The 5 Best Malted Milk Powders

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Malted milk powder is made from a blend of malted barley, wheat flour, and evaporated milk. It is an incredibly delicious warm drink and has many different benefits! It is creamy, naturally sweet, and has a delightful nutty flavor that is perfect for cooler days.

You can either enjoy malted milk powder as a warm drink or add it to your cereals to enjoy the additional nutrients and vitamins that it offers. Malted milk powder also helps makes you feel fuller for longer.

If you are wanting to include malted milk powder into your diet, or really enjoy the taste, which is the best malted milk powder? The best malted milk powder is Horlicks. It is a traditional malted milk powder and has an amazing taste. It is packed with minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

There are some other great malted milk powders, so we found the best malted milk powder options for you to try!

The 5 Best Malted Milk Powders

To give you a range of options, here are the 5 best malted milk powders on the market. They all have a delicious taste and incredibly malty texture!

RankBrand of Malted Milk PowderWhy It's The Best
1.Horlicks Malted MilkDissolves easily in hot milk
2.Nestle Carnation Malted MilkMade with kosher dairy
3.Larissa Veronica Malted Milk PowderUnflavored and made with natural ingredients
4.Ovaltine Malt Beverage MixSuitable for vegetarians
5.Horlicks Junior Original Stage 1Can easily be mixed with milk

1. Horlicks Malted Milk

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It does not get any better than Horlicks Original Malted Milk. It offers that hot malty goodness that you would want to get, made with malted barley, wheat, and other dairy ingredients.

The delicious goodness is packed with many vitamins and minerals and is packed with a good amount of fiber to aid with digestion.

The nourishing malted drink contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which help boost the immune system.

It also contains vitamin D and calcium, which is vital to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

There is vitamin B as well, which helps you maintain good mental performance.

Just add milk to the Horlicks, hot or cold, and you have a deliciously malty drink that not only tastes amazing but which is incredibly good for you as well!

The Horlicks range is available in a variety of flavors and forms, with Horlicks drinks for juniors, for pregnant and nursing mothers, in a chocolate flavor, and even a Lite Health & Nutrition form.

All of these different Horlicks drinks still share the same malty goodness that Horlicks is known for, and that’s what makes it one of the most loved drinks around!

2. Nestle Carnation Malted Milk

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The Carnation Malted Milk drink from Nestle is made with all the goodness of natural barley and maintains all of its great benefits and qualities.

With a 70-year heritage of providing high-quality flavor and nutrition, it is one of the best malted milk options out there.

You can use the malted powder to add to milk for a delicious drink, or it can be added to smoothies, milkshakes, cookies, cake, and even to make pancakes.

It is kosher dairy and is made from the highest-quality ingredients.

With a chocolate flavor, it has a creaminess and richness that really will make your mornings that much better, and give you the right boost to start your day.

This trusted brand is a must for all the malted milk powder lovers, and it will never let you down with its malty chocolate goodness!

3. Larissa Veronica Malted Milk Powder

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Using the Malted Milk Powder from Larissa Veronica, you can add the delicious malt flavor to warm milk, baked recipes, milkshakes, and a smoothie.

This fine light-yellow powder is made from only premium-quality, natural ingredients, which are of the purest quality.

With a nutty taste and a natural sweetness, you can use the powder in so many different ways, to get an extra boost of nutrients and vitamins during the day, or even just to enjoy when you have that malted milk craving!

Packed in a resealable and recyclable container, the malted milk powder will be kept safe between uses, and will not start to go stale or lose flavor before it reaches its expiry date.

Unflavored, this malted milk powder can be used for baking and to flavor other foods in the kitchen, adding in a thick, rich creaminess that takes a beverage to the next level.

4. Ovaltine Malt Beverage Mix

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Ovaltine has a fairly wide range of powdered drinks and other breakfasts, but their malt beverage really comes out on top.

It is made from only the finest ingredients, and all ingredients are 100% natural.

It contains all the vitamins and nutrients you would hope to get from malted milk powder, but with an incredible flavor as well.

Suitable for vegetarians, it helps to bring extra nutrients to a variety of diets and is a good source of fiber.

The Ovaltine Malt Beverage Mix is good for your health, and just good to have around for when you want a deliciously creamy and rich hot beverage!

5. Horlicks Junior Original Stage 1

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For the kids, you could look to use Horlicks Junior Original Stage 1. It is a healthy drink for young kids to enjoy, and can be mixed with milk for a filling drink.

This malted milk powder goes so much further than just being a tasty beverage, it contains the right nutrients and vitamins needed to promote healthy brain development and to increase weight gain healthily.

The vanilla flavor will be a favorite among little ones, and you can be sure that it is a high-quality product, containing only the finest ingredients.

When it comes to your children, you only want to give them the best of the best, and Horlicks really does provide this!

Your little one will love the milk drink, with the classic taste of vanilla, blended in with malted barley and wheat, creating an ideal drink that will keep them happy, full, and growing just right!

The Benefits Of Malted Milk Powder

Malted milk powder can be a great benefit to your health, and it should be included in your diet. With its milk content, malted milk contains many different essential vitamins and minerals that can help in many different areas.

Here are some of the best benefits of malted milk powder:

  • Malted milk helps in illness recovery. It is a great way to regain strength and to reintroduce important and helpful nutrients to the body. It is easy to digest, making it ideal for those who are recovering from illness.
  • It provides just the right amount of protein. A 10 gram serving of malted milk powder offers 1 gram of protein. Protein is a much-needed nutrient and helps to build and repair muscles, tissues, and cells.
  • As it is rich in vitamin D, malted milk helps to maintain healthy bones. It provides your body with calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, which all help to build strong bones. 
  • Being rich in vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12, thiamine, pantothenic acids, folate, niacin, and riboflavin, malted milk powder provides your body with a good amount of energy to keep you going throughout the day.
  • Riboflavin, otherwise known as vitamin B-12, helps to improve and maintain good skin and good vision.
  • Malted milk powder is nutrient-rich, and this makes it a great beverage for pregnant women. Expectant mothers will also really enjoy the fact that the malted milk powder is easy to digest, not adding to the digestion issues they would already have!
  • The potassium in malted milk powder helps to transport nutrients to the different cells in the body and helps to remove waste in the body.

Related Questions

Is malted milk powder good to use in coffee?

Yes, you can add a few spoonful’s of malted milk powder into your coffee, instead of adding in cream or milk.

The malted milk powder will give the coffee a richness and a depth of flavor, and a lovely creaminess that you will adore.

It also adds beneficial nutrients and vitamins to your daily cup of coffee!

What else can I use malted milk powder for?

Other than being used as a hot beverage, in smoothies or in milkshakes, you can use malted milk powder in your baking.

Add it to your cookie mixture, or into your icing mix next time you bake for that nutty malted taste and an added dose of creaminess.

Does malted milk powder go bad?

Each brand of malted milk powder will have their own expiry dates for their products, but most recommend that the malted milk powder should be used within 18 months.

It might still be fine to use after this date, with an unopened package lasting for a good few years past its expiry date. It might lose some of its health benefits though.

Conclusion: The Best Malted Milk Powder

A warm cup of malted milk is really one of the greater tastes in life. It is rich, creamy, and filling, and on top of that, it offers so many great nutrients and benefits that can help you get through your day with enough energy.

Add malted milk to your smoothies, milkshakes, and baking to enjoy more of its incredible flavor and benefits.

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