7 Best Foldable Cutting Boards Of 2023

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Cutting boards are one of those kitchen tools that you don’t realize are necessary until you can’t find one or your favorite one gets ruined.

Quite frankly, without cutting boards, cooking is nearly impossible as a majority of the prep work happens on your counter. 

There are many different types of cutting boards, and in recent years, a new type of cutting board has taken over the market: the foldable cutting board.

Where transferring the prepped items to the pot used to be difficult is now made much more simple with this handy tool.

So, what are the 7 best foldable cutting boards? The best foldable cutting board is made from plastic, can fold easily, and can transfer items into a pan, skillet, or bowl fairly easily.

Keep reading to learn more about folding cutting boards, the perks to folding cutting boards, what to consider before purchasing a foldable cutting board, as well as a review of the top 7 folding cutting boards on the market. 

What Is A Foldable Cutting Board?

Most people are familiar with a traditional cutting board, but some may be unaware of the folding cutting board and the perks it has to offer. 

Traditional cutting boards are rectangle-shaped boards, usually made out of wood or plastic, that are placed on the counter and are used for cutting food items. They range in size and can be 8”x11” or up to 2 ft long

They can be used to prep vegetables before cooking or for slicing up meats and vegetables once they have been cooked. 

They are one of the most used cooking tools in the kitchen.

One downfall to traditional cutting boards is their inability to fold or easily transfer the cutting boards contents into a pot, skillet, or other cooking apparatus.

This is where the folding cutting board truly shines. 

A folding cutting board can fold in one of two ways: it can be completely pliable and fold in all directions, or it can fold just on the sides of the board to allow for easy transfer from cutting board to another surface

Like traditional cutting boards, they also range in size and material. 

Perks Of A Foldable Cutting Board

Now you may be wondering, “why would I purchase a folding cutting board when I have a regular one?” Well, we’re here to tell you there are a few perks to purchasing this new type of cutting board!

Easier Transfer

The biggest perk of a foldable cutting board is its ability to easily transfer items from the board to either a skillet, pan, bowl, or other cooking dishes

Where big traditional cutting boards make it nearly impossible to transfer prepped food without spilling or making a mess, foldable cutting boards make it an extremely easy process. 

With both options of foldable cutting boards you are able to manipulate the shape to best fit your specific need.

Their smaller sizes also makes handling and transferring food much easier as well, as large and bulky cutting boards can be hard to maneuver. 

Plastic Material 

Another perk about foldable cutting boards is that they are made with plastic. 

Though plastic is not always a great material for some things, when it comes to your cutting boards plastic is the superior material. 

Plastic cutting boards are the most sanitary and have the easiest time removing and not spreading bacteria.

Though some traditional cutting boards are made of plastic, oftentimes they are also made out of wood. Wood tends to have a bit longer of a shelf life, but they also tend to keep a lot of bacteria in between the layers. 

Therefore, having the foldable cutting boards be plastic ensures these cutting boards are the most sanitary option out there and are great to have in your kitchen as wood is not an option. 

Color Options

Because foldable cutting boards are made of plastic they come in many different colors where traditional cutting boards do not as often. 

These cutting boards range from all colors of the rainbow which is a fun addition to your kitchen.

You may have a specific color you have used to decorate your kitchen, and with foldable cutting boards, you can complement your kitchen with a matching foldable cutting board.

Not only are they useful, but they are also cute and fun in the kitchen! 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Foldable Cutting Board

Before you buy a foldable cutting board there are a few characteristics you will want to consider to make the best choice for you and your personal cooking. 

Not all foldable cutting boards are created equal and some may work better for you than others.

Here are a few characteristics to consider before purchasing a foldable cutting board:

Completely Foldable Or Partly Foldable

There are two options when it comes to foldable cutting boards. 

One is a foldable cutting board that is malleable and can be folded in any direction as it is extremely thin and easily formed.

These types of foldable cutting boards are extremely thin and extremely lightweight as they do not have very much material that makes them up.

They can fold in half both ways, multiple times and this also makes them adaptable for storage. 

The one downfall to this option is their short shelf life. Because they are so thin and malleable, they have a tendency to morph and lose their shape fairly quickly

The other type of foldable cutting board is more sturdy and can only be folded on the two sides of the board. It is a rectangle on one side but has a handle for holding it on one of the ends of the cutting board.

This type of foldable cutting board is on the thicker side and tends to be much harder and more sturdy than the other type. They are made with a thicker and heavier plastic

The handle makes these types of foldable cutting boards a bit easier to handle, and the outsides fold in easily and smoothly. 

The one downfall to this type of foldable cutting board is its inability to fold in more ways than one.  


Though they do not come in very large sizes like traditional cutting boards, foldable cutting boards still come in a variety of sizes. 

They can range anywhere from 19 x 11.5 inches to 11 x 7 inches.

This range allows you, the consumer, to pick the right side for you and your cutting board needs.

 Both large and small foldable cutting boards have a place in the kitchen, but taking storage and counter space in mind, having the option ensures you do not buy a cutting board that is too small or too big.

One Pack Or Variety Pack

The last thing you want to consider before purchasing a foldable cutting board is how many you want to buy.

Some come by themselves (most often the cutting boards that are only foldable on the sides) but others come in packs of 2, 3, even 8-9 foldable cutting boards

If you get a cutting board that is malleable all over, it might be best to get a variety pack as they do not tend to last as long as other cutting boards. 

If you get a cutting board that folds on the sides, you most likely will be okay with just purchasing one as they tend to last longer than the other variety.

The 7 Best Foldable Cutting Boards

Now that you know the perks to having a foldable cutting board as well as the characteristics before purchasing one, here are the 7 best foldable cutting boards:

RankProductBest Feature
1.Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot (19-inch)Best overall foldable cutting board
2.Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot (12.5-inch)Convenient size and design
3.Slap Chop Folding Plastic Cutting BoardComes with two high-quality cutting boards
4.Cooler Kitchen Plastic Cutting MatsColorful multipack of cutting boards
5.Originalidad Foldable Cutting BoardCan be used as a strainer
6.Kessaku Foldable Cutting MatMost aesthetically designed
7.Dexas Heavy Duty GrippmatGreat multipack option

1. Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot (19-inch)

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The Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Foldable Plastic Cutting Board is one of the best and most desired on the market.

This foldable cutting board comes in a beautiful bright red color, but can also be purchased in other colors like bright green or a beautiful pale blue.

This specific Joseph Joseph cutting board is the longest out of their varieties coming in at 19 inches. This allows for plenty of surface area to cut multiple things at a time before having to transfer them over to a skillet or bowl.

It is a foldable cutting board that folds in on both sides by the squeezing of the handle and it is extremely durable when not folded and in the rectangular shape.

This cutting board is award-winning and is meant to last for a very long time as it is a high-quality cutting board made with excellent materials.

2. Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot (12.5-inch)

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We have included another Joseph Joseph Chop2pot cutting board because they are truly one of the best on the market.

This one’s size provides different benefits that are unique as compared to the 19-inch board.

Where the 19-inch foldable cutting board was great for prepping many different ingredients, this smaller 12-inch cutting board is good for those who may not have to prep as much food.

The small size also allows for easier storing in a cupboard or pantry.

Like the 19 inch style, this foldable cutting board comes in different colors like black, blue, red or green so you can always find one to match your own personal style.

The cutting boards are strong and allow knife cuts without ruin while also being dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. 

This is a great option for someone looking for a smaller foldable cutting board.

3. Slap Chop Folding Plastic Cutting Board

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These Slap Chop Folding Plastic Cutting Boards are perfect for those who want to get two high-quality cutting boards for the price of one. 

This pack comes with two foldable cutting boards that fold on the sides and have sturdy and durable handles.

When buying two, you can share with a friend or always have a spare one ready for use.

They are on the smaller size at just 11 inches long, so they are best for a couple or a single person—basically any household that does not need a lot of prep space on the cutting board.

However, with these Slap Chop cutting boards, the transfer from board to skillet or bowl is smooth and easy and makes this product worth it.

4. Cooler Kitchen Plastic Cutting Mats

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If you are looking for a fun multipack of foldable cutting boards, then the Cooler Kitchen Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats are for you.

These completely malleable and foldable cutting boards come with 6 mats all in different colors: purple, orange, yellow, red, blue, and green.

Another different and unique thing about these cutting boards is each board has an icon on it with either a cow, vegetable, fruit, bread, chicken, and fish if you want to use each board for the corresponding food item.

This may help with any cross-contamination or staining of the boards from certain fruits and vegetables.

They also are super thin and easy to store.

5. Originalidad Foldable Cutting Board

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If you are looking for a multifunctional foldable cutting board, this Originalidad Rinse and Strainer Foldable Cutting Board is the perfect choice.

It is a harder plastic and folds in one half; however, one of the folds has holes in it that act as a strainer.

So, you can cut your fruit up, then fold the strainer side in and clean with water directly on the cutting board. Hello no extra dishes!

One downfall to this cutting board is that it does not have a handle, but the ability to both strain and still directly pour your prepped food directly into a pot or bowl makes it a worthy option.

It is also 16 inches long so it is not too big and not too small. It’s the perfect size.

6. Kessaku Foldable Cutting Mat

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The Kessaku Foldable Cutting Board Mat is the chicest option on our list and is great for those who care most about aesthetics. 

Where the other options are bright-colored, this cutting board comes in a nice pretty white color that will look good in any type of kitchen. 

This folding cutting board is also one of the thicker options coming in at 3.5mm making it very durable as well. It is able to withstand many knife cuts without getting ruined.

Kessaku offers a 100% money guarantee warranty so it also is a great option if you are looking to try out a foldable cutting board and see if it is the right option for you.

7. Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat

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The last option, the Dexas Mini Heavy Duty Grippmat Flexible Cutting Boards, on our list is another multipack that gives you multiple options.

They come in four colors: red, green, gray, and white, and can be kept to yourself or shared with friends.

One of the best and most unique characteristics to these mats is their gripped texture that creates a nonslip effect when using them on a countertop.

This not only stops slippage and messes from happening, but makes the process safer as well.

They also have a small hole in the corner of the cutting board that allows for alternative storing methods. Instead of storing them in a cupboard, you could use these small holes to hang them on hooks in the kitchen.

They are also dishwasher safe.

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