13 Best Pizza Spinners Of 2023

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You don’t want to miss out on getting a pair of pizza spinners if you are someone that owns a home pizza oven or a wood-fired pizza oven. A pizza-turning tool is what will help you cook the pizza crusts to perfection. 

But what are the best pizza spinners? To find the best pizza spinners, consider the material the tool is made of and its durability. Materials such as stainless steel or hard-anodized aluminum are great options. The length and flexibility of the handle are two other important features to consider. 

In this article, we will tell you why you need a pizza spinner, how to choose a pizza turning tool, and what are the 13 best pizza spinners you can find online. 

What’s A Pizza Spinner And Why Do You Need One?

A pizza spinner, also known as a turning fork, is a handy tool designed for turning pizza to ensure even cooking.

Pizza spinners have a long handle and a few teeth that make it easy to move the pizza to ensure even cooking. Pizza spinners are also used to lift the pizza to check the doneness of the crust from underneath. 

In general, pizza spinners come in pairs. This makes it much easier to turn the crust. 

But is pizza spinner a must-have? If you own a pizza oven, we highly recommend you buy a pair of pizza spinners. Uneven heat distribution is a common issue for home pizza ovens, as well as wood-fired pizza ovens.

With the help of pizza spinners, you can ensure the even cooking of the crust and prevent it from overcooking too. 

Also, pizza spinners come in handy when removing the pizza from the oven. Use the sharp ends to drag the pizza from the oven right onto the cutting board. 

How To Choose A Pizza Spinner

Finding a good pizza turning tool shouldn’t be difficult. And still, there are a few things you should consider in order to buy the right tool that will work for your needs and serve you long. 

Pizza Spinner Vs Turning Peel

When looking for a pizza spinner you will come across a number of pizza turning peels. A turning peel looks different from a pizza spinner. However, it performs the same function and even has a few more advantages. 

A turning peel is a single tool with a long handle and a paddle-like metal head. Aside from turning the pizza and checking it for doneness, a turning peel has a few more uses. 

One of the benefits of a turning peel is that its perforated head dislodges excess flour from the base of the pizza while you are rotating the crust.

Additionally, you can use the pizza peel to lift the pizza if you need to cook the top faster. You can also protect some areas from overcooking using the turning peel as a shield. 

To be fair though, turning the pizza with a turning peel requires more practice as opposed to the ease of use of the pizza spinner. 


The material of the pizza spinner or turning peel in the part where it touches the pizza is of high importance. 

In the majority of the cases, the manufacturers use materials that have high-temperature resistance, such as stainless steel or hard-anodized aluminum.

These materials also never rust when taken care of properly. They are also very durable. 


Whether you are buying the fork-type pizza spinners or a paddle-like pizza peel, the design and length of the handle are important features to consider. 

It is important for the handle to be long enough for you to not burn your hands while trying to turn the pizza.

Thus, you should consider the device you will baking the pizza in as the larger the device the longer the turning peel’s handle should be. 

You can buy a turning peel with an adjustable handle for enhanced versatility. With such turning peels, you can choose the length that best fits your oven. Additionally, turning peels with flexible removable handles are easier to store. 

The material of the handle matters too. Whether you are using pizza spinners or a turning peel, the handle should be made of a material that doesn’t get hot quickly. It should also provide you with a good grip on the tool. 

The 13 Best Pizza Spinners Of 2021

There is no lack of pizza spinners and turning peels on the market. Thus, deciding on the one you need to buy may be overwhelming. We have picked the 13 best pizza spinning tools you can choose from. 

RankProductBest Feature 
1.Cuisinart CPS-022 Alfrescamore Pizza Spinners Extra-long 18-inch spinners 
2.Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza Turning Peel A detachable 47-inch handle 
3.LRUI Turning Pizza PeelAnti-scalding silicone grip 
4.Chicago Brick Oven Pizza Spinner High-quality forks  
5.Komista Turning Pizza Peel A long adjustable handle 
6.SHANGPEIXUAN Turning Pizza Peel Two handle lengths 
7.SHINESTAR Pizza Peel and Pizza Spinner Comes with a pizza peel  
8.RTT Turning Pizza Peel Compact size 
9.Gourmet Ace Turning Pizza Peel Detachable handle to adjust the length
10.Juggle Life Pizza Turning Peel Comes with two handles 
11.Aristea Nova Pizza Spinner Turning Fork Comes with a silicone basting brush 
12.KettlePizza SpinnersA pair of stainless steel spinners 
13.SelfTek Turning Pizza PeelComes with a pizza server and a brush 

1. Cuisinart CPS-022 Alfrescamore Pizza Spinners 

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If you are on the hunt for the best pair of pizza spinners, this one by Cuisinart might be your best bet. 

These stainless steel spinners measure 18 inches.

The manufacturer has made them extra-long so that the spinners are versatile for different types of pizza ovens.

Additionally, the longer the spinners are, the lower the risk of burning your hands in the hot oven. 

The spinners are made of high-quality stainless steel material. For added comfort, the brand has added rubberized grips as well as hangers for easy storage

As the manufacturer suggests, you can also use the spinners to pop any large bubbles that appear on the pizza while baking. 

2. Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza Turning Peel 

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For those who want to remain far away from the oven while rotating the pizza to ensure even cooking, this turning peel is a great option. 

This turning peel has a 9-inch perforated aluminum head that slides right under the pizza crust and helps you maneuver and turn it easily. 

The best part about this turning peel is its handle. It has a detachable wooden handle. You can extend the handle to make it 47 inches long to prevent burns if you are working near a very hot pizza oven. 

3. LRUI Turning Pizza Peel 

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This pizza turning peel by LRUI is a good option for people who are looking for a lightweight pizza spinning tool. 

It has an 8-inch head and an overall length of 20.5 inches. It is lightweight and easy to manage while the material used to make it is high-strength aluminum.

Thanks to its medium-length handle, you can use this tool for both indoor and outdoor pizza ovens if they are not very big. 

The handle is securely attached to the perforated head. It also has a silicone grip that can withstand heat as high as 480°F. The tool also has a hanging hole for convenient storage. 

4. Chicago Brick Oven Pizza Spinner 

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If you are after a classic pair of pizza spinners, then this one by Chicago Brick Oven might be it. 

These pizza spinners are 17.5 inches long. They have a rounded wooden handle and high-quality aluminum forks.

Rotating your pizza and checking it for doneness is easy with these spinners as you get two of them.

For easy maneuverability, the manufacturer has designed the forks with a 110-degree angle

Whenever you close the season for outdoor pizza, you can disconnect the aluminum parts from the wooden handles. Store them in a space-efficient way and wait for the next pizza season. 

5. Komista Turning Pizza Peel 

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Komista is another brand that makes one of the most convenient pizza turning peels you can find on the market.

This turning peel has an aluminum head and can be used in the hottest temperatures.

Though it is not perforated to help you shake off the excess flour from underneath the crust, it is great at rotating the pizza.

Additionally, the head is securely attached to the handle with the help of four rivets. 

The wooden handle is rounded for a convenient grip. But the best part is, it is detachable.

You can make the handle of this turning peel shorter to use the tool in smaller ovens. Additionally, this feature makes it easy to store the turning peel in the kitchen tools drawer. 

6. SHANGPEIXUAN Turning Pizza Peel 

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SHANGPEIXUAN pizza turning peel is a versatile tool with two handle-length options.

The handle is divided into two parts. You can unscrew and remove the top part to make it shorter. 

The shorter version of this turning peel is ideal for pizza ovens on the smaller side while the longer version is perfect for outdoor pizza ovens and wood-fired ovens.

The total length of the peel is 39 inches

The part that connects the two parts of the handles has an anti-slip cover for easy grip. The turning peel itself is made of aluminum.

7. SHINESTAR Pizza Peel and Pizza Spinner 

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If you are looking for a gift for a pizza enthusiast that owns a pizza oven, then this Shinestar set might be something to consider. 

Anyone that bakes pizza in a pizza oven will appreciate this pizza paddle and spinner duo.

The pizza spinner has an 11-inch wooden handle to prevent you from burning your hands when trying to rotate the pizza or check it for doneness.

The fork part is well-angled and made of top-grade aluminum for enhanced durability

8. RTT Turning Pizza Peel 

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RTT pizza turning peel is a good option for anyone looking for a durable tool that is strong and lightweight at the same time. 

This pizza turning peel is made of anodized aluminum.

The head is perforated, securely riveted to the handle, and has a diameter of 8 inches. The handle is 15 inches long which makes this tool suitable for home pizza ovens. 

Additionally, the handle is texturized to provide a secure grip. As it is comparatively short, you may be worried about it getting hot. But the handle of the RTT pizza peel stays cool. It is also corrosion and abrasion-resistant. 

9. Gourmet Ace Turning Pizza Peel 

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The handle on this Gourmet Ace pizza turning peel is made of two parts.

You can remove the upper one to shorten it and use the turning peel for smaller pizza ovens

The good thing about this tool is that you won’t burn yourself with the hot handle whether you use it in the short or long-form.

There are rubber-covered areas on both parts that will provide a nice grip on the tool

The full length of the peel is 34 inches. It is made of commercial-grade anodized aluminum and has a perforated head with a sleek edge. 

10. Juggle Life Pizza Turning Peel 

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Juggle Life makes a pizza turning peel with two handles.

The shorter one is 24-inches long while the second one is twice as long—48 inches.

You can easily swap the handles by unscrewing the rivets using the screwdriver that comes with the turning peel.

The handles are not wooden. They are made of aluminum to withstand the high heat of outdoor fire or brick ovens.

The head is aluminum too, perforated and with a tapered edge to easily slide under the pizza and move it around. 

11. Arista Nova Pizza Spinner Turning Fork 

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This pair of pizza turning forks by Arista Nova is a good choice for home cooks who are bit newer to make pizza from scratch 

These pizza spinners have forked ends that can help you grab the crust and rotate it, pop big bubbles, and lift the crust.

The handles are wooden and rounded for a convenient grip

The set includes a silicone basting brush that always comes in handy when making a pizza. 

12. KettlePizza Spinners 

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Using a pizza-turning peel requires some skills that you can only develop by using the tool often.

If you need a pizza turning tool that you won‘t have any difficulties using, then these KettlePizza spinners are one of the options you can go for. 

Use this pair of spinners to turn the pizza while it is cooking. As you grab the pizza from both sides, there is nothing that can go wrong when trying to adjust it better in the oven. You can also easily lift the crust and check it for doneness. 

The spinners are made of rust-resistant stainless steel and have silicone handles for a secure grip

13. Selftek Turning Pizza Peel 

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Another great set for pizza lovers. It includes a well-made pizza turning peel, a silicone brush, and a pizza server

The pizza turning peel has a 16.5-inch-long wooden handle.

It has a hanging hole for easy storage and is securely riveted to the aluminum head.

You can unscrew the wooden handle whenever needed and tighten the rivets in case they loosen up.

The head of the peel is high heat-resistant aluminum. It has beveled edges to slide right under the pizza crust and rotate it. 

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