15 Best Reusable Ice Cubes Of 2023

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If you have ever wondered what a piece of stainless steel is doing in someone’s whiskey or what the point of fun pieces of plastic in cocktails is, then it’s high time you learned about reusable ice cubes.

What are the best reusable ice cubes? The best reusable ice cubes are made of food-grade materials that won’t add any flavor to the drink. Some of the best reusable ice cubes on the market are made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. The shape, color, style, and number of cubes you get in a set are a matter of personal preference

This article includes a buyer’s guide to these handy products and a list of the 15 best reusable ice cubes. 

What Are Reusable Ice Cubes?

Reusable ice cubes, as the name implies, are chilling cubes that you can freeze over and over and use to chill all kinds of drinks, from water to coffee and alcoholic beverages. 

A popular question is “what is inside the reusable ice cubes?” 

A common filing for reusable chilling cubes, especially plastic ones, is silica gel. But you can also find chilling cubes filled with pure water and a mixture of water and alcohol.

The liquid inside the cubes is what decides their freezing time and how long they keep the drinks cold. 

The Benefits of Using Reusable Ice Cubes 

The primary benefit of reusable ice cubes is the fact you can use them many times, without wasting water and electricity. Another benefit is that in many cases these chilling cubes freeze faster than water

As you can see, reusable ice cubes have many benefits. But there is something some people consider to be a downside. You have to wash them after each use – something you don’t have to do with regular ice, obviously. 

But it is worth mentioning that if you clean the reusable cubes properly they are even more sanitary than regular ice cubes

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose Reusable Ice Cubes

You can’t go wrong with reusable ice cubes so long as you are buying them from a brand that produces them from food-grade material.

But there are a few considerations to make if you want to buy ice cubes that you will be able to use for all occasions and that will cover your needs. 


As mentioned earlier, reusable ice cubes come in different materials. The most common materials for these chilling cubes include plastic, stainless steel, and stone. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. 

Plastic ice cubes are the most practical ones. You can get dozens of plastic ice cubes for a few dollars.

Additionally, if you are looking for a specific shape, you will most likely find it in the plastic category as this material is versatile when it comes to creating different shapes and colors. 

But the downside of plastic ice cubes is that you should always check to see if they are undamaged or not as the liquid inside the cubes may leak into the drink. 

But so long as the ice cubes are high-quality and made of food-grade material, you are good to go. Plastic ice cubes may affect the taste of the drink if they are made of poor-quality plastic. 

Stainless steel ice cubes are another safe choice. They don’t alter the taste of the drink, stay cold longer, and are easy to clean. But you need to handle stainless steel ice cubes with care especially when using glasses. 

Stone reusable ice cubes, which are typically made of soapstone, work great for whiskey.

While they work great for keeping the drink cold and don’t dilute it, these chilling cubes don’t lower the temperature of the drink as much as plastic or steel ice cubes do. 

Shape and Style

If you search for reusable ice cubes, you will get surprised at how many options there are as far as the shapes, colors, and styles of chilling cubes are concerned. 

When deciding on the shape of the ice cubes, you mainly have to choose between plain shapes and fun ones. 

If you want reusable ice cubes for all occasions, go with simple ones, such as squares and spheres. These can be both clear and colorful.

But reusable ice cubes come in any other shape imaginable – fruits, animals, stars, diamonds, and more. If you want to make your everyday drinks more fun, you can buy ice cubes of uncommon shapes.

You can also find reusable ice cubes for various special occasions, such as heart-shaped ones for Valentine’s day or pumpkin-shaped ones for Halloween. 


Reusable ice cubes come in a range of sizes. You can buy a pack of small ice cubes. But remember that you will need to use many of those to chill your drink. 

Larger ice cubes, on the other hand, don’t always fit in bottles. So, we recommend you consider the size of the glasses and bottles you will need the ice cubes for before you make a purchase


If you are buying reusable ice cubes just for yourself, you can buy a pack of 6-8 cubes. But if you need reusable chilling cubes for the entire family or for the parties you host buy as a set that includes a lot more pieces. 

Also, consider how many reusable ice cubes you are getting for the price to make sure you are getting a good deal. 

The 15 Best Reusable Ice Cubes Of 2021

We have ranked and reviewed the 15 best reusable ice cubes you can find online. From plain clear plastic squares to more elaborate shapes and chilling cubes made of stainless steel and stone, you will find anything you need in this list. 

Rank Product Material and Shape 
1.Efiwasi Reusable Fruit Ice Cubes Plastic, fruit shapes 
2.PINSUKO Reusable Ice Cubes Plastic, multicolor squares 
3.Alysontech Reusable Ice CubesPlastic, clear squares 
4.NIFTYS Gold Edition Ice CubesStainless steel, diamond-shaped 
5.RUNZI Chilling Cubes Stainless steel, square 
6.Hapy Shop Reusable Ice Cubes Plastic, star-shaped
7.Urban Essentials Reusable Ice Cubes Plastic, clear squares 
8.Summer Time Reusable Ice Cubes Plastic, colorful tropical-themed shapes 
9.XINLI Beverage Chilling Rocks Stainless steel, spheres 
10.Grand Estrella Store Chilling Rocks Stainless steel, football-shaped 
11.Summer Time Heart Shapes Ice Cubes Plastic, heart-shaped 
12.Evriholder Reusable Drink ChillersPlastic, flamingo-shaped 
13.Popokk Reusable Ice Cubes Plastic, globe-shaped 
14.ShenQi Reusable Ice Cubes Plastic, Halloween-themed shapes 
15.SOING Chilling Stones Soapstone, squares

1. Efiwasi Reusable Fruit Ice Cubes 

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Efiswasi reusable ice cubes in the shapes of various fruits make the perfect set for water, juices, and cocktails.

Made in various bright colors and shapes of your favorite fruits, including oranges, grapes, and apples, these chilling cubes will make even the most boring drinks look fun.

They will work great not only for everyday use but for summer parties too. 

You get 30 pieces in a set which is more than enough for a large family. You need 4-5 pieces to chill your drink

These reusable ice cubes are made of BPA-free plastic. The liquid inside is pure water.

So, even if the plastic exterior gets damaged and the liquid inside leaks into your drink, there is nothing to worry about. But as it’s water inside the cubes, they won’t take shorter to freeze than regular ice in trays. 

The ice cubes come in a hermetic tube which prevents them from odors and flavors that they may pick up in the freezer. 

2. PINSUKO Reusable Ice Cubes 

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If you would still like to add some color to your drinks, then these colorful reusable ice cube squares are a great option. 

You get 56 ice cubes that you can use over and over again to chill all kinds of drinks.

All you have to do is to clean the cubes properly after each use. But that’s easy as the ice cubes are made of plastic. 

They are filled with liquid which ensures that the cubes freeze quickly but keep the drink cold even when they have already melted. 

These reusable chilling cubes come in a zip-lock bag. So, storing them and traveling with them is easy

3. Alysontech Reusable Ice Cubes 

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For those who like to keep it simple and realistic, Alysontech makes reusable ice cubes that are clear and square.  

This clear set of reusable chilling cubes includes 60 cubes. They are all made with BPA-free plastic and filled with pure water.

The latter is an important feature for many people as even if the liquid inside the cubes doesn’t come in contact with the drink they want to be sure that it’s perfectly harmless. 

The sides of the ice cubes are only 1 inch long which makes them perfect for all types of glasses. Additionally, as they are clear, they go well with all drinks and any party theme. 

You get so many chilling cubes in this Alysontech set that you can use them to chill bottles and fruits too by placing them in a suitable basket. 

4. NIFTYS Gold Edition Ice Cubes 

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Are you looking for a stainless steel chilling cubes set that isn’t silver-toned with square pieces? Then this one by NIFTYS is for you. 

These unique-looking stainless steel reusable ice cubes are diamond-shaped. The gold color makes them look elevated and elegant. 

The pieces themselves are not very big. You can fit four of them in a whiskey glass. Let the cubes sit in the cold storage until the gel inside freezes and they will keep your drink cold for as long as 2 hours.

The stainless steel material used for the cubes is non-toxic, easy to clean, and won’t change the flavor of your drinks

The set also includes a pair of tongs with silicone tips. 

5. RUNZI Chilling Cubes 

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If you want your reusable ice cubes to be square but you don’t like the plastic options, there is an easy solution – buy stainless steel ones. 

This RUNZI chilling cubes set includes 8 stainless steel ice cubes and a pair of stainless steel tongs to go with them.

These chilling cubes look sophisticated in alcoholic beverages and equally as good in everyday non-alcoholic drinks. 

The cubes are filled with a fast-freezing gel. So, you don’t have to wait too long for them to chill. Once frozen, add 3-4 cubes to your drink and keep it cold without diluting it. 

The tongs have silicone tips to make handling the cubes convenient and safe.

6. Hapy Shop Reusable Ice Cubes 

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If you want to purchase colorful and fun reusable ice cubes but are not sure what shape you should go for, the stars might be one of the safest choices.

This set by Hapy Shop includes 40 stars of blue, pink, purple, yellow, and white colors. They will work for all occasions and everyday use. 

These chilling stars are made with food-safe plastic material. They are filled with distilled water which means that even if they break or leak into the drink, they won’t cause you any harm.

As you may know, this is not the case with reusable ice cubes that contain silica gel. 

7. Urban Essentials Reusable Ice Cubes 

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Another great option for people who prefer simple clear square ice cubes. This set by Urban Essentials includes 56 reusable ice cubes with a classic look. 

Made with quick-freeze technology, these ice cubes are manufactured used BPA-free food-grade plastic.

If you clean them regularly after each use and freeze them in the resealable bag they come in, you won’t experience any off-putting flavor or odor. 

Thanks to their simple appearance, these ice cubes work for any drink, be it plain water, coffee, lemonade, or an alcohol-based cocktail.

Even when the liquid inside the cubes fully thaws, your drink will remain cold for some time without suffering flavor changes that happen as a result of real ice thawing and diluting drinks. 

8. Summer Time Reusable Ice Cubes 

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If this set of pineapple, cactus and flamingo-shaped reusable ice cubes is not the most amusing collection of chilling cubes, then what is? 

There are 18 pieces in this set. Adding one of each shape into your drink will not only give it a burst of color but also keep it chilled.

And what is important, without diluting it and adding odd flavors to it. 

These BPA-free plastic ice cubes contain pure water. So long as you wash them after each use and store them in a bag or container to prevent their contact with other products in the freezer they will work better than regular ice. 

9. XINLI Beverage Chilling Rocks 

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Very few reusable ice cubes look as elegant as these stainless steel spheres by XINLI. 

This set includes four silver color stainless steel chilling globes, a pair of stainless steel tongs, and a secure case where you can store them.

The spheres are filled with ethanol and water which is a quick-freezing liquid.

While the liquid inside the spheres is food-grade, the stainless steel shell is so durable that it won’t crack if you handle it with care. 

What makes this chilling rocks set even more unique is the fact that you can use the storage tray to make real ice too. 

10. Grand Estrella Store Chilling Rocks 

Check Current Price on Amazon 

Who doesn’t drink ice-cold water, coffee, or beverages?

This is why a high-quality set of stainless steel chilling cubes makes a perfect gift. This one in particular is a thoughtful present for football fans. 

This set of chilling cubes includes 6 stainless steel football-shaped pieces and a pair of stainless steel tongs.

The 304 stainless steel material is perfectly food-grade and won’t flavor your drinks whether you are using the chilling cubes for water, juices, or alcoholic beverages. 

The steel footballs are filled with 95% water and 5% alcohol. This combination of liquids provides the perfect freeze

The set comes with a velour bag in a presentable box. 

11. Summer Time Heart Shapes Colored Ice Cubes 

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Whether you’re looking for heart-shaped ice cubes for Valentine’s Day or you are so romantic that need them every day, these reusable chilling cubes are your best bet. 

Manufactured from BPA-free plastic, these red, purple, and pink hearts contain pure water.

Even if they leak into your drink, they won’t cause you any harm like silica gel would. The hearts measure 1.5 inches. So, they will fit well into many different glasses. 

There are 18 plastic reusable ice cubes in this set. Wash them with soap and water after each use and use them as many times as you wish. 

12. Evriholder Reusable Drink Chillers 

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Bring an end to diluted drinks in a fun way. These flamingo-shaped reusable ice cubes are the most unique chilling cubes you will come across.

These pink tropical birds will look cool in any drink and will add a pop of color to them. 

The Evriholder reusable ice cubes are made of non-toxic BPA-free plastic. They contain purified water so that even when it leaks into the drink it’s not harmful. 

As these flamingoes are quite flat, you can put multiple of them in your glass to make your drink extra cold. Wash and pop the ice cubes back into the freezer after each use until you need them again. 

13. Popokk Reusable Ice Cubes 

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In case you want something simple but not as simple as clear or colorful squares, you can go with this set of multi-color round reusable ice cubes.

They come in three colors – green, orange, and pink. 

These bright-colored globes can go into any drink – coffee, wine, juices, cocktails, water, and many more.

They are made of food-safe polyethylene and are pre-filled with distilled water. Freeze them in a plastic container or bag and drop 2-3 globes in your glass before enjoying your drink

There are 40 pieces in a set which are enough for a family or friends gathering. 

14. ShenQi Reusable Ice Cubes 

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It is never too early or too late to buy Halloween accessories, especially ones you can use all year round. 

This reusable ice cube set by ShenQi includes ice cubes of different shapes – bats, skulls, and pumpkins.

They come in the iconic Halloween shades – black and orange.

The skulls are clear which makes them perfect for any occasion when you want to make your drink looking a tad bit cooler. 

There are 60 pieces in this spooky set. The material used for chilling cubes is low-density polyethylene. The liquid inside the cubes is harmless and freezes well.

A few of these chilling cubes in your drink will keep it cold for around an hour until the liquid thaws and warms up. 

15. SOING Chilling Stones 

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If you are out of gift ideas for Father’s Day or for your husband, consider this set by SOING.

It includes six granite chilling stones made of natural soapstone, a pair of stainless steel tongs, and a wooden tray

Anyone that drinks whiskey will appreciate this set. Although it should be noted that you can use these chilling stones not only for whiskey but also for wine, vodka, and various cocktails. 

In case you have never heard of soapstone, it is a food-safe material that doesn’t react with chemicals and acids. So, no matter what you use for your cocktails, you can use these stones to chill them.

Simply pop them in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy a drink that doesn’t get warm and remains perfectly delicious before your finish it. 

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