5 Best Pans For Searing Fish

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Fish! There’s just something about that flavorful, tender meat that you really can’t beat.

There are so many decadent types of fish and many different ways to prepare fish as well. One of our favorite ways to prepare fish is through a pan-searing method. 

Pan searing fish brings a bit of color and really draws out the flavor for the fish. Not to mention, when you pan sear, you’re typically searing using oil or butter which is also going to make it flavorful.

Searing just makes for such a crisp and delicious exterior to your favorite healthy dish. 

But what is the best pan for searing fish? Stainless steel pans are ideal for searing fish. Your fish is less likely to stick to it, yet stainless steel will allow the fish to get crisper than it might in a regular nonstick pan. The most common size for most uses is 9-12 inches.

There are several great options out there. In this guide, we will share with you the 5 best pans for searing fish.

For each pan on our list, we will share a detailed review so you can compare and determine which pan seems best for your needs. So keep reading to learn more about the best pans for searing fish so your next meal is nothing short of perfect!

Tips for Choosing a Frying Pan For Searing Fish

As you review these selections, there are just a few things you may want to consider as you make a decision for a frying pan.

In this case, we chose specifically on what may be best for searing fish. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Nonstick Properties: Some stainless steel pans are nonstick but many are not. You will want to be aware of this and familiarize yourself with ways to help clean up these pans or potentially prevent food from sticking as much during the process. 
  • Pan Size: Be sure you are choosing a frying pan that is the right size for you. There are many different sizes. We recommend something in the 9-12 inch range, but you this is really up to how and how much you cook.
  • Budget: Pans can come in a lot of different price ranges. You can get decent pans at affordable prices and you can get great pans at high prices. You might even find a great pan at a lower price. Be sure to choose something that suitable fits into your budget. 

The 5 Best Pans for Searing Fish

Each of these reviews will be shared in ranking order, starting with our top pick and working our way down the list.

1.Cuisinart MultiClad Pro SkilletSkillet + lid, 10"
2.Paderno Signature Frying PanNon-stick pan, 9.5"
3.Frigidaire Ready Cook Cookware3 pans: 8, 10, 12"
4.All-Clad Fry Pan + LidPan + lid, 12"
5.Cooks Standard Stir Fry PanStir fry pan + lid, 12"

We’ve also laid them out below in more detail. Every product review will also contain a list of pros and cons so you can quickly pick out certain things about the pan. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Skillet

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Our first pan is the best overall option. It’s a classic stainless steel skillet and comes with a lid. What more could you ask for?

This is a standard size 10-inch skillet. The materials of the pan are stainless steel and the handle is cast stainless steel so that it doesn’t get too hot when you’re cooking, so there’s a bonus.

The overall construction of this pan is triple-ply so it’s sturdy and durable. The rims are slightly tapered, which allows you to pour from the pan without worrying about drips.

It is also labeled dishwasher-safe but when it comes to good pans like this we always recommend washing by hand to prolong its life.

This pan is also oven and broiler safe up to 550 degrees so you can sear on the stovetop and then move to the oven if needed. This skillet is even covered by a limited lifetime warranty by Cuisinart. 

You really can’t beat this high-quality option. 


  • Professional-quality stainless steel pan
  • Dishwasher, oven, and broiler safe
  • Tapered rims allow pouring with no mess
  • 10-inch skillet is a great size!
  • Affordable and highly-rated


  • This does have a non-stick surface that unfortunately can scratch if you don’t use the right utensils.

2. Paderno Signature Frying Pan

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This is a very nice pan that is pretty unique as well. This particular option is a 9.5, which isn’t too far on the small size for a searing pan depending on how many pieces you are cooking.

But you can also find this pain in both 11 and 12-inch options, so don’t let the size bother you.

This pan has a deep maroon interior color and the traditional silver of stainless steel on the exterior, which is a stylish touch. You’re going to want to show this pan off.

It’s made entirely of stainless steel and is considered to be a non-stick pan as well. These pans are designed to be durable and last for many years to come. 

The handle is a stay-cool handle that won’t get hot when you’re cooking on the stove. This pan is also oven safe so you can sear on the stove and then bake if you need to. The oven-safe maximum is 500 degrees.

This pan is labeled as dishwasher safe but the company does recommend washing by hand instead. (See? There’s a method to our madness!)


  • Unique color design
  • High-quality materials
  • Non-stick surface
  • Oven-safe up to 500 degrees. 
  • Stay-cool handle design


  • Some users have had issues with pitting on the nonstick surface. 

3. Frigidaire Ready Cook Cookware

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This is a budget-friendly option for you. It comes in a set of 3 and is priced at what you might pay for a single searing pan from some quality brands.

This set doesn’t come with lids so that may be something you want to keep in mind, but for searing purposes, no lid is needed anyway.

These pans are designed to provide even heat control over the entirety of the pan/burner. You get a variety of sizes so you should have an option for just about any need. The cookware is compatible with any type of cooking surface. 

These pans are rated as oven-safe but the maximum temperature is only 400-450 so be aware of that.

This temperature should be sufficient for the most part. These are rated as dishwasher-safe but again it is recommended that you wash by hand instead. 


  • Set of 3 pans
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Evenly distributes heat for cooking


  • This pan is not very easy to clean. It appears to stick with certain foods.

4. All-Clad Fry Pan With Lid

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If you’re looking for a premium or professional model, look no further. This is a premium brand that is designed to be a professional-grade option. It is truly top notch!

This is a 12-inch pan, which gives you plenty of room. They also have a 10-inch pan. The pan does come with a lid as well.

This pan is made with high-quality D3 stainless steel. There are three layers that include American-made stainless steel and aluminum and it is all fully bonded together. 

The sides are low and sloped so you can easily reach in and flip your items. These are rated as dishwasher safe and the company offers tips for removing things that perhaps stick to the surface. This pan is also oven-safe up to 600 degrees! 


  • Oven-safe up to 600 degrees
  • Low profile design to make flipping and moving easy
  • 3-ply fully-bonded construction 
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • There’s a slight risk of inconsistency on the build. For example, some pans may come with a bottom that isn’t quite fully flat. 

5. Cooks Standard Stir Fry Pan

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Here is another simple but highly-rated pan that’s sure to fit your needs!

This pan is a little bit deeper because it is designed to be used for everyday needs for chefs. It does come with the lid and also has side-grip handles rather than a long handle. 

This is made with stainless steel and has an aluminum disc on the bottom of the pan, sandwiched between the layers.

The handles are easy to work with and comfortable to grip and move. This pan is oven-safe to 500 degrees but be aware the lid is only safe to 350 degrees. 

You can use this pan on any cooking surface, including induction. The pan is listed as being dishwasher safe as well. This is a 12-inch pan that is well-made and durable for use. 


  • Oven-safe up to 500 degrees
  • Designed with 2 side handles
  • Includes a tempered glass lid
  • Large, deep pan makes it versatile
  • Made with quality stainless steel


  • This is not a nonstick pan so understand tips for cleaning up and preventing sticking.

Related Questions

We hope you find this guide to the best pans for searing fish to be a good resource with some great options! 

We invite you to review our question and answer guide for some additional details. 

How Can You Sear Fish Without It Sticking?

Always heat your pan before cooking. We recommend a high heat. You can dredge the fish in butter to help keep it from sticking, but you should also heat oil in the pan as well. 

Why is My Fish Skin Not Crispy?

Did you know that the material of the pan can make all the difference when searing and frying?

If you are using a non-stick pan, that could be your problem. Otherwise, be sure to follow instructions for searing and don’t get the fish too moist before cooking. 

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