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The 3 Best Herb Scissors Of 2023

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For some recipes, you want to crush your fresh herbs before cooking with them to release the oils and fragrances. For other dishes, you want your herbs to look pretty, like deliciously beautiful edible garnishes. Herb scissors help you with the latter, cutting your herbs precisely without crushing or bruising them.

Not all herb scissors are worth their investment price, however. When you’re searching for the best herb scissors, you want to make sure you look at the warranty from the manufacturer, the reviews from real-life consumers, and the accessories that come with the scissors for safety and ease of use. 

So what are the best herb scissors? The best herb scissors have five blades that cut through herbs without crushing them. With a proper pair of herb scissors, cutting herbs is easy and time-saving. High-quality herb scissors should also come with a protective covering or case.

In this article, we’ll outline what we believe to be the 3 best herb scissors and teach you how to find the right pair for your kitchen.

What Are Herb Scissors?

Herbs scissors are a fun kitchen gadget designed to take much of the work out of finely chopping fresh herbs and leafy greens.

They look like a standard pair of scissors, but they have 5 blades in total rather than 2, effectively cutting your herbs the same amount of times as 10 passes with a sharp kitchen knife.

When you’re searching for a new set of herb scissors, you want to look for a few things:

  1. What is the warranty like? Scissors do a lot of work and you want to be sure the hinges will be reliable and the blades will stay sharp. A good warranty shows the manufacturer is confident in their product quality.
  2. How are the reviews? Reviews will tell you the difference between marketing and reality, so take some time to read both the positive and negative reviews before buying.
  3. Is there a safety cover/comb? Having a comb makes clean-up exponentially easier and the blades are designed to be extremely sharp, so putting the safety cover in place is an important way to protect your fingers.

One thing that it seems many herbs scissors have in common is the color green. Almost all options have green handles, though occasionally you can find a basic black as well.

The color of the scissors may impact your kitchen décor while you’re using them, but it doesn’t change the quality or effectiveness of the product.

The 3 Best Herb Scissors For Your Kitchen

Our favorite 3 best herb scissors all have great reviews, respectable warranties, and safety covers/combs. You should be pleased with any of the options on this list, though they’re all very similar.

RankHerb ScissorsBest Feature
1.Jenaluca Herb ScissorsMincing
2.Chefast Herb ScissorsMultipurpose set
3.RSVP International Herb ScissorsValue for price

1. Jenaluca Herb Scissors

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Key Features:

  • 5 equally spaces blades do the work of 10 knife chops
  • Includes a safety comb cover to help remove stuck-on remains of chopped herbs and protect fingers while in use or in storage
  • Sharp blades cut fresh herbs perfectly without bruising or crushing them

Biggest Drawback: The blades work fantastically as they’re designed, however the scissors themselves are not constructed to stand up to thicker or heartier vegetables, like celery or bell peppers.

2. Chefast Herb Scissors

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Key Features:

  • 5, 3-inch blades and comb cover minces your fresh herbs quickly and easily
  • Comes with 2 drawstring bags designed to give your freshly cut herbs a safe storage space until you’re ready to use them
  • Lifetime replacement warranty ensures your 100% satisfaction

Biggest Drawback: The manufacturer specifically markets these scissors as effective for more than just herbs, but that they can also be used for crafting. Unfortunately, they are not sharp enough or sturdy enough for repeated use in a crafting environment. When used as intended, they’re wonderful, but we wish the manufacturer wouldn’t bother trying to cross-market them.

3. RSVP International Herb Scissors

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Key Features:

  • 5 “endurance” stainless steel blades with cleaning comb and safety protector
  • Large handles lined with silicone provides a comfortable and safe grip
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly with no learning curve

Biggest Drawback: As with most stainless steel utensils, these and all the other scissors on this list are rust-resistant. However, in order to keep costs reasonable, the grade of steel does not protect against soaking in water.

You can wash them in your dishwasher, but you should always make sure they are not soaking in water or left to sit too long in a highly humid dishwasher as they may rust over time.

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