The 3 Best Spatulas For Crepes

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Crepes are those delicately thin breakfast treats that everyone loves. These pastries closely resemble pancakes and dosas although they are notably thinner. They can also be enjoyed as dessert or snacks.

In some cases, they come with sweet fillings like fresh fruit and Nutella although they can also be served with some bacon and eggs on the side.

It only makes sense, then, that you should get to enjoy crepes whenever the cravings hit you. To do that, you will need the right set of tools for the job.

What’s the best spatula for crepes? The best spatula to use when making crepes is a long, solid, and firm spatula that can support the thin treat and withstand high heat. You may also prefer one that is lightweight and comfortable to use.

That is why we have listed down the 3 best spatulas for crepes. This way you won’t have any excuse to whip up some crepes at home. So, be sure to keep reading!  

3 Best Spatulas for Crepes, Ranked

When it comes to spatulas for crepe-making, we’ve got some top choices:

1.Indigo True Crepe Spatula (+Spreader)14" spatula, 7" spreader, beechwood
2.Westmark Crepe Spatula13", rigid plastic (red+black)
3.Norpro Favorite Spatula11", flexible plastic (black)

When it’s time to get your crepe on, you’ll definitely want some tools that have your back. Keep reading for more information about these great crepe spatulas.

1. Indigo True Crepe Spatula + Spreader

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First, we have the Crepe Spreader and Spatula Kit – 2 Piece Set from Indigo True. Designed to help put your culinary skills in full display, this crepe spatula is made from high-quality beechwood.

And it even comes with a spreader so you have perfectly even, wide crepes every time. With this tool in your kitchen, you’ll have no trouble making beautiful, delicious, exquisitely thin crepes any time you feel like it.

The materials used to make this set of crepe spreader and spatula are commendable. The natural beech wood is given a smooth finish as it is seasoned with food-safe mineral oil.

This not only gives your kitchen tool a nice sheen, but it also makes cleanup that much easier. They are even safe to use with different types of cookware including non-stick pans.

Of course, there is more to this spatula than mere aesthetic. It is also incredibly easy to use and you will soon find yourself making gourmet crepes in your kitchen.

For instance, the 14″ spatula turns flipping into a foolproof affair. This is because its thin edges are specifically crafted to perform the task of delicately lifting crepes so you can turn them over. 

In addition to the spatula itself, it also comes with a crepe spreader that works well with all types of large pans.

The kit also comes with a smoothing pad to help you maintain the smooth finish of your utensils. After all, wood fibers may turn rough with use.

Whether you are a beginner or have extensive experience making irresistible crepes, this crepe spatula will make a perfect addition to your kitchen.

2. Westmark Crepe Spatula

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Finding a good spatula for your crepes can be quite a challenge. Most are either too flimsy or too thick. That is a thin line that manufacturers have a hard time navigating.

Luckily, this is not the case with Westmark Crepe Spatula. The construction and design of this spatula are best characterized as functional yet understated.

It is made from polyamide/TPE materials. It also sports an intuitively designed handle that is comfortable to hold and soft to the touch.

We can’t overstate the importance of using the right tool for the job. This kit gives you everything you need to get the job done. It is thin enough that it has no trouble sliding under. Yet, it is also sturdy enough to stand the heat.

3. Norpro Favorite Spatula

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Finally, we have the Norpro Favorite Spatula. This handy kitchen tool is a worthy addition to any kitchen, especially if you are using non-stick cookware.

This is because it is made from materials that are specifically designed to prevent any scratching to non-stick, enamel-coated pans. 

This product is also incredibly versatile. In addition to being a great crepe spatula, it also works well with other foods like eggs, fish, and pancakes. You can also use it when making a batch of your favorite cookies and other baked goods. 

This is due to its brilliant design. It has beveled edges that enable it to delicately slide under food without any resistance. At the same time, it is built sturdily enough to let you toss, turn, and flip your ingredients as needed.

Listed here are three of our picks for the best spatulas for crepes. Contrary to what most people think, a crepe spatula is a unique tool and is made specifically for this purpose.

So, be sure to have the right tool for the job and check out our picks for the best crepe spatulas. 

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