9 Best Oyster Sauces Of 2023

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Oyster sauce is a staple in Asian-style cooking. This sweet-salty sauce made from caramelized oyster juice can take your dishes to the next level, adding depth of flavor and giving your food authentic Asian notes. 

But what is the best oyster sauce? The best oyster sauce is the one with natural flavoring and a balanced sweet-salty flavor. If you are vegan or have to sustain a gluten-free diet, make sure to carefully read the sauce label and pick an option that will fit your health needs and preferences

In this article, we will tell you all about oyster sauce, its flavor, and its uses. We have also ranked and reviewed the 9 best oyster sauces for you to choose from, including vegan and gluten-free options. 

What Is Oyster Sauce and How Is It Used? 

If you love Asian food, you are probably familiar with one of its staple sauces, oyster sauce. If not, it’s high time you learned about it as oyster sauce is a quick and easy way to add flavor to stir-fries, make balanced marinades and glazes. 

But what is oyster sauce? Oyster sauce is made from oyster juice that has been caramelized by cooking oysters in water for a long time.

This sauce also contains salt and sugar. As different brands make oyster sauce differently, you may also find sauces that contain water, soy sauce, and other additives. 

As you can guess from the components, oyster sauce is both sweet and salty. However, the flavor of oyster sauce is much deeper and complex than that of regular sweet-salty sauce. 

This sauce has an umami flavor which is often described as meaty and savory. As the oyster juice is caramelized to make oyster sauce, the sweetness in this sauce resembles the sweetness of dark and well-developed caramel. 

As for the saltiness, it doesn’t come across as the saltiness of regular table salt. The saltiness of oyster sauce resembles that of ocean water.

As oyster sauce is made from seafood, some people think that it tastes like fish sauce. This isn’t true. Oyster sauce lacks the fishy flavor of fish sauce. 

Because of the saltiness of oyster sauce, some may also find it be similar to soy sauce. But these two sauces are different too. Soy sauce is a salty sauce made from fermented soybeans and wheat.

You can use both soy sauce and oyster sauce in certain dishes to achieve your desired level of saltiness. 

Uses of Oyster Sauce 

Oyster sauce is widely used in Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines. If you want to try and recreate Asian dishes at home, a bottle of oyster sauce may come in handy as a small amount of it will add a lot to the dish. 

There is a range of uses for oyster sauce. You can use oyster sauce in stir-fries. A quick stir-fry with chicken or beef and lots of colorful veggies is an easy option for dinner. 

You can use oyster sauce to thicken soups if you find your soup to be too thin. However, in such cases, make sure the sauce goes well with the flavors that are already in the soup, and don’t forget about the saltiness of the sauce too. 

Oyster sauce is also good for marinades and glazes as well as used as a dipping sauce.

If you try to make Asian-style dishes, you will find this sauce useful in a number of other dishes too, including noodle dishes that nearly everyone enjoys. 

Choosing the Best Oyster Sauce

If you have decided to add oyster sauce to your collection of sauces so that making Asian-style dishes at home becomes easier, pick a brand that best suits your needs.

There are a few criteria of oyster sauce to consider before you buy a bottle. 

All-Natural Components 

Most manufacturers use additives to make their oyster sauce shelf stable as well as enhance its flavor. If you are against such additives, pick oyster sauce with an all-natural ingredient list

One of the most common additives used in oyster sauce is MSG. MSG, short for monosodium glutamate, is a widely used food additive. Brands add it to oyster sauce to enhance its flavor. 


As oyster sauce is made from oyster juice, it is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians. But even if you are a vegan, you don’t have to skip on the oyster sauce. You can purchase its vegan variety. 

As we have already mentioned earlier in this article, oyster sauce is described to have umami flavor notes.

So, it’s not surprising that its vegan counterpart is generally made from mushrooms. Manufacturers use mushroom extract to make oyster sauce that lacks shellfish extract. 

Vegan oyster sauce is also good for people with shellfish allergies. 


Be careful when buying oyster sauce if you are someone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance

Many oyster sauces contain soy sauce. And soy sauces, in their turn, are not typically gluten-free as they are made from wheat in addition to soybeans.

So, if you are following a gluten-free diet, make sure to check the label of the sauce before you buy it. 

The 9 Best Oyster Sauces of 2021

We have picked nine oyster sauces you can buy and make delicious Asian-inspired dishes. Whether you are looking for an all-natural, gluten-free, or vegan option, we have something for you on this list. 

1.L.k.k.  Panda Brand Oyster Sauce All-purpose oyster sauce from selected oyster extracts 
2.Kikkoman Oyster Flavored SauceMSG-free pre-thickened oyster sauce 
3.Wan Ja Shan Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster SauceVegan, GMO-free, MSG-free oyster sauce
4.Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster SauceVegan oyster sauce made from mushroom extract 
5.Thai Oyster Sauce Maekrua BrandMSG-free low sodium oyster sauce 
6.Wok Mei Gluten Free Oyster SauceGluten and GMO-free oyster sauce 
7.Dynasty Oyster SauceRich-tasting oyster flavored sauce 
8.Megashefu Oyster SauceGluten and MSG-free oyster sauce
9.Premium Oyster Sauce Premium-quality sauce with guaranteed freshness 

1. L.k.k Panda Brand Oyster Sauce

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This oyster sauce from the Lee Kum Kee store is one of the most popular oyster sauces on the market. The reason for this is its rich and balanced flavor. 

L.K.K Panda Brand oyster sauce is made from selected oyster extracts. There is also sugar and salt in this sauce for a balanced flavor.

The brand also uses MSG (monosodium glutamate) as a flavor-enhancing agent. There are no fats in this sauce and a serving of it contains only 25 calories

This Panda Brand oyster sauce has wheat in its ingredient list. This means that it should be avoided by people with gluten intolerance. 

Once you get the hang of using it, this Asian sauce will become an all-purpose seasoning for you.

You can use it to marinate meats and vegetables, make quick stir-fries with a rich and balanced flavor, as well as use oyster sauce as a base for other sauces. 

2. Kikkoman Oyster Flavored Sauce 

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Kikkoman Oyster Flavored Sauce is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a sauce that doesn’t contain any MSG.

The flavor of this sauce is rich without any flavor boosters.  The balance between sweet and savory flavors in this sauce is ideal.

As for consistency, the Kikkoman oyster-flavored sauce is pre-thickened.

This makes it perfect for glazes and salad dressings. Additionally, as the sauce itself is quite thick, adding it to other sauces improves their texture and helps add body. 

Kikkoman oyster sauce has zero fat and is a low-calorie option suitable for people who are tracking their calorie intake.

It’s light, versatile, and gives any dish authentic Asian vibes. You can use this sauce for dips, dressings, and various meat and vegetable dishes. 

3. Wan Ja Shan Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce 

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If you are a vegan and have always wanted to make authentic Asian food but doing it without the true Asian condiments seemed pointless, this is your chance.

Wan Ja Shan vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce is here to replace true oyster sauce that comes from caramelized oyster juice. 

While this is the vegan counterpart of the popular Asian sauce, it doesn’t fall behind in terms of flavor and consistency.

This mushroom oyster sauce is 100% naturally brewed. The flavor of this condiment comes from mushrooms and a delicious blend of soybeans and wheat. Sugar and salt are added to balance everything out.  

The manufacturer uses oyster and shiitake mushrooms for a rich umami flavor of the sauce. There are no GMOs in this sauce.

It also meets the standards of people who are trying to buy condiments that are free of any flavor enhancers, namely MSG. 

4. Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce 

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Being a vegan or vegetarian shouldn’t deprive you of one of the greatest pleasures of Asian cuisine –oyster sauce. Here’s another oyster sauce option if you are vegan. 

This oyster sauce by the brand VegeCyber is made using mushroom extract.

The mushroom extract gives the sauce the savory flavor traditional oyster sauce has. Oysters, like mushrooms, have a strong umami flavor.

Thus, choosing vegan oyster sauce made from mushrooms is certainly wise and won’t leave you disappointed. 

Adding a drizzle of this sauce to the dish will enhance its flavor. This mushroom-flavored condiment has a thick consistency which makes it good for glazes.

In fact, this vegetarian oyster sauce is so good that those who aren’t vegan should try it too. 

As VegeCyber mushroom oyster sauce contains wheat, people with gluten intolerance should avoid it. 

5. Thai Oyster Sauce Maekrua Brand 

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Thai Oyster Sauce will lend a delicious savory flavor to your dishes whether it’s stir-fried vegetables, noodles, or a meat marinade. 

This oyster sauce by Maekrua brand is a good option for people looking for a low sodium version of oyster sauce.

The flavor of this sauce has the perfect amount of savory kick. It is neither too overpowering nor as mild as to make you use too much of it. 

A drizzle of this sauce in your meat marinade will transform it into a balanced soaking liquid with a complex flavor that you would never achieve using multiple other fresh ingredients. 

While this oyster sauce is not gluten-free and contains soy sauce, it doesn’t contain MSG which is certainly a big check in the box for people trying to go as natural as possible with their products. 

6. Wok Mei Gluten Free Oyster Sauce 

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Many oyster sauces on the market contain wheat.

This makes the sauces unsuitable for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

But even if you are sensitive to gluten, you can still make Asian-inspired dishes with authentic Asian flavors.

And oyster sauce is one of the key ingredients to help you do this. 

Wok Mei oyster sauce is gluten-free. Additionally, it doesn’t contain refined sugars, starches, and such flavor-enhancing agents as MSG

A tablespoon of this sauce contains only 25 calories but it will add a burst of savory flavors to your dish. You can use Wok Mei oyster sauce to flavor dishes from Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines.

Whether it’s a stir fry you are making or a meat marinade, the result will be impeccable. 

7. Dynasty Oyster Sauce 

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Dynasty Oyster Sauce may not be the cleanest as far as the ingredients list is concerned. However, it is certainly one of the best when it comes to flavor. 

The manufacturer uses oyster extracts, sugar, salt, and a few other ingredients for the perfect flavor and consistency of the sauce.

The sauce also contains fish paste from crustacean shellfish to enhance the fish flavors in the sauce.

If this is something up your alley, then the Dynasty oyster sauce might be your best choice.

People with gluten intolerance should avoid this sauce as it contains wheat. 

8. Megashefu Oyster Sauce 

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If you have tried various oyster sauces and none of them seems to be working for you, then this oyster sauce is something you should try next.

Unlike other oyster sauces on the market, this condiment has a unique smoky aroma that compliments its balanced savory flavor. 

The ingredient list of this sauce is quite simple which is always good when you are looking for healthier options.

Megashefu oyster sauce contains oyster powder, water, salt, sugar, and corn powder for texture

The price may be slightly higher on this sauce. However, it is certainly worth it as the sauce doesn’t contain any artificial flavors and preservatives. It is MSG-free and suitable for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. 

9. Premium Oyster Sauce 

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Premium Oyster Sauce is a good choice for cooks who appreciate the classic flavor of true Asian oyster sauce.

This sauce is made from oysters. But unlike the cheap ones on the market, it doesn’t have fishy notes. Its flavor has the perfect amount of sweetness and saltiness.

The sauce is slightly earthy and perfect when used as a finishing touch for meats and fish

What ensures the premium quality of this sauce is the fact that it is made in small batches.

Additionally, the sauce bottle has a double seal for freshness. Made using the freshest ingredients and enhanced with secure packaging, you get the freshest oyster sauce from June Moon Spice Company. 

This oyster sauce also doesn’t contain MSG

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