11 Best Honey Spoons Of 2023

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Honey is a natural sweetener you can drizzle on your pancakes, toasts, cornbread, ice cream, and much, much more! But doing it beautifully without the honey blobbing on a single spot is hard if you don’t have a good honey spoon.

But what are the best honey spoons? The best honey spoons to dispense honey evenly are honey dippers. Other honey spoons will work too so long as they are properly designed and made of a material that you can use with honey safely. Honey spoons for tea are another great option if you like adding honey to hot drinks. 

This article is a complete guide to honey spoons. From different types of honey spoons to a buyer’s guide to choosing one, we have covered it all in this article. It also includes a list of the 11 best honey spoons you can buy. 

Why Do You Need A Special Spoon For Honey?

You can use any spoon for honey. But the problem with regular spoons is that you can’t use them to drizzle the honey beautifully over bread, pancakes, or toast.

A big blob of honey will often end up sliding off of the spoon which is not very convenient!

This is the main reason why you need a honey spoon. Spoons that are specifically designed for honey and other viscous liquids, such as syrups and melted chocolate, provide a consistent and even drizzle

And even if you don’t see the blobbing of the honey as an issue, you can’t just use any spoon for honey. For example, using a metal spoon for honey is not recommended.

This is because honey has acidic properties, and it may react with the metal. Even if you are using a metal spoon for a quick scoop, don’t leave it in the honey. Doing this may reduce its healing properties. 

Types Of Honey Spoons

When looking for a spoon for honey, you will come across a few types of products. Let’s learn about every category of honey spoons on the market!

Honey Dippers

Technically, honey dippers are not spoons. Unlike a regular spoon that has a shallow head, a honey dipper has an ovoid-shaped head.

There are grooves on the head of a honey dipper that provide the consistent dripping of the viscous liquid

There is a right way of using a honey dipper. First, you need to dip the head of the kitchen utensil into the honey.

Once you remove it from the honey, start twirling the handle. This keeps the honey on the head of the dipper and prevents it from dripping. 

When you reach the food you want to drizzle with the sweet liquid, simply hold it without twirling. The honey will release slowly and in an even dribble. 


You can also buy a regular flat-headed spoon so long as the material is compatible with honey. These honey spoons are certainly more versatile.

Additionally, measuring a teaspoon or a tablespoon of honey with a regular spoon is certainly easier than doing it with a dipper. 

Other Designs 

Honey spoons come in a range of other designs too. Some have hollow grooves on the spoon which aid the even dribble of the viscous mixture

Some spoons get narrower at the tip to provide a narrow and consistent stream of honey. 

Honey Spoons For Tea

Another peculiar product you will come across when looking for a honey spoon is honey spoons for tea. 

Sometimes you wish to sweeten your tea, coffee, and other hot beverages without adding granulated sugar. This is when honey spoons for tea come in handy. 

These are individually wrapped honey heads on a wooden stick. All you have to do is to use this spoon to stir your tea.

And once you reach your desired degree of sweetness, remove the honey spoon from your drink and put it back into the cellophane wrapper when it hardens. 

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few considerations you should make when trying to decide on the type of honey spoon that will work best for you. 


As mentioned above, there are different categories of honey spoons, including the traditional honey dippers. Buy a honey dipper if you need a utensil that you will be keeping in your jar of honey.

A dipper is a great option for people who drizzle honey and other syrups on morning toasts and pancakes. 

Another use for a honey dipper is picking up some honey and mixing it into your hot drink. If you do this, make sure to not put the dipper back into the jar of honey. 

Buy a regular spoon for honey if you need to be able to measure it.  Such spoons are very versatile. As opposed to the dippers that work for viscous liquids, flat-headed spoons for everything. 

And if you need a honey spoon just for adding honey into your hot drinks, go with a pack of individually wrapped spoons that have heads made of honey. In the case of these honey spoons, pick the flavor you like best. 


Honey spoons come in a variety of materials. No matter which material you decide to go with, make sure it is of the highest quality. Consider the pros and cons of each material before you buy a honey spoon. 


Wood is the material traditionally used for honey dippers, and wooden dippers truly look good with the golden-brown shades of honey. Buy a wooden honey dipper if you like the look of wooden kitchen utensils.

However, keep in mind that wooden honey spoons and dippers with wooden handles are not dishwasher-safe. 

Stainless Steel

As mentioned earlier, honey is acidic and can react with metals. But as you may know, stainless steel doesn’t typically react with acids and is resistant to corrosion.

But the resistance levels of stainless steel depend on many factors, including the quality of the steel and the level of acidity of the honey. 

So, stainless steel may not be the best material choice if you need a honey spoon or dipper that you are going to leave in the honey jar. 

The good thing about this material is that it is very durable, non-porous, and dishwasher-safe


Silicone kitchen tools are very easy to take care of, and they last longer if the material is of good quality. Silicone is also a non-porous material that doesn’t stain.

You can use a silicone honey spoon for colorful syrups without worrying about staining them. Silicone is also easy to clean

However, silicone tends to attract dust. So, if you will be keeping your honey spoon in a drawer, you will need to rinse it before each use to make sure there is no dust on it. 


Hard plastic honey spoons are very handy too. They are very durable and dishwasher-safe. When buying a plastic honey spoon you need to make sure the material is BPA-free


Glass honey dippers look very elegant. And though they are quite easy to clean, a glass honey spoon is not a good choice if you have kids (or, if you are clumsy and constantly drop things). 

The Handle 

Pay attention to the design of the handle as well as how well it is attached to the head of the spoon. 

The handle should be comfortable to hold. Additionally, it is good when it has a bulky detail at the very end. This prevents the spoon or the dipper from sliding into the jar full of honey or syrup. 


When buying a honey spoon, be it a dipper or another type of spoon you can use for honey, consider the length of the tool.

Some honey spoons come with rather short handles. They won’t work for you if you are using a deep container or jar to store the honey.

If you are someone that always keeps the honey dipper in the jar, buying a spoon or a dipper with a handle that’s too long will not work either.

The dipper should fit in the jar diagonally so that you are able to close it when storing away the honey


A honey spoon, no matter which type you choose, is a small kitchen utensil that is easy to clean by handwashing it.

But if you like all your kitchen utensils to be dishwasher-safe, go with honey spoons made of plastic, stainless steel, or silicone

The 11 Best Honey Spoons

There is a wide range of options for honey spoons. You can buy a regular spoon that will work for honey or opt for a honey dipper that does an excellent job at drizzling honey.

And if you like adding honey to tea or coffee, honey spoons for tea are a great option. 

Here are the 11 best honey spoons you can choose from! 

Rank Product Material & Shape 
1.Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Spoon Honeycomb shape, olive wood
2.Honey and Syrup Dipper Stick Honeycomb shape, stainless steel 
3.Sevensun Small Wooden Honey Spoon Regular spoon shape, natural wood
4.Italian Olive Wood Honey Dipper Honeycomb shape, olive wood 
5.Woodstuff Wooden Honey Dipper Honeycomb-patterned spoon, wood 
6.Honbay Glass Honey Dipper Honeycomb shape, glass
7.Zevro B-Way Honey Dipper Honeycomb shape, hard plastic 
8.Melville Candy Real Clover Honey SpoonsClover honey-flavored candy spoons for tea
9.Melville Candy Lavender Honey Spoons Lavender-flavored honey spoons for tea
10.Stephanie Imports Pomegranate Honey SpoonsPomegranate honey spoons for tea
11.Natural Pine Honey SpoonsPlastic spoons with pine honey for tea

1. Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Dipper

Check Current Price on Amazon 

 A wooden honey dipper is a classic.

If you are looking for a honey dipper that is made of solid wood and won’t chip after a few washes, then this is the one! 

This honey dipper is made of high-quality olive wood.

This sustainable material makes the honey dipper not only look good but also doesn’t harm the honey when you leave the dipper in it. 

The grooves on the head provide an even drizzle. The length of the dipper is around 6 inches which makes it easy to use for honey and syrups in deeper jars. 

These Naturally Med olive wood honey dippers are handcrafted, therefore the design of the dippers may differ slightly from product to product.

Notwithstanding the minor changes in the design, you will always get a high-quality wooden honey dipper.

This honey dipper is not dishwasher-safe. It is best to wash it by hand with warm water. Don’t leave the wooden honey dipper in water for too long, Once washed, pat-dry it with paper towels and let it air dry before you store it away. 

2. Honey and Syrup Dipper Stick 

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If stainless steel is your preferred material for kitchen tools then you will love this honey and syrup dipper. 

It is made of 304 stainless steel.

This is a highly durable material and is widely used in the manufacturing of kitchen tools thanks to its heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant qualities. 

Stainless steel is also very easy to clean. Unlike wooden honey dippers that you can’t put into the dishwasher, this stainless steel one can safely go there and make cleaning up after breakfast very easy and quick. 

The horizontal grooves on this honey dipper make it easy to collect and dispense honey. It also works great for stirring honey into drinks. 

The total length of the handle is 6.3 inches. The handle is quite long and has a ball detail at the hand to make holding the honey dipper easy as well as prevent it from sliding into a jar or bowl with honey. 

3. Sevensun Small Wooden Honey Spoon 

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Honey dippers are great. But it’s not easy to measure honey using a honey dipper.

And if that’s what you need your honey spoon to do, you might consider buying these mini spoons by Sevensun. 

This Sevensun set includes six wooden teaspoons that will work great for honey, jams, various condiments, and even sugar. Your breakfast table will surely look elevated with these spoons. 

These wooden spoons are 100% percent natural and eco-friendly. They are handcrafted and perfectly polished for a smooth finish.

The length of the spoons is 5.3 inches with the head having a diameter of 1.2 inches. So, you can even use these spoons to eat ice cream and oatmeal. 

Wash these mini wooden spoons with a soft sponge and warm water. 

4. Italian Olive Wood Honey Dipper 

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Here’s another option for those who are on the hunt for a good-quality honey dipper.

It features a pair of honey dippers made of premium quality Italian olive wood.

This material is perfectly safe to use for food. Kitchen utensils made of olive wood have a long life span.

They are also very lightweight.

Having the shape of a traditional honey dipper, this honey dipper is suitable for dispensing and drizzling not only honey but other syrups too.

The fact that this set includes two of the same honey dippers is great. You can keep one in your honey jar all the time and use the other when serving syrups, chocolate, etc. 

5. Woodstuff Wooden Honey Dipper 

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If you like collecting unique-looking yet efficient kitchen utensils, then you will love this honey spoon by Woodstuff.

This unique and stylish honey spoon will also make a great gift for anyone who loves honey. 

Made of sustainable wood, this spoon has a honeycomb patterning on the head part of the spoon.

And while the head of this honey spoon is flat, it provides the perfect slow drizzle thanks to the hex holes on the spoon. 

As this spoon is made of natural wood, hand washing is recommended whenever you need to clean it. If you take proper care of this spoon, it won’t chip and break as the wood is polished and treated with oil and wax. 

6. Honbay Glass Honey Dipper 

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Glass kitchen utensils always look more elevated and elegant. A wooden honey dipper is beautiful.

But it does look somewhat rustic which is not the style some people want to go for. 

If this is the case for you, consider buying this glass honey dipper. This honey dipper is fully made of glass.

The smooth glass finish of the dipper and the wavy surface of the head provide the smooth and slow drizzling of honey and any other viscous liquid you choose to use the dipper for. 

This glass honey dipper is very easy to clean. While the manufacturer doesn’t recommend washing it in the dishwasher, washing it with warm soapy water will clean the honey dipper within a minute. 

7. Zevro B-Way Honey Dipper 

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If you often go on a picnic and take pancakes with you, a plastic honey dipper for honey and various syrups would be the perfect option for you.

This honey dipper by Zevro doesn’t have the shape of a traditional honey dipper. The head of this tool is designed to look like a honeycomb.

Thanks to the dips on the surface, this honey dipper provides good drizzling action for the viscous liquid. 

Made of a solid piece of hard plastic, this honey dipper is very durable. It is lightweight and easy to clean.

You can wash it in the dishwasher and not worry about anything. This honey dipper also takes heat well. You can use it to mix various syrups into hot drinks. 

The overall length being 7.1 inches, this honey dipper has a long convenient handle

8. Melville Candy Real Clover Honey Spoons

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Melville makes some of the best honey spoons on the market. These spoons feature real clover honey lollipops that you can use to sweeten hot beverages. 

Made of real honey, each spoon contains 40 calories. This is not a lot given the fact that you most likely won’t use up the entire spoon to sweeten only one cup of tea or coffee. 

Stir your drink using this honey spoon until you achieve the desired degree of sweetness. And when you are done, wrap the spoon back into the plastic wrapping for your next use. 

Melville real clover honey spoons are gluten-free and don’t contain high fructose corn syrup. 

9. Melville Candy Lavender Honey Spoons

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If you have tried it all with regular honey spoons for tea and are looking for something new, go with these lavender honey spoons. 

The delicate floral scent coming from the lavender will take your tea to the next level while also sweetening it.

Using these honey spoons is much easier than picking up honey with a spoon or a honey dipper and mixing it into the drink. 

Additionally, with such honey spoons controlling the sweetness of the drink is easy. You can take out the honey spoon as soon as the drink is sweet enough for you. 

10. Stephanie Imports Pomegranate Honey Spoons

Check Current Price on Amazon

Another unique combination of flavors for honey lovers looking for new experiences.

These pomegranate-flavored honey spoons will add a nice tartness to your drink along with the sweetness of the honey

There are six honey stirrers in a pack. They all come on wooden sticks.

You can stir these pomegranate-flavored hard candies into your hot drink to sweeten it to your desired degree.

It takes these spoons only a couple of minutes to fully dissolve in hot tea and make it sweet and bold with pomegranate notes. 

11. Natural Pine Honey Spoons

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Unlike most honey spoons for tea, these ones don’t come on sticks but on disposable plastic spoons.

You are getting a spoonful of pure pine honey in each individual package. 

Pine honey has a unique flavor profile. It is sweet with spicy and woody notes.

If such a combination of flavors is what you like, then you will enjoy sweetening your hot beverages with these pine honey spoons. 

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