11 Best Mini Pancake Pans

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When it comes to classic breakfast foods, pancakes are high on the list of favorites. And mini pancakes are somehow about 75% more delicious than regular ones.

The options for toppings and flavors are virtually limitless, and they’re a great base to get creative with. 

But when it comes to making pancakes, getting the perfect shape can be tough. Sometimes the batter spreads all over the pan and you end up with misshapen little oddities.

While they still taste great, it can make trying to flip your pancakes tough if they’re all stuck together.

That’s where mini pancake pans come in. These handy little gadgets make sure you get the perfectly shaped mini pancake every time.

And there are tons of styles to choose from, including the classic silver dollar shape, light Swedish style pancakes, and fun shapes like animals or mermaids.

So, how do you choose the best mini pancake pan? Look for pans that are non-stick, have heat-resistant handles, come in fun shapes, can be used on different types of stove tops, are easy to clean, and can even be put in the dishwasher. 

Read on to discover how to choose the best mini pancake pan so that you can start making breakfast like a champion.

How To Choose The Best Mini Pancake Pan

When it comes to choosing the best mini pancake pans to make breakfast time an adventure, there are some things to look out for.

Check out the following buyer’s guide to help you pick the perfect mini pancake pan so you can start wowing your friends and family with your skills.

1. Non-Stick

When it comes to making mini pancakes, having a pan that is non-stick can help make sure that you don’t end up with balls and piles of misshapen mush.

These types of pans will also allow you to use less oil to cook your pancakes if you’re looking to decrease your oil intake.

With that being said, some folks to enjoy the texture and taste of foods cooked on cast iron pans, so we have included a couple choices that aren’t non-stick.

Just remember that if you use these types of pans, you’re going to have to use lots of butter or oil to keep them from sticking.

2. Anti-Scalding Or Heat-Resistant Handles 

There’s not much else that can put a damper on mini pancake day than a burn to the hand.

That’s why looking for pans that have anti-scalding or heat-resistant handles is key. It’s too easy to forget to grab your oven mitt when you go to move the pan. 

If you decide to go with a cast iron mini pancake pan, then we suggest you pick up a silicon handle cover to put over the cast iron handle.

This little handy little handle cover will prevent the heat from leaching through and burning your hand. It’s super easy to use; just slide it onto the handle, and you’ve got a safe grip.

3. Fun Shapes

If you’re planning on cooking for kiddos or adults who are young at heart, you might want to focus on buying a mini pancake pan that comes with some cool shapes.

I have included lots of options on this list that include everything from plain circles to mermaids to animals and trucks. 

No matter who you’re cooking for, there is a mini pancake pan for you! 

4. Compatible With Different Cooking Methods

With all the different ways of cooking on a stove top: gas, induction, electric, halogen, and ceramic, you want to make sure you have a pan that will work on your specific stove.

If you only have induction burners and you buy a pan that isn’t induction friendly, it’s not going to work. 

Luckily, most manufacturers will highlight it when their pans work well on different types of stove tops.

We’ll highlight the ones below that fit the bill so you can be confident that the pan you choose will work for you. 

5. Easy-To-Clean Mini Pancake Pans 

How many times have you left dishes sitting in the sink to soak only to get so frustrated you rarely ever use it?

Take the most annoying part of cooking out of the equation by picking up a pan that is super easy to clean and even dishwashers safe.

What’s easier than giving the pan a quick wipe with paper towel and then popping it in the dishwasher? This quality can make mini pancake day a breeze. 

6. Consider Different Types Of Pans

  • Swedish Pancake Pans

Swedish pancakes are slightly different from the American style mini pancakes you are most likely familiar with.

The batter is runnier and rich with eggs and milk so that they have a texture more similar to French crepes. That’s why you may want to find a pan specifically designed for them if these are your preference.

  • Silver Dollar Pancake Pans

When you’re looking to make traditional style mini pancakes, you’ll want to look for pans that make that silver dollar shape. The pans on this list will have you creating perfectly round, delicious mini pancakes like a pro. 

  • Pans With Shapes 

If you’re looking to make your breakfast time a little more creative or you have kids who enjoy fun shapes in their pancakes, then you will likely want to choose a pan with fun shapes.

There are so many types of shapes that no matter your child’s interest, you can find one that fits. 

  • Cast Iron Mini Pancake Pans

If you want to pick up a cast iron mini pancake pan for more even heating and a more traditional cooking method, don’t forget to pick up a set of silicon handle covers to keep your hands safe.

Best Mini Pancake Pans

Now that you know what to look for in terms of the best mini pancake pans, you can take a look at the brands below to find the one that best fits your kitchen.

RankProductKey Features
1.TECHEF - Swedish Pancake PanHeat-resistant handle, 4 molds, dishwasher-safe
2.Nordic Ware Silver Dollar PanNonstick, warp-resistant, 7 molds
3.FRUITEAM Mini Pancake Pan Nonstick GriddleMarble nonstick, heat resistant handle
4.Vinchef Silver Dollar Mini Pancake PanAluminum, heat-resistant handle, nonstick
5.DAYOOH Animal Shape Mini Pancake PanPink or blue, nonstick, 7 molds, animal shapes
6.Cucina Pro Mermaid Mini Pancake Pan7 molds, nonstick, heat-resistant handle
7.Cucina Pro Fairy Friends Mini Pancake PanNonstick, several styles, heat-resistant handles
8.Zulay Mini Pancake Pan - Animal FacesAluminum, 7 molds, nonstick, 2 spatulas
9.Cucina Pro Car & Truck Mini Pancake PanNonstick, heat-resistant handle, car shapes
10.Norpro Cast Iron Plett PanCast iron, even heat distribution, 7 molds
11.Gourmia Blini Pan - Silver Dollar7 molds, double nonstick layer

1. TECHEF – Swedish Pancake Pan

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This pan from Techef has a heat-resistant handle, 4 molds to make the perfect Swedish pancakes, and it is dishwasher and oven safe.

It is non-stick and coated with nonstick ceramic to make clean up a breeze.

You can also use it to make all kinds of other treats like: 

  • Perfectly round eggs
  • Hamburger sliders
  • Mini pancakes
  • Crepes
  • Jeon (Korean pancakes)
  • Banh Khot (Vietnamese mini rice pancakes)

2. Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Pan

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This silver dollar mini pancake pan from Nordic Ware is a classic. Since it is nonstick, it is easy to wipe clean, but not dishwasher-safe.

It also doesn’t say what stovetops it works with, so if you have induction burners, then this might not be the best pan for you. 

This pan is ade of heavy, warp-resistant cast aluminum that ensures even heating. You can make 7 mini pancakes per batch. 

As a bonus, it comes in these other fun and festive shapes

3. FRUITEAM Mini Pancake Pan Nonstick Griddle

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This great little pan is 100% PFOA-free and offers easy release performance and effortless cleanup.

Food comes right off the pan easily thanks to the marble nonstick style. This allows healthy little-to-no-oil cooking, with amazing nonstick results. 

The handle is heat-resistant and it is safe to use on gas stoves (and regular electric stoves as well).

You can make 7 delicious mini pancakes at once with this non-stick pan and the strong die-cast alumium alloy ensures even cooking throughout each pancake. 

4. Vinchef Silver Dollar Mini Pancake Pan

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This handy little silver dollar mini pancake maker is durable and strong since it is made from die cast aluminum.

The handle is comfortable to hold and heat resistant. 

The pan is nonstick, which means that you can make your perfect pancakes without worrying that you won’t be able to flip them.

That also makes clean up quick and easy so that you can really get down to the business of enjoying your pancake breakfast. 

You can also feel confident using this pan because it is free from some toxins such as PTFE, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, which can sometimes be found in cheaper products.

You can make 7 delicious 3 inch pancakes at a time with this mini pancake pan. 

5. DAYOOH Animal Shape Mini Pancake Pan

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This pan is definitely our favorite fun shape pan on the list and not just because it comes in a pretty pink and blue color.

It is coated with PFOA-free nonstick coating, so it’s easy to make your pancakes and clean up afterwards. 

This pan is one of the most versatile on the list since it is safe to use with: 

  • Gas
  • Halogen
  • Ceramic Cook tops
  • Electric 

The shapes are also super cute and include: 

  • Elephant
  • Alpaca
  • Cat
  • Owl
  • Dinosaur
  • Hippo
  • Lion

The handle is heat resistant and it even comes with its own little spatula to make flipping your pancakes even easier. It makes 7 pancakes that are about 3 inches in diameter. 

6. Cucina Pro Mermaid Mini Pancake Pan

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I love this mini pancake pan because it comes with 7 different mermaid shapes (and even some deep sea treasure!).

The pan is nonstick, which makes cooking simple and clean up easy.

The handle is heat-resistant so you won’t burn yourself as you create your morning masterpieces. 

Each pancake is about 3 inches in diameter and you can make 7 pancakes per batch. It doesn’t look like this pan is good for induction burners, though it is likely safe to use on gas stoves. 

7. Cucina Pro Fairy Friends Mini Pancake Pan

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If you or your kids are more into fairies than mermaids, then this pan is the perfect choice for your breakfast creations.

It is a nonstick pan with a heat-resistant handle that is easy to clean. It comes with 7 fairy-themed shapes and makes 3 inch diameter pancakes. 

Like the pan above, it likely doesn’t work on induction burners, but should be ok for electric or gas stoves. If you’re using gas, just make sure to keep the handle away from the flame. 

If you or your kids prefer pancake shapes of the animal variety, Cucina Pro also sells a Kitty Friends mini pancake pan and a Zoo animals pancake pan.

Each one has similar attributes, in that they are nonstick with heat-resistant handles, but they have fun animal shapes instead. 

The zoo animals include:

  • Hippo
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Elephant
  • Gorilla
  • Panda
  • Giraffe

8. Zulay Mini Pancake Pan – Animal Faces

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This die-cast aluminum mini pancake pan comes with 7 cute animal shapes that include: 

  • Cat
  • Sheep
  • Turtle
  • Owl
  • Cow
  • Elephant 
  • Llama

The pan is non-stick and it has a comfortable red silicon handle that is heat resistant. It comes with two spatulas: a spoon shaped one and a shovel spatula to make filling and flipping your mini pancakes ridiculously easy. 

9. Cucina Pro Car & Truck Mini Pancake Pan

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This pan is great if you have a lover of cars and trucks in your family. It has 7 unique designs such as

  • Police car
  • Firetruck
  • Ambulance
  • Dump truck
  • Monster Truck
  • and more! 

This nonstick pan makes it super easy to create fun shapes for your breakfast.

It is also quick to clean and has a heat-resistant handle. It should be safe to use on gas stoves, but make sure you keep the handle away from the flame just in case. 

10. Norpro Cast Iron Plett Pan

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This great little cast iron pan from Norpro makes 9 pancakes per batch.

Each pancake measures 3 inches in diameter and will give you that perfect round mini pancake shape you’re after.

Cast iron is great for folks looking for a slightly crispier texture to their pancakes. 

Remember that you will have to grease the pancake pan before using it to prevent sticking. You also can’t put the pan in the dishwasher or let it soak in water. Just give it a rinse with water and pat it fully dry, then season before putting it away. 

11. Gourmia Blini Pan – Silver Dollar

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This one is another classic silver dollar style pan that makes batches of 7 mini pancakes.

This pan features a double layer of premium nonstick coating for easy pancake removal and cleaning.

This pan is compatible with electric, halogen, ceramic, and gas cooktops. However, it is not dishwasher-safe and it is recommended that you wash this pan by hand for the best results.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of super fun mini pancake pan options on the market.

When choosing your pan, make sure you find one that is safe to use on your cook top. You may also want to find one that is non stick to prevent any pancake disasters and to make clean up easy. 

A heat resistant handle is also key to protecting your hands as you cook. Depending on your preference, you may want to find a pan that comes in fun shapes. 

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