27 Best French Candies You Have To Taste For Yourself

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France has many different culinary delights, the most famous being croissants, pastries, cheese, and even wine! 

While these French foods and beverages are all amazing in their own right, there is more to French cuisine than just pastries and cheese.

France produces some delicious candies with great flavors and textures that you just have to taste for yourself.

Which are the best French candies? The best French candies will tickle your taste buds and soothe your sweet tooth. There are different types of French candies to choose from, such as nougat, licorice, caramels, and jellies, so the best type would depend on your preference.

If you are wanting to try some of the best French candies on offer, we have listed the top 27 that you just have to taste for yourself, as well as how to choose some of the better candies that France has to offer.

Buyer’s Guide – Best French Candies

By keeping in mind a few different factors and considerations, you will be able to pick out the best, most authentic French candies to try out for yourself.

Types Of Candies

Candy is a broad term for a whole host of different types of sweet treats. This can include soft jellies, chews, licorice, nougat, chocolate (debatably), salted caramel, and more.

Keep in mind the type of candy you like to eat, and then see if there is a French version for you to try. However, don’t be too focussed on one type, why not try out a different type of candy to explore what else is out there?


It is always worth taking a look at the ingredients list of the candy you are wanting to try.

You should always try to choose a candy that uses natural flavoring and coloring where possible, as these are better for you than the artificial type.

This isn’t always possible, but just make sure that the candy has no hidden nasty ingredients!

Dietary Needs

If you have any dietary needs, such as being gluten-free or sensitive to sugar, then check to see that the candies accommodate for this.

There are some great candies out there that are suitable for varied diets, such as being low in sugar, gluten-free, and even vegan.

The 27 Best French Candies

Now for the fun part! Here are the 27 best French candies that you just have to try for yourself. Take a look through the below list and find a candy (or a few) to test out yourself.

1.Chocmod Truffettes de France Dark chocolate
2.French Almond DrageesSweet vanilla almond
3.Eiffel Apple Bon BonsStrong apple flavor
4.Barnier Pierrot Gourmand LollipopsSalted butter caramel
5.Carambar Caramel CandiesTraditional caramel
6.French Lutti Arlequin Sour CandiesSweet and sour
7.Anis De Flavigny Flavored CandiesMint, lemon, and rose
8.Krema Regal’ad Fruit Chewy CandyOrange, raspberry, cherry, apricot, lemon
9.Maxim’s Jellies CaramelsFruit jellies, nougat, toffee, calissons
10.Gourmanity Lavender Honey DropsLavender honey
11.Gavottes Crispy Lace CrepesMilk chocolate crepe biscuits
12.Saint Siffrein Gourmet French Fruit JelliesBlackberry, pear, strawberry, and apricot
13.French Tagada Haribo CandyStrawberry
14.Violet French Hard CandyViolet
15.Cruzilles Pates de FruitsApricot, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, orange, plum
16.Eiffel Bon Bons Variety PackStrawberry and watermelon
17.La Vosgieenne Sweet Pine DropsPine
18.Honey Pearls Candy With LemonLemon, mint, or violet
19.Batna Soft Chewy Licorice CandiesSalted butter caramel licorice
20.Canasuc Paris L’Envie En RoseSugar, radish, apple, and blackcurrant
21.Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie SquaresDark chocolate ganache, sea salt
22.Traditional French CalissonsAlmond, orange, melon
23.Lutti Original Bubblizz CandyFizzy bubblegum
24.French Cemoi Petit Ourson CandyChocolate marshmallow
25.Maxim’s de Paris Gourmet Chocolate CandiesMilk and dark chocolates
26.Russel Stover French Chocolate MintsChocolate mint
27.La Maison d’Armorine CaramelsChocolate salted caramel

1. Chocmod Truffettes de France 

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Chocolate lovers will be absolutely delighted to try out these Chocmod Truffettes de France, which are delicious dark chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa powder for a decadent bite.

These chocolate truffles are all-natural, and only contain a few ingredients, so not only are they delicious, but you can enjoy them guilt-free too!

Get a real taste for dark cocoa and creamy truffles with these chocolate truffles made in France. The box contains two bags filled with truffles, and you should get 100 truffles in one box alone.

2. French Almond Dragees

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You might have come across French almond dragees before at special occasions, such as at weddings or baptisms.

These little candies are traditionally served at special events and are enjoyed by all who attend.

Dragees are almonds coated in a thin, sweet, vanilla candy coating that is not too sweet or too bland.

In one bite you will get the sweetness of the candy and the nuttiness of the almond, which is a unique taste that you just cannot get elsewhere.

If you are wanting a traditional French candy, then a French almond dragee should definitely be first on your list to try.

3. Eiffel Apple Bon Bons

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If chewy candies are more to your taste, then you should definitely buy a bag of Eiffel Apple Bon Bons.

The bright color of the candies, and the strong apple flavor, make them popular among children and adults alike and are very reminiscent of the candies eaten as a kid.

Enjoy a bold apple flavor in each small Bon Bon, and relish the hard outer shell and the soft chewy candy on the inside, which will not disappoint with each and every chew!

4. Barnier Pierrot Gourmand Salted Butter Caramel Lollipops

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The salted butter caramel lollipops from Pierrot Gourmand are one of the most popular candies enjoyed by people in France. 

Not only are they treat that you can enjoy at home on your own, but the fancy wrapping and rich and delicate caramel flavor make them great treats to gift to others too.

You would not expect to get such a creamy salted caramel flavor and texture from a small lollipop, but these give you that and so much more!

The ingredient list is small and free from any additives or artificial flavors, so these are really as good as a salted caramel treat gets!

5. Carambar Caramel Candies

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French Carambar candies are an absolute must if you are traveling to France, or you want to taste one of the most popular candies that France has to offer!

These long caramel candies are wrapped up in yellow paper, and each wrapping contains a joke hidden inside, adding to the fun a little more.

These candies are only found in France, and anyone who lives in or who has visited France before will immediately recognize the long yellow wrapped candies and crave the delicious caramel treat that is kept within.

6. French Lutti Arlequin Sour Candies

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For when you need a kick of something sour, the French Lutti Arlequin Sour Candies will do perfectly. 

These small hard candies come in many bright colors and have the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and offer a flavor and sensation explosion in your mouth.

These are only made and found in France, but luckily you can order a bag online to get to experience these delightfully sour candies at home without making the trip over.

The fun twist of colors in each candy, and the different flavors that they offer, along with the sour kick, make these a must-try.

7. Anis De Flavigny Flavored Candies

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To travel back in time and try some of the oldest candies that France has to offer, the Anis De Flavigny Flavored Candies are a great option.

These small candies are considered some of the oldest in France and are still produced from one of the original sites today.

Each tin is beautifully decorated, and each tin contains a different flavor mint. There is mint, lemon, and rose, all full of flavor and coated in sugar.

At the center of the mint is aniseed, which is how the candies were served when first made. The candies carry their flavor well, but are not too sweet or overwhelming, and make for the perfect mint when you are looking for something that has floral or citrus notes, without tasting artificial at all.

8. Krema Regal’ad Fruit Chewy Candy

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These Krema Regal’ad Fruit Chewy Candies are soft and fruity and packed with flavor and juiciness in each and every bite.

Enjoy flavors such as orange, raspberry, cherry, apricot, lemon, and strawberry in each pack, finding all of your favorite flavors and more.

Each chewy candy is individually wrapped to keep each chew fresh, and it also means they are perfect to serve at parties and events.

The chews are made with natural flavorings and fruit juice and contain no artificial colors, so you know you are enjoying great-quality chews with none of the bad stuff.

These are popular chews in France, and you can now enjoy them at home and fall in love with the chewy, fruity flavors that these candies offer.

9. Maxim’s Jellies Caramels

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When you cannot decide on the type of candy you want and would prefer a selection, the Maxim’s Jellies Caramels is absolutely perfect.

This small box of 32 candies features a range of different French Specialities, including fruit jellies, nougat, toffees, and calissons.

In total, there are 7 different types of candies included in one box, so you do get a real selection of the best France Confectionery has to offer.

Each candy in the box is individually wrapped, so they keep their flavor and texture well, and you can enjoy the full flavor of each candy in your own time.

The inside of the box features a description of each candy it contains, so you will be able to identify them easily and brush up your knowledge a little bit on the best French candies to try.

10. Gourmanity Lavender Honey Drops

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This tub of Gourmanity Honey Drops features delectable and soothing lavender honey candies straight from France.

These are a great option if you do not want candies that are overly sweet or too flavored, and prefer a subtle, more natural, and herbal candy to enjoy.

The honey candies are made with a soft lavender honey surprise center, to add a fruit and floral touch.

They are made with ecologically raised honey bees which pollinate from organic trees, and all ingredients are natural.

Made in Provence, France, these authentic honey drops are truly a treat and make for a lovely gift to give too. They work well to soothe an irritated throat and to bring some relief and comfort after a long day.

11. Gavottes Crispy Lace Crepes

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Imported straight from France, these Crispy Lace Crepes are a delicious treat that anybody will absolutely love.

France is known for its crepes, and these are the biscuit version of them! Fine crusty layers are rolled up tight and covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

Each bite offers a beautiful crispy crunch, filled with milk chocolate for added flavor and creaminess.

These make the perfect companion for tea and coffee and can be served as a dessert on their own or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

12. Saint Siffrein Gourmet French Fruit Jellies

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You will battle to find fruit jellies that taste as authentic as these Saint Siffrein Gourmet French Fruit Jellies.

The flavors are absolutely spot on to the real thing, and the texture is soft, thick, and beautifully juicy.

To finish the jellies off, they are coated in sugar for a kick of sweetness that rounds off the fruity flavor perfectly. The flavors included in this box are blackberry, pear, strawberry, and apricot.

These are authentic French Fruit Jellies that you cannot find anywhere else other than France, but thankfully you can order a box of these and try them out yourself.

13. French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy

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We all enjoy a bag of Haribo candies now and then, and now you can experience your love for Haribo with a French twist!

These Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candies have a sweet strawberry cream flavor, with the candies melting in your mouth for the best candy experience.

With a marshmallowy texture and flavor, these soft candies will hit the spot, and will soon become one of your favorite Haribo candies to keep close for when you need a delicious treat. You will have to order these online as they can only be found in candy stores in France.

14. Violet French Hard Candy

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These Violet French Hard Candies are a sophisticated candy, and ideal for when you don’t want something too sweet or chewy and want to savor subtle, natural flavors instead.

Made with natural flavors, these candies do not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives and are made according to old traditions, keeping an authentic flavor and texture.

These are violet flavored candies, but there are other flavors available, so you can pick out your favorite to keep close to pop into your mouth for a soothing, natural flavor and a slight hint of sweetness.

Each candy is pressed into a flower shape, and they are presented in a glass jar wrapped with a satin bow, making them a beautiful gift to give.

15. Cruzilles Pates de Fruits

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Imported from France, these little fruit jellies are made with natural flavors and fruit juice and are free from artificial ingredients and preservatives.

They are served in a charming metal French pail to complete the experience.

The Cruzilles company has perfected the art of fruit jelly making and makes these candies in the Auvergne region of France.

Different types of fruit pulp are used to create these natural, fruity-flavored gummies which are packed with all the right stuff, and coated in a light sprinkle of sugar.

Some of the flavors included in the pail are apricot, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, orange, and plum.

16. Eiffel Bon Bons Variety Pack

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The apple-flavored Eiffel Bon Bons are definitely a favorite, but there are some other flavors that you just have to taste too.

This variety pack comes with strawberry and watermelon flavored candies, but you can also choose to try out raspberry as well.

These firm but chewy bite-sized candies make for the perfect treat on the go, each packed in a snack-sized bag to soothe your cravings.

Each candy has an intense fruity flavor and juicy, chewy texture that will keep you coming back for more!

17. La Vosgieenne Sweet Pine Drops

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Combined with honey and the essence of pine, these pine drops have a pure and intense flavor that you won’t find elsewhere.

The sweet drops come in a metallic reclosable tin, so you can keep the sweet pine drops in your bag safely, and have access to them whenever you need some soothing, sweet relief.

18. Honey Pearls Candy With Lemon

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These sweet honey drops come in three different flavors, either honey lemon, honey mint, or honey violet.

They are the perfect balance of sweet and natural and have a soothing effect on the throat. 

Made with natural ingredients, you can enjoy these without worrying about artificial flavors or additives, and you will be able to taste the pure and natural ingredients in each and every pearl drop.

19. Batna Soft Chewy Licorice Candies

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Licorice is a flavor that you either love or hate, and if you are a lover of licorice, you need to try the Batna Soft Chewy Licorice Candies. 

These soft chewy candies have a salted butter caramel flavor with a kick of licorice to boot.

They are buttery and sweet and given that extra bit of flavor thanks to the licorice. Even those who do not love licorice might like the taste of these French candies.

20. Canasuc Paris L’Envie En Rose

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You will fall in love with these French candies at first sight, thanks to the beautiful box they are sold in, and the gorgeous appearance of the candies themselves.

Each rose is perfectly crafted and naturally colored from a blend of radish, apple, and blackcurrant juices. 

The small rose sugar flowers can be eaten on their own or used to decorate cakes and cupcakes.

21. Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie Squares

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This French cookie pack comes with 40 cookies individually wrapped, and filled with dreamy dark chocolate ganache and a small pinch of sea salt. 

Made with natural ingredients, the French chocolate cookies are created using simple ingredients but have a rich and creamy taste.

They are free from artificial ingredients, flavors, and dyes.

Made with real butter, these cookies taste straight out of a French patisserie and really are the perfect taste of France at home.

22. Traditional French Calissons

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These calissons come straight from Aix En Provence in France and are from one of the oldest candy companies in France.

These small calissons come in a gourmet candy tin that can be kept in your bag, ready for a treat.

A thin layer of royal icing is set on the top of a blend of hand-picked, ground almonds mixed with Provencal melon and orange peel, with a thin wafer bed underneath.

There really are no other candies that come close to the delicate and intricate flavor that these offer, and they are definitely a candy that you need to try.

23. Lutti Original Bubblizz Candy

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The Lutti Original Bubblizz Candies are bubblegum flavored fizzy candies straight from France.

They give you an out-of-this-world fizzy taste experience and are the perfect balance of sweet and fizzy.

The pink and blue bottle-shaped candies are a favorite for many, and are a candy you should definitely taste if you like a soft chew but with a pop of fizz!

24. French Cemoi Petit Ourson Candy

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These little candy chocolate bears are simply delicious.

A bag contains numerous little chocolate bears which have a sweet and soft marshmallow center.

The combination of milk chocolate and a marshmallow center is simply the best, and adults and kids alike will fall in love with these little chocolate candies!

With one taste you will know why these are such a popular treat in France!

25. Maxim’s de Paris Gourmet Chocolate Candies

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Candies don’t always have to be fizzy or fruit-flavored.

If you want something a little more sophisticated, these decadent chocolate candies which include dark chocolate fondant, hazelnut pralines, dark chocolate and caramel, and hazelnut and crispy cereal pieces.

The chocolates in the box are all made from quality ingredients, and you will taste pure French chocolatier decadence with each bite.

26. Russel Stover French Chocolate Mints

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Crafted in small batches, the Russel Stover French Chocolate Mints promise the best quality with each bite. 

These French mints have the decadence of chocolate, with a center of cooling and refreshing mint, a combination that has been loved for decades, and which you now get to enjoy in the best way possible.

27. La Maison d’Armorine Caramels

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These succulent, soft, and tender chocolate salted butter caramels are as close to perfection as it gets.

Each butter caramel comes individually wrapped, to keep its taste and texture preserved, and making them perfect for sharing.

Each caramel has a sweet and savory flavor, which comes from the salted butter that is used in conjunction with the whole milk and cream. You can taste the rich flavors and creaminess with each bite.

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While it is difficult to pick out the most popular candy, it is considered that Carmabar is the most popular candy in France. It is a caramel-flavored candy that is often bought as souvenirs from France.

What is French candy?

French candies are often referred to as bonbons or confiseries. They are usually made with artisanal qualities and quality ingredients.

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