11 Best Crepe Spreaders Of 2023

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There is something so decadent about crepes and you might think that they are reserved for professional restaurants.

However, with the right tools you can make professional quality, delicious crepes right at home that you can load up with your sweet or savory fillings.

You can make crepes in a special crepe pan or if you buy the right sized crepe spreader, then you can use whatever frying pan you already have. 

But how do you choose the best crepe spreader? You want to decide on the size you need, whether you want a set that includes a special crepe spatula, if you want a wooden or stainless steel spreader, figure out what your budget is, and look for ones that are cookware safe.

Read on to discover how to choose the best crepe spreader for all your brunching needs.

How To Choose The Best Crepe Spreader

When it comes to choosing the best crepe spreader to make all your weekend brunch dreams come true, there are some things to look out for.

Check out the following Buyer’s Guide to help you pick the perfect crepe spreader for all your brunching needs.


Crepe spreaders can come in a variety of sizes from small to large. If you don’t have a special crepe pan, then you might want to invest in a set of crepe spreaders that has a smaller-sized option.

This variety means that they can work with any pan you already have, no need to buy a special one. 

There are a few options on this list that include 2 or 3 different sized crepe spreaders for not much of a price difference than just buying one spreader.

These options might be perfect for you if you don’t have a specific crepe pan and want to make sure you have a spreader that works. 

Stainless Steel Or Wood

There are two main types of crepe spreaders: wood (typically beech wood) and stainless steel. Deciding on which you want can help narrow down your choices. I will separate them into wooden and stainless options below. 

Wood can be a great option if you want to make sure that you don’t damage your frying or crepe pans during the cooking process.

They can be a little trickier to clean and you don’t want to soak them or put them through the dishwasher since the wood can warp by getting waterlogged.

Most wooden options will come with a smoothing cloth to help keep the edges smooth and easy to spread your batter.

You might want to treat your wooden set with flax (linseed) oil every few months to keep the finish smooth and protected. 

Stainless steel crepe spreaders are much easier to clean since you can just pop them right in the dishwasher or soak them in the sink. They won’t rust, and they won’t get warped from being soaked or getting wet. 

With that being said, it is easier to accidentally damage your pans with stainless steel, so if you have non-stick pans that you don’t want to ruin the finish on, then wood may be your best bet when it comes to choosing a crepe spreader. 

Spatula Or No Spatula?

Several of the sets listed below come with a handy crepe spatula. This style looks different from a regular spatula because it is long, relatively thin, and designed specifically to support and flip your crepes.

If you already have one of these spatulas, then you likely don’t need a set that includes one. 

However, if you’ve never made crepes and are thinking that you can use your regular flipper or spatula to turn them, you might end up with a bit of a mess since they aren’t designed to support the whole crepe. 

My suggestion is to get a set that includes one of these special crepe spatulas since it can make cooking and flipping so much easier. It also doesn’t change the price much, so it seems like a win-win situation. 

I have included some single crepe spreaders and sets that don’t include a spatula if you already have one or don’t want one. 

Look For Cookware Grade Wood 

If you have decided on a wooden crepe spreader, then you want to make sure that it is made from cookware-grade wood. This means that it won’t damage your pots or pans, so you can feel confident in the quality. 

It also means that it was designed for use with food, so it won’t be treated with any inedible chemicals that you would want to keep out of your delicious crepes.

Unless otherwise stated, I have chosen brands that are made from cookware-grade wood. 

Smoothing Pad 

If you choose a stainless steel crepe spreader then you can skip this section.

If you’ve ever used wooden utensils, then you know that they can start to flake a little as they age. Some higher-quality sets of wooden crepe spreaders have this issue covered.

Certain sets will include a smoothing pad that you can use once your set is clean and dry to make sure the edges stay smooth and that you don’t end up with any little flecks of wood in your delicious crepes. 


As far as kitchen gadgets and utensils go, crepe spreaders are a relatively affordable option with single spreaders and sets starting at around $9.

There are some high-quality stainless steel and silicone options that can get up to $25-$29 for the spreader and spatula respectively

Regardless of your budget, I’ve included a variety of price points and sets for you to choose from so that you’re certain to find a crepe spreader that fits your needs. 

The 11 Best Wooden Crepe Spreaders 

When it comes to crepe spreaders, wooden options are the most popular, so I’ve included a wide selection on this list.

If you know you want to purchase a stainless steel option, then scroll down to the next section where I outline 3 different models of stainless steel crepe spreaders. 

1.Indigo True Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set3-7 inches
2.Katdanz Crepe Spreader Spatula And Ladle Kit5.2-6.7 inches
3.Deluxien Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set3.5-7 inches
4.Sempre Crepe Spreaders and Spatula5-7 inches
5.Moonwood Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set3.5-7 inches
6.Adore Amore Natural Beechwood Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set3.5-7 inches
7.Kuchengerate Crepe Spreader Sticks3.5-7 inches
8.BICB Beechwood Crepe & Pancake Batter Spreader5.5 inches
9.Rösle Stainless Steel Round-Handle Crepes Spreader7.1 inches
10.Lilithye Crepe Spreader and Spatula Kit5-7 inches
11.Echaprey Professional T Shape Stainless Steel Crepe Maker5.2 inches

1. Indigo True Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set

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This crepe spreader from Indigo True gets the top spot because it ticks all the boxes on our wooden crepe spreader checklist.

It is made from cookware-grade beech wood and it comes with a handy smoothing pad to keep your crepe tools kit looking and working their best. 

I’ve chosen this model to go on top because it also comes with a great wooden crepe spatula and 3 different crepe spreader sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits your pan.

The sizes range from 3 inches to 7 inches and the wood is seasoned with mineral oil to protect from water damage

The price is also great, clocking in at just under 20 dollars. 

2. Katdanz Crepe Spreader Spatula And Ladle Kit

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This crepe spreader kit from Katdanz comes with two different-sized spreaders (6.7 inches and 5.2 inches) and a spatula.

It also includes a handy wooden ladle so you can pour the perfect amount of your batter into the pan.

Made from cookware grade beech wood that is polished to a smooth finish and properly cured to last long term.

It has a great price as well, coming in at just under $15, so it’s a lot of value for your money. The kit comes in a cute box as well that is perfect for gifting or storage.

3. Deluxien Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set

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This kit is right at the top because it comes with three different-sized crepe spreaders (3.5 inches, 4.7 inches, and 7 inches).

In addition to the variety of crepe spreaders it also includes a wooden spatula and an adorable little honeycomb sweetener.

But that’s not all. It also comes with a little squeeze bottle with silicone brush that you can use to evenly oil your crepe pan.

4. Sempre Crepe Spreaders and Spatula

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Like the other crepe spreaders on this list, this set from Sempre is made from cookware-grade mineral oil-treated beech wood.

It includes a 5-inch and a 7-inch spreader, plus the handy 13-inch spatula that is perfect for flipping your crepes like a pro

This set comes with a handy cloth bag that you can use for storage to protect your set from getting scratched and knicked in your utensil drawer.

If you’re looking for a tried and true crepe recipe, this set comes with two different ones to test out.

5. Moonwood Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set

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This set includes 3 different sized crepe spreaders (3.5 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches) plus a handy 12-inch spatula for all your crepe flipping needs.

They are made from polished cookware-grade beech wood that is strong and resistant to cracking. 

The price for this set is also quite good, coming in at under $15. Though it doesn’t come with a smoothing cloth or a storage bag, it is still a good quality set that isn’t going to break the bank. 

6. Adore Amore Natural Beechwood Crepe Spreader and Spatula Set

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This set from Adore Amore is made from all-natural beech wood and comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

These crepe spreaders are roughly 3.5 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches in width

This set also comes with an extra-large, wide spatula size with thin edges for perfect crepe flipping every time.

There is a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product, which is always encouraging to see. It’s also one of the most affordable sets, coming in at under $10. 

7. Kuchengerate Crepe Spreader Sticks

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If you know that you don’t need a crepe spatula, but you still want a variety of crepe spreader sizes, then this set is going to be perfect for you.

It comes with small (3.5 inch), medium (5 inch), and large (7 inch) spreaders and is made of food grade eco-friendly materials. 

It’s also a great price, typically coming in at around $8. Like some other sets on this list, it comes with a money back guarantee to ensure you are totally happy with your product. 

8. BICB Beechwood Crepe & Pancake Batter Spreader

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This wooden crepe spreader option is the most basic one on the list.

It comes with one simple beech wood spreader that is 5.5 inches.

No bells, no whistles, just a simple crepe spreader.

It’s under $10 and perfect if you don’t want to clutter up your kitchen with unnecessary gadgets. 

9. Rösle Stainless Steel Round-Handle Crepes Spreader

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This crepe spreader might be the Rolls Royce of spreaders.

It’s made from a stainless steel handle, but the actual spreading part is silicone, which means it will be safe to use with your pans (no scratches!).

It’s 7.1 inches, so about the same size as the large wooden crepe spreaders

10. Lilithye Crepe Spreader and Spatula Kit

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Another stainless steel crepe spreader option that is a little more affordable and includes two sizes (5 inches and 7 inches) of spreader and a spatula.

The spatula also doubles as a tool for icing cakes like a pro. It runs about the same price as a wooden set with similar components, from $15-$20. 

11. Echaprey Professional T Shape Stainless Steel Crepe Maker

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Finally if you’re looking for just a single, simple crepe spreader made from stainless steel, then this one from Echaprey is the perfect choice.

It measures 5.2 inches, so is the equivalent to the medium-sized wooden crepe spreader. The price is decent at about $12 for one crepe spreader. 

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