7 Best Mushroom Cake Molds Of 2023

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Decorative mushroom cakes are all the rage these days and if your loved ones are a fan of novel baking goodies then there is no better way to surprise them than with a beautiful mushroom cake. 

Typically, mushroom figurines are usually made using fondant or any other filling and can require substantial baking skills but luckily there is an easier way to make mushroom cakes at home!

What are mushroom cake molds? Mushroom cake molds take out the skill required to make mushroom figurines from scratch. All you need are high-quality silicone molds to make the mushrooms and to decorate the cake as per your liking.

Read below to learn more about how to use the molds, what to look for in the best types of molds, and a few recommendations for the best mushroom cake molds available online!

Mushroom Cake Molds

Novelty or customized cakes are a great choice for birthday parties or for when you want to surprise someone. They are an excellent expression of one’s imagination and rarely fail to put a smile on people’s faces, especially kids.

Customized cakes usually use a lot of fondant, which is a candy mixture made using sugar paste. The great thing about fondant is that it can be molded to any shape.

Professional bakers make all sorts of fondant cakes and bring children’s imaginations to life using different decoration and baking techniques.

This requires a lot of skill as not many people have the patience or the vision to accurately execute a fondant-based design. It truly is an art just like painting or sculpting! 

Additionally, these novelty cakes can also be quite expensive. A regular small cake and a customized cake will have a significant price difference which is why not many people prefer to go all-in when choosing a novelty cake. 

The problem is that if you go with a cheaper customized cake, you may be sacrificing talent and artistic expression that may only be present in the more expensive cakes. 

But what if there was a way you could replicate somewhat the same precision and expression without requiring technical knowledge or experience? This is where cake molds come in, particularly mushroom cake molds. 

These molds are designed to create all sorts of fun shapes and come in different sizes. From regular mushrooms to elongated stems and big “hats”, these molds will give the cake an extremely polished and professional look!

You can either go with fondant, chocolate, meringue, or any type of filling for the molds which eliminate the need to learn professional-level decorative skills.

The molds will always produce the exact shape without fail and all you would have to do is add coloring and decorate the cake as per your requirement. 

Also, cake molds aren’t just for amateurs!

These molds are heavily used by many artisanal and professional bakers too because it just makes more sense to save time and deliver a cake before the deadline than to unnecessarily flex one’s baking skills. 

Let’s look at a quick buyer’s guide that will help you pick the best mushroom cake mold as per your needs:

Buyer’s Guide

Mushroom cake molds may seem like a straightforward purchase decision but there are a few things to consider.

This is why we have created this helpful buyer’s guide that will explain the different features that every great cake mold needs to have. 

Here is what you need to look out for in the best mushroom cake molds:

Mold Material

Always opt for a high-grade silicone mold that doesn’t contort under high heat and can easily release the fillings after they are done baking. 

A common complaint with cake molds is that they usually don’t last long and start to deteriorate after repeated use. Again, some cheaper molds make it very difficult to release the filling which can either break or become distorted. 

Lower-quality silicone can also be a hassle to clean as they are usually not dishwasher safe and you can’t use them beyond baking purposes as they will not be microwave or fridge-safe either

Save yourself the time and trouble and just go with a high-grade silicone mold that delivers on its promise.

The recommendations below include a lot of high-grade silicone molds that will help you save time and will create 3D mushroom molds without disappointing or ruining the vision for the cake. 

Size And Depth Of Mold

The size of the cavity will play a huge role when you make realistic or cartoonish mushrooms for the cake. A mold with a deeper cavity will be more suited to make thick and wide mushrooms using either fondant or any other filling. 

Cheaper molds have a common problem where they either may not have the right cavity size or will have unequal sizes in one mold sheet.

This can become a big problem if you want to create a lot of uniform mushroom shapes in one baking session. 

You can also intentionally choose flatter designs as they are great for decorating the sides of the cake and can easily stick to the outer walls.

Design Choices

There are several mold shapes and sizes to choose from. As mentioned, you can choose between either flatter designs or 3D shapes. Both these shapes can be used to decorate a cake in different ways. 

3D molds may require more attention and careful assembly but they are extremely worthwhile as these shapes are usually very eye-catching.

The flatter designs are used more as “fillers” and can be used to decorate the rest of the cake. 

We recommend that you go with at least two types of molds so that you have multiple design choices. We guarantee that having extra options will always pay off, especially if you are baking a cake for the little ones. 

Ease Of Use

Molds are generally straightforward to use but some types like the 3D ones we discussed above can require a bit of know-how. 

These types of molds are important if you want the professional look of a customized fondant cake which is why it is important to go with a 3D mold that comes with easy-to-follow instructions

For example, the 3D molds that we have listed below come with step-by-step directions on how to not only create the stem and the hat of the mushroom but how to give it small details using accessories that make it look more realistic. 

The 7 Best Mushroom Cake Molds

Now that you know all about mushroom cake molds, it is time to pick one from our recommendations! These molds have been handpicked by our staff and are the best molds that you can buy right now. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.9-Cavity Super Mario Fondant MoldsSuper Mario-themed mushroom cake! Available in fun shapes and sizes. 
2.FUNSHOWCASE Mushroom Silicone MoldHighly-detailed and realistic 3D mushroom mold for decorative purposes. 
3.Mushrooms Chocolate MoldMake cute small mushroom chocolates to decorate any cake or cupcake.  
4.2 Pieces Mushroom Shaped Silicone Mold
Essential cake mold. Great for quickly creating and decorating any customized cake. 
5.3D Mushroom Shape Silicone MoldCreate cute same-size mushrooms for cakes and more! 
6. Forest Animals Leaf Grass Mushroom MoldAll-in-one mold with mushroom and animal shapes. Create an entire forest while saving time and effort. 
7. Small Parasol Mushroom Mold3D mushroom mold. Highly detailed and great for all types of decorations.   

1. 9-Cavity Super Mario Fondant Molds

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We can’t just talk about mushrooms without bringing up Super Mario Bros!

This Mario-themed cake mold brings together all the hit visuals from the series.

If your loved ones are a fan of this iconic game then this is the mold to get.

It has 9 different cavities with different characters and elements from the Mushroom Kingdom!

It is perhaps the best way to decorate a themed cake as it will bring to life everything that you need using just one high-quality silicone mold that is designed for both professional and amateur baking. 

The silicone is durable, food-grade, easy to clean, and will not cause problems when releasing the fillings. Mix and match colors, use fondant or other fillings to create and experiment with the look of the cake!

2. FUNSHOWCASE Mushroom Silicone Mold

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This mold is designed to replicate real-life mushrooms!

It has just the right size and comes with all the parts of the mushroom in different cavities.

You get the stem, hat, and gill of the mushroom all in one mold.

All you have to do is lightly oil the mold, put in the filling, and then assemble the mushroom once it is out of the mold. You can use shortening, fondant, or a meringue mixture to paste the mushroom parts together.

The mold is made using high-quality, food-grade silicone and is designed to last long without causing any trouble even with repeated use

3. Mushrooms Chocolate Mold

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This mushroom mold is specifically designed to create small bite-sized mushroom-shaped chocolates.

You can also use fondant or any filling of your choice to create these cute edible mushrooms. 

They can either be made to stand on top of the cake or you can create ten similar designs at a time and stack them up in the middle of the cake

The mold itself is made using high-quality silicone that will not contort under high heat.

The silicone has a very smooth surface which should make it easy to pop out the shapes in one go, however, you can also lightly grease the mold to further minimize the risk of any wastage. 

4. 2 Pieces Mushroom Shaped Silicone Mold

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This mold is a must-have in the kitchen, especially if you enjoy baking customized cakes. 

The molds are made using high-quality silicone and check all the boxes when it comes to quality.

You get three different shapes which means that you can make up to six mushrooms at a time with this 2-piece mold.

The cavities are deep enough to create thick but flat mushrooms and thanks to the non-stick surface, you will only need to lightly tap to release the shapes. Get creative by adding color to the mushrooms and don’t worry about cleanup!

These molds are 100% dishwasher safe so you don’t have to painstakingly clean each cavity after every use. 

5. 3D Mushroom Shape Silicone Mold

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If you want an army of cute mushrooms to decorate a cake then you need to check out this 3D mold. 

It has eight cavities and can help you effortlessly create and decorate 3D mushrooms using just one mold. 

The mold is made with high-quality and food-safe materials. It is designed to last a lifetime and has a non-stick surface.

Whether you use dark food colors or a sticky filling, this mold will resist discoloration and will not distort after repeated use. 

We recommend pairing this 3D mold with any of the 2D mushroom designs that we have listed above for a more complete look!

6. Forest Animals Leaf Grass Mushroom Mold

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If you truly want to wow your loved ones and flex your baking and decoration skills then this mold is the perfect place to start.

Why settle with just mushrooms when you can create an entire forest?

The best part is that you can pick and choose which elements to add to the forest. This mold has mushrooms, grass, animals, leaves, and more! 

Made with high-grade silicone and built to last without tears or nicks, this mold is designed for both professional and amateur use.

It has everything that you need and will save a lot of time when it comes to designing the shapes. Just mix and match colors and decorate the mushrooms right from the mold.

When you’re done baking, just throw the mold in the dishwasher and clean it within minutes. The mold can also be used for other purposes as it is also microwave, fridge, and oven-safe. 

7. Small Parasol Mushroom Mold

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If you are more of a perfectionist who values design and loves attention to detail then this is the mold to purchase. 

You get one 3D mold that will create a highly detailed mushroom complete with underside gills, a textured stem, and a thick, textured oval cap. 

The mold is made with high-quality, food-safe material that will last a very long time. It is highly durable and easy to clean with just a mixture of light soap and water.

This mold is meant to create a centerpiece for any mushroom-themed cake. Use any of the other molds listed above to decorate the sides and base of the cake and this realistic 3D mushroom can sit on top as the crown jewel! 

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