The 5 Best Kitchen Tweezers Of 2023

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The kitchen is often a place where we can be creative and decorative. We can learn style and grace and make our plates looks absolutely gorgeous if we want to.

In the world of professional chefs or even just home chefs that love to have the right look, there are certain accessories that make a world of difference. 

Kitchen tweezers should be on the list of must-have items that you need for your kitchen. There are plenty of things that kitchen tweezers can be useful for, one of them being plating your dish.

There are just some things you do that tongs simple won’t cut it for. Kitchen tweezers to the rescue! 

What is the best kitchen tweezer? The best kitchen tweezer will be versatile enough to handle a variety of tasks such as plating or handling different food items. Good kitchen tweezers can be used to reach into small places and/or handle a little bit of weight, but your use may affect which size of tweezer you opt for.

You might even decide you need two different pairs of tweezers to accommodate these tasks! 

In this guide, we will share with you the 5 best kitchen tweezers, complete with detailed reviews, and just what those tweezers might be best for! You will find a variety of tweezers with different strengths for your kitchen. 

Keep reading to learn everything you should know about the 5 best kitchen tweezers. 

How to Choose Kitchen Tweezers

As you foray into the world of kitchen tweezers or even simply look for an option to replace some old tweezers you have, keep in mind that not every set of tweezers is the same.

They are all made differently and some of them were created for specific purposes. 

We have a few factors to consider before you pick out your new pair of kitchen tweezers:

Your Needs

First things first. Consider why it is you want a pair of tweezers.

Are you looking for something to plate foods with? Do you want something long and slim? Do you need to be able to handle a bit of weight with the tweezers? 

What you’re handling and how you hope to handle it can affect which pair of tweezers you really need.

We’re telling you, tweezers just might replace your tongs, for at least some of your duties anyway! 


We’re guessing that once you really get used to using kitchen tweezers, you might decide that you need more than one kind.

Many of these are designed for different tasks and functions. In fact, you might want to keep your eye out for a variety-pack if you are just finding your way into the tweezer game. 

You will want tweezers that are not generalized to one specific task for the most part. While you might have a primary goal for your tweezers, once you fall in love with them, they will need to be versatile. 

Size/Weight Proportion

You will find short and stubby tweezers as well as long and slim tweezers and then everything in between. If you have a specific use in mind, then you will need to determine just which style, size, and weight is going to fulfill your purpose. 

These are not your ordinary beauty tweezers. While they might appear similar in some ways, they are uniquely styled for the kitchen. 

Now, let’s take a look at our top picks! 

The 5 Best Kitchen Tweezers 

No matter what your needs are, there are kitchen tweezers designed to fulfill that purpose. We have the best options on the market here for you!

1.Inn Diary Cooking Tweezer SetBest Plating Tweezers
2.Tikusan Plating ChopsticksBest Japanese Plating Tweezers
3.O’crème Purple Kitchen Offset TweezersBest Offset Tweezers
4.Shun Fish Bone TweezersBest Fish Bone Tweezers
5.Dalstrong Professional Kitchen TweezersBest Long Kitchen Tweezers

Below, you will find our top 5 picks reviewed in more detail to help you make the best decision for you kitchen.

1. Best Plating Tweezers: Inn Diary Cooking Tweezer Set

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When it comes to plating, you could be working with a myriad of angles and small items.

You could be squeezing into tight spaces. You will need your efforts to be precise and targeted. That is why we chose this 5-pack option of kitchen tweezers for the best plating scissors. 

These tweezers give you a comprehensive variety of tweezers that were designed for precision. No matter what your plating needs may be, there will be tweezers in this set that can help you perfectly plate and place your items. 

These are great for traditional plating needs but they could also be useful for baking and decorating purposes too.

Each tweezer in this set has a different angle or endpoint of some sort so they all serve a unique purpose. The tips are serrated so they will maintain a quality grasp when you need it. 


  • 5 different tweezers with angles
  • Edges are lightly serrated for a good grip
  • Multi-purpose functionality with options
  • Precision design to fill your needs 
  • Food-safe plating tweezers


  • Some things can be hard to pick up with the way these tweezers grip.

2. Best Japanese Plating Tweezers: Tikusan Plating Chopsticks 

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In Japanese cooking, specialty chopsticks or long, slender tweezers with a similar build are typically preferred.

The long, slender needle-nosed point allow them to garnish sushi and other Japanese foods with ease. 

These Japanese plating tweezers are plating chopsticks. They work very similarly but will actually give you some additional flexibility over what you are doing.

You can purchase these in different heights to meet your needs. This particular set also has different handle builds so you can choose what is comfortable to you. 

You can plate very precisely as well as more gently with these plating chopsticks. They are high-quality selections made with premium materials. These are built to last and are very precise by design. 


  • Chopstick style plating tweezers
  • Incredibly precise
  • Versatile with more functionality
  • Japanese tweezer solution
  • Long and slender for full control


  • Since these are chopstick-style, it may take some practice to use them.

3. Best Offset Tweezers: O’crème Purple Kitchen Offset Tweezers

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Next on our list is offset tweezers. These kitchen culinary offset tweezers are pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

This particular choice is a gorgeous deep purple color but if you’re not feeling purple, there are 6 other colors to choose from, including traditional silver or black options. 

An offset tweezer is more similar to the tweezer that a surgeon might use. They are gentle and yet precise.

The tip is such that it is less likely to dent or bruise something delicate. Offset tweezers are perfect for delicate situations, and this pair fits the bill perfectly. 

The handle has a curve for steady control and the ends are long and slender to give you both control and space.

These are lightly serrated on the inside to give you a premium grip as well. They are narrow and well-made but also gentle and controllable. 


  • Multiple color options to choose from 
  • Serrated grips for control
  • The perfect angle to give you just the right amount of versatility
  • Gentle and durable 
  • Built with an ergonomic shape for comfort and control


  • The tip might not grip extremely thin items well.

4. The Best Fish Bone Tweezers: Shun Fish Bone Tweezers 

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Next on our list is a set of fish bone tweezers. You will notice that these tweezers are heavier and bulkier than those that are designed for delicate activities like plating.

This allows you to get a better grip on items while also being able to reach into small places. You won’t be dropping food with these bad boys!

These are designed to grip small bones securely. There is no gap and they truly do grip down on those bones that you are trying to remove from the fish before you prepare it.

These can also be helpful for poultry pinning of feathers and other similar functions. 

This option stands out because the edges are beveled rather than rounded. This helps you actually reach and grip what you want to with precision.

They are comfortable and ergonomically-designed as well. You will be able to comfortably and firmly grip these heavy-duty tweezers. 


  • Includes a beveled tip rather than a rounded tip
  • Comfortable to hold and handle
  • Durable materials that are premium quality
  • Perfect control weight and size
  • Firm and sturdy closure grip


  • These are pretty large and may take some getting used to.

5. Best Long Kitchen Tweezers: Dalstrong Professional Kitchen Tweezers

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Every kitchen should have a pair of long tweezers in it! Whether you have other plated tweezers or fish bone tweezers, make sure you have kitchen tweezers.

Can’t quite get a fork or tongs into that narrow glass jar? Long kitchen tweezers will get the job done for you! 

This particular pair of long kitchen tweezers is 12 inches long. They are professional-quality and made with industrial-strength as well.

These tweezers are titanium-coated to make them durable and long-lasting while also making them look amazing. 

This pair is designed for optimal control and functionality.

The grip has grooves so you get every last bit of control that you need. They are extra-strong and durable and will not let you down anytime soon. They can even handle some resistance to high temperatures. 


  • Long and slender with the perfect build
  • 12-inch long kitchen tweezers
  • Protected by a titanium coating
  • Comfort grip with added grooves
  • Strong and durable materials


  • The opening is slightly narrow so may not work for thick items.

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