11 Best Raclette Grills Of 2023

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If you aren’t familiar with a Raclette grill, don’t worry because this piece of equipment isn’t very well known. However, if you love fondue, you will LOVE a Raclette party!

Raclette grills allow you to grill or sauté foods while simultaneously melting cheese on the bottom layer.

However, there are great grills and then there are ones that don’t work so well. Today, we have compiled a list of all the best Raclette grills that you can conveniently find online!

So, what are the best Raclette grills? The best Raclette grills tend to have a non-stick surface, making them easy to use and clean. You may also want to look for brands that have reversible cooktops with both a flat surface and a grooved surface for grilling.

As said before, we highly recommend ones that have interchangeable surfaces and adjustable temperatures. They should also have completely detachable surfaces that can be washed separately.

We’ve included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose exactly what you need. We will discuss size, shape, materials, durability, and of course give you our top recommendations.

What is a Raclette Grill?

First, the word Raclette refers to the type of Swiss cheese used (the actual dish you are making), as well as the piece of equipment.

A Raclette grill is a type of tabletop grill that has two layers. The bottom layer has multiple small pans in which you can melt cheese (usually Raclette cheese from Switzerland) or keep food heated.

The top layer is another grill that you can cook meats and vegetables on.  Once you see an image, you will know exactly what we’re talking about!

What makes a Raclette grill so amazing is that it is a very social way of having dinner. Much like fondue, your guests can cook and prepare their ingredients while having a conversation.

Are There Different Types of Raclette Grills?

Before even discussing what makes a good Raclette grill, we will first have a look at the different types available on the market.

When choosing your grill, first decide which type you want, and then go through the criteria of a good quality grill. Knowing how each works and how they are used will help you narrow down your choices.

Below are some key differences between many models that will most likely have an effect on your choice.

Grilling Surfaces

There are many different top grilling surfaces available and this is arguably one of the most important features when choosing a Raclette grill.

Single grill top surface

These types of Raclettes will be a single surface, whether that be entirely flat or entirely grooved for grilling. This is what you will mostly find available on the market.

Multi-surface grill top

These types of grills usually have half a grill surface and half a flat surface. This is nice to have and actually one we would highly recommend as it allows you to apply different cooking techniques at once.

For example, you can toast seeds or fry an egg if you wanted to, while still being able to grill vegetables on the other end.

You will also find ones that are half stone and half regular grill surface. These are more difficult to find and more expensive.

Reversible grill surface

This version is similar to a dual surface. However, one full side is flat (or made of stone) while the other full side is a grill.

This means that you have to flip it around to use one or the other, but you cannot use both at the same time.

While this is still a very useful feature to have and certainly better than a single grill surface, the half grill is in our opinion still more versatile and easy to use.

Sombrero type grill

These types of grills allow for vertical cooking. A cone-shaped structure occupies the middle of the grill upon which you can place your food.

This enables you to cook more food at once and have the food juices run down, adding more flavor to the food below.

What to Look for In a Quality Raclette

Now that we have looked at the different types available, let’s have a look at what makes a Raclette grill a quality one.

These grills range in price, but regardless they aren’t going to be cheap. It is important to choose one that will last a long time.


The majority of raclette grills are made of either granite, aluminum, or cast iron. You also do get some made from non-stick materials like ceramics or ones that have Teflon coatings.

You will see that the most common surface material will be granite. Not only is this a very pretty surface, but it also has beneficial cooking functions.

It does take longer to heat compared to other materials, although it does heat more evenly which is exactly what you need for a Raclette grill. It is also a very durable material which means your grill will last for a long time.

Aluminum is known to be a lightweight material and if used on its own, not very durable – it probably won’t last decades like granite or cast iron would. 

That being said, it does have its benefits. Aluminum grills heat up extremely fast, are rust-resistant, and are much more affordable compared to other materials.

It can, however, warp over time, and its non-stick coatings (like Teflon or ceramic coatings) do tend to chip off or get damaged. While this isn’t a deciding factor for some people, it is important to take it into consideration.

Cast iron is very similar to granite but even sturdier! This is a material that will last you a lifetime or two. Cast iron heats up relatively quickly, evenly, and it gets very hot. It is difficult to clean, however.

GraniteHeats evenly
Easy to clean
Naturally non-stick
Takes a long time to heat
Can crack
Cannot use metal utensils
Food can stick if you don’t season the surface often
AluminumHeats evenly
Not durable
Not non-stick
Very soft, so can warp
Reacts with food (color and flavor)
Cast IronExtremely durable
Adds flavor over time
Difficult to clean
Can rust
Not non-stick
Teflon coatedEasy to clean
High-heat resistant
Evenly distributed the heat
Can scratch or chip off
Cannot use metal utensils
Ceramic coatedEasy to clean
Appealing designs and colors
Evenly distributes the heat
Can scratch or chip off
Cannot use metal utensils Food sticks


The durability of the item will not only depend on the material used for the grills but also the materials used to hold them in place (i.e. the structure of the Raclette grill).

Plastic structures won’t be able to hold the weight of certain grill materials and will also not necessarily be able to withstand the heat. We wouldn’t even recommend looking at any plastic-based Raclette grill.

Metal structures are always more durable and structurally sound.

In terms of cooking surfaces, cast iron and granite are by far the most durable materials you can choose.

Temperature Control / Grill Power

We highly recommend getting a Raclette grill with a wattage of around 1000 – 15000 watts. This is enough to heat your average grill for 6-8 people.

You can also choose Raclettes based on their heating elements.

Some grills heat from one area (meaning they heat both the top and bottom layers), while some other versions have separate heating elements for each layer that can be separately adjusted.

The separate adjustable layers are obviously a nice add-on but in no way necessary. For traditional Raclette cooking, a single heat source works perfectly!

You also have adjustable and non-adjustable heat settings for different grills, adjustable obviously meaning you can change the heat setting whereas non-adjustable is only at a set temperature.

Size and Shape

There are a few different sizes available. Naturally, the number of people you want to accommodate will determine the size you need.

Most Raclette grills can accommodate between 4-6 people; however, there are larger rectangular ones that can serve up to 8 people.

You also have the option of a circular or rectangular grill. We don’t necessarily have a preference and both work equally well.


The size and shape will naturally affect the portability of these grills. The smaller the grills are, the lighter they will be and the easier they are to move. The larger grills are, the heavier they will be and more difficult to move.

The materials they are made of will also affect the portability. Heavy materials like cast iron and granite will make transporting the raclette a bit more uncomfortable, but not impossible.

Raclettes can also be assembled and disassembled into much smaller packages to make transportation easier.

Easy to Clean

The material and design of the Raclette grill will affect how easy they are to clean.

Some materials like cast iron and aluminum are more difficult to clean compared to granite or non-stick grills.

The designs of the grill surfaces will either make your life easy or give you a headache.

Detachable surfaces can be cleaned more easily and are completely water-resistant. If you need to unscrew parts, it can become time-consuming and frustrating.

The small heating pans for cheese are usually completely loose and can be very easily cleaned.


Let’s start at the very beginning. Overall the assembly of these grills isn’t very complicated and only has a few simple steps. We have however seen grills that are a bit more complicated to assemble.

You mostly buy Raclette grills in sets that come with either custom cooking utensils and small heating pans for the cheese.

Regardless of the heat setting you have, they are all equally easy to adjust and turn on. If you have an adjustable setting or a dual heat element setting, it requires more work but creates a lot more convenience and flexibility.

All of these grills will come with custom instructions that are easy to read and figure out. These are by far not the most complicated pieces of cooking equipment we’ve come across and will give you hours of fun and delicious food!

The 11 Best Raclette Grills

Finally! We’re getting to the good part, looking at some actual products! Here is a list of the 11 best Raclette grills available on the market! We tried to include a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs so you can find your perfect match!

RankModelBest Feature
1.CUSIMAX Electric Raclette GrillBest overall Raclette grill
2.Swissmar Classic RacletteBest granite-top Raclette grill
3.Artestia 2-in-1 RacletteBest dual-functioning Raclette grill
4.Artestia Raclette 2-in-1 Stone PlateBest single-surface Raclette grill
5.Artestia Electric Wooden RacletteMost stylish Raclette Grill
6.LaraLov Raclette Grill TableBest high-temperature Raclette grill
7.Artestia 10-Paddle Raclette TableBest large Raclette grill
8.Boska Holland Mini RacletteBest mini Raclette grill
9.CucinaPro Dual Raclette TableEasiest-to-clean Raclette grill
10.Giveneu Electric Fondue Pot and RacletteMultiple functions for events
11.Antran RacletteBest roasting surface design

1. CUSIMAX Electric Raclette Grill

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This 8 person Raclette grill is one of our favorites – we literally don’t even know where to start!

It has a reversible grill plate that has a grill side and a flat side.

This means you can make a wide variety of different food items with this model. To turn it over is also extremely easy; simply pick it up, flip it over, and use the other side!

The plate itself has a non-stick coating and isn’t very heavy. Now while this is a double-edged sword, it’s undeniable that non-stick cookware is very easy to clean, super easy to use, and so much easier to transport in terms of weight.

This grill has an adjustable temperature setting that can be heated up to 374-446°F (190-230°C). This is higher than you will ever need for a Raclette dinner, but it’s nice to have that option.

This grill also comes with 8 tiny pans that are all heat resistant and non-stick. They have heat-resistant handles at the end to make them easier to move.

All in all, this is a fantastic option that has multiple uses, is easy to assemble, clean, and use, and it comes at a very affordable price!

2. Swissmar Classic Raclette

Check Current Price on Amazon

We simply love this granite top Raclette from Swissmar. Not only does it have multiple cooking benefits, but it also looks great!

Granite cooking surfaces heat up much more evenly and won’t have any hot spots. The single heating element has a temperature control knob and heats both the top and bottom layers perfectly.

What makes this product even better is that Swissmar has a few different models in this range and you can separately purchase an aluminum grill plate or a reversible cast iron plate! Three different cooking surfaces are all able to fit onto one piece of equipment.

This 8 person Raclette comes with 8 non-stick Raclette dishes or pans as well as 8 non-stick, heat-resistant spatulas so you don’t scratch your beautiful granite surface.

3. Artestia 2-in-1 Raclette

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a dual functional Raclette, then we highly recommend this one!

It is 2 separate and movable mini-Raclette tables attached to a base plate; one with a reversible cast aluminum grill plate, and the other with a granite stone.

The cast iron aluminum grill plate will be easy to clean (it can even be placed in the dishwasher) and will conduct heat well and evenly.

The granite is of course heavier and more fragile; however, it does make a fantastic non-stick cooking surface!

Each half can be switches and separately and also have separate temperature controls! This Raclette set comes with 8 pans and 8 non-stick spatulas.  The set is also very easy to assemble and transport.

It is truly an all around great Raclette at an amazing price!

4. Artestia Raclette 2-in-1 Stone Plate

Check Current Price on Amazon

This is another fantastic Raclette from Artestia.

This one is a single surface model. However, the surfaces are easily changeable.

The set comes with one granite surface that is stylish and easy to use and another completely separate reversible surface.

The other surface has a grill on one side and a flat top on the other. It is made from cast aluminum so it will conduct heat quickly and evenly, all while being easy to clean and use. 

It also has adjustable temperature settings and a single heating element. Like most sets, it comes with 8 Raclette pans that are all non-stick for easy use and cleaning.

5. Artestia Electric Wooden Raclette

Check Current Price on Amazon

This model is almost exactly like the other one on our list, only much more fashionable!

It has a beautiful stylish design and wooden finishes.

Even the handles of the pan are beautiful polished wood!

The surface that comes with this model is granite, but as with the other sets, it can easily be exchanged with a separately bought reversible grill surface. The temperature is adjustable and the surfaces are easy to clean and transport. 

This is definitely a fantastic gift idea, or just a more modern version to have around the house.

6. LaraLov Raclette Grill Table

Check Current Price on Amazon

This dual surface Raclette grill features one half non-stick flat top, one half grill.

This makes it extremely easy to cook various different foods at the same time without having to flip over the surface or change it out for another.

This surface has a heavy-duty cast iron coating so it can handle high temperatures while still evenly distributing the heat.

It is a non-stick surface making it easy to clean, and it can even be placed in the dishwasher!

The set includes 8 non-stick pans, and 8 heat-resistant non-stick spatulas to help you protect the coating. 

7. Artestia 10-Paddle Raclette Table

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a much larger Raclette table, then this is the perfect one for you!

These are extremely hard to come by.

Luckily, Artestia has a wide range of designs and sizes for their Raclette tables.

This 10-person table is designed differently to accommodate the extra people as well as added weight and larger size.

It has two sturdy handles on the side that will help one or two people easily and conveniently transfer the unit, evenly while it is being used. It also has a less bulky and machine-like design which we quite like.

It comes with a granite stone that sits on top of the heating elements. The stone can be swapped with the dual-grill (half grill, half flat top) cast-aluminum surface that is also already included in the set.

This set also includes 10 non-stick pans as well as 10 heat-resistant, non-stick spatulas. This is truly the ultimate Raclette set for big groups.

8. Boska Holland Mini Raclette

Check Current Price on Amazon

We had to include this adorable mini, 2-person Raclette set for those romantic date nights or weekend getaways for two.

Naturally, this one is extremely easy to transport, assemble, use, and store. 

The set includes a detachable, easy-to-wash non-stick grill surface, 2 non-stick pans, and 2 spatulas. It doesn’t have an adjustable temperature knob but can still cook your food well and quickly. 

9. CucinaPro Dual Raclette Table

Check Current Price on Amazon

This Raclette grill is similar to the Artestia one, the biggest difference being its design.

It also has a granite surface and a non-stick grilling surface, but the two parts cannot move away from each other.

Even without that feature, it is still a very useful and versatile grill. The non-stick surfaces of both the grill and granite make it extremely quick and easy to clean.

These surfaces are also easily removable and don’t require any special steps. The CucinaPro Raclette set comes with 8 stylishly designed pans. 

The heat is unfortunately not adjustable so the granite surface and the grill will have the same temperature, making cooking food a bit more challenging.

10. Giveneu Electric Fondue Pot and Raclette

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you love fondue, but also love raclette, this machine is both!

This convenient set can serve up to 8 people.

It can simultaneously fry foods in the fondue pot on top, sauté ingredients on the flat non-stick surface, and melt Raclette cheese at the bottom.

The set includes 8 Raclette pans as well as 8 fondue forks. It also comes with 8 wooden spatulas and a grill stone.  There are two separate heating elements that can be separately adjusted, one for the Raclette and one for the fondue.

This is truly the best of both worlds and a great way to guarantee a night filled with delicious food!

11. Antran Raclette

Check Current Price on Amazon

Our last Raclette on our list has a different design to the traditional ones.

This one has a dual non-stick grill surface (one-half grill, the other half flat).

What makes it unique, however, is that it has more of a roasting pan shape, compared to other flatter surfaces.

Now, this may be one of the smartest designs as the juices from the food rests inside and creates more flavor for the other food to cook in – much like the sombrero design we talked about earlier.

This 8-person set comes with 8 pans, wooden spatulas, and a removable grill. It also has adjustable temperatures making it very easy to cook food at the correct heat.

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