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5 Best Toasters for Frozen Waffles [2023]

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Frozen waffles are perhaps one of the best breakfast inventions of the modern age. Just take them out of the freezer and put them in the toaster. Give them a few minutes, and you will have beautifully golden-brown, fluffy, and crispy waffles.

But as you would expect, most of the texture of the waffles depends on the toaster. So, the better the toaster, the more likely it is to get high-quality waffles for breakfast!

What are the best toasters for frozen waffles? Frozen waffles are best cooked in toasters with multiple heat settings. This allows you to brown the waffles, just the way you like them! The toasters should also have wide slots so that the waffles go in easily without getting stuck on the side of the grills.

Read below to learn more about waffle toasters, and how you can make the most out of frozen waffles at home. 

Why Go With Frozen Waffles?

Waffles were created in the Middle Ages but were initially made from barley instead of wheat flour! As time went on, people opted for a fluffier, crispier, and more delicious waffle which led to the usage of flour. 

In Europe, waffles are considered as a form of cake but in the USA it’s a highly popular breakfast item that can be enjoyed with several toppings and syrups. 

Frozen waffles came about during the industrial revolution when flash freezing and automated assembly line technology had finally caught up.

The appeal of frozen waffles is simple: instead of buying a dedicated waffle iron and painstakingly mixing the ingredients to make the perfect waffles, you can just get a pack of pre-cooked waffles and heat them at home for a much better experience.

frozen waffles

Why is it better? Well, most manufacturers use commercial ingredients and techniques to make frozen waffles that give them the same flavor that you would find at breakfast diners. This makes them a cheap, convenient, and viable option for people who don’t have the time to make fresh waffles every day.

But how are frozen waffles made?

The process is fairly simple! The journey of waffles begins with a large batch of all the dry and wet ingredients required to make the batter. Once the batter is mixed, workers add toppings like dried berries or other additives depending on the type of waffle. 

The waffle batter is then transported into the cooking section where hot waffle irons are first sprayed with non-stick coating and then the batter is automatically poured into the mold. In most factories, a single batch of batter can produce up to 3,600 waffles!

Once the waffles are cooked halfway, the waffle irons are automatically flipped which cooks them from the other side as well. The waffles aren’t cooked to 100%, instead, they are cooked to about 80% so that they can heat and cook in your toaster at home.

The cooked waffles are then sent to a conveyor that transports them to a freezing rack. The waffles are then flash-frozen to preserve their quality and texture. They are then sealed in food-safe wrapping and packaged!

5 Best Toasters for Frozen Waffles 

If you are looking for the best toasters to cook waffles at home then we have just the guide for you. Here are the 5 best toasters for waffles:

1. Extra Wide Slot Compact Stainless Steel Toasters for Waffles

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Extra Wide Slot Compact Stainless Steel Toasters for Bread Waffles

For many people, this toaster will ignite nostalgia! This stainless-steel toaster is built with a retro design and is made from high-quality materials which make it perfect for everyday use. 

It has extra-wide slots that can fit any type of waffle and you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck on the sides either. The toaster also boasts a lot of controls which means that you can customize the texture of the waffles just the way you like them. 

Just put in the waffles and push down the lever on the side. Adjust the controls and let the toaster do its thing! Within minutes you will have freshly toasted and delicious waffles!

2. Whall Stainless Steel Toasters for Frozen Waffles

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Whall Stainless Steel Toasters for Frozen Waffles

Whether it’s waffles or bagels, this all-in-one toaster is going to be the best for all your breakfast needs. This toaster is made from durable materials and features wide slots. It is an excellent option for people who want to cook crispy frozen waffles.

This waffle toaster also has a very intuitive design. Just load up the waffles, set the timer and heat setting, and press down the lever. The power controls are easy to navigate and can produce crispy waffles every time.

3. Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster

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Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster

Save time and make four delicious waffles at a time! We highly recommend this toaster to people who make waffles in large batches. This toaster has an extremely simple and intuitive design with large input slots.

The large slots are ideal for not two but up to 4 waffles at a time! You can even switch things up and toast waffles as well as bagels – at the same time! There is one set of controls for the toaster which makes it very easy to operate.

4. Cuisinart Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster

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Cuisinart Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster

You can think of this as two toasters merged into one. How is this helpful? Well, if you have little ones with their own preferences for how they like their waffles, then you are going to need this toaster. 

This toaster has 4 individual slots and you can control both pairs with individual controls! That’s right, cook two waffles using more power and the other two using less. This will give you 4 waffles with different textures! 

This is an ingenious way to quickly make customized frozen waffles for your family members. You don’t have to fiddle around with the heat settings either, just set each setting once and make delicious frozen waffles every day.

5. GE Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slice Extra Wide Slots

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GE Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slice Extra Wide Slots

Just like the toaster above, this is another great option for people who like a more heavy-duty toaster with extra wide slots. This toaster can help you make waffles, bagels, and even thick sourdough. 

It’s made from stainless steel and features separate control for each pair of slots. There is even a “frozen” option on the toaster which can allow you to make perfectly golden-brown frozen waffles at home! 

How to Make Frozen Waffles

Making frozen waffles is very easy but requires some preparation. Just like any other frozen food, it is always best to lightly defrost frozen waffles before you put them in the microwave

This might sound counterintuitive and time-consuming, but hear us out. How many times have you had limp and soggy frozen waffles? Well, a big reason for that is that these waffles contain a lot of moisture in the form of ice crystals. 

When you add frozen waffles to the toaster, the heat usually evaporates some of the moisture but most of it remains in the waffles which can cause them to lose their texture. You might think that turning up the heat would be a solution for this, right? But that would make things worse.

If you use a higher heat setting then you will just burn the exterior of the waffles while the interior will still contain most of the moisture. 

Here is the right way to prepare frozen waffles in a toaster:

Step 1) Take out as many waffles as you want to heat. Put the rest of them back in the freezer. Give the waffles 4-5 minutes so that they lightly thaw.

Step 2) Adjust the power setting on your waffle. We recommend going with a light toast so that the waffles heat properly.

Step 3) Put the frozen waffles in the toaster and let them cook.

Step 4) Once out, inspect if the waffles are properly cooked or are cooked as per your liking. If they require more time then it’s perfectly okay to toast them again using the same settings. Do not change the settings during the second toast or you might end up burning the waffles.

Step 5) After the waffles have been toasted, carefully put them on a plate and give them 2-3 minutes to cool down. Once cool, put syrup over the waffles and enjoy!

Related Questions 

Frozen waffles are a highly convenient and easy way to make fresh waffles without the added hard work! Now that you know the best toasters for them, here are some related questions: 

Can You Refreeze Leftover Frozen Waffles?

If the waffles are uncooked then we don’t advise that you refreeze thawed waffles. Try to store them in the fridge and consume them within 1-2 days. If the waffles are cooked then you can freeze them for up to 1-2 weeks. Thaw cooked frozen waffles in the oven or in the toaster to freshen them up!

Can You Cook Frozen Waffles in the Oven?

Yes, while you can cook frozen waffles in the oven, the recommended method for making them is in a toaster. You can also check out the cooking instructions on the back of the packaging for more details on how to cook the waffles at home. 

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