are looking for a larger cake pan for big gatherings and parties. 

Make sure you use a ring to keep the hemisphere pan stable while baking. When you have removed the cake from the pan, wash it by hand and dry it thoroughly.

While anodized aluminum is not as prone to rusting as regular aluminum, it does require proper care especially if you want your pan to last longer. 

3. Lurch Flexiform Hemishpere Baking Mold 

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If the maintenance of aluminum cake pans seems to be too much work for you, consider buying this silicone hemisphere pan by Lurch. 

The diameter of the pan is 7 inches. The silicone material used to manufacture it is food-grade.

It has a non-stick finish and doesn’t react with acidic ingredients, unlike aluminum. Additionally, this silicone pan can go into the oven heated to 464°F as well as into the freezer

You can use this hemisphere mold not only for baking cakes but also for making no-bake desserts, such as puddings and ice cream. 

While this Lurch silicone cake pan is quite sturdy, it is still flexible enough to help you take out the cake without damaging it. When you are done, you can wash this cake mold in the dishwasher. 

4. Hedume Cake Sphere Pan Set 

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Hedume sphere cake pan set includes 8 hemisphere cake pans.

You can bake four sphere cakes at a time if you have enough oven space. The set also includes four chassis. 

The diameter of each hemisphere is 6.5 inches. A hemisphere cake made in these molds will serve up to 8 people with very generous slices of cake.

So, a whole sphere cake will serve over 16 people. 

Hedume cake sphere pans are made of anodized aluminum. This material is sturdy. It doesn’t warp or rust and conducts heat evenly so cakes will bake perfectly in these molds. 

The only thing is, you should always make sure to hand wash these pans. Never put them in the dishwasher or in the microwave. 

5. Gemma Sphere Baking Mold 

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If you are looking for a sphere cake pan but with a twist, you may consider buying this Gemma silicone sphere cake mold.

It is also a great pick if you already own a regular hemisphere cake pan with a  smooth surface.

This mold will produce a hemisphere cake with a 3D diamond texture finish. You can use it not only for cakes but other desserts too.

Thanks to the non-stick quality of the silicone, whatever you use to make in this mold will come out with ease. 

This 6-inch hemisphere cake mold can go into the oven and the freezer, allowing you to make a range of different sweet treats

Thanks to the design, the mold doesn’t need a ring or additional support to stand straight. Another benefit of this silicone sphere cake pan is that it’s dishwasher-safe. 

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