13 Best Cookie Stencils Of 2023

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Making beautifully decorated cookies does not have to be that difficult, especially with the help of cookie stencils!

There is such a wide range of cookie stencil designs out there, you can pretty much decorate your freshly baked cookies however you want!

There are many different cookie stencil options on the market, but you do have to make sure to choose only the best, to achieve the best results.

What are the best cookie stencils? The best cookie stencils should be made from a durable material that will not tear or damage the picture easily, and which are made from a food-safe material. They should have enough detail to impart a clear picture onto the cookie, and be easy to clean too!

With there being so many design options available, you do need to pick out a high-quality cookie stencil to use in the kitchen, especially if you will be using the same one over and over again.

Buyer’s Guide

Below are some of the things to consider when picking out the best cookie stencils.

These factors are all important to ensure that not only is the cookie stencil perfect for decorating cookies beautifully but that it is durable and safe to use as well.

Variety Of Pictures

If you are going to decorate cookies quite a bit going forward, then it is worth buying a cookie stencil set with lots of different image options, so that you can enjoy lots of different designs!

Some sets are more specific and around a theme, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, and these are perfect for those purposes, but if you are looking for a more versatile kit, there are definitely some great options on the market.

Variety Of Use

While you would be looking to buy cookie stencils to be used for cookies, it does help to choose stencils that can be used for other baked goods as well, such as cakes, bread, pies, and more

Durable Material

It does help to choose cookie stencils that are made with durable material.

Often, the pictures are quite detailed, and with such thin lines and edges, the stencil can tear or break easily. However, choosing stencils made from durable materials can help to stop this.

The best option would be a safe PET plastic that is lightweight and non-toxic but which is also durable. Make sure that the material you do end up choosing is food-safe and strong enough to withstand repeated use.

Easy Cleaning

As you will be using the cookie stencil with icing and powdered sugar, you would want it to be easy to clean. Icing and powdered sugar can be such a sticky mess to deal with, so a stencil that can be cleaned easily is a must.

Delicate stencils can be a nightmare to wash, but the sturdier ones can be wiped down with some dishwashing liquid and soap, which makes it much easier to keep them in the best shape possible.

Size Of The Stencil

Make sure to check the size of the stencil before making a purchase. You wouldn’t want to bake a batch of cookies and then be stuck with a stencil that is either too big or too small. 

Frosting Used

Many stencils can be used with different types of frosting, such as royal icing, buttercream, or even color mist. If you use a variety of decorating mediums, be sure to check that the stencil can be used for these different mediums.


Some cookie stencils are not reusable and are too thin to be washed, dried, and used again.

If you are planning to reuse the stencil time and time again, choose one that is made from food-safe plastic which is sturdy and durable to go through being used often and the washing in between.

However, if you are just looking for a once-off stencil, a thinner option is fine.

Ease Of Use

It is so important to choose a stencil that is easy to use!

There should be a little tab or something similar off the side of the stencil that allows you to pick it up easily so that you don’t have to try to lift it on the actual cookie and risk ruining the icing.

The 13 Best Cookie Stencils

Keeping in mind everything to consider when choosing the best cookie stencil, here are our top picks at the moment.

We have included a range of different designs to ensure that you can find the one that suits you best! All are of great quality and can be used over again.

RankProductBest Feature
1.Boao 30 Pieces Cookie StencilsBest overall cookie stencil
2.Cookie Cutter Kingdom 8 Piece Cookie Stencils8-piece cookie stencil set
3.BKPearl 25 Pieces Cookie Stencil SetMade with non-toxic material
4.Design Stencils Large Sports Ball Cookie StencilsCool sports designs
5.Lacupella 10 Pieces Wreath Stencil SetBeautiful wreath designs
6.Artisan Stencils Set Of 9Large stencils
7.Konsait 36 Pack Cookie Stencil Baking TemplatesMade from PET plastic
8.57 Pieces Cookie Stencil SetOver 50 designs
9.Designer Stencils Emily’s Mini Monogram SetGreat letter designs
10.Crafter’s Workshop Cookie Stencil 2-PackEasy to clean
11.Konsait 19 Pack Cookie Stencil TemplatesMade of eco-friendly plastic
12.20-Piece Medical Themed Cookie Stencil SetMedical designs
13.14-Piece Cookie StencilsMade of high-quality Mylar plastic

1. Boao 30 Pieces Cookie Stencils

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This set of cookie stencils gives you so many different designs to choose from!

The designs include flowers, stars, hearts, balloons, leaves, footprints, and more.

Other than being used for cookies, the stencils can be used for moon cakes, chocolate, icing, pies, and bread.

Made from durable material, the cookie stencils are PET plastic, which is food-safe and non-toxic, as well as lightweight and durable.

They are reusable and can be used time and time again to make some delicious and beautiful cookies.

To make these even better to keep in the kitchen, these stencils are so easy to clean. The surface of the stencils is smooth and can be washed directly with warm water and some soap.

The size of each stencil measures 5.1 x 5.5-inches, which will cover many different baked goods!

2. Cookie Cutter Kingdom 8 Piece Cookie Stencils

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Cookie Cutter Kingdom has this incredible 8 piece cookie stencil set with the most wonderful designs you could hope for!

The designs could act as a background pattern on cookies, or they could be the stand-out feature.

The designs are perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and so much more.

The stencils have been designed to be quick and easy to apply intricate patterns to cookies, as well as muffins and cakes. All of the designs can be traced or sprayed on with absolute ease.

You are able to use edible coloring mist, icing, or food markers, to get simple and beautiful designs with each cookie.

The stencils are made from food-grade plastic, which is odor-free and safe to use, and which can be used over again. They can be washed simply with water and soap when done.

Each cookie stencil measures 5.5-inches by 5.5-inches, which is the perfect size for many different baked items.

3. BKPearl 25 Pieces Cookie Stencil Set

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Made from durable materials, the BKPearl Cookie Stencil Set is non-toxic and safe and is durable after continued use.

Being made from PET plastic, they are super easy to clean as well, just using some water and soap.

The 25 different designs include flowers, hearts, stars, leaves and so much more, making them suitable for various different occasions and parties.

The stencils are flexible enough to not break when being bent or cleaned, and the flexibility makes them so easy to use on cookies and other items in the kitchen.

Each stencil has a tab on the end which makes it easy to lift up off the cookie once you have done decorating so that the pattern is not disturbed and your cookies will have a perfect design.

4. Design Stencils Large Sports Ball Cookie Stencils

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If you have a sports lover in the family or have a sports-themed party coming up, these Large Sports Ball Cookie Stencils are a must-have!

They are made from a food-grade, 10ml plastic that is ideal for repeated use, and which holds up well against airbrushing too.

The stencils, which include a basketball, soccer ball, golf ball, and baseball, are all very clear.

The designs fit within a 3.5-inch circle and have easy-lift tabs so that the actual icing is not ruined when you lift the stencils off of the cookies.

Being sturdy enough, you can also spread royal icing onto the stencils when placed on a cookie or cake, to give it a raised design.

They can also be dusted with powder for a quick and easy decoration, or they are great to use for various paint projects as well!

5. Lacupella 10 Pieces Wreath Stencil Set

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For something a little different, this stencil set has 10 various wreath designs (which are 2.25-inches in diameter).

These are so pretty when used on their own or as a border for a smaller design in the center of the cookie.

These stencils are suitable to apply wreaths to different baking projects such as cakes, cookies, biscuits, chocolate, pies, bread, and fondant.

They are also sturdy enough to be used as stencils for arts and craft projects, such as painting, scrapbooking, and airbrushing.

The stencils are made from a durable PET material that is food-safe and non-toxic. The surface of the stencils is smooth, so cleaning is made wonderfully easy too.

On the outside of the 3-inch diameter stencils is an easy-lift tab, so you can carefully lift the wreath stencil off the cookie or baked good without causing any disruption to the design.

These are a great set to purchase alongside the Lacupella Alphabet Stencil Set, to create a beautiful monogram with a wreath frame, which is great for baby showers, bridal parties, weddings, and more.

6. Artisan Stencils Set Of 9

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This set of 9 cookie stencils includes a range of designs, such as classic wheat, stars, dots, doves, and messages.

These were created to use on bread, but are great to use on cookies and cakes too.

Each individual stencil measures 5.5-inches by 5.5-inches.

The stencils are durable and flexible and can be used over again. They are made from highly durable PET material that is food-safe, and which is great for added flexibility.

The stencils can be used for airbrushing and different types of icing and can be used on just about every baked good you could think of.

As the designs are laser cut, there are no sharp edges, so the stencils cannot damage your cookies, and they are safe for kids to use as well.

Each individual stencil has a lifting tab on the side, for you to easily remove the stencil once you have airbrushed color on or spread icing on the top of it.

This helps to create flawless designs each time, and create uniform, even-looking cookies.

7. Konsait 36 Pack Cookie Stencil Baking Templates

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The Konsait Cookie Stencil set contains 36 designs, all based on flowers, hearts, leaves, and feathers.

There are many different themes and pictures to choose from, so you can use them for just about any party or occasion.

The cookie stencils are made from PET plastic, and the dimensions measure 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches.

They are delicate and with detailed designs, and can be used for different baked goods, as well as for arts and craft projects too.

Being reusable and easy to clean, the stencils will last for a long time in your kitchen. You just need to wash them with some water and soap before being dried and waiting to be used again.

Either sprinkled powdered sugar, food markers, spray misting or icing can all be used to decorate cookies using these templates, which have hand lift-tabs to remove the stencil once done.

8. 57 Pieces Cookie Stencil Set

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This huge set of cookie stencils includes 57 designs, so you will have a design for just about every occasion you could ever ask for.

The stencils are a standard size of 5.5-inches by 5.5-inches, perfect for cookies and other baked goods.

The designs of the stencils include flowers, lanterns, stars, leaves, animals, lattices and so much more.

Made from food-grade PP plastic, they are lightweight and durable and can be used for many years in the kitchen, creating beautiful cookies and desserts.

With the surface of the stencil being smooth, they are all easy to clean and easy to maintain.

While they are flexible, which helps to remove them once done, they are very durable and can be used over and over again for many different cookies and desserts at home.

Use these stencils with an airbrush, icing, or powdered sugar, to create unique and beautiful designs at home.

9. Designer Stencils Emily’s Mini Monogram Set

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These Designer Stencils of Emily’s Mini Monogram Set are the ideal addition to an already existing stencil kit and can be used as a monogram stencil or to spell out a name!

The stencil is made from quality durable good-grade 10ml plastic, which is strong enough for repeated use without any damage or wearing.

Each plaque is 2-inches by 1.7-inches, and the letters are 1-inch high each.

You can use an airbrush, royal icing, or powdered sugar for the stencils, depending on the look you are wanting to achieve.

These are a definite must-have for any stencil kit, especially when you want to add the personal touch of a name!

10. Crafter’s Workshop Cookie Stencil 2-Pack

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These beautiful, hand-drawn, original patterns are great to use for a variety of themes and occasions.

You can use the stencils with a variety of mediums, including icing, edible paint, luster dust, and airbrushing.

All of the stencils are flexible, washable, and durable, and the plastic material is easy to clean and strong enough to last.

While strong enough, the stencils are still flexible enough to manipulate for different decorating projects.

The size of the stencils is 5.5-inches by 5.5-inches, which is a standard size to use for different purposes in the kitchen.

11. Konsait 19 Pack Cookie Stencil Templates

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There are many little characters and symbols included in this Konsait 19 Pack Cookie Stencil Templates Set.

These include a smiley face, music note, butterfly, moon, heart, cat, Christmas tree, and much, much more.

Each stencil size measures 5.5-inches by 3.3-inches, including the lift-easy tag.

There are no sharp edges on the laser-cut designs, so there is no risk of hurting yourself or damaging the baked good you are stenciling the design onto.

All of the stencils are made of durable, eco-friendly PET plastic which is washable and reusable. 

Use the stencils to decorate cookies, cakes, bread, for coffee art, or even when scrapbooking. They can be used with a range of icing and paint mediums too.

With the flexibility of the stencils and the sturdiness of the material, they are easy to maneuver on the cookies and easy to lift off, all without any wear or tear. 

12. 20-Piece Medical Themed Cookie Stencil Set

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To show appreciation for medical personnel close to you, or for a medical-themed party, these cookie stencils are a perfect choice.

Designs include various medical symbols and shapes, such as needles, pills, a heart, and more.

Each stencil has an average size of 3.35-inches by 2.6-inches, which is a good size for most cookies and baking projects.

Made from a flexible material, the cookie stencil is made from quality PET material that is flexible and easily bendable, but not easy to break, making them great for continued use and for kids to experiment with as well.

The stencils are also completely washable and can be cleaned and packed away for when you need to use them again.

All of the stencils have a hand lift-tab, which makes it easy to place the stencil down on the cookie, and then lift it up once you have finished decorating!

13. 14-Piece Cookie Stencils

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This set of 14 Cookie Stencils is made from high-quality food-grade Mylar plastic.

The semi-transparent stencils are so easy to use and have detailed designs that really show when transferred onto the cookie.

Being easy to clean and care for, they are reusable and will last you many years.

There are a variety of designs to choose from in this set, all perfect for different occasions and themes.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over some of the absolute best cookie stencils available, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

What material is used for cookie stencils?

The best material to use for cookie stencils is food-grade plastic. This allows the stencils to be lightweight and durable, but also flexible and easy to use.

Plastic stencils can be used for airbrushing designs, or another popular choice is royal icing.

Can you use a cookie cutter as a stencil?

If you have the right-shaped cookie cutter, there is no reason you can’t use a cookie-cutter as a stencil. The design will not be as detailed or delicate as when using a cookie stencil, but it can work well as a replacement.

What is a Stencil Genie?

A Stencil Genie is a must-have tool that can be used with the right stencils, to make decorating cookies much easier.

This device holds the stencil in place while you apply the royal icing or airbrush over the stencil, making sure it turns out as perfectly as possible.

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