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9 Best Cake Scrapers

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Making fancy cakes at home is becoming much more popular over the years thanks to TV shows like The Great British Bake Off and Is It Cake? — and with them, a variety of useful cake-making tools, like cake scrapers!

But with so many cake scrapers available on the market, which one should you get for daily (or occasional) use? 

What are the best cake scrapers? Go with a metal cake scraper if you want a great long-term investment that can easily smoothen out frosting without creating faint lines or air bubbles. For flexibility and cost-effectiveness, try acrylic or plastic scrapers for more or less the same benefits.  

There is so much more to cake scrapers than you think — read on to learn more!

Types Of Cake Scrapers 

There are essentially three types of cake scrapers:

  1. Plastic Scrapers
  2. Acrylic Scrapers
  3. Metal Scrapers

Plastic Scrapers

These are the cheapest and most effective scrapers due to their flexibility and weight. 

They are easy to grip and can be very light in the hand, allowing you to glide across cakes without applying excessive pressure (like you normally would with a weighted scraper).

Plastic scrapers work just as well as other types but they have one weakness: they can wear down pretty quickly, especially when they aren’t stored properly or when they aren’t made from high-quality materials.

Plastic scrapers can also develop dings or imperfections on or near the edge, which will translate into an uneven or imperfect surface on the cake. 

These imperfections may lead to faint lines or air bubbles appearing around the cake, which can effectively either increase the overall preparation time or ruin the cake.

Acrylic Scrapers

Acrylic scrapers are a bit more expensive than plastic scrapers, but they do provide better reliability. 

These scrapers are designed to provide a smooth finish regardless of the type of icing you use. They are the default choice for buttercream icings and can also be used to cover up imperfections caused by other types of scrapers.

Although they are sturdier than plastic scrapers, acrylic scrapers can also wear down and can be tedious to clean, specifically when you have to wipe down both edges to remove the excess icing from the scraper. 

But due to their balanced weight and durability, they make for a great investment for beginners and professional bakers!

Metal Scrapers

These are the default choice for many professional bakers simply because they provide better durability and reliability. They can be relatively expensive, but they’re a worthy long-term investment.

Metal scrapers are made using high-quality materials and are crafted with precision, which gives them a literal edge over other scrapers. 

They don’t wear down, which eliminates the chances of accidents or errors when scraping off excess icing. 

Remember: metal scrapers are just as good as your skills, which means that their effectiveness will be directly proportional to your experience with making and scraping cakes.

Buyer’s Guide For Cake Scrapers

Here are two key factors that you need to keep in mind before deciding which cake scraper to purchase:

  1. Build Quality
  2. Scraper Type

Build Quality 

When purchasing a plastic scraper, make sure that it is built using food-safe plastics and has a balanced edge

Most cheap plastic scrapers have imperfections that you can easily detect by running your finger across the edge. 

If you feel any bumps or nicks, then this would indicate that the scraper is made from cheap materials and will likely do more harm than good.

These parameters apply to other types of scrapers too. 

Regardless of the type you choose (stainless steel or high-grade acrylic), make sure that the scraper is safe to use and is of premium quality.

Eventually, these small details will save you from purchasing a new scraper every few months!

Scraper Type

We have already talked about the different types of scrapers, but which one should you get? 

Most people may settle on just one type, but for professionals (or people who want to futureproof themselves), we recommend going with at least two types of cake scrapers. 

Having two types of scrapers can help you in different scenarios

For example, when you want to spread icing over a cake, you can use a metal spatula scraper to roughly spread the icing around the entire cake. 

Once the first layer is done, you can switch over to either an acrylic or plastic scraper to smooth out the cake. 

Remember, there are no fixed rules to scraping cakes, you just need to apply the right technique and strategy — this can be achieved by using a combination of different scrapers!

Best Cake Scrapers 

Now that you know what to look for when looking to buy cake scrapers, here are some great options to choose from.

We have included a range of scrapers that are available in different sizes and are made from different materials! 

RankProductBest Features
1Lasenersm 2 Pieces Cake ScraperLightweight plastic scrapper. Designed for ease of use and flexibility.
2Teenitor Cake ScrapersMade from high-quality plastic. Assortment of 7 cake scrapers with patterned edges.
312 Inch Large Clear Acrylic Cake ScraperSet of premium quality acrylic scrapers. Great for creating a smooth layer of icing. Includes edged blade too.
4Bleteleh Large Bench Cake ScraperStainless steel cake scraper. Provides extreme grip and allows for precision scraping.
5Stainless Steel Spatula ScraperSet of 4 different-sized spatula scrapers with elongated wooden handles.
6YUNDUOJIA Cake ScraperClassic plastic cake scrapers. Built to last as well as to provide precise control over the icing.
76 Pieces Clear Acrylic Icing Cake Scraper6-piece acrylic scrapers built with high-quality materials. Available in different patterns, too!
810inch Metal Cake ScraperA multi-purpose scraping and measuring tool. Perfect for scraping tall cakes.
99 Inch Jagged Cake Scraper2-in-1 scraper great for smoothing and combing icing. Built with high-quality stainless steel.

1. Lasenersm 2 Pieces Cake Scraper 

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you are a casual baker or a beginner who wants to practice your scraping skills then we highly recommend that you start with this fantastic set of two high-quality plastic scrapers. 

These scrapers are designed to provide maximum grip and control over the icing and can help you hone your skill thanks to their non-intimidating size.

They are built to last and are designed to be washed or wiped easily too! 

2. Teenitor Cake Scrapers

Check Current Price on Amazon

Get seven different plastic scrapers at a great value! 

These scrapers are designed with quality in mind. They are made using food-safe plastics and can last a long time due to their precision-crafted edge. 

They also have a light bend to them, which allows them to be used as a typical scraper for bowls.

We recommend this set for beginners because it covers all the bases and encourages bakers to use their imagination with its multiple patterned edges.  

3. 12 Inch Large Clear Acrylic Cake Scraper 

Check Current Price on Amazon

This acrylic scraper is a must-have for any type of baker. 

They are built with high-quality and food-safe acrylic that can be used repeatedly without noticeable wear.

They are also available in two different sizes for various applications. 

You get a 12-inch, straight-edge scraper along with a 9.5-inch, stripes/tooth-pattern scraper for adding style to any cake!

4. Bleteleh Large Bench Cake Scraper 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Here’s another essential cake scraper that is designed to create a smooth layer of icing. 

This scraper is made from high-grade stainless steel. It also features a very comfortable handle on the side, which gives you full control over the edge of the scraper. 

Glide through the icing and create your masterpiece with just this one long-term and reliable scraper! 

5. Stainless Steel Spatula Scraper 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Want to cover all bases? Then we recommend purchasing this essential spatula scraper set along with any plastic or acrylic scraper from our list. 

This set of stainless-steel scrapers will futureproof all your baking needs and will enable you to add a professional finish to any type of cake. 

Combine these scrapers with a plastic or acrylic scraper to truly up your presentation skills! 

6. YUNDUOJIA Cake Scraper 

Check Current Price on Amazon

The best thing about this scraper is that it is built for multiple purposes —  it’s easy to wipe down and provides extreme control and precision for most scraping tasks.

Not only can you use it to scrape icing, but it can also come in handy in other daily kitchen tasks too. 

Don’t worry about wear and tear either! This scraper is made from high-quality PE plastic that is crafted to resist nicks and chips along its edge. 

7. 6 Pieces Clear Acrylic Icing Cake Scraper 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking for variety? Then check out this set of six acrylic icing scrapers. 

This set is specifically built for bakers who want to experiment with different patterns and push the limits of their creativity. 

We love these scrapers because they provide a lot of utility in almost every type of baking project — these can truly help you create perfectly smooth masterpieces at home or in a professional setting!

8. 10inch Metal Cake Scraper 

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For professionals who deal in tall cakes, we recommend checking out this 10-inch metal scraper. 

You get a precision-crafted steel scraper that also doubles as a measuring scale to make equal cake layers. 

It’s a useful tool to have in the kitchen — we think that it will appeal to not only professionals, but also to intermediate bakers who want to take their baking skills to the next level.

9. 9 Inch Jagged Cake Scraper 

Check Current Price on Amazon

And last (but certainly not least), here is one scraper to rule them all! 

Don’t want to deal with a barrage of different scrapers? Then just get this one tool and futureproof your baking projects in almost every way. 

This double-sided scraper is made from premium-quality stainless steel and features both a straight and jagged edge — with a height of 9 inches, we think that it will easily help you make perfectly smooth cakes of all sizes! 

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