The 11 Best Cookie Scoops Of 2023

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Perfect-shaped cookies should be the last thing on your mind but are unfortunately a baker’s biggest worries. 

You’re hosting a party, and decide to make cookies yourself. Midway, you realize that they aren’t turning out in the shapes you’d like!

This is why you need a cookie scoop; it’s a handy and time-saving alternative. With the best scoops, adding a baker’s touch to your cookies would be a cakewalk.

All you have to do is to invest in the right tools, and you’ll have the most perfectly shaped cookies!

So, what are the best cookie scoops? The best cookie scoop for regular-sized cookies is usually a #40, which holds 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of dough. For larger cookies, we recommend a #24, which holds 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of dough.

In this guide, we’re sure to help you find the cookie scoop meant for you. So, read on!

What Is A Cookie Scoop? 

A cookie scoop is a spoon-like tool, hemispherical in shape that helps part dough for baking cookies. It helps with getting uniform-sized and round-shaped cookies.

To use the cookie scoop, fill it with dough and scrape the excess dough off. Then, use the trigger and lay the scooped dough on a baking sheet. If you find the dough too sticky, use a little butter or oil to prevent it from sticking to the scoop.

If you’re still in the process of making dough, you might want to check out these hand mixers for making dough.

Why Should You Use A Cookie Scoop?

A cookie scoop comes in handy if you’re short of time, or have a lot on your hands, or even if you’re a neat freak and like uniformity in everything you do.

Here are the best reasons to use a cookie scoop:

  • By using a cookie scoop, you’ll have even portions of dough.
  • It is an effortless method to bake a huge number of cookies. It also saves a lot of time!
  • Cookie scoops offer versatility. Apart from scooping out cookies, they could be used to scoop out ice creams, portion meatballs and cakes, fill deviled eggs, and whatnot! Keep in mind, though, that they work much better for softer foods.
  • They’re fast to clean and usually dishwasher safe.

What To Look For In A Cookie Scoop

Before you buy a cookie scoop, consider the below-mentioned things: 

Sturdy Material

While looking into the material of a cookie scoop, ensure that it is chemical and rust-free. Make sure that it is also non-toxic and BPA-free. It has to be sturdy for the scoop to last long. 

Make sure to consider the material of the handle, especially if you plan on using it each time with a huge load. 

Most scoops usually have handles made from ceramic, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. Also, some cookie scoop handles might have silicone or Santoprene grip. Either of these makes the scoop easier to hold for a full batch. This is important if you’re baking in bulk!

You need to choose handles that are comfortable to hold and ones that won’t chip off or break. The grips on the handles should have slip resistance as well.

Ergonomic Design

One of the biggest factors in choosing a cookie scoop is to look into the handle design as it is responsible for the scooping action.

You should go for an ergonomic design as it enhances the efficiency and ease of the scoop. A scoop with a cog and ratchet mechanism is preferable if you have stronger hands. 

A spring-loaded handle would help keep wrist aches at bay. They absorb pressure, which lets you dig deeper into any bowl for obtaining a full scoop. If you’re baking for long, this is a great option!

Perfect Size

The size of a cookie scoop usually depends on what you plan on baking. For instance, a three-tablespoon scoop is suitable for baking extra-large cookies, filling muffin tins, or serving ice cream. 

A tablespoon scoop comes in useful for small cookies or mini muffins. A two-tablespoon scoop is usually the right size for most cookie recipes. 

Cookie Scoop Size Chart

Scoop SizeTablespoons

Easy To Clean

Go for a scoop that’s smooth on the inside, and is less prone to scratches. 

Those designed with a sweeper blade could help, as they carve out the dough well. This ensures less wastage and gives more portions from your batch.

Moreover, you can opt for a dishwasher-friendly one as they’re easier to clean and maintain. 


Keeping in mind the above qualities, a decent cookie scoop would range between $13 and $20. So, you can buy one as per your requirements. 

The 11 Best Cookie Scoops For Perfectly Shaped Cookies

We have compiled a list of the 11 best cookie scoops you need to try out for your cookies! 

RankProductBest Feature
1.Wilton Stainless Steel Cookie ScoopBest overall cookie scoop
2.Solula Stainless Steel Large Cookie ScoopMade with high-quality 18/8-gauge stainless steel
3.Saebye Cookie Scoop SetBest cookie scoop set
4.OXO Good Grips Large Cookie Scoop Made with ergonomic soft grip
5.NorPro Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop SetBuilt with sweeping mechanism
6.Jenaluca Cookie Scoop SetMost aesthetically pleasing design
7.Hormure H Cookie Scoop SetMade with a modern gear mechanism
8.Gorilla Grip Premium ScoopPerfect for hardened or dry dough
9.Fayomir Cookie Scoop SetMade with premium quality stainless steel
10.OYV Cookie ScoopGreat design with various colors
11.Fox Run Vintage Trigger ScoopMade with Beech wood handle

1. Wilton Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop

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From one of the most renowned brands, this scoop exhibits good artistry. It also assures speed, ease of use, and durability.

It’s an elegant silver-colored cookie scoop with a squeeze handle that’d give uniform cookies. This helps them bake uniformly and in turn, become more delicious!

The well-built scoop helps transfer portions of 4 teaspoons, which helps you size large to medium cookies. It reduces your guesswork and helps make cookies with similar amounts of dough.

A lot of thought has been put into the material. It is rust and stain-resistant, enhancing its durability

Additionally, the spring mechanism is user-friendly. Moreover, your kids can use it too! The ergonomic design of the scoop is an added bonus as it makes the scooping mechanism very comfortable.

However, keep in mind that the gear may not glide at times. So, you’ll need to release it forcefully. Also, the scoop isn’t dishwasher safe. It’s also not the best for refrigerated dough.

2. Solula Stainless Steel Large Cookie Scoop

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This versatile and handy stainless steel cookie scoop is quite effortless to use.

When you have a large amount of dough and bake large cookies, Solula’s Cookie Scoop is the right one!

The mirror-polished finish this scoop boasts of gives it a very classy appeal and makes it look aesthetic.

Moreover, the high-quality 18/8-gauge stainless steel guarantees durability and corrosion resistance

The professional scoop also has a 2-year warranty, which speaks a lot about its durability. The handles are built to be used effortlessly.

Despite heavy usage, the springs remain intact, and the gear sliding remains smooth. The capacity of the cookie scoop is 4 US tablespoons.

The scoop is quite lightweight and easy to use. It’s even dishwasher safe so you need not worry about washing it.

When it comes to its handling, this scoop has a very comfortable and slip-resistant grip. This ensures that the pressure applied gets evenly distributed across the scoop. 

However, know that the scoop might get a bit too huge if you like to bake medium-sized cookies. Apart from this, the lever releases the dough in a way that some residue remains on the scoop.

So, you might need to pay a bit of attention after every scooping. Rest assured, this is an excellent scoop!

3. Saebye Cookie Scoop Set 

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The Saebye cookie scoop set is available in three different sizes.

If you like to experiment with your cookie sizes or bake different sizes, this is the best option!

  • The small size scoop has a diameter of 1.6 inches.
  • The medium size scoop has a diameter of 2 inches.
  • The large size scoop has a diameter of 2.4 inches.

These sizes also add versatility to the product. 

This cookie scoop is made from quality 18/8 stainless steel. Thus, it is corrosion-resistant and sturdy. It has a glistening surface and is made from food-grade material.

It is safe to use as the material doesn’t release harmful chemicals in your cookies.

This cookie scoop set is easy to use and comes with an ergonomic trigger. Thus, it takes the efforts off of your hands and wrists. 

Moreover, a lot of thought has gone into designing the handles. They have a cog and ratchet system, and not the mainstream spring-loaded lever.

This makes the scoop extremely easy to handle even for those with not enough muscle power.

These scoops are easy to clean and are even dishwasher-safe. Additionally, if you use eco-friendly products, then this one is suitable for you as it is 100% recyclable and plastic-free.

However, keep in mind that using the scoop on hard or frozen food can reduce its lifespan.

4. OXO Good Grips Large Cookie Scoop 

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If you’re looking to bake a batch of cookies, this scoop is exactly what you’d need! This scoop is available in 2 sizes –  small and large

The handles of the scoop are designed in a way that even with small hands, you can use it well.

The soft grips add to the comfort while squeezing. The even portioning ensures that the entire batch is baked consistently. 

Cleaning becomes super easy when you opt for this cookie scoop, as it is dishwasher safe. It even has a wiper that ejects dough out completely, ensuring no wastage.

It is made of stainless steel and is corrosion and stain-resistant. Moreover, it is also chemical-free and safe to use. 

However, keep in mind that the durability of the product isn’t the best. The scoop or even the handles might fall apart. It also has a spring-loaded lever mechanism, which isn’t the best in the market. 

5. NorPro Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop Set

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This cookie scoop too, like most others, makes uniform dough shapes that help bake evenly. 

This 0.5 tablespoon scoop comes with a heavy-duty spring action release. This helps in easy food release.

It has a sweeping mechanism so when you release the cookies, it’ll do the job effortlessly.

Thus, you won’t have to subject your hands to fatigue! Also, the handles have good grips which offer great comfort

If you’re looking for an economical buy, and wish to enjoy as many applications as possible, it makes more sense to get the cookie set instead of a single scoop.

The pack consists of 3 scoops of varying sizes:

  • The smallest size, ideal for small cookies and melon balls, has a capacity of 1 tablespoon. 
  • The medium size has a capacity of 1.5 tablespoons, ideal for regular-sized cookies. 
  • The large size scoop has a 3 tablespoons capacity. If you want to use it to fill muffins and cupcakes, you’ll find this size quite handy.

The scoops use a high polished stainless steel and are completely plastic-free. The material is sturdy and resists breakage, bending, and rust. Additionally, it is chemical-free and safe to use.

But, we noticed that the scooping mechanism became non-functional after a few uses. Also, the metal filings on the gear seem to fall apart at times. But these aren’t very common!

6. Jenaluca Cookie Scoop Set

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If you’re into baking, aesthetics, and cute-looking tools, you’re in for a treat with Jenaluca Cookie Scoop Set! 

This scoop set is extremely pretty to even look at and has extremely attractive packaging.

Its elegant gift box, plush velvet bag, and mirror polish scooper will leave everyone in awe.

The scoops come in a neat, white rectangular case. Inside the case, there’s a velvet cushion colored blue, within which the scoops are present. The cushion too has the brand name printed on it.

The scoop material consists of stainless steel, providing it the firmness and shine. Moreover,  it’s rust and corrosion-resistant, chemical-free, and a great heavy-duty product to own!

The item’s mirror polish adds value to its appearance.

This unit’s release mechanism is not spring-based. Instead, it is a cog-and-ratchet system. The cog glides well so you don’t need to put intense pressure. Additionally, the tools are ergonomically built, adding to the handling ease. 

The wipers of the scoops also add to the efficiency by ejecting the dough fully. It’s also dishwasher-safe, making it easier to clean.

Unfortunately, the same metallic framework that provides aesthetics can sometimes get slippery. The gearing may get rough with continuous use too!

7. Hormure H Cookie Scoop Set

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This efficient and practical cookie scoop set features three-sized scoops that you can use for various purposes.

You can get uniform-sized cookies without messing your fingers, as the scoop springs the dough for you!

This set uses quality stainless steel. Hence, it offers durability and reliability. It also has a shiny appearance due to its well-polished finishing. The handle and the spoon are also thick and wouldn’t break or bend easily.

The scoops have a unique trigger function with one spring located on the side to use while releasing the cookie dough.

This design has only one handle, and so, you can clean the cookie scoop easily, as you won’t have to separate the handles!

The ergonomic design also facilitates its easy usage. Moreover, the modern gear mechanism relieves pressure on the wrist during the releasing process.

It’s also dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about its cleaning and maintenance! 

However, the movement isn’t the smoothest, with the design being a little complicated too. The spacing between the lever and scoop is in such a way that it leaves behind a bit of dough while releasing. 

Apart from this, the thumb rest is very sharp, so you need to use it carefully. 

8. Gorilla Grip Premium Scoop

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If you work with stubborn and hard cookie dough or ice cream, the Gorilla Grip Premium Scoop is great for you.

You can get the perfect-looking scooped cookie dough with this scoop.

The ergonomic and well-built design allows you to easily scoop through the hardened dough. It also has a slip-resistant handle that provides a secure grip.

Moreover, the scoop has flat edges, making sure that no dough is left behind on the scoop!

Its great size is perfect for scooping out other foods. Also, it is made up of zinc.

Because of this, it won’t break or even bend when used on the hardest of desserts. Moreover, the material is non-toxic and BPA-free, making it perfect for your kitchen.

It is also dishwasher safe and so, it will save your time and energy. Another great thing is that it comes with a 10-year guarantee and a 100% money-back or replacement guarantee if you’re unsatisfied!

However, the chrome layer on the scoop may start peeling. It can also get slightly uncomfortable for those with small hands.

9. Fayomir Cookie Scoop Set

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The Fayomir Cookie Scoop Set is one of the most multifunctional and versatile tools as it is available in 3 different sizes.

The 3 different sizes in this cookie scoop set include small, medium, and large scoops. It includes: 

  • The small cookie scoop is in the size 60 and scoops about 1 tablespoon. 
  • The medium cookie scoop is in the size 40 which scoops about 2 tablespoons. 
  • The large cookie scoop comes in the size 20 which scoops about  3 tablespoons.

It’s made of premium quality stainless steel. Thus, it is stain, corrosion, and rust-resistant. It’s also chemical-free and is extremely safe for kitchen use. 

As it has an efficient cog and ratchet system, it allows easy scoops. It is also easy to clean up since it’s dishwasher safe.

However, we found that the release isn’t as smooth as it claims. Moreover, the squeezing process may get slightly difficult for smaller hands.

10. OYV Cookie Scoop

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If you’re looking for a handy cookie baking option with some color to it, then this OYV cookie scoop is the best bet for you. 

This cookie scoop looks attractive yet minimalistic. It is also made up of high-quality stainless steel material. 

Moreover, its ergonomic handle and trigger system help fit into your hands comfortably!

This also helps quickly deliver the right amount of various items. Its material also ensures its durability, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance

11. Fox Run Vintage Trigger Scoop

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If you’re looking for a cookie scoop that’ll last a long time, the Fox Run Vintage Trigger Scoop is a great option!

This scoop features a fabulous construction that makes it suitable for personal and professional use.

The scoop set is made from wood and aluminum, so it’s lightweight and sturdy! This also explains why the scoop would last long despite everyday use.

The handles are made of Beech wood with a very fine texture. This makes it very smooth and comfortable to hold and use. 

Final Thoughts 

Cookie scoops are doubtlessly beneficial for all bakers and cookie lovers. They take most time and effort off of your hands and offer perfectly shaped cookies.

In fact, they can add a professional touch to every single cookie and help in even baking. 

So, choose your best-suited scoop from our list above, and enjoy your evenly baked perfect cookies!

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