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9 Best Bottles For Simple Syrup

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With the recent rise in interest in making cocktails and mocktails at home, more of us are starting to make our own simple syrup.

While you might just reuse an old bottle to start with, you’ll soon discover that it is far better to keep this delightful cocktail sweetener in a purpose-made bottle instead.

But how do you choose the best bottles for simple syrup? When choosing a bottle in which to store your simple syrup, you should look for one that is high quality and durable, ideally made from clear glass. The shape and size should be perfect to fit neatly into your refrigerator and it should have a snug-fitting, easy-pour spout for mess-free dispensing.

Are you looking to expand your home cocktail-making range? Read on to learn what makes the best bottles for simple syrup, then we’ll reveal our best bottle recommendations for storing your homemade simple syrup!

What Is Simple Syrup?

As the name suggests, simple syrup is a highly sweetened, sugary liquid that is normally made with white sugar dissolved in water.

This creates a viscous, clear liquid that is used to sweeten cocktails, coffee, tea, sorbets, and much more.

The big advantage of making and using simple syrup is that it blends effortlessly with other ingredients, as the sugar is completely dissolved into the liquid.

This eliminates any grittiness that can occur when you try to mix granulated sugar with other cocktail ingredients, instead giving a smooth, velvety mouthfeel.

Adding simple syrup to cocktails means you get a smooth, sweet flavor that blends perfectly with liquids and fruits. It can also be added to desserts to create sweetness without needing to dissolve sugar into the mix.

And once you’ve got the hang of using plain simple syrup, a whole world of flavored syrups is waiting to be explored!

Simple syrup can be used to create herbed, spiced, or fruity syrups, which have a myriad of different uses. This deliciously sweet liquid can also be used to flavor lemonades and other cold drinks.

This is a really exciting way to bring a whole range of flavors to your cocktail recipes!

How Do You Store Simple Syrup?

Making a batch of simple syrup is not difficult, but it can be quite a messy task! Luckily, simple syrup can be stored in the fridge for up to one month, so you don’t need to go to the trouble of making it every weekend.

Most cocktail fanatics make enough to fill a bottle in one go, so you only need to go through the messy syrup-making process every four weeks or so.

Having a bottle of simple syrup in the fridge (or freezer) also means that you have it on hand not only for cocktails, but also for sweetening hot or cold beverages, desserts, cakes, and smoothies.

However, store your simple syrup in an unsuitable bottle and you’ll soon be cursing the sticky residue that builds up on the sides and bottom of the bottle.

This will leave dirty, syrupy marks on the fridge door which can be a menace to clean away!

So, in the interests of keeping your fridge clean and hygienic, picking the right bottle in which to store your simple syrup in the fridge is essential. 

How To Choose The Best Bottles For Simple Syrup

Homemade Sugar Simple Syrup in a Bottle

There is such a wide range of storage bottles for simple syrup available that sometimes it becomes overwhelming to choose one for your specific needs.

From beautiful, clear glass bottles to non-drip, plastic dispensers, you really do have a huge range to choose from!

If you are on the hunt for the perfect bottle to store your simple syrup, here is what you should take into consideration.

Materials And Durability

Most professional bartenders store simple syrup in clear glass bottles. These bottles not only look stylish, but are also resistant to heat, so you can pour warm syrup directly into them.

The main alternative is to use a plastic bottle, but you will need to wait until the syrup has cooled before decanting it into the bottle.

Clear bottles have the advantage of being able to visualize the contents inside, so you can see how much simple syrup you have remaining.

If you prefer a bit of color on your cocktail bar, opt for a semi-clear and patterned bottle.


The size of your simple syrup bottle must not only be perfect for the amount of syrup you plan on making in one batch, but it must also fit neatly into your refrigerator.

Remember: You could be using the same bottle of simple syrup for up to a month, so this is going to become a semi-permanent fixture in your fridge!

Most of us store bottles in the refrigerator door, and the challenge is to get bottles of the right size, width, and height to fit neatly and maximize the use of the available space.

Square bottles tend to fit together more neatly than round ones, and bottles with long, slender necks may look pretty but might be too tall to fit into your fridge.

Ease Of Use And Pourability

These are arguably the two most important factors to take into consideration — how are you going to get the simple syrup into the bottle, and how easy and mess-free is it going to be to pour it out again?

In terms of pouring your simple syrup into the bottle, you will undoubtedly want to use a funnel. This is the easiest way to keep the process mess-free, but you must make sure that your bottle has a wide enough opening to hold a funnel.

The alternative is to pour it in using a jug, but you need a very steady hand for this!

When it comes to making cocktails with simple syrup, you need to be able to pour out exactly the right amount into your cocktail shaker or glass, without making a mess.

For this, most bartenders use a bottle with a pour spout, either plastic or metal. This is a tapered spout that dispenses the liquid slowly, without allowing drips to run down the side of the bottle.

The pour spout on a simple syrup bottle must be removable, otherwise getting syrup into the bottle will be nearly impossible. The spout should fit snugly in the bottle to prevent it from falling out when the bottle is inverted.

You might be tempted to opt for a slow-pour spout, but this is not always a good idea with simple syrup. The thick viscosity of the liquid already means it pours more slowly than water, and a slow-pour spout might reduce the flow to a trickle.

A key feature to look for on a pouring spout is a vented opening. This means that air can enter the bottle at the same time as the liquid is poured out, making for a smoother pouring action. 

Another option is to use a squeezable plastic bottle, but again it is helpful to find one that has a leak-proof top.

Quality Of Product

Glass bottles tend to be pricier than plastic ones, but they are more durable and look stylish when placed on your cocktail bar.

If you’re getting serious about making cocktails, you might consider buying a cocktail set, which may include other bottles as well as tools to help you make more complex cocktail recipes.

Ease Of Cleaning

Simple syrup might be a fabulous cocktail ingredient, but it is notoriously sticky and difficult to wash off!

A smooth surface is easier to clean than a patterned one. Glass can be submerged into hotter water than plastic can, and hotter water will dissolve any syrupy residue more easily.

Some bottles for simple syrup are dishwasher-safe, but you may find that this method does not leave your bottles spotlessly clean.

A wider-necked bottle or jar would allow you to clean the inside with a bottle brush or cloth. Narrow-necked bottles can only be cleaned by half-filling them with warm, soapy water, and shaking the bottle vigorously to clean it.

Remember to check the pouring spout to make sure it will be easy to clean — this is a notorious site for syrup residue to collect. Pouring spouts can become quite dirty and unhygienic if the sugary liquid accumulates in the smaller gaps.

The Best Bottles For Simple Syrup

From beautiful clear glass bottles to non-drip plastic dispensers, there really is a huge range of bottles for simple syrup to choose from!

Below are our top picks for the best bottles for simple syrup that you can choose from:

RankProductKey Features
1Tablecraft Glass Syrup Bottle with Vented Stainless Steel PourerA medium-sized, clear glass bottle with a high-quality, easy-pour spout
2SUJUDE Plastic Syrup Squeeze Bottle With Pourer And FunnelFood-grade, plastic squeeze bottle with an easy-fill funnel system
3AiDrink Drip Free Small Glass Bottle DispenserPerfect for mess-free pouring of smaller quantities of simple syrup
4BAKHUK Glass Dispenser Bottles With Pourers And FunnelA set of four square glass bottles with a range of pourers and caps
5BULK PARADISE Assorted Clear Glass Bottles with CorksA stylish assortment of patterned, clear glass bottles with reusable corks
6Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Syrup DispenserAn innovative, pump-action syrup dispenser
7Bormioli Rocco Square Glass Swing-Top BottleA great space-saving design to maximize the use of the room in your fridge
8J&M Design Multipurpose Glass Dispenser Bottle For SyrupAn easy-pour glass jug with a drip-free spout
9Brightfrom Leak-Proof Condiment Squeeze BottlesA great value, easy-squeeze bottle that can be used for multiple functions

1. Tablecraft Glass Syrup Bottle With Vented Stainless Steel Pourer

Check Current Price on Amazon

Our top pick for the best bottle for simple syrup really does tick all the boxes.

This simple yet stylish glass syrup bottle will keep your homemade cocktail sweetener safe and sound in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.

It features a vented, stainless steel pourer, ensuring that you can sweeten your cocktails without any drips or mess.

The dishwasher-safe, glass bottle is the ideal size to store simple syrup in the fridge without taking up too much room.

2. SUJUDE Plastic Syrup Squeeze Bottle With Pourer And Funnel

Check Current Price on Amazon

Our second pick is a plastic syrup squeeze bottle which represents great value for money.

It has a curved, silicone pourer and is double-sealed to prevent leakage. The squeezable bottle makes it easy to pop a bit of sugary goodness into your cocktails, smoothies, and milkshakes.

Made from food-grade plastic, this bottle is easy to clean and even features a funnel for easy refilling. It can be used for condiments, sauces, and olive oil, as well as simple syrup.

3. AiDrink Drip Free Small Glass Bottle Dispenser

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you’re thinking of making just a small amount of simple syrup for a special cocktail party, then this glass syrup dispenser is ideal.

The hourglass design would look stylish on any cocktail bar, and the wide neck means it is easy to fill without any mess.

This bottle has a vented pouring outlet with a tight silicone seal to prevent leaks. After use, the removable silicone stopper will help keep your simple syrup free from contamination.

4. BAKHUK Glass Dispenser Bottles With Pourers And Funnel

Check Current Price on Amazon

This stylish set of four square glass bottles will not only look great in your kitchen, but also fit neatly together and minimize the use of precious storage space.

This set includes three different types of pouring spouts, ideal for simple syrup and a myriad of other uses.

The interchangeable pouring spouts each feature a sealable cap to prevent contamination.

5. BULK PARADISE Assorted Clear Glass Bottles with Corks

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you want to bring a vintage feel to your cocktail bar, then these antique-style glass bottles are a worthwhile investment.

Decorated with authentic glass patterns, they will be perfect not only for simple syrup but also for many other cocktail ingredients.

Each bottle has a cork stopper, but for simple syrup, you may wish to replace this with a good-quality pouring spout.

6. Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Syrup Dispenser

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Now for something a little bit different! Instead of pouring your simple syrup, you could add it to cocktails using this clever syrup pump dispenser.

Featuring a stylish glass Mason jar with a food-safe plastic pump and dispenser, we think this is a great way to not only store but serve your simple syrup.

This set of two jars even includes a pack of sticky labels to help keep your kitchen organized.

7. Bormioli Rocco Square Glass Swing-Top Bottle

Check Current Price on Amazon

Swing-top bottles are a fun and easy way to store and serve your simple syrup.

The solid, square, glass bottle will fit neatly in your fridge, and the silicone seal under the stopper will help prevent contamination.

This type of bottle may be more prone to drips and mess than ones with an integrated pourer, but with a little bit of practice you’ll soon be mixing up cocktails with ease.

8. J&M Design Multipurpose Glass Dispenser Bottle For Syrup

Check Current Price on Amazon

How adorable is this little syrup dispenser?

Perfect for occasional cocktail parties, it will hold and pour your simple syrup with ease.

We think it would also be fabulous for a children’s ice cream party, filled with delicious caramel sauce!

9. Brightfrom Leak-Proof Condiment Squeeze Bottles

Check Current Price on Amazon

If your budget is tight or you don’t want to splurge on a more expensive simple syrup bottle, then these squeezable condiment bottles are a great choice.

They can be used to store and pour your simple syrup, and when you’re finished making cocktails, you can use them for other condiments, such as ketchup and salad dressings.

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