13 Best Retro Coffee Makers Of 2023

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There’s something so comforting about incorporating a vintage vibe into your household and bringing in a retro coffee maker is a great way to introduce that aesthetic to your kitchen.

There are tons of models on the market to choose from so you can get a cute retro look with modern features.

So, how do you choose the best retro coffee maker? First, you need to decide your budget and figure out how much coffee you need to make at once. Then you want to choose your color scheme, any specific features you want to have, and look for one with a reusable coffee filter. 

Read on to discover how to choose the best retro coffee maker so that you can bring a vintage feel with modern capabilities to your kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Retro Coffee Maker

When it comes to choosing the best retro coffee makes to fit your design aesthetic, there are some things to look out for. Check out the following Buyer’s Guide to help you pick the perfect retro coffee maker for your kitchen needs.

Decide On Your Budget 

When it comes to buying a retro coffee maker, there are models that can start at $20 and go all the way up to $200 and more. That’s why it is important to figure out what your budget is for your retro coffee maker before choosing your model. 

In the list below I have a variety of price ranges so that you can find the perfect cute, retro coffee maker for your kitchen design aesthetic

Figure Out How Much Coffee You’ll Be Making 

Figuring out how much coffee you’ll be making at once is another important factor to consider since the size of the retro coffee maker will impact the cost, with smaller models generally being cheaper than larger models. 

Buying the right size retro coffee maker for your needs will also make sure you’re not wasting coffee.

If you live alone and only drink one or two cups of coffee in the morning, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to buy a huge 12 cup retro coffee maker. 

On the other hand, if you have several people in your home who drink coffee, buying a small 4 cup retro coffee maker likely won’t make enough for everyone at once.

So before you choose your model, figure out generally how much coffee will need to be made at one time

Decide On Your Color Scheme 

One thing I love about retro coffee makers is all of the colors that they come in. They can be bright, vibrant reds, muted cream colors, or soothing turquoises.

Figuring out the color scheme of your kitchen will help you pick the best retro coffee maker for your needs

If you have a bold and funky kitchen, then you might want to pick up a bright red coffee maker.

But if you’re leaning more towards soothing mid-century vibes, then a cream-colored retro coffee maker will probably fit in better with your aesthetic. 

With that being said, you might decide that you have a neutral kitchen and you want your coffee maker to be more of a statement piece.

In that case, I suggest going for the bolder reds, greens, or turquoise colors so it really stands out in your space. 

Figure Out The Features You Want 

Another important aspect to consider is the type of features you want your retro coffee maker to have. Are you going more for aesthetics and don’t really care about the features? That’s something to consider. 

But if you want to have the aesthetic of a retro coffee maker with the features of a modern one, then you will want to look for specific helpful features. 

A big feature to look for if you like to have your coffee ready and waiting for you in the morning is the ability to program when your coffee starts brewing.

I’m not a morning person, so being able to set my coffee maker up before bed so that I can stumble to the kitchen for my morning cup is key. 

Some other features you might want to consider include:

  • Auto-Pause Function: This feature will automatically pause the brewing process when the carafe is removed to prevent spills and messes if you can’t wait til the brewing is done to snag your morning cup of coffee. 
  • Automatic Shut-Off: This feature is great if you’re a little forgetful. It will turn your coffee maker off automatically after an hour or two (depending on the model) so it won’t be left on all day while you’re at work.
  • Keep-Warm Function: Having this feature on your retro coffee maker is great if you’re someone who likes to go back for seconds, thirds, or fourths. It will help keep your coffee warm until you’re ready for more.
  • Program The Strength Of Your Brew: This is another great function that will allow you to program whether you want your coffee strong, medium, or mild. 

As you can see there are lots of bells and whistles you can look for when purchasing your retro coffee maker, so decide which ones are most important to you to make the best choice for your needs.

Look For A Reusable Filter

Lots of retro coffee makers come with reusable filters. This feature is great because you’ll save money on buying paper coffee filters. You’ll also never need to worry about running out of filters since it comes with your retro coffee maker. 

These filters are removable so you can wash them regularly to prevent your coffee from tasting stale. Having this handy feature is definitely something to look for since it can save you time and money in the long run. 

The 13 Best Retro Coffee Makers

Now that you know what to look for in terms of the best retro coffee makers, you can take a look at the brands below to find the one that best fit your needs and budget.

RankProductBest Feature
1.Smeg Drip Filter Coffee MachineBest overall retro coffee maker
2.AMASTE Retro Drip Coffee Maker30-minute keep-warm function
3.Ariete Vintage Kitchen Countertop 12-Cup Coffee Maker24-hour programmable auto-start timer
4.Nostalgia Retro 12-Cup Programmable Coffee MakerMakes 12 cups of coffee
5.Nostalgia 12-Cup Programmable Coffee MakerComes with a reusable filter
6.Haden Retro Coffee MakerAnti-drip function
7.Kalorik 10-Cup Retro Coffee MakerAuto-pause function
8.Russell Hobbs Retro Style 8-Cup CoffeemakerAdvanced showerhead technology
9.Brentwood 4-Cup Coffee MakerComes with coffee scooper
10.EUROSTAR 4-Cup CoffeemakerConveniently sized
11.Frigidaire Retro Single Serve Coffee MakerDelightful mint green color
12.CHULUX Single-Serve 12-Ounce Coffee BrewerAdorable cyan-colored coffee maker
13.Ariete Vintage Kitchen Countertop Espresso MachineCute mint green espresso machine

1. Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine

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When it comes to the highest end of retro appliances, Smeg is the one that everyone looks for.

Their classic designs are super cute and their retro coffee maker is no exception. This red version is sure to be a statement piece in any kitchen. 

It has a few features, such as the programmable auto-start mode and a 60-minute keep-warm function.

It also gives you the ability to choose intense or mild aroma and flavor depending on your preference.

There are also anti-slip feet and an anti-drip feature to keep your coffee maker cleaner.

The clock can be set to a 12-hour or 24-hour setting and it has an easy-to-read digital LED display and clock, for ease of use

This brand also comes with an indicator of when it needs to be descaled (to keep your coffee tasting great).

But the best thing about this retro coffee maker is that it is made of full-metal, painted housing and lid. So it is really solid and has that classic 50s look and feel to it. 

It is on the larger side, with a 10 cup capacity, which should be good for most multiperson households (or folks who really love their morning coffee). 

If you prefer some other colors it comes in black, grey (stainless steel), and pastel green, though the prices vary quite a bit. 

2. AMASTE Retro Drip Coffee Maker

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I’m not going to lie, this retro coffee maker from Amaste is one of my favorites on the list.

It looks super cool and has a unique mid-century modern vibe to it, while also being highly functional and easy to use.

As a bonus, this drip coffee maker also makes other favorites, such as cappuccinos.

Like other models, it has a 30-minute keep-warm function to keep your brew nice and warm.

It also has an auto shut-off that activates if it hasn’t been used in 30 minutes to prevent overheating or burning/scorching your carafe

You can adjust your flavor preference too from intense to medium to mild so that you get your perfect cup of coffee every time.

It includes a reusable filter, which means you’ll never be rummaging around in the pantry searching for one last hidden filter to make your morning cup of coffee. 

This retro coffee maker comes with a spray head to distribute the water more evenly into your grounds to increase the smoothness of the brew while retaining the taste of the fresh bean.

It also has an anti-drip function to prevent messes and spills. 

It is on the smaller end, coming in at 5 cups per carafe, so it might be best for single people or couples who only enjoy one cup each in the morning.

The color of this model is called matcha green, but it also comes in black, champagne, and red depending on your aesthetic preferences. 

3. Ariete Vintage Kitchen Countertop 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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This vintage coffee maker from Ariete is another really cool-looking choice if you want to think outside the traditional coffee maker box.

It comes in a cool square shape with a larger 12-cup carafe, perfect for families and coffee lovers. 

It has a great programming feature and LCD menu that lets you adjust settings, including a 24-hour programmable auto-start timer.

There is a handy anti-drip function to keep it clean and it also has an auto shut off to prevent it from overheating. 

There is a 30-minute warming function too so that you can go back for seconds and thirds without your coffee getting cold.

It also includes the auto-pause function, so you can slide the carafe out, serve yourself, and put it back in to continue brewing without making a mess. 

As a bonus, it has a reusable filter that you can easily remove and clean.

The model linked above is a gorgeous vintage green color, but it also comes in blue and cream. 

4. Nostalgia Retro 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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This coffee maker screams retro diner and comes in a gorgeous classic pale blue/turquoise color that is perfect for a retro aesthetic.

It makes 12 cups of coffee so it’s great for families or households with several people who enjoy a morning brew. 

It has a great 2-hour keep-warm function and an automatic 2-hour shut-off to prevent it from boiling dry or overheating.

The programmable 24-hour clock and delay timer allows you to schedule your brewing so you can have hot coffee when you wake up

5. Nostalgia 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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Nostalgia has another slightly different model that comes in a bright cherry red, like something you would find in a diner or retro coffee shop.

It’s another large model that makes up to 12 cups of coffee at one time, so it’s perfect for multi-person households, families, and entertaining. 

The keep-warm function lasts for two hours, after which it automatically shuts off to prevent the carafe from boiling dry or the machine from overheating.

It includes a pause-and-serve function, so you can grab a cup while it’s still brewing without causing a big mess

There is a reusable filter and removable filter basket to make coffee time and clean up a breeze.

And the programmable 24-hour clock and delay timer allows you to schedule your brewing so you can have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you as soon as you wake up. 

6. Haden Retro Coffee Maker

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This cheerful little coffee maker from Haden comes in a 12 cup size that is perfect for families, coffee lovers, or entertaining.

This model is a pretty turquoise blue, and while it isn’t quite as charming as some of the previous models, it still adds a nice pop of color and retro vibes to your kitchen. 

Like other brands, it includes an automatic shut-off after 2 hours to prevent overheating and scorching.

It also has an anti-drip function to keep your coffee maker clean, while the keep warm feature ensures your coffee is hot when you go back for seconds. 

There is a reusable filter, which is always a nice bonus and a delay start programming button so that you can set and forget it. 

7. Kalorik 10-Cup Retro Coffee Maker

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This cute little retro coffee maker from Kalorik comes in a neutral cream color with chrome accents that will make most kitchen decors. 

It’s smaller than some of the other brands, clocking in at 10 cups of coffee.

However, it should still work for most households, unless you have a real caffeine fiend on your hands. 

It has an “auto-pause” function that stops the brewing process when you remove the carafe, so you can pour a cup of coffee before brewing is complete.

It also has a 2-hour keep-warm function that automatically shuts off after that point to prevent overheating and burning. 

If you’re looking for a great neutral retro coffee maker at a lower price point, this one should make the top of your list. 

8. Russell Hobbs Retro Style 8-Cup Coffeemaker

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While this coffee maker might not be the cutest one on the list, it still has its charms.

It is black with a pretty blue accent and holds up to 8 cups at a time. It’s slightly smaller, so probably best for households with one or two people. 

Like other retro coffee makers, it has an awesome pause-and-pour Feature.

To enjoy a cup before brewing is complete, simply remove the carafe. Just make sure to replace it within 20 seconds so that the brewing can restart.

One added bonus feature is something called “Advanced Showerhead Technology”. The showerhead is designed to evenly saturate coffee grounds for full flavor extraction during the brewing process. 

It does include a warming plate but doesn’t say anything about an automatic shut-off, so that is something to keep an eye on if you are the forgetful sort.

9. Brentwood 4-Cup Coffee Maker

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I’m just a little bit obsessed with this wee 4-cup retro coffee maker from Brentwood.

It has a unique-looking design and is a bright turquoise blue color that is sure to pop in any kitchen.

Since it’s so small, it’s probably best for households with one person or two people who don’t drink a ton of coffee.

It comes with a reusable filter and a coffee scooper, which is always handy.

While it does have a warming plate, there is no automatic shut-off, so it might not be the best model for folks who forget to turn their coffee makers off. 

It also doesn’t have any programmable features, just an on or off switch. So if you like to set it and forget it, again this isn’t the best model for you.

It is a super affordable, very basic, adorable retro coffee maker without all the bells and whistles of some more expensive brands.

10. EUROSTAR 4-Cup Coffeemaker

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This is another smaller 4-cup coffee maker from Eurostar that comes in a bright red color to add a pop of retro interest to any kitchen.

Again, its small size is best for single-person households or two people who don’t drink massive amounts of coffee at once. 

It has a warming plate but it does not automatically shut off, so you’ll have to remember to turn it off to prevent overheating or burning.

It does have a reusable filter and a pause-and-serve function that allows you to grab a cup of coffee any time during the brewing process without making a mess. 

There isn’t an option to program your brewing time or anything, just an on or off switch. So if you like to wake up to a hot pot of coffee this little retro coffee maker probably isn’t for you. 

11. Frigidaire Retro Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Single-serve coffee makers are great for folks who want one cup of coffee quickly and easily.

This cute mint green retro coffee maker from Frigidaire is perfect for folks who are tight on space but still want a cute little pop of vintage charm. 

It automatically shuts off after brewing your perfect cup of coffee (in just 3 minutes) and it’s super easy to clean

12. CHULUX Single-Serve 12-Ounce Coffee Brewer

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Another option for folks looking for a retro single-serve coffee maker is this cyan-colored choice from Chulux.

It’s lightweight and compact, making it perfect for travel or small kitchen spaces.

It also has a removable drip trap so that you can use larger coffee mugs to brew your perfect cup.

13. Ariete Vintage Kitchen Countertop Espresso Machine

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This last retro coffee maker from Ariete is a little different from the others since it isn’t a drip coffee model.

It makes everything from espressos, cappuccinos, to lattes. It also includes a milk frother and has a built-in filter holder for use with grounds, powders, and pods

The price for this model is pretty great too considering all the fancy coffees you can make with it.

Plus, it has that perfect retro vibe that comes in a cream combined with either mint green, pale blue, or champagne colors. 

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