7 Best Countertop Pizza Ovens Of 2023

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Making pizza at home has never been as easy as it is today.

With just a mix of household and a few store-bought ingredients, you can make any type of pizza at home using just a countertop pizza oven.

What’s even better is that these ovens are great for not just cooking pizzas but for heating, broiling, and other purposes as well.

What are the best countertop pizza ovens? The best countertop pizza ovens are convection pizza ovens with a decent size to fit multiple pizzas. It’s also important to find a pizza oven that is lightweight and can be moved around and stored easily.

At the end of the day, a countertop pizza oven may be a better option since it is compact, lightweight, and efficient compared to regular ovens.

Read on below to learn more about the types of countertop ovens and the best ones to buy right now!

Countertop Ovens Vs Conventional Ovens

There are several differences between conventional and countertop ovens.

Back in the day, we used to rely on conventional gas ovens to make all sorts of baking goodies. Even today, there are still a lot of purists who believe that gas ovens provide more advantage over countertop ovens. 

For example, conventional ovens are larger and can fit in more food at a time. Depending on the size, a typical gas oven can cook several dishes at the same time.

Conventional ovens also dissipate heat evenly because they use a mix of hot air and fire to warm up the cooking chamber. 

However, conventional ovens are bulky and can take up quite a lot of space. Also, the modern kitchen is now moving away from large appliances as more and more people are opting for options that provide them with versatility and features. 

Countertop/toaster ovens are great for this purpose as they weigh considerably less and can do more or less the same things that gas ovens are known for.

In fact, modern countertop ovens, like the ones we have listed below, can completely replace gas ovens! 

In past years, toaster ovens were mostly good for quick recipes or for melting cheese but as the designs developed better and more efficient ovens, it became certain that the future of baking was going to be electric.

However, there are still some things to keep in mind!

For example, electric ovens are excellent because they are convenient but they may not be able to match the same temperature as conventional gas ovens.

However, some brands do offer toaster ovens that can generate the same level of heat with better efficiency

The size of countertop pizza ovens is also a huge factor. For many people, having a countertop oven is perfect for making pizzas because many manufacturers will design their ovens to fit at least a 10-inch pizza with ease. 

Also, a conventional gas oven requires a dedicated gas connection and space where you can store the full unit. Countertop pizza ovens, on the other hand, can be plugged in and stored anywhere.

This makes using them a breeze compared to regular ovens. But how do they both stack when it comes to making pizza?

Making Pizza In Countertop Ovens Vs Regular Ovens

Some people may not buy countertop ovens because they are seen as inferior when compared to regular ovens but this is far from the truth.

Countertop ovens are now at par or better than regular ovens because of the features and convenience they provide. 

Even professional bakers are shifting to electric convection countertop ovens to make desserts. But when it comes to pizzas, things are different. You see, pizzas are meant to be made in large brick ovens that are fueled by woodfire. 

These ovens are designed to cook pizzas fast and properly in a matter of minutes. Ideally, a great pizza should:

  • Have a golden crust
  • Have properly melted cheese
  • Be cooked through
  • Have risen borders 

When a raw pizza is put into a brick oven it will start to cook almost immediately. The end result will be a lightly charred pizza with melted cheese, cooked sauce, and risen borders in just 2-3 minutes.

These characteristics have a lot to do with how the pizza cooks in a brick oven. 

When it comes to countertop pizza ovens, you can imagine people’s apprehensions especially after being used to a brick oven.

Fortunately, homemade pizzas cook just as well in a toaster oven as it does in brick ovens—with just some negligible flaws. 

But even these flaws can be remedied by something as simple as preheating the oven for 15-20 minutes or using a pizza stone. Countertop pizza ovens have come a long way.

Today, they are perhaps the best choice for anyone who wants to make pizza at home, be it fresh or frozen.

You can buy several varieties of pizzas in the market. From frozen to half-baked to completely raw, there are a lot of ways you can use the toaster oven to make your dream pizza.

For example, countertop pizza ovens are excellent for heating and cooking frozen pizza.

Also, if you preheat the oven to its highest setting and leave it for 20-30 minutes you can mimic the same conditions that you will find in brick ovens, minus the aroma of the wood.

Another great tip would be to use a pizza stone and preheat it as well so that it mimics the surface of a brick oven. 

Pizza ovens come in many types. Some use electric heating elements others use convection technology. The purpose is the same: to maintain a steady temperature within a confined space.

Pizza ovens are able to achieve better heating efficiency because they make use of the small cooking chamber. 

Compared to any large oven, or even a brick oven, you would need to crank up the heat for longer to preheat the entire cooking chamber and keep a steady flow of fuel (wood or fire) to maintain that temperature. 

You may also need to use an external cooking thermometer or rely on your years of experience as a pizza chef to guess the right temperature.

But when it comes to countertop pizza ovens, they are able to reach higher, more accurate, temperatures and keep a steady ambient temperature by exploiting the relatively small cooking space

While you may not get the same iconic Neapolitan pizza charring, it will come very, very close to the real deal. 

Now that you know the basics of countertop pizza ovens, here is a great buyer’s guide that will help you find the exact pizza oven that you need for your use. 

Buyer’s Guide

This guide will be divided into different sections. Each will discuss an important feature that every great countertop pizza oven needs to have. We recommend that you go through this guide first before moving on to our recommendations.

Here are a few things to look for in a great countertop pizza oven:

  • Heating design 
  • Size
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Features

Heating Design

Countertop pizza ovens mainly come in two varieties: convection, and those with an electric heating element

Convection ovens are known to be better than ovens that have traditional heating elements. This is because a convection oven uses a fan to blow hot air around the cooking chamber, thereby efficiently dissipating heat.

These ovens do a great job at maintaining a steady temperature and you don’t get cold spots. 

Usually, with ovens fitted with electric heating elements, you get a lot of cold spots that gradually fill in as the ambient temperature rises

But even then, there can be a considerable dip in temperature around the cooking chamber, this means that you may have to move the pizza around for it to cook properly. Convection ovens fix this problem by circulating hot air.

This type of heat distribution closely resembles what you may find in most brick ovens.

These ovens get hot fast and are way more efficient to use and cook all types of foods, not just pizzas! However, electric heating elements have advantages too.

For example, you can move the food closer to the heating element so that it can broil or char on the surface.

This is great for melting cheese or to get that characteristic golden-brown texture around the corner of the pizza and cheese too.

All in all, if you want to cook pizzas efficiently without doing much then go for convection ovens.

If you prefer to be in control with how much color the pizza takes on and if you want to use the oven to broil and cook other food, then go with the heating-element option. 


When it comes to size you can use the pizza scale to see what will work best for you. For example, most ovens can fit a large pizza while some are designed to fit 2 regular pizzas.

Depending on your need, you can go with either a larger cooking chamber or a more compact and counter-friendly option.

Our suggestion would be to go with a larger one, and, more importantly, with one that can cook more than just pizzas.

This is simply because you won’t have to buy an additional appliance when it comes to everyday cooking. Whether it’s for a rotisserie or pizza—make efficient use of your counter space. 

Energy Efficiency 

Not many people pay attention to this factor but it plays a huge role in how efficient your oven is when it comes to heat and power usage. In a nutshell, always go with an oven that provides higher power efficiency and savings. 

This is because these modern ovens use better heating technology and are able to heat the cooking chamber efficiently without having to draw a lot of energy thereby making them great for portable use as well

Efficient pizza ovens are also great for reheating pies or any other food.

They ideally consume less power and provide faster cooking times too compared to regular kitchen ovens that can take longer to heat up and can put a dent in your energy expenses. 


Whether it is on the counter or the shelf, having a lightweight oven is very important to a lot of people because it makes it easier to clean, service, and move the unit whenever needed.

Generally speaking, countertop pizza ovens can weigh anywhere from 7 pounds to up to 25 pounds

Heavy-duty ovens tend to be heavier but most modern ovens are now equipped with better heating elements and are designed to be highly efficient which frees them from being dependent on heavy components and materials. 

Try to find your ideal oven in the 7–12-pound range. You can also go with the heavier options if the features make sense for your needs. 


Oven technology has come a long way and many manufacturers are now marrying technology with analog appliances.

For example, countertop ovens can have a dedicated display that shows you the exact ambient temperature in the oven

This makes cooking pizzas even easier since all you have to do is enter the exact temperature that you require as per the recipe. These ovens are usually also smart and can auto-tune a lot of the settings for you. 

Modern countertop pizza ovens also come with presets that can help you cook your pizza according to best practices.

If you prefer to have a traditional and straightforward design then you can always opt for the simpler models that have a simple on/off switch along with temperature and function controls. 

These are just as good but may not provide customization as the other digital models.

If you are new to making pizzas at home then we suggest that you go with smart ovens that provide more precise and easy control for everyday cooking. 

The 7 Best Picks For Countertop Pizza Ovens

Now that you know all about countertop ovens, it’s time to look at a few great options that you can buy today. These ovens are handpicked by us according to the buyer’s guide above. Check out these 7 great countertop pizza ovens!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza MakerCompact and efficient pizza oven designed to cook and broil other food as well. 
2.COSORI Pizza Oven ComboAll-in-one combo, bake, broil, cook pizzas, dehydrate, and more with this modern convection oven toaster.
3.LUBY Large Toaster Oven CountertopMake 14-inch pizzas or a large turkey using this highly efficient and spacious countertop oven.  
4.Breville Mini Smart Pizza Oven
Smart functions, compact design, and a lot of power. 
5.Hamilton Beach Compact Countertop Pizza OvenEasy design, highly convenient, and spacious countertop oven that can cook 14-inch pizzas. 
6. Oster Digital OvenHeavy-duty convection oven designed for power-users who are looking to make the perfect pies. 
7. Dash Express Countertop Pizza Oven with Quartz TechnologyCompact design, equipped with quartz technology that allows it to heat up fast and maintain temperature.  

1. Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker

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This is what you get when you combine efficiency with convenience.

The Hamilton Beach countertop pizza maker is designed to cook 9-inch pizzas with ease.

The design is compact and does the job superbly. 

The oven comes with a 3-knob system. Set the time, temperature, and function of the oven and cook away.

You can even broil meat in this oven as it has a separate broil setting and can also stay on indefinitely unlike other ovens that need to be reset after the timer ends. 

2. COSORI Pizza Oven Combo

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Looking for a bigger and better option for your cooking needs?

This convection pizza oven is designed with the modern user in mind.

You don’t need to be a chef to control this unit as it comes with a digital display that can help you set the exact temperature you require.

The oven is also great for cooking more than just 12-inch pizzas, you can cook meat, bake bread, cakes and make a whole range of other foods.

It even has an option to defrost, ferment and dehydrate food too! This makes it the perfect solution for all your pizza and kitchen needs. 

3. LUBY Large Toaster Oven Countertop

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This pizza oven can handle everything you throw at it.

It’s designed to be efficient and has ample space.

With tactile analog controls, this professional toaster oven provides the best of technology and design. 

Easily set the function, time, and temperature using the knobs located conveniently on the right-hand side panel of the oven.

The cooking chamber also features a 2-door design that makes it easy to fit in all kinds of food—including large pizzas! 

4. Breville Mini Smart Pizza Oven

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We love it when manufacturers are able to successfully combine technology with design.

This countertop oven fits the definition of a perfect pizza oven.

It has a dedicated display which makes it extremely easy to set the right temperature every time.

It also comes with a knob design with presets to help you cook food the right way.

The oven is compact enough to fit in any corner or countertop and it draws less power than other toaster ovens too.

This smart oven will also automatically adjust the temperature without you having to manually interfere. 

5. Hamilton Beach Compact Countertop Pizza Oven

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Who said you need a large-sized and clunky oven to make 14-inch pizzas?

This oven is designed to be compact yet spacious.

It achieves this with its unique design that expands the cooking chamber, giving it an almost brick oven-type shape

This oven is easy to use, just adjust the settings with the knob and cook away. It can fit a 14-inch pizza and you can clearly watch the pizza cook through the high-quality windowed door too. 

6. Oster Digital Oven

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This pizza oven is for the more demanding users.

It features a convection design that allows for superior airflow than other ovens.

It heats up quickly and uses less power compared to other designs. 

The Oster Digital Oven brings a lot of convenience thanks to its digital control.

It will allow you to select presets, set a timer and choose from over 10 different cooking functions.

If you are looking to make the best pizzas at home, then this is going to be a great investment. 

7. Dash Express Countertop Pizza Oven with Quartz Technology

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This pizza oven makes use of quartz heating technology.

This technology allows it to heat up quickly and maintain a steady temperature.

This oven can reach temperatures up to 450°F in a matter of minutes and it is designed to have better insulation as well so that the food cooks evenly without a loss of heat.

It’s also super easy to use as it comes with a 3-knob design.

Control the time, temperature, and function using the knobs on the right and get a perfectly and evenly cooked pizza, every time. 


Countertop pizza ovens are a great investment and can come in handy when it comes to everyday cooking too. These ovens are designed to be compact and, in many ways, be better than conventional ovens. 

Whether you go with digital control or an analog design, there is no denying the fact that pizza making is now easier than ever thanks to these ovens.

Choose from convection or regular ovens from our list above and we guarantee that you will find an oven that you can count on for years to come. 

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over the best countertop pizza ovens, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

Are convection ovens better than conventional ovens?

Convection ovens are gaining a lot of interest these days and can be better than conventional ovens when it comes to heat distribution. These ovens use fans that can blow and direct heat around the cooking chamber.

This allows for even distribution and greater efficiency as you would have fewer cold spots in a convection oven compared to regular ovens

Can countertop pizza ovens be used for other cooking purposes?

Yes, you can use a regular pizza oven for all other cooking purposes

In fact, many pizza ovens are not even dedicated units but are offered in a combo where you can cook, bake, broil and make pizzas all using just one appliance.

This saves you both, space and money by not having to purchase additional equipment. 

Which oven is the best for making pizza?

Any convection or conventional oven can make pizzas.

However, if you are looking for a more precise cooking experience then you can explore digital pizza ovens and other convection-technology ovens that can help you cook pizzas accurately and evenly

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