11 Best Powdered Sugar Sifters
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11 Best Powdered Sugar Sifters

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If you sift a lot of sugar for royal icing or any recipe that requires a powdered sugar garnish, then you should invest in a high-quality sugar sifter! 

What are the best powdered sugar sifters? The best powdered sugar sifters are either simple or use some form of a mechanical system to sift the sugar. We recommend going with a sifter that has the right capacity and features for your specific needs. Try using sifters from Oxo, Accmor, Norpro, Piquebar, and more for the best experience.

Read below for our buyer’s guide that discusses the types of powdered sugar sifters, the best ones for you, and our recommendation list for the best powdered sugar sifters on the market!

All-Purpose Sifters

Powdered sugar sifter over croissants.

Powdered sugar sifters are available in many forms and sizes. 

Sifters are designed to dispense not only powdered sugar, but flour and other powdery mixtures too. 

Most sifters are designed to be simple so you only need to shake it to release the sifted powder over a surface, but you can also go with some of the more complex models too.

Mechanized sifters have become all the rage these days and are one of the hottest baking tools on the market! 

They make work easy by being efficient and can spread powdered material without you having to exert effort or deal with a mess.  

So, if you are going for a mid-range or above-average sifter, we recommend that you invest in an all-purpose sifter that can help you with all your sifting tasks. 

Buyer’s Guide For Powdered Sugar Sifters 

Please go through our buyer’s guide below to learn more about the different types of sifters and what you can expect from them when it comes to your personal use. 

Types Of Sifters 

Apart from their size, there are three broad categories of sifters that you can choose from:

  1. Manual Sifters. Foolproof and reliable. 
  2. Mechanized Sifters. Efficient and convenient. 
  3. Battery-Powered Sifters. Offer excellent sifting capabilities. Very convenient to use!  

Manual Sifters

Manual sifters have been around for centuries and have played a pivotal role in the history of baking. They continue to provide value to home bakers and professional chefs with their simple and reliable design!

These sifters consist of a concave fine mesh that is attached to a handle. They are extremely simple to use, but require some wrist work to sift flour or powdered sugar. 

The great thing about manual sifters is that they come in all types of shapes and sizes.

You can go for either compact sifters that are made for precision powdering or you could go for the larger shapes that are made for sifting large batches of flour, sugar, and other baking ingredients

Manual sifters are ideally the best choice for bakers who require an easy tool that can also be put away in a matter of seconds. 

If you are looking for a simple, reliable, and traditional option, then we recommend that you go with a manual sifter — it will probably last you a lifetime. 

Mechanized Sifters 

Mechanized sifters combine the best of design and mechanics. These sifters are designed for one purpose: to make baking tasks easy

Mechanized sifters are similarly available in multiple shapes and sizes. These specialized sifters can also take on multiple forms! 

Some mechanical sifters have a release handle that allows you to precisely control the flow of the sifted powdered sugar. These types of sifters are excellent for decoration purposes and for bakers who give a lot of attention to detail.

Other types of mechanical sifters rely on motion to quickly and equally disperse powdered sugar.

These sifters work by having a mechanized handle that is attached to a sifting mechanism that gets activated when you gently move the sifter in a side-by-side motion.

These types of sifters are great for people who want a precise and reliable tool that isn’t likely to break down. 

But what about small-scale tasks like sifting cinnamon over a hot cup of coffee or adding a light coat of powdered sugar on cupcakes? 

For smaller tasks, we recommend going with portable sifters that have a smaller perforated surface area compared to regular sifters. 

These small sifters can be the size of a tablespoon and are extremely useful for people who don’t want to take out the big guns for small tasks. 

Battery-Powered Sifters

Apart from being super fun to work with, battery-powered sifters are designed to take all the work out of sifting flour or powdered sugar.

This means that you only need to top off the sifter with powdered sugar and then simply sift around a surface with a press of a button – no wrist work required! 

These sifters are novel and can potentially break down, but they can also be indispensable for people who have trouble working with regular sifters either due to injury or even arthritis

Battery-powered sifters also have the advantage of being extremely precise. 

When you sift using a manual sifter, you are likely to cause the powdered sugar to sprinkle down haphazardly due to the added motion of your wrist.

But with battery-powered sifters, you can essentially make it rain with powdered sugar without adding any motion — the sugar just sprinkles down uniformly and coats the surface evenly

This feature can come in handy for people who want extreme attention to detail and require full control over the decoration aspect of their baked goods!

Best Powdered Sugar Sifters

Now that you know all about the types of powdered sugar sifters, it’s time to check out some of our top picks!

We have included multiple types and sizes of sifters so that you can purchase the one that best fits your needs.

RankProductBest Feature
1OXO Good Grips Baker’s Sifting Wand For SugarIngenious sifting tool for small-scale decoration tasks.
2HYCBTC Battery Operated Flour SifterWorks with just a press of a button! An excellent tool for anyone looking for a zero-effort sifter.
3Accmor 2pcs Powder Sugar Shaker DusterSmall in size, but big on use. Features a removable mesh cap that can be replaced with a lid for storage.
4PIQUEBAR Flour Sifter — 8 Cup Fine MeshThe best sifter for large-scale baking tasks. Works using a crank handle on the side!
5Norpro Multipurpose Powdered Sugar ShakerAn excellent sifter and storage container combo that is portable and easy to use.
62 Pack Powdered Sugar Shaker With LidFeatures a stainless-steel and anti-rust body that is designed to last a lifetime. Easy to use — comes with a storage lid, too!
73-Cup Stainless Steel Sugar Sifter3-cup capacity sifter with silicone pull-to-sift handle.
8Stainless Steel Powdered Sugar ShakerExcellent tool for small-scale decoration tasks. Works using a spring-operated handle.
93 Cup Double Layer Sifter With Hand PressCompact, precise, and very convenient. Get full control over all powdered sifting tasks!
10Winware Stainless Steel Sifter — 10-Ounce with HandleA convenient and precise sifter that also features an easy-grip handle on the side.
11Mrs. Anderson’s Powdered Sugar Sifter SpoonA classic choice for every baker. Fully manual sifter — fantastic for precise and convenient sifting.

1. OXO Good Grips Baker’s Sifting Wand For Sugar 

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Focused on small-scale sifting tasks? Then we have just the right product for you. 

Oxo offers an ingenious sifting solution by combining great design and portability.

This sifting wand is perfect for powdering individual baked goods and is an excellent decorating tool too. 

The wand features a rotating switch at the end of the handle that activates the movable sifter on the front. The switch essentially moves the perforated sifter over the spoon-like base to create a ball shape. 

The idea is to scoop up powdered sugar and then contain the mixture by turning the switch. When ready, you can simply dust any food or surface with a flick of the wrist! 

2. HYCBTC Battery Operated Flour Sifter 

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Here’s a great battery-powered sifter that is designed to take out manual labor from the equation.

This sifter has a 4-cup capacity and works with 2 AA batteries (not included).

It is an updated design that features a better motor and an even more comfortable grip handle. 

All you need to do is fill up the sifter, put it on the top cover, and then simply press the button to release a uniform stream of powdered sugar over any surface. 

The sifter itself is lightweight and features a detachable design, too, which makes it easier to clean!   

3. Accmor 2pcs Powder Sugar Shaker Duster 

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This manual powdered sugar sifter is extremely simple and highly convenient. It works in the same way as a perforated condiment bottle.

Just fill up the small container with powdered sugar and put the secure lid on top. 

Then, simply flick your wrist or give the container a light shake to sift the sugar.

The small size of this sifter makes it an extremely affordable and useful tool for decorating baked goods individually. 

4. PIQUEBAR Flour Sifter — 8 Cup Fine Mesh 

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The Piquebar sifter is specially designed to handle large batches of powdered sugar.

With a capacity of 8 cups, this mechanized all-purpose sifter will be the perfect baking companion for virtually all baking tasks. 

The sifter works by dispersing the powdered sugar using a mechanized system — just turn the lever on the side to dust surfaces evenly. 

You get full control over how much sugar ends up over a surface and, since the mixture stays confined in the container until you turn the crank handle, you don’t have to deal with any mess either. 

5. Norpro Multipurpose Powdered Sugar Shaker 

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If you require a container and mesh strainer combo, then this product is going to be perfect for you.

The Norpro multipurpose sugar sifter is extremely easy to use and can also double as a container!

Forget about taking out multiple storage boxes to store leftover powdered sugar — now you can easily store and sift using the same container without any hassle! 

6. 2 Pack Powdered Sugar Shaker With Lid 

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This pack of 2 powdered sugar sifters is designed for coffees, small cakes, and other recipes that require a precise amount of dusting. 

Perhaps the best thing about this particular sifter is that it is made from high-quality stainless steel that is designed to resist rusting. 

Unlike other sifters that catch on rust and impart a metallic odor, this sifter is designed to be washable and can last a very long time!

The sifter also comes with a lid that you can use to store leftover sugar in the same container. 

7. 3-Cup Stainless Steel Sugar Sifter 

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Here’s a mechanical sifter that is comfortable and easy to use.

The sifter works with a pull-to-release handle that equally dusts surfaces without added effort.

All you need is to top up the 3-cup container and then hover the sifter above the surface. 

Pull on the lever attached to the handle to release the powdered sugar! It is easy to wash and also features a silicone tube grip on the lever for easy handling. 

8. Stainless Steel Powdered Sugar Shaker 

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This stainless-steel powdered sugar sifter works in the same way as the sifting wand we mentioned above — except that this sifter has a spring-loaded design that is even easier to work with! 

If you don’t want a sifter that requires twisting motions, then you can go with this easy-to-use sifter that secures the perforated section using a spring mechanism. 

Just scoop up any powdered mixture and then release the handle to put the fine mesh cover over the sifter. 

Gently flick your wrist to dust any surface!  

9. 3 Cup Double Layer Sifter With Hand Press 

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We love this mechanical sifter because it has all the right features!

It has a large 3-cup container on top, an easy-grip handle, and a pull-to-release mechanism that can evenly disperse any powdered mixture over a work surface. 

The best thing about this sifter is that it is no larger than a 5-inch-tall phone and can easily fit in any corner without taking up space. 

It is also easy to clean and can resist rust thanks to its high-quality and stainless-steel design. 

10. Winware Stainless Steel Sifter — 10-Ounce With Handle 

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If you are looking for a sifter that offers a compact design, more control, and a comfortable grip, then we highly recommend that you invest in this 10-ounce sifter.

Just like the other handheld sifters on our list, this one will provide you with all the same features, but with the added benefit of having a handle. 

The handle will give you more control over how much you sift over a surface and will eliminate the chance of slippage! 

11. Mrs. Anderson’s Powdered Sugar Sifter Spoon 

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Sometimes simple is just better.

If you have gone through our list and have not found the right sifter for your needs then this is probably what you are looking for.

This is an old-school manual sifter that is designed for precise dusting applications. It is essentially a small fine mesh sifter that is attached to a comfortable, elongated handle. 

It is designed to work as an excellent decoration tool that you can store away in a matter of seconds. It is compact, sturdy, and will get the job done without much effort! 

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