5 Best Cupcake Scoops of 2023

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The best way to get perfectly uniform cupcakes that not only look the same but are cooked evenly, is to use a cupcake scoop!

Cupcakes scoops will help to distribute even portions of batter to each cupcake holder, and it takes the measuring and precision out of the process for you.

If you bake often, you would want a good quality, reliable cupcake scoop to use.

What are the best cupcake scoops?

The best cupcake scoops will be the right size to distribute the right amount of batter to cupcake holders, and they will be durable, stable, and easy to use as well. You would want one which is comfortable to hold and simple to use, to make baking an enjoyable process.

To help you out, we have gone through all the different factors to consider when picking out the best cupcake scoop, as well as our top 5 recommendations on the market!

How To Choose The Best Cupcake Scoops

You do need to put some thought and effort into picking out the right cupcake scoop for you, and to do this, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

Here is what to consider when picking out cupcake scoops to use:

Size Of The Scoop

Probably the most important factor to consider when buying a cupcake scoop is the size. Smaller scoops will likely not hold enough batter to fill a cupcake holder, so you would likely have to go for a larger option.

Larger scoops would work better for making cupcakes, as they would hold the right amount of batter needed each time to get precise measurements.

Type Of Scoop

Different types of cupcake scoops have different release methods. Some require quite a bit of pressure to release the scoop, whereas others are easier to use.

Make sure to check the release lever or method when purchasing a cupcake scoop, to make sure it is suitable for your needs and comfort.

Material Of The Scoop

You would want to choose a cupcake scoop that would last a long time, and for this, stainless steel is the best option. Stainless steel is durable and high-quality and will last longer in your kitchen.

However, if you do not choose a stainless steel option, make sure to at least choose one which has a rust-proof coating, or which is made with food-safe materials.

Easy Cleaning

Working with batter can be a messy job, which is why you would want to choose a cupcake scoop that is easy to clean.

The first prize is if the cupcake scoop can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but if this isn’t an option then it should be easy enough to clean with soap and water, without having to take it apart or put too much effort in.

The 5 Best Cupcake Scoops

Keeping in mind everything you need to consider when choosing the best cupcake scoop for you, here are some of the better options on the market right now.

RankProductKey Features
1. Solula Stainless Steel Cupcake Scoop Premium stainless steel, 3.4 tablespoon size, easy squeeze release.
2.Prep Solutions Progressive Quick Release Cookie Scoop Quick and easy release lever, 3 tablespoon size, dishwasher safe.
3.OXO Good Grips Large Cookie Scoop 3 tablespoon size, spring-loaded handle, stainless steel construction, dishwasher safe.
4.Cookie Scoop Set 3 different size scoops, made from stainless steel, easy release lever.
5.Stainless Steel Yellow Cookie Scoop 3 tablespoon size, easy release system, made from stainless steel, dishwasher safe

1. Solula Stainless Steel Cupcake Scoop

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There is no doubt in my mind that this is the absolute best cupcake scoop that you can buy.

First of all, as you’ll read in just a moment, it has everything you’re looking for in a cupcake scoop, even being the perfect size to fill your cupcake tins.

Next, it is incredibly well-reviewed, with thousands of positive reviews.

The Solula Stainless Steel Cupcake Scoop was built to last, being made with 18/8 premium food-grade stainless steel, you can count on it to never rust or corrode, and you can be sure it will be durable for many, many years.

The size of the scoop measures 3.4 tablespoons, which is a good size for cupcakes and other batters. You do not have to measure it out each time, as the scoop does all of it for you.

A simple squeeze release makes scooping and filling an absolute breeze, and you will soar through a batch of cupcakes with no effort at all.

The grip fits comfortably in your hand and is suitable for both the left and the right hand.

Overall this is just the absolute best cupcake scoop that you can buy right now.

2. Prep Solutions Progressive Quick Release Cookie Scoop

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The Prep Solutions Progressive Quick Release Cookie Scoop is the best option to keep in the kitchen!

The total volume that the cupcake scoop can hold is 3 tablespoons, which is the ideal amount for a standard cupcake, giving you equal quantities each time.

With an easy-release, quick lever, the scoop is wonderfully easy to use and will not cause a strain on your hands when baking batches of cupcakes.

To make it even more attractive, it is dishwasher safe, so you can pop it in the dishwasher to clean it while you enjoy your freshly baked cupcakes!

3. OXO Good Grips Large Cookie Scoop

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OXO is a reliable brand when it comes to kitchen utensils, and their cookie scoop is no exception.

This large cookie scoop holds 3 tablespoons of batter, which is the right amount for a standard cupcake. It takes care of the measuring for you!

The stainless steel scoop and wiper are made with a durable construction, which not only allows it to last for longer in the kitchen, but it allows it to cut through dough and eject it cleanly, making the process smooth and less messy.

A comfortable, non-slip grip is perfect to use over a few batches, and the spring-loaded handle makes very quick work of big batches of cupcakes.

You can get multiple batches done before feeling any fatigue set in.

As an added bonus, the cookie scoop is dishwasher safe, so you do not have to worry about scrubbing it down after baking.

4. Cookie Scoop Set

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If you bake various types of goods in your kitchen often, then a varied cookie scoop set is a great option. It will provide you with all the sizes needed for cookies, cupcakes, and more.

This set comes with three different size scoops, small which holds 1.5 tbs, medium which holds 2.8 tbs, and large which holds 5.4 tbsp.

This provides you with enough variety to bake a whole range of different items, and the medium is the ideal size for baking cupcakes.

All three of the scoops are made from stainless steel, and solid ABS plastic, which allows them to last for much longer in the kitchen.

The trigger system is comfortable and easy to use, and you only need to press gently onto the wrench to release the batter in the scoop.

The different size scoops have different color handles, so they are easy to identify in the kitchen, and made from stainless steel, they are really easy to clean too.

5. Stainless Steel Yellow Cookie Scoop

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If you want to add a pop of color to your baking, then this bright yellow cookie scoop is a great option!

The scoop itself holds 3 tablespoons of batter, which is ideal for cupcakes.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the cupcake scoop is stain-resistant and won’t corrode over time.

The whole scoop is also dishwasher safe, making it incredibly easy to clean!

The ergonomic system is easy to use, and you simply have to press down gently on the wrench to release the batter into the cupcake holder.

It is perfect to use for numerous batches of cupcakes, and you won’t feel like much effort is needed at all.

It is a handy cupcake scoop to keep in the kitchen, and it will definitely stand the test of time!

The Best Cupcake Scoops

Using a cupcake scoop gives you precision measuring with your batter, which in turn gives you uniformly sized, and evenly baked cupcakes each time.

It takes the measuring out of baking for you and just makes the process that much more enjoyable. However, you do need to find the cupcake scoop which suits you best!

Read above for tips on how to choose the best cupcake scoops, as well as our top 5 picks for the best options on the market at the moment.

Related Questions

What is the perfect size scoop for cupcakes?

For cupcakes, look for a scoop that holds around 3 tablespoons of batter. This will be ideal for average-size cupcake holders.

How many scoops do you put in a cupcake?

How many scoops you put in a cupcake depends on the size of the scoop. The cupcake holder should be around ⅔ full, which usually measures 3 tablespoons of batter or one ice cream scoop.

Do I need to grease cupcake liners?

You do not need to grease cupcake liners, as they will not stick to the pan, and the batter will not necessarily stick to the paper liners to a point where it causes an issue either.

Here is a great video on exactly how to use a cupcake scoop:

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