The 7 Best Egg Slicers Of 2023

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If you love a good boiled egg added to salads, sandwiches, toast, or anything else, you probably already know the value of an egg slicer. Sure, you could pull out a knife and slice your eggs yourself but an egg slicer just makes it so effortless. 

Egg slicers can typically be used for more than just slicing eggs as well. Most egg slicers are built so that you can also slice various fruits and vegetables as well as your eggs. They are really quite versatile tools and even if you don’t like eggs, you might find that an egg slicer could still be useful to you! 

What is the best egg slicer? The best egg slicers should be made from high-quality durable materials and are preferably easy to clean. Ideally, you’ll want a multi-purpose slicer that cuts in multiple directions and also cuts soft meats, fruits, or veggies.

Our favorite is a stainless steel option from Westmark that is designed to be multi-purpose. It is heavy-duty and has a quality build that will last for quite some time. It can be used for far more than just eggs as well. 

In this guide, we will share with you the 7 best egg slicers. There are a lot of really great options out there for you and we’ve narrowed it down to the 7 best picks on the market.

We will share detailed reviews and wrap up with a buying guide to help you make an informed decision. 

Keep reading to learn the 7 best egg slicers and more! 

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Egg Slicers

If you haven’t quite learned, egg slicers are valuable for far more than just slicing eggs. You can do a lot with them. While all egg slicers have a similar concept, some of them are quite unique in design and structure. 

Some egg slicers have more capability than others and some are just simply designed to slice your eggs. We have listed a few things that you may want to consider before you purchase an egg slicer. 

Intended Use

While eggs might be your primary purpose for purchasing an egg slicer, it stands to reason that you just might decide to take advantage of its other possibilities as well.

Some egg slicers can slice fruits and vegetables or possibly even cheese and meat, depending on the slicer. It is pretty common for egg slicers to handle things like strawberries, mushrooms, kiwi, and avocado.

Then there are more sturdy slicers that can cut cucumbers, carrots, cheese, and meats. 

Pay attention to the capabilities and the strengths of whatever egg slicer you are looking at so you know what the tool can handle so you have a tool versatile enough for your needs.

Types of Slices

Some egg slicers slice a single direction and a single measurement of slice, and that’s ok. Then, there are other slicers that allow you to slice both vertically and horizontally, and that’s pretty great. 

THEN, there are slicers that allow you to cut both directions, halve, wedge, or even dice your food using them. These are just awesome multifunctional tools that can do about anything. 

We’re not saying that you should get one of these just because it’s there. We just want you to be aware of the different functions that you might come across so you can determine what you prefer to have on hand. 


The thing to be most mindful of with materials is whether or not the egg slicer is just going to fall apart.

The last thing you want is to have your wire slicing strings snap when you’ve only used it a few times. Although that’s not to say wire has to be bad. It’s about quality.

So note the materials and the durability of the materials. 

Overall, the materials used can vary greatly. Metal typically lasts longer than plastic, but plastic isn’t necessarily a bad option. Metal is heavier and may be harder for you to use when slicing multiple things or slicing repeatedly. 

The best slicing materials are stainless steel because they slice most reliably and your foods are less likely to gunk up and stick to them. 

The 7 Best Egg Slicers, Reviewed

In this section of our guide, we will share with you our top 7 picks, ranked in order, starting with our favorite. We also have a detailed summary and review of each egg slicer with a list of the pros and cons for each item as well, below.

1.Westmark Multipurpose Wire Egg SlicerVersatile, ergonomic
2.Oxo Good Grips Egg SlicerMulti-slice, versatile
3.Egg Slicer for Hard Boiled EggsMulti-slice, multi-use
4.Favia Multipurpose Hard Boiled Egg SlicerEasy-use, dishwasher-safe
5.3-in-1 Multifunctional Egg Slicer (YM26)Versatile, storage base
6.Clever Boy Slicer Kitchen UtensilVersatile, sturdy
7.Rabuit 2-in-1 Egg SlicerMulti-slice, dishwasher-safe

Let’s get started, shall we? 

1. Westmark Multipurpose Wire Egg Slicer

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This is a premium quality egg slicer. It is heavy-duty and made in Germany. It is stainless steel and designed to last a really long time.

This option won our #1 spot for all sorts of great reasons! It’s highly-rated and very well made. 

This egg slicer can be used for many things besides just eggs. This is one of the kitchen brands most renowned for quality throughout the world. This slicer is easy to use. It is sturdy and durable. You can easily slice other items such as kiwi, mushrooms, and strawberries with it

This slicer also has an ergonomic design so it’s comfortable to work with. It slices seamlessly and doesn’t stick or require excessive pressure.

It’s very easy to clean up and it is also dishwasher safe if that is your preference. This egg slicer even has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. 


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Can be used for things besides eggs
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe


  • Some purchasers have had issues with wires snapping. If this happens be sure to take advantage of the warranty. 

2. Oxo Good Grips Egg Slicer

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We know Oxo as a budget-friendly kitchen brand that delivers quality pieces for quality prices. This is a highly-rated egg slicer that doesn’t disappoint and lives up to Oxo’s standards.

This is an oval tool, designed for eggs but it can slice other items as well. You can slice in different directions as well. 

The slicer moves effortlessly and with ease, giving you slices in a matter of seconds. It has handles and it super easy to use and maneuver to get your items sliced. It is easy to open and close and won’t leave a huge mess behind in the wires. 

Slices are 5 mm thick when finished. You have a grooved holding area so you can slice that way or you can slice easily over a bowl or dish as well if you prefer.

This utensil is safe for cleaning in the dishwasher if you use the top rack. It even has a non-slip base for stability and comfort when using. 


  • Can slice two different directions
  • Comfortable and simple to use
  • Non-slip base
  • Made for eggs but good for other soft items as well
  • Budget-friendly option


  • While it’s labeled as dishwasher-safe, it appears that the dishwasher weakens the wires.

3. Egg Slicer for Hard Boiled Eggs

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This egg slicer really doesn’t fall into any known brand that we’re aware of but it is highly-rated and it certainly earned its spot in our ranks.

It comes in red or white and is very versatile because it does so much more than just cut standard egg slices. 

This is a simple plastic slicer with wire strings. It has 2 layers so you can cut eggs or other items in different ways. You can wedge, slice, or dice your item easily with this versatile egg slicing machine. 

You can slice vertically or horizontally, plus you can wedge or dice, making this one of the most versatile egg slicers. 

This slicer is made with durable ABS plastic that is BPA-free. It has a soft-grip handle so it is comfortable and easy to use. It is also equipped with a non-slip base so you have total control when slicing.


  • Very versatile with multiple slicing options
  • Available in red or white
  • Sturdy plastic materials
  • Has a comfort grip and non-slip base
  • Dishwasher-safe materials


  • In order to achieve the diced appeal, you will have to turn the egg on your own.

4. Favia Multipurpose Hard Boiled Egg Slicer

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This option from Favia is uniquely-designed and you will be hard-pressed to find any other egg slicers just like it.

This one is another highly-rated option that has its own prominent characteristics that set it apart from its competitors. 

This egg slicer has a long handle so you can slice it in the slicer or you can slice it easily over a bowl or dish of your choice. It has the convenient egg-shaped groove most slicers have. It is operated by a hand switch that locks and unlocks the piece.

The blades are stainless steel saw tooth blades, rather than mesh blades. This reduces the likelihood of your blades snapping. They last much longer.

You can slice far more than just eggs, including tomatoes, mushrooms, strawberries, cucumbers, and more! 


  • Unique design with a long handle
  • Stainless steel saw tooth blades that last
  • Versatility to slice multiple types of items
  • Very easy to use and control
  • Dishwasher-safe materials


  • The serrated blades in the slicer can be challenging to clean appropriately.

5. 3-in-1 Multifunctional Egg Slicer (YM26)

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Next on our list, we have another multifunctional tool with its own unique design.

This is a circular device with stacked slicing pieces so you can slice in a variety of ways and you’re not limited to just slices.

The stacking pieces have a lifted side so you can store them all together as well. You can slice in half, wedges, or slices with the multi-faceted pieces of this utensil.

It’s simple to use and has a sturdy base so you can just set it and slice. 

This slicer can slice more than just eggs. It works for other mostly soft fruits and vegetables as well, just like most egg slicers.

The slicing pieces are wire string. It is made with eco-friendly materials that are also durable and sturdy. 


  • Unique design with a base for storage
  • Halves, wedges, and slices
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Can cut far more than just eggs


  • You may have multiple pieces to clean if you try to dice it.

6. Clever Boy Slicer Kitchen Utensil

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Keep your style simple with this traditional-style slicer that can handle far more than just eggs.

This slicer is a level above some of the others with its endless capabilities. It is labeled as suitable for slicing lunch meat, canned meat, and other items as well as eggs. 

This slicer is larger than most egg slicers since it is built to handle multiple types of items. It can cut a total of 11 slices at one time.

It is built to be sturdy and durable while also being safe. You can slice heated items and the materials will hold up 230 degrees of heat. 

This tool is truly multi-functional in every sense of the word, with its ability to slice soft meats as well as eggs, fruits, and vegetables. It is designed to be anti-slip so you can slice quickly and smoothly.

It is also easy to clean with soap and water. It is labeled as dishwasher-safe, but it also mentions that it withstands the heat of 230 degrees Fahrenheit so we would be cautious when using the dishwasher. 


  • Super slicing machine that can even slice meat
  • Anti-slip board for stability and comfort
  • Easy to clean 
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Simple to use with plenty of space


  • While this is labeled as dishwasher-safe, we would recommend caution considering the heat resistance temperature provided.

7. Rabuit 2-in-1 Egg Slicer

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Final on our list, we have a very sleek, stainless steel slicing tool for you. This tool has the egg rest location that makes it easy to slice eggs, but it could easily slice items like strawberries, kiwi, and mushrooms as well. 

We love the way this egg slicer looks. It is also one of the most highly-rated options on the market and works just as wonderfully as it looks.

You slice both vertically and horizontally and this slicer also affords you the option of slicing wedges as well. 

This slicer is simple and yet sleek all at the same time. It is easy to use and comfortable to handle.

It’s easy to clean but it is also labeled as dishwasher-safe. So you can throw it on the top rack and let the dishwasher do the dirty work for you!


  • Stainless steel wire, sleek design
  • Can slice in both direction or slice wedges
  • Able to slice things besides eggs
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty slicing tool


  • While the wire is made of steel, the rest of the slicer is made of plastic, so it may not be as durable for some households.

Related Questions

We hope that you find this guide to the 7 best egg slicers to be a valuable resource for finding your next egg slicer. There are so many great options to choose from no matter what your needs and preferences are. 

We invite you to review our question and answer section for some additional details that could be useful for you. And, if any of these products caught your eye, you may also be interested in our list of the best egg tart molds.

What’s the Best Way to Clean an Egg Slicer?

Most egg slicers are marked as dishwasher-safe, although not all of them.

Even though they have this allowance, we recommend hand washing your egg slicer with soap and warm water to help it last longer. Just be careful when cleaning the sharp pieces!

How Does an Egg Slicer Work?

It’s super easy! You just place your egg (or other items) against the guard or in the indicated position and push the slicing wires or piece over it. You’ll get perfect slices every time!

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