7 Best Glass Food Processors Of 2023

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Having a food processor in your kitchen makes cooking so much easier and quicker. But there is a range of food processors on the market with different features and designs.

Glass food processors are something many people have started to look into due to the multiple benefits glass bowls have. 

But what are the best glass food processors? The best glass food processors have a large bowl capacity, durable wattage and blades, and multiple functions, as well as speed settings on the device. Additionally, the durability of the appliance’s material, its lid design, and the quietness of operation are also factors to consider. 

In this article, you’ll find an all-encompassing buyer’s guide to glass food processors. You will also get a selection of the 7 best glass food processors on the market. 

The Benefits of Glass Food Processors 

There is a wide range of food processors on the market, many of which come with plastic bowls. When on the hunt for a good food processor, you may come across some with glass bowls.

These can have a higher price tag when compared to their all-plastic counterparts which will surely make you wonder why you need to invest in a food processor with a glass bowl. 

Glass food processors, aside from the benefits that all processors come with, do have other benefits too. 

Firstly, the glass is BPA-free. While you can find BPA-free plastic too, glass material is certainly a safer and healthier choice. 

Secondly, glass bowls look more presentable compared to plastic ones even after years of usage. As opposed to plastic bowls, glass bowls are not prone to discoloration and scratches.

While they are heavier and will break if you drop them, some people find it worth it to be extra careful but have a food processor that will look fresh new for years. 

Thirdly, glass bowls have a non-porous surface. This means that glass bowls don’t absorb and retain odors.

This is important as you will be using your food processors for a range of tasks – from grinding meat and chopping onions to preparing fruit purees. 

Lastly, some glass bowls are also oven, freezer, and microwave-safe. These are excellent added features to have for your food processor, making the cooking process easier, faster, and mess-free. 

Choosing a Glass Food Processor

A high-quality food processor is an investment in making your kitchen a happier place. However, it isn’t the cheapest kitchen appliance.

Because of this, when choosing a glass food processor, you should certainly take your time to make a few considerations. 

Bowl Capacity

The capacity of the bowl is the primary feature you should consider when buying a food processor.

When deciding on the bowl capacity, there are two things to keep in mind. First, think about the tasks you will be using the processor for. Second, consider how many portions of food you usually need to cook. 

Here’s a guide to help you choose a food processor with the bowl capacity that will best fit your needs. 

  • 3-4 cups: These are the smallest food processor suitable for people who cook one portion of food. Processors with a small bowl capacity are also good for small chopping and grinding tasks.
  • 5-6 cups: Food processors with a bowl capacity of 5-6 cups are perfect for preparing two portions of food as well as making dips and sauces. 
  • 7-10 cups: If you are a family of four and need a processor that will cover your needs and cook enough portions of food with one batch, then a 7-10 cup capacity bowl is what you should go for. 
  • 11-19 cups: Food processors with such a large bowl capacity are good not only for large families but for commercial use too. These food processors tend to be on the larger side and are suitable for spacious kitchens. 
  • Over 20 cups: Food processors that have a bowl capacity of over 20 cups are meant for commercial use. They are also great for people who prepare food for events. 

Processor Size 

Once you have chosen the bowl capacity you need for the appliance, consider the overall size of the processor.

Check the measurements provided by the manufacturer and see if the appliance will fit in the space you are planning to store it. 

If you won’t be keeping the food processor on the counter at all times, make sure it is not overly bulky for storage in the cupboard. 

Blades and Functions 

A food processor is a versatile kitchen appliance. However, it becomes even more versatile when there are various blades and disks included in the set.

Before you make a purchase, think about the tasks you’d want your food processor to perform and buy one that comes with blades and attachments meant for them. 

Check the material of the blades to make sure they are durable and rust-resistant. Stainless steel blades are the best for this reason. 

Tight-Fitting Lid  

Buy a food processor that comes with a tight-fitting lid that will prevent the food from spilling and creating a mess in your kitchen. 

Some food processors come with bowls with lids. If you want versatile bowls and a mess-free cooking experience, buy a food processor with multiple bowls that come with lids.

You can prepare food in the processor bowl and store it in it as well.

The bowls of some food processors are also freezer and microwave-safe. For easy cleaning, we also recommend buying a food processor with glass bowls that are safe to go into the dishwasher. 

Speed Control 

If you want to have control over the texture of the food being processed, buy a food processor with multiple speed settings

Food processors that are on the expensive side tend to have more refined speed control settings. This allows you to achieve the perfect texture for any food. 

Stability and Durability 

The job of a food processor is not easy. Sometimes it has to deal with tough foods chopping and grinding which can cause vibrations.

It’s important for the body of the food processor to be well-built with high-quality durable materials

Additionally, pay attention to the base of the food processor. While processors with a wider base take up more space on the kitchen counter, they provide enhanced stability. 


Most people use food processors for easy cutting and chopping tasks. If this is what you need, you don’t need to worry much about the wattage of the processor. 

But certain tasks, such as dough mixing and making nut butter require more power. If you want to be sure that your food processor can handle all tasks, buy one with 600-700 watts of power. 

Quiet Operation 

While it is impossible to find a food processor that makes zero noise, you can surely find an option that operates quietly. This is especially important for people who have babies or anyone that finds the noise of a food processor annoying. 

You can check the manufacturer’s claims regarding the quiet operation of the appliance. However, we also recommend checking buyers’ reviews for an unbiased opinion. 

The 7 Best Glass Food Processors Of 2021

Here are the 7 best glass food processors on the market, ranked and reviewed. Consider the features of each and pick the food processor that best fits your needs. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.ElechomesDual-layer stainless steel blades
2.RedmondDishwasher-safe blades and bowl 
3.KocbelleRechargeable and portable 
4.AAOBOSITwo speeds 
5.Homeleader 10-Cup Three speeds
6.AUTOGENLow-noise design 
7.Homeleader 8-CupNon-slip sealed lid

1. Elechomes

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  • 8-cup capacity
  • 300- watt power
  • Dual-layer stainless steel blades
  • One-touch control 

Elechomes electric food processor is an 8-cup capacity blender, meat grinder, and chopper.

With a 300-watt power base, this kitchen appliance will tackle all food preparation tedious tasks, creating an effortless cooking experience. 

The copper motor drives the dual-layer 4 stainless steel blades that rotate quickly, helping you reach your desired texture from chopped vegetables to baby food.

Elechomes food processor has a one-touch control which makes it extremely user-friendly. 

The glass bowl is BPA-free, with 7 mm thick walls to withstand the toughest chopping tasks. The bowl has handles for easy grip and comes with a non-slip mat for enhanced stability. 

The design of the Elechomes food processor is sleek and compact, featuring a stainless steel top that fits nicely into all kinds of interiors.

2. Redmond

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  • 3-cup capacity 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dishwasher-safe parts 
  • Built-in cord wrap 

If you are on the hunt for a mini food processor that you can use for the most time-consuming cooking tasks, then this Hamilton Beach food processor is a great choice. 

The glass bowl has a 3-cup capacity. This makes it perfect for such tasks as chopping garlic, onion, nuts, etc. You can also make small batches of dips and sauces in this compact food processor. 

The glass bowl, along with the stainless steel blades, is dishwasher-safe. That means with this Hamilton Beach mini food processor you cut down the cleaning time too.

The bowl comes with a tight-fitting lid that prevents the food from spilling everywhere. 

Using Hamilton Beach Stack & Press mini food processor is as easy as the name suggests. All you have to do is to put the food inside the bowl, cover with the lid and press it to start the chopping action. 

This mini food processor is perfect for anyone with little space on their kitchen counter. Storing it in the cupboard is easy too as the processor has a built-in cord wrap for neat storage. 

3. Kocbelle

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  • 1.3-cup capacity 
  • 150-watt power
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl 
  • Rechargeable and portable 

Have you ever wanted to have a cordless food processor that you could take with you to the country?

This Kockbelle mini electric food processor is a dream-come-true for anyone looking for a wireless chopper. 

It is rechargeable and portable, operating with a 1200mAH battery. The bowl is on the smaller side, with only 1.3 cup capacity which is great for chopping vegetables for salads, making baby food, or preparing only a portion of food. 

The glass bowl is BPA-free, not prone to scratches and leakage. It is also dishwasher-safe and has a slip-resistant rubber pad. 

Instructions to use this mini food processor are quite straightforward. All you need to do is to press the top button to start or stop the crushing.

While the food processor works, three sharp stainless steel blades rotate, grating, slicing and mincing the food. 


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  • 5-cup capacity
  • 350-watt power
  • Titanium steel blades
  • Two speeds 

This is a medium-sized food processor for anyone looking for a kitchen appliance that can mince, grind, chop, and puree within seconds. 

This Yusido food processor has a BPA-free glass bowl that is durable and dishwasher-safe.

The remaining parts of the food processor are not dishwasher-safe. But they are lightweight, easy to clean and assemble. 

The best part about this food processor is that it has two speeds. Speed 1 is for soft ingredients while Speed 2 is for hard ingredients and for when you are blending larger volumes of food. 

5. Homeleader

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  • 10-cup capacity 
  • 400-watt power motor 
  • Three speeds
  • Wide base 

Homeleader electric food processor is a large-capacity kitchen appliance with a BPA-free glass bowl and duo-layer blades. 

This 10-cup food processor allows you to prepare food for the entire family in one batch. The best feature of this food processor is that, unlike many of its counterparts, it has a three-speed options.

This’ll allow you to adjust the speed of mincing, chopping, or grinding to achieve your desired consistency of meat, vegetables, fruits, or nuts

The powerful 400-watt motor will deal with hard ingredients with ease in seconds.

The transparent lid locks tightly to prevent the food from spilling everywhere while the sharp double-layer blades work on achieving your desired texture. 


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  • 8-cup capacity
  • 300-watt power
  • Low-noise design 
  • Three speeds 

If you can’t decide between a mini food processor and a large-capacity one, why not give this one a shot!

It will work well for cooking for the entire family as well as such small tasks as chopping onion, garlic, nuts, etc. 

This food processor by AUTOGEN has three speeds for processing different kinds of food. The appliance starts working with a touch of a button and gets the job done within seconds due to its 4 sharp stainless steel blades

The AUTOGEN food processor has a tight-fitting lid and a low-noise design. The latter is perfect if you have a baby or are used to cooking early in the morning when everyone is still asleep. 

7. Homeleader

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  • 8-cup capacity 
  • 300-watt power
  • Two speeds 
  • 4 sharp blades 

Another great option by Homeleader but this time with an 8-cup capacity bowl and a 300-watt motor

Featuring a stainless steel exterior, this food processor will ease the cooking process by chopping, mashing, mincing and grinding food within seconds.

There are two buttons on this food processor to control the speed of operation.

Choose between fast and slow options depending on the ingredient you are using and the consistency you are trying to achieve. 

This food processor has a safety lock that doesn’t allow the double-layer blades to move until you adjust them properly. 

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