Best Sieve for Every Use Of 2023

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I don’t know about you, but we are always looking for the best ways to make working in the kitchen easier and to get the job done correctly. Our most recent discovery is a sieve or sifter. 

You would not believe the difference in your baking when you utilize a sieve. Amazingly enough, sieves work well for more than just sifting flour. They work quite well as a strainer for fine liquids or juices that may have seeds or pulp.

Did you know that a sieve is the best way to strain fine substance and keep your ingredients fine and chunk free?

I’m sure at this point, you’re thinking, “What is a sieve good for and how do you use them properly?” Maybe you’ve never even considered the possibilities of how a sieve could positively affect whatever you’re doing in the kitchen. Not to worry! We’re here to help! 

We’ve put together this guide to sieves that not only give you some basic information but also informs you of the best sieves available on the market. We know that searching and seeking out the perfect item can become tedious. 

We’ve done the research and worked out the best products for you. Everything you need to know is laid out below in this detailed guide. Keep reading to get one step closer to finding your perfect sieve! 

Sieves – What Are They?

Sieves are made with super small holes, with the intention of being able to sift small things through while also catching small items. Sieves are commonly referred to as sifters or strainers, but they are not to be confused with a full-sized colander. 

The sieve strains liquids, filtering out seeds or impurities and also works well for sifting dry ingredients such as flour. The sieve is designed with either a mesh formation or small perforated holes. 

Sieves are made in many varying shapes and sizes, with multiple functions. You can purchase sieves that are formed like baskets and fit into your sink, or you can purchase small handheld sieves. Some sieves are made to rest on pans or bowls, and some are made to use on their own. 

9 Perfect Sieves For Every Use

1. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Conical Strainer

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If you want an option that is both sturdy and versatile, this conical strainer might just be the best choice for you. This heavy-duty strainer has a solid build with a sturdy mesh container that will strain broth and gravy or flour and powdered sugar with ease. 

Key Features:

  • Mesh straining area
  • Conical shape
  • Long handle

This stylish strainer sports a heavy-duty design that is a bit on the expensive side for a sieve.

However, sometimes you get what you pay for and this sieve certainly fits that category. It is well worth the extra money for the grace and durability that this strainer offers. 

The cone shape of the strainer allows you to slowly strain while still filling the strainer to capacity if you want to. You can also use a pestle to help work things through if you like. Strain juices, sauces, gravy, and baking dry ingredients with this versatile strainer. 


  • 18/8 Stainless steel design
  • Durable, fine mesh for straining
  • Long handle with a small rest on the opposite side so the sieve can balance on a pan or bowl or even the sink
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It can be challenging to clean around the lip

2. New Star Foodservice 42566 3-Piece Chinois Strainer Set

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Take your straining game to the next level with this 3-piece chinois-style strainer set from New Star Foodservice. This sieve can be used for both straining and mashing thanks the to pestle that is provided in the set. 

Key Features:

  • 3-piece set includes pestle, chinois, and chrome stand
  • Fine mesh stainless-steel straining area
  • Versatile function great for straining, sifting, or mashing

You can’t go wrong with this uniquely versatile tool. The chinois sieve function is a cone-shape design that allows you to fill the strainer while straining or mashing your ingredients. The stand allows you to set the strainer down so you can work using both hands. 

This is a sturdy, durable strainer that is made to be versatile and effective. You can create any number of concoctions in the kitchen with this multi-functional strainer.

The mesh strainer is not as fine as most chinois designs, but the straining holes are fine enough to hold back small seeds or other debris as needed. 

This stylish piece looks great and works well too. How much more could you possibly ask for in a sieve?


  • 18/8 stainless steel with a mesh chinois cone strainer
  • Handle to rest on pots or bowls, or set in the stand
  • Works great for mashing, sifting, or straining


  • The legs on the stand bend easily under pressure
  • Not a flawless design, the mesh is a bit rough in areas

3. Oxo Good Grips 8-Inch Fine Mesh Strainer 

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Bring your A-game to the sieve table with the OXO Good Grips Fine Mesh Strainer. This sieve is an affordable, basic model that will impress you with its versatility and durability.

This is your standard model sieve with an 8-inch bowl and a long handle on one side as well as a rest on the other side so you can set the sieve on any lifted surface. 

Key Features:

  • Fine Mesh straining bowl
  • Sturdy stainless-steel
  • 8-inch diameter with a long handle

Your options are endless when you put this sieve to use and you won’t be disappointed in the cost or the sturdiness of the sieve. You have enough room to mash, sift, or strain any number of ingredients. 

I can see it now, you’re a gourmet chef in the making and this kitchen gadget will be the perfect addition to your tools. You may just find yourself making new sauces, juices, and baked goods if you purchase this strainer. The mesh bowl is wide enough you can even strain pasta or rinse fruits and vegetables in this sieve. 

From cooking to rinsing to juicing to baking, this sieve is extremely versatile. The hanging loop at the end of the handle makes it easy for you to hang for storage. With the mesh bowl being the size that it is, it most likely will be too large to fit in a drawer as with most sieves. 


  • Wide handle with a soft layer to make holding comfortable
  • Double rod, stainless steel design for sturdy capabilities
  • Long handle and a resting hook so you can rest in the sink, or on a bowl or pan
  • Slip-proof handles


  • Difficult to wash by hand due to the fine mesh sifting bowl
  • The resting clip tends to break off easily

4. K Basix Fine Mesh Strainer Set of 3

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Add some color to your kitchen style with this multi-pack of fine mesh straining sieves. These sieves come in a pack of 3 different sizes. Each one has a different colored handle and resting hook and each one has its own unique size. 

Key Features:

  • Small, medium, and large size strainer included
  • Fine mesh straining bowl on each strainer
  • Colorful handles and resting hooks

The varying sizes of these sieves allow you to use whichever size best fits your cooking project. Use the large to strain pasta or rinse and strain fruits and vegetables. Use the medium to rinse your quinoa or sift your flour, use the small for mashing tomatoes or straining your tea. 

These pretty strainers have long handles as well as a resting hook to accommodate setting your sieve down in the sink or in a bowl or pan. The handles are covered with silicone material to make your grip comfortable when using. 

This stainless steel is a commercial-grade quality stainless steel that does not rust. The sieves are dishwasher safe making them convenient to work with and no messy cleanup or hand washing required. 


  • Lifetime Warranty, with a money-back guarantee
  • Affordable strainers that boast superior quality
  • Colorful and fun
  • Various sizes allowing versatility to work with any ingredients you might be using


  • Handle is flexible, causing it to lose shape
  • Handle breaks easily on the large sieve

5. Kitchen Aid Strainer Stainless Steel

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Want a feasible, quality sieve to use when baking, rinsing, or cooking but don’t want to spend a lot?

Check out this Kitchen Aid strainer. This strainer is our most affordable option for those on a tight budget, but it’s still a quality choice! In this case, you don’t sacrifice your quality for the dollar. 

Key Features:

  • 7-inch mesh strainer
  • Stainless steel design
  • Available in 3 color options – black, blue, or red

There’s no need to fret about having the most expensive or the fanciest sieve in your kitchen. This sieve looks great and made with fine mesh, stainless steel, and durable design. The handle has a hook so you can hang the sieve for a simple storage solution. 

The handle is an adequate length to rest this strainer on the sink edges, on a bowl, or on a pot. The mesh is fine and sifts or strains out everything you would want it to. You can use this versatile strainer for anything from flour sifting to berry mashing to quinoa rinsing. 

The strainer bowl on this sieve is a unique oval shape, which allows you to be able to use a spoon for scooping or stirring. Kitchen Aid is a well-known brand for providing quality kitchen tools and gadgets at an affordable rate. 


  • Lightweight but sturdy design
  • Resting hook is wide allowing increased stability
  • Dishwasher safe and rust-resistant


  • The mesh of the strainer is a bit flimsy
  • The plastic coating on the handle makes it round so the handle offers less stability

6. LiveFresh Large Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainer

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If you’re on the fence about your options and can’t decide if you should choose something top of the line or the lower end for affordability, you should check out this mid-range LiveFresh stainless steel mesh strainer. This was designed with chefs in mind but is perfect for home kitchen use as well. 

Key Features:

  • 9-inch stainless steel mesh sieve
  • Lifetime warranty with manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Dual reinforced frame 

This sieve was made to last through the heaviest of jobs. The large straining bowl allows this sieve to be the most versatile option we cover here today. The bowl will hold pasta or fruits and vegetables, but the fine mesh also allows you to work with smaller jobs and not worry about waste. 

This sieve is made with such durable material that you can use it while steaming or blanching or you can even use it as a fry basket when frying foods and it works wonderfully without falling apart or losing shape. 

This was designed for ultimate usage as a sieve, strainer, or sifter. It is simple to clean and is also dishwasher safe. The sieve can also rest on cups, bowls, pots, or the sink thanks to the handle and resting hook. 


  • Ultimate heavy-duty design
  • Manufacturer guarantees that it is unbreakable 
  • Work on big jobs or the smallest jobs with equal effectiveness 
  • Materials are FDA tested and BPA free


  • The straining bowl is quite large and may be cumbersome
  • The resting hooks are narrow and do not fit all surfaces well

7. Sur La Table Stainless Steel Mesh Sieve

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The Sur La Table Stainless Steel mesh sieve is the high end of the high end. This is probably one of the more expensive sieve options we will share with you, but it is a superior quality option as well.

The good news is that if you wish to save a couple of bucks but still like this sieve the best, you can select a smaller size and reduce the price a little bit. 

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel classic design
  • Weighted, ergonomic handle
  • 7” inch sieve, but available in other sizes as well

We will call this sieve the Cadillac of sieve options, but rest assured you won’t be disappointed with the expenditure. Sur La Table really found the showstopper on this kitchen utensil. They delivered with a classy sieve that has all of the perfect qualities wrapped into an awesome sieve selection. 

This sieve was designed for the home chef. It can be used for sifting flour, rinsing fruits and veggies, or straining various types of items, making it a versatile tool. The 7-inch bowl on this sieve allows it to hold a good variety of items without being overly bulky. 

This particular brand tests every sieve by hand to ensure that the ergonomics of the handle are just right as they desire to provide the best quality gadget on the market. You will be impressed with the balance and comfort of the handle, even when it is used for resting on pots or the sink. 


  • Versatile enough to handle sifting, rinsing, straining, and mashing
  • Ergonomically designed handle with weight feature for balance
  • Durable stainless steel material 
  • Long handle and large resting hook for stability


  • Expensive option
  • Extra-long handle to be considered for storage

8. Winco MS3A-8S Strainer Sieve

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Enjoy a classic style sieve with the Winco MS3A-8S. This style sports the typical fine mesh with stainless steel, but also offers a stylish wooden handle to give the look a little extra something. This sieve is very affordable and is comparable in quality to several of the higher priced sieves mentioned. 

Key Features:

  • 8-inch diameter fine mesh straining bowl
  • Long handle with wooden insert for comfort and design
  • Dual resting hooks 

Winco is a trusted brand that provides reliable and durable home goods. This strainer sieve is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Don’t be fooled by the low price, this sieve is up to par and built to last. 

This sieve is versatile and great for every use you might need it for, from rinsing fruits and vegetables, sifting flour, and straining and broth or quinoa. You will find that this sieve could easily become a kitchen staple. 

This sieve was designed to work for the professional chef or in heavy restaurant use but is marketed to be perfect for home kitchen use without the commercial kitchen cost. Set yourself up for success with this strainer sieve and you will be good to go for any cooking or baking project you might assign yourself. 


  • Commercial quality product, with a home kitchen price
  • Fine dual-layer mesh, nothing slips through 
  • Comfortable grip with the wooden handle
  • Rust-resistant materials


  • Mesh can be flimsy causing it to lose shape easily
  • Dual-layer mesh makes it challenging to clean functionally

9. Norpro Stainless Steel Over-Sink Sieve Strainer

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Forget the sieves with the handles and get down to business with this over-the-sink stainless steel sieve from Norpro. The typical everyday sieve has a handle and resting hooks, but this sieve is uniquely designed to provide all of the qualities of a sieve with no flimsy hooks or handles. 

Key Features:

  • Professional gauge stainless steel sieve
  • Dual locking handles that extend and retract
  • 9 inches wide by 13.5 inches long. Handles extend up to 22 inches

You will not find many sieves that are designed with these unique characters. Norpro determined what the key features of a straining sieve were and put them to work.

This sieve extends handles to fit perfectly into most sinks, and the handles have rubber feet to grip the edges without scratching or sliding. 

The mesh is fine enough to work with sifting and straining, but the basket is large enough that this can be used in the same form a large strainer or colander might be utilized. This is a higher-priced sieve option, but the unique and versatile design offers the payoff for the cost. 

You will want to be sure you have a suitable place to store your sieve. Since it is large that your typical sieve with a handle, it does not have a hanging hook and the basket is a considerable size. However, it should fit into cabinet space with no worries. 


  • Large, versatile design to work with any sieve job you may have
  • Unique style that eliminates single handles and flimsy resting hooks
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding or scratching on the extendable handles
  • Fine mesh to work for sifting and straining jobs


  • Considerably large and does not work well with balancing over pans or bowls
  • Bits of food can get caught in the lip
  • Not dishwasher safe

Related Questions

We hope this guide has been helpful to you as you consider your needs for a sieve to add to your kitchen. We know you may still have some questions so check out our frequent questions below to see if they can be helpful to you!

What Is the Difference Between A Colander and a Sieve?

Sieves can be referred to with other terminology. It is common to hear them referred to as strainers and sifters as well. Colanders are typically designed as large bowl style and have holes for rinsing and draining.

The primary differentiation between colanders and sieves is that sieves have a fine mesh that allows little to pass through while colanders often have larger holes that would allow grain, mashed fruit, or pieces of food to potentially fall through. 

Do I Need to Have Multiple Sizes?

As long as your sieve is made with the fine mesh that doesn’t allow small bits to fall through, the size of your sieve is not of extreme importance. On average, sieves are between 7-8 inches in diameter, but you can purchase larger or smaller if you prefer. You can even purchase sets that have multiple sizes. 

Can I Use the Same Sieve for Sifting Flour as I Use for Other Purposes?

Your sieve is made to be versatile. You can use your sieve for any function you choose, switching it for different uses as needed. Be sure to effectively clean your sieve in between uses and when changing ingredients and dry it fully to prevent any sticking when you use dry ingredients. 

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