7 Best Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves Of 2023

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Most people use fabric oven mitts to handle hot kitchen items. While they work well for handling hot pans and removing baking trays from the oven, oven mitts are usually flammable. 

If you want to be able to handle hot items safely and eliminate the risk of getting burnt, then you should certainly get yourself a pair of heat-resistant cooking gloves.

But what are the best heat-resistant cooking gloves? When choosing heat-resistant cooking gloves, consider the material, flexibility, and size of the gloves, and how high they go. Additionally, consider how easy the gloves are to clean. Most importantly, check the degree of heat resistance of the gloves. 

In this article, we will tell you why need heat-resistant cooking gloves and how to choose the best pair. We have also ranked and reviewed the 7 best heat-resistant gloves of 2021. 

Why Do You Need Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves?

Whether you are a professional cook or an avid home cook fond of cooking with high heat, grilling, and BBQing, owning a pair of heat-resistant gloves is certainly worth it. 

Burns are one of the most common kitchen injuries alongside cuts. You may get small burns and forget about them in just a few minutes.

But certain cooking tasks require extreme caution as you may end up with heavy burns that leave scars. 

Buying heat-resistant cooking gloves is one of the most effective ways to protect your hands from burns. Some of these gloves are also cut-resistant which makes them even better

Depending on the level of heat a particular pair can handle, you can use heat-resistant cooking gloves for grilling, steaming, baking, and handling kitchen items in general. 

Choosing The Best Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves

If you are on the hunt for heat-resistant gloves, don’t just go buying the first pair that comes up in the search results.

There are quite a few considerations to make if you want to buy a pair of heat-resistant cooking gloves that will cover your needs and fit you well. 

Heat Resistance 

The first thing you should consider when buying heat-resistant cooking gloves is the degree of their heat resistance. 

If you need the gloves to handle hot oven temperatures, buying a pair that can withstand 450°F is good. But if you will be dealing with an open flame, it is safer to buy gloves with a higher degree of heat resistance. 


Heat-resistant cooking gloves can be made of different materials. The most common materials used for these gloves are silicone and neoprene.

Both materials can withstand extreme heat which makes them suitable for manufacturing such heat-resistant kitchen tools as cooking gloves and mats

No matter what type of plastic material is used to manufacture the particular cooking gloves you want to buy, make sure the material is BPA-free. 

But the outside material of the gloves should be only one of your concerns. Make sure you check what material is used to line the interior of the gloves. You need it to be soft and comfortable. 


No matter what material the gloves are made of, they need to be flexible enough to not restrict your movements.

Gloves that are so tough as not to allow you to hold things comfortably are a true hazard. You should be able to get a good grip on hot pans and trays when wearing the gloves. 


Most cooking gloves come in just one size. If this is the case for the pair of heat-resistant gloves you are looking into, measure your hand, check the measurements of the glove, and only then make a purchase.

A glove that is too tight or too loose on your hand will interfere with the cooking process. 

If the cooking gloves come in a few sizes, find your size considering the size chart provided by the manufacturer. 


Another criterion about heat-resistant cooking gloves you need to consider is how easy it is to clean them. 

Luckily, many of the heat-resistant gloves you can find on the market can be washed in the washing machine. Some can also go into the dishwasher

Silicone heat-resistant cooking gloves, thanks to their non-stick surfaces, can be cleaned as easily as washing your hands under running water while wearing them. 

Wrist Protection 

For enhanced protection, consider buying heat-resistant cooking gloves that are a little longer than regular gloves and cover your wrists and part of your forearms too

For certain tasks, your wrists and forearms are at risk just as much as your fingers and palms. So, the longer the cooking gloves the safer. 

Waterproof Design

If the cooking gloves are made not only for touching hot tools but foods too, then you should certainly look for a pair that’s waterproof.

No matter what you are cooking, be it meat or vegetables, juices will come out. So, having waterproof gloves is surely helpful

Additionally, as there is always plenty of steam involved in all kinds of indoor and outdoor cooking processes, buying a waterproof pair of heat-resistant gloves is a good idea.  

The 7 Best Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves 

Here are seven pairs of the best heat-resistant cooking gloves. Consider the features of each pair and choose the one that fits your needs and preferences. 

Rank Product Heat Resistance, Outer Material 
1.GEEKHOM Heat Resistant Gloves 446°F, silicone 
2.RAPICCA BBW Grill Gloves 932°F, neoprene rubber
3.Comsmart BBQ Gloves 1472°F, silicone
4.KITCHEN PERFECTION Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves 500°F, silicone 
5.Lagarto Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves 896°F, silicone 
6.OZERO Heat Resistant Gloves 932°F, leather 
7.Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves 425°F, silicone 

1. GEEKHOM Heat Resistant Gloves 

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GEEKHOM makes some of the most comfortable heat-resistant gloves you can find on the market. 

You can wear these gloves when working with heat that gets as high as 446°F.

This means these gloves will protect your hands from burns when cooking or baking indoors or barbecuing outdoors. 

What makes these gloves super comfortable is their dual-layer design. GEEKHOM gloves have a silicone layer from the outside and a heat-resistant cotton lining inside.

The soft inside layer of the gloves provides maximum comfort while the pliable silicone exterior provides dexterity.  

The cotton lining is also good at absorbing sweat. Thus, even if you have the gloves on for a longer period of time, your hands will still feel comfortable in them. 

The BPA-free silicone material the gloves are made of makes them easy to clean. They are also textured to provide a non-slip grip. 

Another great feature these heat-resistant gloves have is their long-sleeve design. The cuffs that go higher on the wrists and arms provide more protection.

They are also designed with a rope to make storing the gloves easy. You can hang them somewhere near your cooking area to save space. 

GEEKHOM heat-resistant cooking gloves are 100% waterproof and come in a few shades. 

2. RAPICCA BBQ Grill Gloves 

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If you are looking for comfortable heat-resistant gloves that will protect your forearms too, then this pair by RAPICCA might be your best bet. 

The outer layer of these gloves is FDA-approved food-grade neoprene rubber.

This material is heat resistant to up to 932°F. You can wear them when handling hot food on the fryer, oven, or grill

RAPICCA heat-resistant gloves fit comfortably thanks to two factors. First, these gloves are lined with a cotton layer from the inside. And second, they come in a few sizes.

You can pick the size that will fit your hands perfectly. In general, though, the RAPICCA gloves are loose-fitting and keep your hands insulated from heat. 

RAPPICA heat-resistant grill gloves are also quite long and keep your forearms covered. You can wear these gloves when working with grill flames and fire without the fear of getting burns on your hands. 

The gloves are also easy to clean. The rubber material used to manufacture these gloves is not only resistant to heat but also water, grease, and oil. Wash these gloves with warm soapy water and hang them to dry. 

3. Comsmart BBQ Gloves 

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These Comsmart heat-resistance gloves are some of the best options you can go for.

The advanced design of these gloves can protect your hands even when the temperature is as high as 1472°F

There are three materials used in the construction of these gloves. The first outer layer is silicone.

It is used to provide the pattern on the gloves as well as add non-slip protection. 

The second layer is ultra-strong aramid fiber. It protects your hands from heat, cuts, and acids that may damage your skin. 

The third material, which is the interior lining of the glove, is a soft cotton material. It provides the comfort of your hands while you are wearing the gloves. 

While these gloves come in a single size, the brand has upgraded them based on the customers’ reviews to make them better fit most hands.

Additionally, you can choose between the long and short variants of these gloves. You can buy the long version if you want to better protect your forearms. 

The Comsmart heat-resistance gloves are very easy to clean. You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. 

4. KITCHEN PERFECTION Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves 

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These heat-resistant gloves are a great option if you are looking for silicone gloves.

Silicone gloves are preferable if you want your gloves to be easy to clean.

All you need to do is to wash your hands with the gloves on with soap and warm water. 

The non-toxic silicone material used for the outer layer of the gloves is heat-resistant to 500°F. It has a textured surface for a secure grip on hot kitchen tools

The interior of the gloves is lined with soft cotton material. The cotton layer provides an extra layer of protection and absorbs the sweat, making you feel comfortable in these gloves even if you need to have them on for a long time. 

The gloves come in multiple shades and two sizes. The standard size fits more hands while the X-large is meant for bigger hands. 

These heat-resistant gloves come with hanging holes. You can hang them near the stove for easy access. 

5. Lagarto Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves 

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If you always feel like your cooking gloves are restricting your movements, then try these ones by Lagarto.

These heat-resistant gloves are designed to provide the utmost comfort for your hands when you are wearing them.

The silicone used to manufacture these gloves makes them heat-resistant and durable.

The cotton, on the other hand, makes the gloves soft and comfortable to wear. 

The heat resistance of these gloves is 896°F. You can use them when handling hot pans and trays, as well as when working with a hot grill, having a barbeque, etc. 

There is a tight rubber lining at the wrist which ensures that the gloves don’t slip off even when they are a little loose on your hands. 

Lagarto heat-resistant gloves come in only one size. The length is 12 inches. So, keep this in mind when buying them. 

Cleaning these heat-resistant gloves after each use is as easy as throwing them in the washing machine. 

6. OZERO Heat Resistant Gloves 

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Here’s another great pair of heat-resistant gloves. The outer material of these gloves is leather.

While it may seem unsafe to you to use leather gloves to protect your hands from heat, these gloves are heat-resistant to 500°F

The secret is the extremely durable natural cowhide leather used to manufacture them.

This material is heat, puncture, oil, and cut-resistant. It is also flame retardant. The thickness of the leather is 1.2 mm. 

The total length of these gloves is 16 inches. The sleeves are 7.5 inches long and protect your wrists and forearms from flames and hot steam.

You can safely use these gloves for indoor cooking as well as grilling and barbeque. The interior lining of the gloves is insulated, soft, and sweat-absorbent.

In case the gloves get dirty, you can wash them in the washing machine. 

7. Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves 

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If you are looking for a comfortable pair of heat-resistant gloves that are fully made of silicone, then this one by Cuisinart is a great choice.

These silicone gloves have a non-slip textured grip.

They are also extremely flexible which helps you get a good grip on any hot object you are handling.

Unlike some all-silicone gloves, these ones by Cuisinart are resilient and comfortable to work in. 

Cleaning these silicone gloves is easy. You can wash your hands with soap and warm water while wearing the gloves or throw them in the dishwasher for a quick cleanup. 

These Cuisinart heat-resistant gloves can handle heat as high as 425°F. Whether you are cooking at home or working with a grill or a smoker, these gloves have you covered. Additionally, these gloves are waterproof

You get two pairs of these Cuisinart gloves in a pack. And though these gloves come in a single size, they fit most hands.

The length of the gloves is 11 inches. They may sit tightly only if you have big hands. We recommend considering the measurements of the gloves and your hands to make sure they will fit properly. 

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