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9 Best Electric Potato Mashers

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Looking to purchase a great electric potato masher? Then we have just the guide and recommendations for you!

What are the best electric potato mashers? The best electric potato mashers smoothly and equally mash potatoes without leaving behind lumps and without causing wrist strain. You can go for a new blender or even use a masher accessory too! We recommend going with brands like Hamilton Beach, Chefman, Dash, Braun, Philips, and others.

Read below to learn more about potato mashers, what to look out for, and the best recommendations for electric potato mashers in the market! 

Electric Vs Manual Potato Mashers

Mashing potatoes was once a very labor-intensive task that required quite a lot of elbow grease, especially when you had to mash large quantities of potatoes.

Even if you did mash all the potatoes manually, there was always the chance of having lumps or inequal pieces of potatoes left in the bowl. 

Fortunately, electric potato mashers changed everything! Electric potato mashers are simple machines that are designed to create a smooth blend of potatoes using a high-intensity motor and superior control. 

You might be wondering, “wouldn’t it be easier to mash potatoes in a regular blender or food processor?” You could, but you might end up over-mashing them!

Potatoes are full of starch and the more you mash them (or rather, the more intensely they are mashed), the more starch they release, which could leave you with a sticky mess.

If you think that going the manual route will eliminate this issue, then you would be wrong! The thing is, many people have difficulty figuring out the right consistency for mashed potatoes – so they usually end up over-mashing them.

Not to mention, you can also be left with lumpy pieces in an otherwise smooth bowl of mashed potatoes!

This is why these specialized potato mashers are so desirable for home use. Not only do they make the job easier, but they are far more efficient and effective at mashing potatoes.

Electric Potato Masher Basics

Electric potato mashers can be used in many ways. 

All you need is an immersion blender – or better yet, a hand blender with a potato masher accessory! 

But before we get into what’s possible, let’s first talk about regular electric potato mashers.

Regular electric potato mashers are very straightforward machines. They usually come in a handheld form factor that resembles the shape of a wand. 

The top grip of the blender will have the power and speed controls while the bottom driveshaft is where the magic will happen!

There are many versions of potato mashers — some have ricing capabilities while others are just focused on sheer power and getting an ultra-smooth mash. 

The best thing about these mashers is that they can output quite a lot of RPMs (Rotations Per Minute) while giving you precise control over the bowl — plus they don’t consume a lot of power! 

This quality makes these appliances the ideal choice when compared to regular blenders and food processors that typically require 1000W – 1500W of power. 

Remember: while you could use these regular machines as an alternative to electric potato mashers, you will have to be very careful about not overdoing the potatoes!

As we’ve mentioned, potatoes can release a lot of starch when they are continuously mashed at high speeds; this can cause them to become too thin and even sticky!

There is very little use for sticky mashed potatoes — most of the time, you won’t be able to bind them to other ingredients either, which would just lead to a lot of waste.

The Right Way To Mash Potatoes

Mashing potatoes may sound easy, but it does require some technical know-how and a trained eye.

The most common problem that beginners face is that they are unable to determine the correct consistency for certain recipes. 

For example, when making potato cakes or a potato patty, you will need to mash the potatoes so that they have a smooth but slightly lumpy texture which makes it easier to shape the mashed potatoes.

On the other hand, if you were to make a classic mashed potato side, then you would require a very smooth and soft mix that is completely homogenous. 

Lumpy Texture Mashed Potato Tips

Minced meat cutlet with mashed potato

Getting a lumpier consistency with electric potato mashers is easy. 

All you need is to adjust the mashing time and intensity until you get an equal proportion of smooth potatoes with just a few lumps.

You can also adjust the consistency as per your preference.

Begin by setting the electric potato masher at the lowest setting and gently push down on the boiled potatoes until they start mashing. Give it a few pulses and then stop when you have a lumpy mixture!

Pro Tip: For the best results, we recommend going with a hybrid solution that combines electric and manual techniques.

Start by mashing the potatoes using a high-quality electric potato masher (see below) and then finish off with a fork to get the exact consistency that you need for your recipe. 

Smooth-Textured Mashed Potato Tips

Mashed Potatoes

For a smoother and more creamy mixture of mashed potatoes, you will need to get a bit technical!

If you think that simply mashing the potatoes for longer until they become smooth is all you need to do, then you might just end up with a sticky mess.

The correct way to get properly mashed and super smooth potatoes is to start at the lowest setting on your electric potato masher. Starting slow will ensure that you don’t release a lot of starch while mashing the potatoes. 

Push down on the potatoes gently and mash the potatoes equally by lifting and setting the masher around the bowl. Do this until you begin to see the lumps disappear — this will be the first visual cue.

Make sure that you move the masher around equally on all sides of the bowl before proceeding. Do not aggressively pull and smash the masher into the bowl. Go easy and be patient!

Once all the lumps disappear, stop and assess the consistency. Take a spoon and check the sample for lumps and inequal pieces

Finish by taking a quick taste test. Check the texture and the mouthfeel of the mixture before proceeding forward.

If you detect lumps then we recommend mashing the potatoes with a fork because, at this stage, the electric potato masher might be a bit too aggressive — using a fork will only take a few seconds and minimal effort!

Pro Tip: You might have the urge to mash the potatoes a bit more — keep in mind that you still need to mix and fold the potatoes when you add in the seasonings.

So, even if there is some room to improve, you can make all the adjustments when you mix and mash the potatoes after seasoning them. 

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Electric Potato Mashers

Now that we’ve learned about potato mashers and how to use them to get your desired consistency of mashed potatoes, let’s learn more about the mashers themselves!

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing an electric potato masher:

  1. Design And Build Quality
  2. Features And Capabilities
  3. Versatility

Design And Build Quality

The whole appeal of using electric potato mashers is that they are convenient and comfortable to use. If you don’t get these two characteristics then there is no point in making a purchase decision! 

Please keep in mind that these handheld blenders are equipped with a powerful motor that can operate at very high RPMs. The higher the output, the more the machine is likely to create vibrations. 

These vibrations can cause fatigue and will eventually cause a lot of discomfort, too, especially when you have to mash large batches of potatoes.

Always go with a potato masher that has a sturdy casing and a very comfortable grip. 

Some cheaper brands will usually skimp on the quality and ease of use in favor of providing more power — but as we have already discussed in our guide above, you don’t need that much power to mash potatoes!

Pay attention to the build quality, ease of use, and design of the machine as these qualities will matter much more in the long term! 

People with disabilities or ailments, such as arthritis, should pay extra attention to these small details when purchasing a potato masher for home use. 

While you could get the job done with just about any subpar immersion blender, you would eventually have to treat the task as a chore instead of actually enjoying it! 

Features And Capabilities

Keep an eye on the features and capabilities of the electric potato masher when you’re out to buy a potato masher, and think in terms of your specific use to make a more informed decision!

Most electric potato mashers can rice and mash potatoes, but if you don’t have a specific preference, then we recommend that you get an all-purpose masher that can take care of all mixing and blending tasks. 

A simple place to start is to look at the power settings on the handle of the masher. 

You should get at least 2-3 power settings — even if you do go for a blender that only has an on/off function, you should make sure that it doesn’t blitz the potatoes the minute you turn it on. 

Maintenance is also a big concern for many people. 

Since mashing potatoes can be particularly messy, check for convenience features, like a removable blade design that allows for easy cleaning or a twist-to-fit option when you want to quickly assemble the machine. 


Another thing to look out for is the attachments or extended capabilities of the blender. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to invest in a machine that only focuses on one task, then we recommend going for a more modular device that supports accessories.

What do we mean by modularity? Well, just like all hand blenders can be used for mashing potatoes, not all electric potato mashers can be used to blend food.

Having a modular device that can support attachments will add a lot of value in this scenario!

All you will need is to switch out the base for the right attachment to mash potatoes – then switch it back to the original module for all-purpose blending tasks.

Not only will you be able to use a pre-existing machine that you already own but you will also be saving a lot of money! 

Some attachments also come with a built-in ricer function that can beautifully and equally mash and rice the potatoes without you having to purchase a separate machine. 

While not all blenders support attachments, if you have a machine that does, then you might get the most value from your purchase decision! 

Best Electric Potato Mashers

Now that you know about the basics of electric potato mashers, what to look out for, and the best techniques to get the right consistency of mashed potatoes, it’s time to look at some of our recommendations!

We’ve included a range of potato mashers and some affordable options that you can use with existing immersion blenders:

RankProductBest Feature
1Oofaybill Electric Potato MasherSuper-convenient and powerful potato masher and ricer! Can be used as an all-purpose immersion blender too.
2Chefman Electric Immersion Blender300W of raw power with multi-functional use! Offers a pressure-sensitive trigger for full control.
3Dash Chef Series Immersion Hand BlenderAn all-purpose blender that is built for beginners and intermediate home chefs. Comes with 5 power settings.
4JIEQIJIAJU Electric Potato MasherAn excellent potato masher that is easy to use and clean.
5Braun Hand Blender Multiquick VarioA bundle pack that offers a wide range of uses. Can easily make large servings of smooth mashed potatoes.
6Ovente Potato Masher Blender AttachmentPotato mashing on demand! A smart budget option for people who already own an Ovente blender.
7Philips Potato Masher AccessoryExtend the functionality of your existing Philips blender. Mash potatoes using Philips’ superior motor technology and build quality.
8BELLA Immersion Hand BlenderAn elegant and convenient blender that can efficiently mash potatoes and help with other blending tasks too.
9Hamilton Beach Immersion Hand BlenderGet the most value from this all-in-one blender/masher kit! Great for making fluffy mashed potatoes.

1. Oofaybill Electric Potato Masher With Non-Slip Handle 

Check Current Price on Amazon

This machine is perhaps the best option for people with chronic wrist problems. 

Not only is this an excellent masher/ricer, but it is one of the best-designed potato mashers on the market. 

It is specifically built to gently mash potatoes until they reach potato nirvana. 

The machine has a simple and clever design that moves the power button to the top handle grip instead of the side of the machine.

This means that you get a more comfortable grip and better control over the mashing process!

The bottom of the machine features a powerful blade that can easily mash any type and size of potatoes within 20-30 seconds. The best part is that the blade is removable which makes it very easy to clean. 

If you are looking for versatility, then this machine can also be used as an immersion blender too. All in all, this single appliance can truly up your game with numerous tasks! 

2. Chefman Electric Immersion Blender 

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you require full control over the texture and consistency of mashed potatoes then this is the tool to get!

We think that this is one of the most intuitively designed potato mashers and immersion blenders out there.

This machine has a simple one-touch function – but it also offers an ingenious pressure-sensitive trigger to control the speed of the blade!

It can help you achieve better results with its highly intuitive and precise power trigger which will lead to a far more creamy and smooth mixture than other machines. 

This machine is dishwasher-safe and has enough power to pulverize ice cubes or other hard ingredients too. 

3. Dash Chef Series Immersion Hand Blender 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking for an all-in-one solution? Then check out this immersion hand blender! 

This blender is designed with a flat-shaped bottom which allows for full and equal contact with food. 

It can easily make a smooth blend of mashed potatoes and you don’t have to worry about overdoing it either, since you get up to five different power settings

Whether you are in a hurry or if you want to take your time to make heavenly soft mashed potatoes, this machine will help you do it all.

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should invest in this blender is that it can also help you make a puree of just about any vegetable.

You can virtually add any type of food with mashed potatoes and it will homogenize the mixture without you having to break a sweat!

4. JIEQIJIAJU Electric Potato Masher 

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you hate cleaning between the blades, then we have a very convenient solution for you.

It is a lightweight and well-designed solution for anyone who is looking for an easy and dishwasher-friendly blender that can get the job done without you having to worry about the cleanup. 

This masher can homogenize potatoes using its 250W motor and you can also use it for other tasks too. 

It has a detachable blade at the bottom which you can remove and put back on within seconds. Don’t want to waste time? Then just remove the bottom attachment and add it to the dishwasher — just as you would wash any other plate or utensil! 

5. Braun Hand Blender Multiquick Vario 

Check Current Price on Amazon

We love this potato masher and hand blender combo! It has everything that you need to mash potatoes and get done with other blending tasks.

If you are someone who has never owned a handheld masher or blender then we can’t recommend this bundle enough.

It comes with a basic immersion blender, portable food processor, whisk attachment, and a regular container that can be used to blend just about any food using its high-powered and “turbo”-enabled motor.

Braun is a well-known brand with a great reputation in the market, which is why we think that every beginner should consider purchasing this set, especially if they don’t have any of the listed accessories in this bundle.

6. Ovente Potato Masher Blender Attachment 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Get done with all your potato mashing tasks for just under $20! 

This is the smartest choice for people who already own an Ovente immersion blender. 

This machine is modular, which means that you will only need to swap out the bottom half of the blender and lock in this affordable and convenient potato masher attachment.

The attachment itself is easy to install and since it is also easy to remove, you can just wash it independently — even in the dishwasher

Please refer to the manufacturer’s note on the description to know the compatibility of this attachment with Ovente appliances. 

7. Philips Potato Masher Accessory 

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you want to squeeze out more value from your Philips immersion blender then we highly recommend that you check out this potato masher accessory.

Not only can you save money, but you get the same high-quality Philips design that is specifically made to mash potatoes. 

This masher attachment is designed to detach and attach extremely easily. It uses a secure lock system that keeps the masher in place without causing excessive vibrations.

The masher is designed to be sturdy and can easily withstand high loads too! 

We think it is the smartest option for people who don’t want to pile their kitchen cabinets with specific-use appliances. 

8. BELLA Immersion Hand Blender 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Want a bit more style? Then we recommend checking out this beautifully designed and highly capable masher. 

This appliance can easily mash potatoes without leaving behind lumps!

It’s made from extremely durable stainless steel which can technically allow you to blend straight from the pot — who doesn’t want less dirty dishes?

Its powerful motor can easily render large batches of potatoes within minutes. You can also adjust its power setting to get just the right consistency too!

We recommend this machine for people who want an everyday-use all-purpose machine that can also fit the décor of any modern kitchen. 

9. Hamilton Beach Immersion Hand Blender 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Hamilton Beach is big on value and features — we believe that it has hit the bullseye with this incredible bundle. 

This is yet another great value purchase for beginners who don’t currently own any handheld blender. 

Not only do you get a highly capable immersion blender, but you also get a whisk and an extremely handy food processor accessory too! 

The machine features a 225W motor with adjustable power controls that give you full control over consistency and texture. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel and all the accessories are dishwasher-safe too!  

It can easily mash very large batches of potatoes without leaving behind inequal or lumpy pieces! 

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