9 Best Self-Stirrer Mugs Of 2023

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Once you start using a self-stirring mug, hardly will you go back to the regular ones. But finding a good self-stirrer mug can be hard as there are too many options on the market.

What are the best self-stirrer mugs? The best self-stirrer mugs are made of high-quality durable materials, have a comfortable design, and are easy to use and clean. The no-spill feature of these mugs is something to pay attention to. Additionally, consider the power source of the mug and whether it can keep drinks warm.

In this article, you will find 9 of the best self-stirrer mugs as well as a list of criteria to consider when buying a self-stirring mug. 

Why a Self-Stirring Mug?

You may think that self-stirring mugs are some gimmicky products and bought for fun for only a few days of use. However, if you buy a good one, you will certainly start seeing the benefits of using them.

Here is what makes self-stirring mugs worth a purchase:

  • They make it easy and quick to not only mix your coffee but also add and quickly combine the milk, creamers, sugar, vanilla syrup, etc. 
  • These mugs are great not only for hot coffee but also for cold coffee and many other drinks in general. Hot cocoa? Tea? Protein shakes? They can handle it all! Moreover, some people find self-stirring mugs perfect for smoothies and shakes that separate as they take their time to drink them. The rotor at the bottom of the mug easily re-blends them. 
  • Some self-stirring coffee mugs have insulation. They keep your coffee hot or cold for longer – a much-needed feature for those working hours in-between their coffee sessions.
  • Self-stirring mugs are sometimes even bigger than your typical coffee mugs. So, you can make a lot of coffee with as much creamer as you want and not worry amount being unable to properly mix it.
  • A self-stirring mug makes the perfect gift. It is useful and fun.  

How to Choose a Self-Stirring Mug

Whether you are picking a self-stirring mug for yourself or as a gift, there are a few things to consider before buying:


Self-stirring mugs can be bigger than regular coffee mugs. However, they also come in various sizes. 

You can buy a larger mug if you want diversity. With larger self-stirring mugs, you can make a lot of coffee to take you through a few hours of work or an entire movie. But you can also make less coffee in big mugs whenever you want. 

Self-stirring mugs that are on the smaller side are perfect for travel. 

No-Spill Features 

You are using a self-stirring mug to have a hassle-free gourmet coffee experience, right?

So what is the point if it spills every time you use it and you have to clean up every time? The mug should perform smoothly, without any splashes. This largely depends on the way the rotor at the bottom of the mug operates. 

Thus, when buying a self-stirring cup, make sure the manufacturer states a no-spill feature. If it doesn’t, read the reviews to learn about the experiences of other buyers. 

Durability and Performance 

If you have had a bad experience with a self-stirring mug that stopped working after a couple of uses, you have most likely bought one made of low-quality materials. 

The key to long-lasting self-stirrer mugs is the durable and high-quality materials they are made of. These mugs are typically made of stainless steel with some plastic parts, making it lighter and cheaper.

The plastic rotor at the bottom of the mug should also be sturdy and made of good-quality plastic to provide smooth performance and not break after a few uses. 

If you’re looking at a mug that uses a magnetic stirrer, be careful to scope it out.

While these are much easier to clean, they work to varying degrees, though sometimes it’s just a trick of knowing when to start the stirring (often before you’ve poured the coffee in).


Self-stirring mugs come in a range of designs. There are simple ones on the market, that literally say ‘self-stirring mug’, and ones with fun designs. 

Themed self-stirring mugs are a lot of fun and an excellent gift idea. Of course, this really comes down to taste.

Power Source 

Self-stirring mugs start operating once you press the button on the handle setting the propeller to work. The latter is in most cases powered by batteries. Mugs operating with batteries are very easy to travel with. 

Some self-stirrer mugs may also have built-in power sources. These mugs should be charged through USB.

Ease of Cleaning 

Most self-stirring mugs are not as easy to clean as you would like them to, i.e. they are not dishwasher-safe. With that said, if you don’t leave your coffee cup dirty for too long, it should be fairly easy to get it clean quickly. 

Mugs operating with batteries at the bottom should not be cleaned by soaking them fully into the water. You’ll just want to hold it in your hand as you clean it.

There are, however, dishwasher-safe options on the market. These are the ones with detachable bases. 


The overall convenience of the mug is important. There are a few things that will enhance the convenience of your self-stirring mug. 

First off, the lid. Almost all self-stirring mugs come with a lid. This helps to prevent not only splashes and spills but also locks in the warmth if you don’t want to drink your coffee right away. 

Secondly, the handle of the mug should be well-designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip on the mug. 

And lastly, the self-stirring mug should be lightweight enough to be portable and easy to travel with. 


If you want a cup that will not only mix your drinks but also keep them warm or cold longer, then you should certainly buy a mug with insulated walls. 

This feature may add a few bucks to the price, but it is certainly worth it to keep your homemade chai warm all morning long!

9 Best Self-Stirrer Mugs

We have picked 9 self-stirrer mugs that will make you coffee in no time and with almost zero effort. Whether you are looking for a simple-design mug for yourself or a fun one to give as a gift, you will certainly find an option you will like. 

Here are the 9 best self-stirring mugs out there:

1.Chuzy Chef Self Stirring Coffee MugStainless steel and plastic, 8oz
2.Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring Travel MugStainless steel and plastic, 12oz
3.LEADNOVO Self Stirring MugStainless steel and plastic, 15oz
4.Doctor Who Tardis Self Stirring Travel Coffee MugPlastic, 12oz
5.Disney Mickey Mouse Self Stirring Travel MugPlastic, 16oz
6.Evelots Self Stirring Coffee MugStainless steel and plastic, 12oz
7.YODA Self Stirring MugStainless steel and plastic, 12oz
8.DricRoda Self Stirring Coffee Mug Stainless steel, 12oz
9.Konigswerk Self Stirring Coffee Mug Stainless steel and plastic, 15oz

1. Chuzy Chef Self Stirring Coffee Mug 

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The Chuzy Chef self-stirrer coffee mug is the simplest option you can find on the market. It features a stainless steel cup with black plastic construction. The writing on it is quite self-explanatory: “self-stirring mug.” So everyone will know how cool your travel tumbler is!

The capacity of this mug is 8 ounces. So, if you’re a fan of small, but strong, brews, you can make enough to get you through the early morning. And doing it is extremely easy. 

All you need to do is to press the button conveniently located at the top of the handle. The top-quality propeller will start mixing your coffee and you will have it ready in just a few seconds. 

The Chuzy Chef self-stirring mug operates with batteries. Thus, you can easily travel with it just by having spare batteries with you.  

The mug comes with a lid. It comes in handy when you want to prevent the coffee from spilling. Additionally, it has a drinking hole for those who like to carry their coffee around. 

The lid will also help you keep your drink warm for a longer time. 

2. Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring Travel Mug

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If you are looking for a present for a Star Wars fan, then this Darth Vader self-stirring cup is the best thing you can buy. 

With the capacity to fit 12 ounces of coffee, this mug will help any fan get through any Star Wars movie. While the inside of the mug is made of plastic, the exterior is stainless steel. This helps with maintaining the drink warm or cold longer. 

The mug is activated with the yellow button on the handle. As soon as you press it, the motor starts mixing your coffee, hot chocolate, or any drink of your choice with force. 

The mug operates with two triple-A batteries. Unfortunately, they don’t come with the mug. So, if you decide to buy this Darth Vader self-stirrer mug as a present, include a couple of batteries too.

This mug is too cool to not use it as soon as it’s in your hands!

3. LEADNOVO Self Stirring Mug (Updated)

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If you are looking for a coffee mug that will not only wake you up but also set you in a good mood, then this pink Leadonovo mug is all you need. 

Aside from being fun and a great mug to give as a gift, this self-stirrer cup is also made of high-quality materials and will perform smoothly. 

Both the interior and the exterior of the mug are made of stainless steel. As the manufacturer claims, this construction helps to keep the drink warm for up to 4 hours. 

The handle is made of sturdy food-grade plastic and has an ergonomic design. 

The best part about this self-stirring mug is that the stirrer at the bottom of the cup is removable. As mugs operating with batteries can’t go in the dishwasher, this detail will win the hearts of the pickiest users who want to be able to thoroughly clean their coffee mugs. 

4. Doctor Who Tardis Self Stirring Travel Coffee Mug

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This Doctor Who-themed self-stirring coffee mug features the famous time machine, Tardis. If you are a fan of this British television series, this mug will bring lots of joy with the design alone. 

However, you can also stir your coffee with it within seconds with a single push of a button. You only need two triple-A batteries to make it work.

This Doctor Who Tardis self-stirrer mug is made of plastic. However, so long as you keep the tight-sitting lid on, the mug will keep your drink warm longer than your regular coffee cups do. 

5. Disney Mickey Mouse Self Stirring Travel Mug

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The Disney Mickey Mouse self-stirring mug is the best gift for kids. It is also the perfect-sized coffee mug for adults who need 16 ounces of coffee to wake up. 

The inside of the mug is made of plastic. Thus, you can’t expect it to keep your drink warm for hours. What you can expect is the mug being lightweight and portable. The lid that comes with it makes the mug ever more user-friendly. 

This Disney-themed self-stirrer mug operates with batteries. It should be washed by hand avoiding wetting the lower part where the batteries are placed. 

6. Evelots Self Stirring Coffee Mug

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If you are looking for a plain self-stirrer mug with no excessive details or prints, then this Everlast cup is your best bet!

The clean stainless steel exterior and the black BPA- free plastic interior make this self-stirring cup look exceptionally good. The minimalistic design makes it a good gift for anyone despite their age, as well as likings as far as mug designs are concerned. 

Additionally, the two-layer construction of the walls will keep your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm longer than a regular cup would do. You can also keep the lid on to lock in the warmth and have more time to enjoy your drink. 

7. YODA Self Stirring Mug 

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Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t want a Yoda self-stirring mug?

This Star Wars-inspired self-stirrer coffee mug will be the best gift for fans. Not only does it have the perfect design but it also does its job perfectly. Additionally, the picture of Yoda printed on the front of the cup will not fade over time.  

The capacity of the mug is moderate – 12 ounces. So, it is neither too big nor too small. 

As you press the yellow button located at the top of the plastic handle, the propeller will start working and effortlessly mix your cream, milk, or syrup with the coffee. You can also use this self-stirrer mug for other drinks requiring mixing. 

8. DricRoda Self Stirring Coffee Mug

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If you have always wanted a self-stirring mug but none of the ones you have seen go well with your kitchen aesthetic or fit your taste, then this DricRoda coffee mug is what you should go for. 

This stainless steel mug is the most elegant-looking self-stirring cup you will ever find. But the design is still not everything to buy this mug for. 

This self-stirring mug operates with no batteries. Yes, you read that right! As you pour hot water (70 to 100 ℃) into the cup, the rotor senses it and starts mixing automatically. So, no batteries or electricity are needed. 

9. Konigswerk Self Stirring Coffee Mug 

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Do you need a truly big coffee mug for your morning energy drink? Then this Konigswerk self-stirrer mug is the one. 

Aside from having a large capacity, this mug has multiple other features that will make you like it even better. 

First, its handle is non-slip and has an ergonomic design. Secondly, you can remove the propeller and thoroughly wash it. Third, it comes with a lid to prevent spilling or splashes. And lastly, it will keep your drink warm for 3 to 4 hours. 

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