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5 Best Piping Tips For Macarons

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Making French macarons does take some practice and some patience, but using the right tools can definitely make the process much easier. One of the most important tools you need to have when making macarons are piping tips!

The right piping tip will give you the right shape of macaron shells, which is arguably the most recognizable and important part of a macaron — they really are an essential tool to use.

Which are the best piping tips for macarons? The best piping tips to use for macarons would be a size 0.25-inch or 0.5-inch. The piping tip should ideally be made from stainless steel and should be easy to clean, hygienic, and long-lasting. However, the type of tip you use will depend on the shape of the macarons you are making.

Keep reading to find out more about the best piping tips to use for macarons, and how to go about choosing the best option for you!

How To Choose The Best Piping Tips For Macarons

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To ensure you choose the best piping tips for macarons, you do need to put a little thought into finding the right one.

There are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a piping tip for macarons, so take a look at the below to help.


The material of the piping tip is really important, as it will determine how well the piping tips work, how evenly they pipe, and how long they will last.

The best material to choose for piping tips is stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.  Most stainless steel piping tips can also be placed into the dishwasher for ease of use, too!

A good set of stainless steel piping tips will last you a long time in the kitchen and give you consistent results.


The other important factor to consider when picking out piping tips for macarons is the size. For normal-size, round-shaped macarons, a 0.5-inch or a 0.25-inch piping tip would be the best option.

These will help create uniformly sized macarons with ease and help to give you the precision to quickly pipe out quite a few macarons in a short amount of time.

Ease Of Use

No matter if you make macarons daily or once in a blue moon, the piping tips should be easy to use. This means being easy to clean, and easy to set up in a piping bag, whether with a connector or not.

Some macaron piping tips come with connectors, to make them easier to set up, but others fit directly into a piping bag. You will need to decide which would be the better option for you, and which would be easiest for you to use.

Set Of Tips

While a 0.5-inch or a 0.25-inch round piping tip is the best size to use, you might want to experiment with different shapes and sizes of macarons down the line.

For this reason, it does help to choose a piping set with the tip that you need, and some additional options so that you can get creative with some other macaron piping techniques at a later stage.

Additional Items

You might just need the piping tip, and that is fine, but if you are looking to build up your macaron kit, then you should look for additional items.

Some piping tips come with connectors, which help to secure the tip to the piping bag. Others come with dedicated piping bags, which always help too.

Just think of the items you might need, and have a look at what the kit offers.

The Best Piping Tips For Macarons

Now that you know all the things to consider when picking out the best piping tips for macarons, here are our top picks!

RankProductKey Features
1Kayaso 9 Piece Round Piping Tip Set 9 round piping tips of various sizes, 20 disposable piping bags, stainless steel
2Kasmoire 9 Pcs Round Piping Tip 9 piping tips, round shape, 3 sizes, 10 piping bags, 3 piping tip connectors
3Large Round Macaron Piping Tips 5 round piping tips, easy to use, seamless build
4Round Tips For Macarons 3 round piping tips, standard size, stainless steel
5Wilton Decorating Tip Size 10 tip, nickel-plated brass and stainless steel

1. Kayaso 9 Piece Round Piping Tip Set

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The Kayaso 9 Piece Round Piping Tip Set comes with 9 different size tips, from small to large, all of which are round, to ensure you have all the different options you might need for piping macarons.

The set also comes with 20 disposable piping bags, which are very handy to have on hand for making macarons.

All of the piping tips are made from 304 stainless steel, which is food-grade, strong, and durable — this means they will last a long time in the kitchen while giving you consistent results throughout.

The piping tips all come in a plastic storage box, so they are kept safe and organized while not in use. The piping tips are also dishwasher safe, saving you from too much cleaning up!

2. Kasmoire 9 Pcs Round Piping Tip

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The Kasmoire Round Piping Tip Set comes with 9 piping tips in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. These are all round piping tips, which are ideal for piping macarons.

This is quite the complete set — it includes the 9 piping tips, 10 disposable piping bags, and 3 frosting bag connectors, so you don’t need anything other than your macaron batter to get it all done!

The round tips are all made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, so they are durable and long-lasting — it will definitely be your go-to piping set for macarons in the kitchen!

3. Large Round Macaron Piping Tips

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This is a set of 5 round piping tips in different sizes, which are very suited to be used for making macarons and more.

These are really easy to use — you simply need to position the round icing tips into the piping bag and snip the bottom to create a snug fit.

Having a seamless build, the round piping tips offer sturdiness and durability and will stand the test of time in the kitchen.

They can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is always helpful!

4. Round Tips For Macarons

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This is a great basic set to purchase for piping macarons. It comes with 3 round tips that are all the same size, and they are the perfect size for piping round macarons!

All three of the tips can be used with different size piping bags, and they are wonderfully easy to use.

Made from stainless steel, the tips are strong, sturdy, and durable, and they can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

If you are looking to build a standard macaron piping set, these are a great option!

5. Wilton Decorating Tip

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Wilton is a well-known baking brand, so there is no doubt that their piping tip for macarons will be a great option!

This is a slightly smaller tip, but it is still great to use for precision piping of macarons — it is also a high-quality tip that will last a long time.

Made from nickel-plated brass and stainless steel, you can be sure you are using the best of the best piping tips, and enjoy the ease of use it offers.

This piping tip screws into Wilton decorating pouches or tubes for easy piping.

Final Thoughts

It is so important to find the right piping tips for macarons, to make piping your macarons easier, and to get the best results possible.

To help you out, we have gone through all of the different factors to consider when picking out the best piping tips for macarons, as well as our top recommendations on the market right now.

Before making your choice, consider the type of macarons you will be making, whether standard round macarons or fancy shapes, and how many different sizes of tips you will need.

Some tips also come included with piping bags and other accessories, so check for these too!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve learned all about how to pick the best piping tips for macarons, here are some additional questions we thought you might have.

Can you pipe macarons with a star tip?

You can use a star tip to pipe macarons, but it will give it a textured look. Star tips can also be used to give the filling of the macaron a textured look too.

How long can I leave macaron batter to sit before I start piping?

It is fine to leave macaron batter to sit for up to an hour before piping, depending on the conditions in your kitchen.

However, if you leave the batter out for too long, it could dry out and might deflate.

Can you pipe macarons without using a tip?

You can try to pipe macarons without a tip by just using the piping bag, but this will not give you good precision. It is always best to use a piping tip to get an evenly piped macaron.

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