5 Best Non Stick Pizza Pans

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Having a pizza pan at home is a great excuse to have an Italian-style dinner every once in a while. And if you don’t own a pizza pan yet, it’s high time you invested in one to make your at-home pizza baking experience a whole lot smoother.

What are the best non-stick pizza pans? The best non-stick pizza pans have a high-quality stick-resistant finish and are extremely easy to clean. The material, size, shape, and design of the pizza pan are a matter of preference. 

Continue reading to learn what are the 5 best non-stick pizza pans. There is also a buyer’s guide in this article to help you make the best choice. 

Choosing A Pizza Pan

When you are looking for a good non-stick pizza pan, the stick-resistant finish shouldn’t be the only thing to consider.

There are a few other features you should take into account. Here are the pan features to consider if you want to make the best pizza pan choice. 


Pizza pans are made of a range of materials, including aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel.  

Keep in mind that some materials, such as cast iron, require proper maintenance. If you are not ready to spend time and effort on maintaining it in a good shape, it would be better to go with a different material. 

Type Of Non-Stick Coating 

The stick resistance of pizza pans can be provided by different types of non-stick coatings. Teflon and PTFE-free coatings are two of the most common ones. 

You can also buy pre-seasoned pizza pans that are non-stick. Buy these if you know you will be re-seasoning them to keep them stick-resistant and rust-free. 


Pizza pans come in a range of sizes. When buying a pizza pan, first measure your oven to make sure the pan will fit in it nicely.

You can also buy two smaller pizza pans that can fit in your oven side by side so that you can cook two pizzas at the same time. 

Also, consider the number of people you usually cook for. If you cook only for yourself, consider small or medium-sized pizza pans.

It should be noted though that you can bake small pizzas in a larger pan. In this respect, larger pizza pans are more versatile. 

Shape And Design 

Most pizza pans are round which is natural considering the shape of traditional pizza. But you can also buy square and rectangular pizza pans too. 

Some pizza pans also have handles. This added detail makes handling the pan easier and helps you keep a safer grip on the hot pan. 

When it comes to the design of a pizza pan, consider the height of the sides too. If you like deep-dish pizza, we recommend buying a non-stick pizza pan with taller edges. 

Lighter Vs Darker Pans

You may be surprised to learn that the color of the pan matters too. Darker pans absorb the heat from the oven and retain it well. This means the pizza cooks faster in dark pizza pans. 

Lighter pans, on the other hand, reflect the heat which slows down the cooking process. 

Perforated Vs Solid Pizza Pans 

If you search for pizza pans, you will find some options with solid bottoms and many with holes. What is the difference between perforated and non-perforated pizza pans and which one to buy?

Perforated pizza pans allow the moisture to escape which results in a crispier crust. Additionally, the holes speed up the cooking process of the pizza and help it cook evenly. 

Pizza pans with solid bottoms don’t provide as much airflow as perforated pans. It makes softer and chewier crusts that take longer to cook. 

When choosing between perforated and solid pizza pans, keep in mind that solid pans are much more versatile than pans with holes. 


A non-stick pizza pan is quite easy to clean as you don’t have to scrape anything off it. But some non-stick pizza pans are dishwasher-safe while others need to be carefully hand-washed. 

If being able to wash your bakeware in the dishwasher matters to you, consider buying a pizza pan that can go into the dishwasher without any problem. 

5 Best Non Stick Pizza Pans 

Here are the 5 best non-stick pizza pans worth looking into. 

RankProductKey Features
1.T-fal AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan 15.75-inch perforated aluminum pan
2.Wilton Perfect Results Pizza Pan 14-inch alloy steel solid pizza pan
3.Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pizza Pan 14-inch stainless steel perforated pan
4.Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan 14-inch carbon steel deep pizza pan
5.Legend Cast Iron Pizza Pan 14-inch cast iron pizza pan with handles

1. T-fal AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan

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T-fal is one of the most popular cookware brands worldwide and it is not surprising that it makes one of the best non-stick pizza pans too. 

This aluminum pizza pan by T-fal has a diameter of 15.75 inches though it comes in a range of other sizes too.

Having a perforated surface, this pan heats faster and cooks the pizza faster too. Thanks to the airflow the perforated bottom provides, the crust comes out crispy. 

This pan can safely go into the oven heated to 425°F. Made of aluminum, this T-fal pizza pan has a non-stick finish. But to keep its surface non-stick, you need to take proper care of the pan.

The manufacturer recommends washing the pan before using it for the first time and spreading a teaspoon of oil on the cooking surface. Wipe the pan with a clean cloth to remove the excess oil. 

2. Wilton Perfect Results Pizza Pan 

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If you don’t like the crust of your pizza to be very crispy and prefer it softer and chewier, then this solid pizza pan by Wilton is one of the best options you can go for. 

This 14-inch pizza pan will fit in most ovens. It makes a medium-sized pizza that will feed four people.

Made of alloy steel, this pizza pan is very durable and resistant to corrosion.  This pan is also warp-resistant and cooks the crust evenly. 

The Wilton pizza pan has a non-stick coating. So, cleaning it is fairly easy. The manufacturer recommends washing it with warm soapy water for the best results. But you can wash this Wilton pan in the dishwasher from time to time if you are not in the mood for kitchen chores. 

3. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pizza Pan 

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Cuisinart Chef’s Classic pizza pan will make the crispiest pizzas thanks to its perforated design.

Made of heavy gauge aluminum, this pan heats up evenly. This and numerous holes on the bottom of the pan cook the crust evenly. 

The edges of this 14-inch pizza pan are slightly raised and rolled to prevent the warping of the pan. 

The exterior and the interior of the Cuisinart pizza pan are non-stick. The cooked pizza will slide off from the pan without any difficulty.

And there will be nearly no cleaning to do thanks to the stick-resistant surface of the pan. If anything, you can always wash it in the dishwasher. 

4. Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan 

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Deep dish pizza is not the style of pizza everyone likes. But if you do, then this Chicago Metallic pizza pan is something you will like. 

The diameter of this pizza pan is 14 inches. It is made of heavy-duty carbon steel material that is durable and non-stick. You can bake a Chicago-style pizza in this pan and release it easily from the pan. 

This pizza pan is 1.5 inches deep and is oven-safe to 450°F. You can use it not only for baking pizzas but also cookies and pies.

Having a non-stick finish, the cleanup of this pan is very easy and quick. And though handwashing is recommended for this pan, you can wash it in the dishwasher in case you are short of time. 

5. Legend Cast Iron Pizza Pan 

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If you don’t bake pizza so often as to invest in a specialized pizza pan, then this cast iron pan by Legend Cast Iron is a great option. 

The semi-deep edges of this pan make it good not only for pizzas but other dishes too. Additionally, you can use this cast iron pan not only in the oven but on the grill, gas, electric, and induction cooktops too. You can use this pan to cook eggs, steaks, pancakes, etc. 

As cast iron is a rather heavy material, the pan has comfortable handles on both sides for easy grip. 

The only thing to keep in mind when buying this cast iron pizza pan is that it requires more care than a regular stainless steel pan would. 

This Legend Cast Iron pizza pan comes pre-seasoned and non-stick. But you do have to keep seasoning it to maintain its stick-resistant surface. 

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