The 7 Best Mini Fridges with Freezers – Buyer’s Guide

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For the longest time, the average family has resorted to full-sized refrigerators. However, just because it has been the norm doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the ideal solution for your needs.

That said, it is hardly surprising to find that there is now a trend to re-do kitchens and rethink how we use appliances. Instead of going big, people are now looking for alternative and streamlined solutions for their refrigeration needs. 

But what makes for the best mini fridges with freezers? Mini fridges have a smaller footprint than your typical bulky refrigerators. They are also easier to move and consume less energy. The best mini fridges can stack up to full-sized fridges in terms of functionality and offer a good amount of storage space for their compact size.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered some of the best mini fridges on the market for your consideration below. We’re sure that you’ll find something to your liking. 

Best Mini Fridges With Freezers

Sometimes a fancy full-size, 4-door refrigerator is just overkill – or not feasible in your space. That’s where the beauty of a mini-fridge really shines.

Presented here is a comprehensive list of our top picks for the best mini fridges with freezers available on the market. Many of them even have added accessories like soda racks (don’t freeze soda in your mini-fridge) and reversible doors.

The addition of the freezer is crucial here, as it gives you some much-needed flexibility regarding how you want to store your food.

Here’s a handy chart of our top picks:

RankProductKey Features
1RCA Fridge and Freezer2-door, can dispenser, crisper drawer, adjustable shelves
2Midea Compact Refrigerator2-door, reversible, Energy Star certified, quiet
3Homdox Mini Fridge2-door, can rack, crisper drawer,
adjustable shelves, quiet
4TACKLIFE Compact RefrigeratorSoda rack adjustable shelves, high-efficiency
5RCA Single Door Mini FridgeReversible door, adjustable shelves
6hOmeLabs Mini FridgeAdjustable drawers, door racks, dry erase front
7BLACK+DECKER Compact RefrigeratorAdjustable shelves, can dispenser, ice cube tray

We’ll dive into each of these products separately below so that you can decide which one suits your needs best.

1. RCA Fridge and Freezer

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The name RCA will probably be familiar to anyone who has explored the world of home and kitchen appliances.

It is a brand that has become synonymous with high-quality products. This mini fridge is no exception.

Specifically designed to give you the optimal use of space, it features a total 3.2 cubic feet of cooling space.

However, the genius behind it is its brilliant way of maximizing its square footage. For instance, it features a flush back design that effectively saves space.

You may be surprised to find that it manages to fit a can dispenser and a door basket for 2-liter bottles in there. There is even a crisper drawer perfect for storing vegetables.

The fridge also sports two separate doors to protect against temperature leaks. The top door is for the freezer, while the bottom door is for the fridge.

The fridge compartment itself is very well-designed. Aside from the crisper drawer that holds your fresh greens, you also have pull-out glass shelves that let you organize your fridge in the most efficient way possible. 

In terms of cooling power, you can rest easy knowing that this fridge will have no trouble keeping your food fresh and cool, no matter the weather. This is because it makes use of a compressor cooling system to get the job done. 

In addition to this, you will love its adjustable thermostat. This comes in the form of a convenient and user-friendly temperature dial.

This way, users are given the right level of control over their food – ensuring that it is always at the perfect temperature.

So, if you are looking for a mini fridge that effectively combines an elegant stainless steel exterior with seamless performance, then be sure to check this one out.

2. Midea Compact Refrigerator

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This mini fridge is able to function just like a full-sized refrigerator and freezer would.

It has no trouble ensuring that your food remains chilled and fresh.

This 3.1 cubic feet mini refrigerator is an affordable and energy-efficient addition to your kitchen.

More than anything, its manufacturers focused on its power and performance. Warm spots are a thing of the past with this top-of-the-line mini fridge, as it cools everything quickly and quietly.

Needless to say, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting your money’s worth with its consistent and reliable cooling system.

Most appliances with this kind of power and capacity use up a lot of electricity. Luckily, this is far from the case with this mini fridge.

This little fridge’s system has earned it a highly-coveted ENERGY STAR certification. This means that it is highly efficient in terms of power consumption.

Aside from its sheer power and efficiency, it is also worth noting that this mini fridge was made with whisper-quiet technology.

This means that your appliance will be completely silent, unlike most traditional refrigerators, even as it goes through its cycles. This is made possible by the whisper-quiet compressor used by Midea.

In addition to all this, its manufacturers even went so far as to make the doors reversible. This only makes the mini fridge that much more portable, customizable, and personalized.

By adjusting the way the door is attached, you’ll have the freedom to adjust the way the fridge opens depending on the design of your kitchen or which hand is your dominant hand.

3. Euhomy Mini Fridge

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This two-door mini fridge and freezer offers a compact solution to your refrigerating needs. Its dimensions are 33.07×19.79×18.9 inches.

Its freezer gives you enough space to store all sorts of frozen food, including meats, ice cream, and so much more.

Everything about this mini fridge is well-constructed. This is most apparent in the way its food storage features are designed.

For instance, you will notice that there is a can rack conveniently placed at the side of the door. At the same time, additional door shelves have been installed to help make frequently-used items more accessible.

There are even adjustable glass refrigerator shelves, including a crisper section. These design choices may seem insignificant at first glance, but they go a long way in terms of efficiency and organization.

Keeping your food as organized as possible ensures that you are making the most of the limited space available to you. These shelves also make cleaning that much easier. 

In addition to this, another feature that stands out is its seven distinct temperature settings. All of these modes are designed to specifically address your different needs.

Aside from its different cooling settings, this mini fridge is also known to operate at peak efficiency – effectively saving energy while running quietly.

This is made possible by its whisper-quiet compressor, which comes equipped with noise reduction technology. So, if you are working with spaces that require minimal noise, then this mini fridge would be a perfect choice.

4. Homdox Mini Fridge

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Measuring 18.5 x 14.96 x 12.8 inches, this 3-shelf mini fridge is compact and highly efficient, as every part of its 20-liter total capacity is optimized to help store as much food as possible.

Featuring a sleek black front interface, it looks incredibly minimalist and modern, making it the perfect addition to any space. 

Despite its small footprint, this mini fridge is able to boast an impressive carrying capacity. The interior itself is brilliantly designed to ensure that every cubic inch of it counts.

For instance, you can easily store bottles in the door racks. In addition to this, you will immediately notice its adjustable interior racks. This gives you the freedom to organize your food and optimize the way you use the space.

5. RCA Mini Refrigerator

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Next, we have another product from RCA. Seamlessly combining advanced technology with a contemporary aesthetic, this mini fridge is definitely something to behold, as it will have no trouble blending into the design scheme of any space.

Beautifully sleek and modern, this compact refrigerator has 3.2 cubic feet storage space.

Its design also makes it the perfect addition to any space in your home, not just your kitchen. You can even put it in your home office or in the bedroom.

This is made easier by RCA’s inclusion of an easily reversible door. This means that you can adjust the way your mini fridge opens so that it fits well with the layout of your space.

Moreover, it has a flush back design, and the door handle is cleverly concealed to create the impression of minimalism. 

That said, we all know you aren’t checking this out for its aesthetic. So, let’s take a look at its cooling capacity. Thankfully, this mini fridge doesn’t disappoint in this regard either.

Making use of a high-capacity compressor, it has no trouble keeping your drinks and food at the desired temperature. You can even adjust the temperature as you see fit.

The smart design of the fridge’s interior is also praiseworthy. Every cubic inch counts and serves a specific purpose.

The fridge also has two adjustable interior racks, along with convenient door racks. Needless to say, you will never find yourself lacking storage options. 

6. hOmeLabs Mini Fridge

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This 3.3 cubic feet refrigerator and freezer is designed for performance and looks cool doing it.

The sleek black exterior is certainly classy, and its black trim gives it a modern flair. Its single door even allows you to write down notes on its exterior.  

Needless to say, this mini fridge is more compact than your traditional bulky refrigerators.

Measuring a mere 18.5×17.7×33.9 inches and sporting a 3.3 cubic feet capacity, it does a lot if you are trying to maximize the space in your home. 

This fridge also features adjustable glass shelves to make room for all of your favorite foods.

Don’t let its size fool you. This mini fridge is all about performance. It even comes with adjustable temperature control.

There are three modes to choose from. The refrigerator’s internal temperature ranges from 33 to 35°F at the medium setting.

7. BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator

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This mini fridge is the perfect solution for people looking to get rid of their bulky and impractical refrigerators.

With its adjustable shelving system, it should have no trouble holding a week’s worth of groceries, at least.

The storage system of this mini fridge is fantastic. It is built for practicality and versatility.

Aside from its interior shelves, it also has another three full-width door shelves big enough to accommodate large bottles as well as a full-width freezer compartment.

It even comes with its own tray for your ice cubes!

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