5 Smallest Sausages – Everything You Should Know

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There is no denying that sausages are a staple food item almost all over the world, and because of this, there are so many different types of sausages to be found!

Ranging from small to large, and with a whole host of different ingredients and flavors, there are endless sausages to discover.

However, if you are looking at size alone, which are the smallest sausages?

There is no definitive list of the smallest sausages, as sausages can be made in a range of different sizes, but some common small sausages include cocktail sausages, mini-frankfurters, chipolatas, longganisa, and mini-chorizo.

Some of these can be made in larger sizes, but generally, they are sold as small sausages, and cooked and enjoyed as such!

Read on to find out more about these mini sausages!

What Qualifies As A ‘Small Sausage’

As sausages come in different sizes, it can be a bit tricky to determine when a sausage becomes a ‘small’ sausage and isn’t referred to as a normal sausage anymore.

Luckily, there really are no hard and fast rules on this, and unless it is very clear that it is classified as a small sausage, then there is no stopping you from making a judgment yourself!

As a guideline, a normal, regular size sausage, measures between 4 to 6 inches long. Anything longer than this is considered a jumbo sausage, and anything smaller is considered a mini sausage.

So, if a sausage is under 4 inches long, or 10cm, then it will typically be classified as a small sausage, even if the sausages are linked to each other.

You will also be able to find mini-versions of most of your favorite sausages too!

5 Smallest Sausages

Just as we mentioned above, there are many different types of sausages around the world, and what you are familiar with will likely depend on where you live.

Because there are so many types of sausages out there, there is so much variety to choose from. However, there does seem to be less variety when it comes to mini-sausages.

Here are 5 of the most popular small sausages around the world, with some more information on each, such as flavor, preparation, and ingredients.

Type of SausageLengthIngredientsPopular Preparation
Cocktail Sausage1-2 inchesPork, beef, or chicken, variety of spicesRoasted, fried, grilled, wrapped in bacon or with dipping sauce
Chipolatas1-3 inchesCoarse-ground pork, sometimes with rice, seasoned with salt, pepper, sage, thyme, and red pepperEnjoyed as breakfast sausage
Mini-FrankfurtersUp to 4 inchesBeef and/or pork, seasoned with garlic, salt, paprika, and onion powderServed as mini-hot dogs or as a snack with a dipping sauce
Mini-ChorizoAround 1 inchCoarsely textured pork sausage, heavily spiced with ingredients like red pepper, paprika, and chiliReady-to-eat snack or added to canapes
LongganisaUp to 2 inchesPork or other meat, seasoned with garlic, sea salt, black pepper, brown sugar, vinegar, chili, paprika, and aniseServed linked together as breakfast sausage

Cocktail Sausages

Cocktail sausages are not a specific type of sausage, but rather a sausage that is made to a specific size, using some common ingredients.

The size of a cocktail sausage is supposed to be small enough that you can eat them in one or two bites, and you can serve them as the perfect size appetizer too.

When it comes to shape, cocktail sausages are made in the same shape as their larger, regular sausage counterparts, but just with a much smaller size.

Cocktail sausages usually measure between 1 to 2 inches in length and are usually around ½ inch thick.

Cocktail sausages can be made with a variety of fillings, such as pork, beef, or chicken, These can be made with a range of spices too, and as they are small in size, cocktail sausages are usually made to be eaten sparingly and are therefore quite decadent.

Cocktail sausages can be cooked much the same way as larger sausages, roasted, fried, or grilled, but they are also great to cook wrapped in bacon or along with a dipping sauce.


Chipolatas are small pork sausages that originated in Italy. Popular in Europe, chipolatas have become particularly common in the United Kingdom, where they are enjoyed as a breakfast sausage.

In the US, chipolatas can be referred to as Italian sausage, but they are also sold as linked breakfast sausages.

You will however be able to tell chipolatas apart from regular sausages, as they have a specific flavor, and quite a bit of extra spice.

Chipolatas are typically made from coarse-ground pork, and sometimes rice can be added to the mix. The mixture is then seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs such as sage, thyme, and red pepper.

Chipolatas are usually between 1 to 3 inches long, and they can be linked together. 

These small sausages can be enjoyed any time of the day, but they work really well as a breakfast sausage, which is how they are most commonly enjoyed!


You’ll likely have enjoyed a frankfurter or two before, but have you ever had a mini-frankfurter?

Frankfurters are typically made from a mix of beef and pork, but they can also be made with just pork or just beef, and even poultry too.

The spices used to make frankfurters include garlic, salt, paprika, and onion powder, with some frankfurters being spicier than others.

Frankfurters are a specific type of sausage, but nowadays the term frankfurter is used interchangeably with hot dog, as it is the usual sausage used to make hot dogs.

When it comes to size, small frankfurters are not as small as some other small sausages and can be up to 4 inches long. However, this can be half the size of larger frankfurters, which can be up to 8 inches long.

Small frankfurters can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. They can be served in cocktail buns as mini-hot dogs, or they can be served as a snack with a dipping sauce.

Mini-frankfurters are the perfect size for kids, who might not be able to finish a large frankfurter in one go!


Chorizo is a popular sausage enjoyed around the world, and it is becoming more popular as time goes on.

Chorizo is a coarsely textured pork sausage that is usually quite heavily spiced.

There are variations of chorizo, depending on where it originates from.

Popular types of chorizo are Spanish chorizo, Mexican chorizo, and even Italian chorizo.

The spices and ingredients used will vary depending on where the chorizo is made, but generally, the ingredients include pork, red pepper, paprika, and chili.

Spanish chorizo is made from smoked pork – which gives it more of a smoky flavor.

The flavors in chorizo are delicious, and because of this, mini-chorizo sausages were created, and are becoming incredibly popular. They offer a delicious way to snack on chorizo, often which can be bought ready-to-eat from the store.

Mini-chorizo sausages are also great for canapes, helping to add a spicy kick to the dish. There is no set length for mini-chorizo, but they are usually around 1 inch long.

While small, mini-chorizo hold a punch of flavor and spice, which is why they are being used more and more in various kitchens, and why they are becoming so popular as a go-to snack!


You might never have heard of longganisa before, but if you are a fan of different types of sausage, then it is definitely one to try out!

It is a Philippine sausage that is fairly similar to chorizo, but which has its own taste and flavors.

Longganisa can either be fresh or smoked, and it can be made with a variety of meat, whether pork, beef, or poultry.

The spices made to use longganisa include garlic, coarse sea salt, black pepper, brown sugar, vinegar, chili, paprika, and sometimes anise. 

There are various types of longganisa, but for this article, we will be looking at the smaller longganisa sausages, which are typically made with pork.

The small longganisa sausages measure up to 2 inches long, and the sausages are most commonly served linked up with each other.

There is a difference with how these sausages are made compared to the larger versions. For the smaller longganisa sausages, the meat is usually chopped by hand instead of ground by a machine, giving the sausage more texture in one bite.

The smallest longganisa sausage is called Longganisa de Guinobatan, so you know what to look for when trying something new!

How Are Small Sausages Typically Served?

There are many different types of small sausages to be found and enjoyed, which means that there are many different ways to cook and serve these small sausages.

Most commonly, small sausages are served as a snack or canape, or they are served as a small breakfast sausage, along with eggs, bacon, and other breakfast foods.

Their small size makes them quite versatile, and there are quite a few things you can do to add flavor to a small sausage.

These small sausages can be wrapped in dough or bacon and then baked, giving you the perfect bite-size snack. They can be skewered along with other ingredients, or they can be cooked in a sauce, such as a sweet and spicy mix.

Many small sausages are also enjoyed just as a snack on the go, as something to eat easily in one bite with a good amount of flavor.

How Are Small Sausages Made?

Small sausages, such as chipolatas or cocktail sausages, are made much the same way as normal sausages are, and usually include the same casing, ingredients, and spices as their larger counterparts.

The only difference in preparation will come in where the casing is twisted off. For longer, normal sausages, the casing is tied off at longer intervals, which creates a longer, larger sausage.

For small sausages, the casing is tied off at shorter lengths, to create shorter sausages.

The only other difference might be in the size of the casing used. Typically, smaller sausages are made in a small casing, so they are too wide for their size, but this will depend on the type of small sausage being made, and how thick it is meant to be.

Sometimes, small sausages are made with a little more spice and flavor, as they are made to be enjoyed in one or two bites, so these bites need to pack a good taste.

How Do You Cook Small Sausages?

For most small sausages, there are a variety of ways that they can be prepared. You can cook the sausages in the oven, fry them on the stovetop, pop them in the air fryer, or even cook them in the microwave if you have less time.

When it comes to the best flavor, it is probably best to cook the sausages in a pan on the stove, as they will caramelize beautifully on the outside and develop more flavor.

Roasting the sausages in the oven has a very similar outcome, you just have to be sure to not overcook them, which can happen easily due to their small size.

It isn’t really ideal to cook small sausages in the microwave, as they won’t develop as good a flavor and color as they would when cooked on the stove or in the oven, but for ready-to-eat sausages, it is a great way to warm them up quickly!

Alternatively, small sausages can also be added to stews and meals and cooked this way, adding pops of flavor and texture to different dishes to make a filling meal.

Can You Make Small Sausages At Home?

There is no reason you wouldn’t be able to make your own small sausages at home, especially if you already make normal-sized sausages.

You simply need sausage-making equipment and the right ingredients. You just need smaller casings, and you will need to adjust how much length you leave before twisting the casing off.

Making small sausages at home is no different to making normal sausages, so it is definitely worth trying out if you want to experiment with something a little different!

Store and prepare the homemade sausages the same way you would with normal sausages.

Are Small Sausages Tastier Than Normal Sausages?

Sometimes, smaller sausages can be tastier than normal-sized sausages, and this is because they are made with more flavors and spices.

The reason they are made with more flavors and spices is that they are meant to be eaten in one or two bites, so you would want to get as much flavor in one bite as possible.

This also means that you should eat these small sausages in moderation, as they can become quite rich if you overindulge!

Many small sausages are also made with the same ingredients as larger sausages, so these don’t necessarily have more flavor to them. It just depends on the type of sausage

5 Smallest Sausages

There are so many different types of sausages to be discovered, and the sausages you are familiar with will probably depend on where you live.

As sausages come in so many shapes and sizes, there isn’t necessarily a list of the smallest sausages around, but there are some small sausages that are more common than others.

Some of the smallest sausages include cocktail sausages, chipolatas, mini-frankfurters, mini-chorizo, and longganisa. These are all bite-sized, delicious sausages that are either made small or are smaller versions of a regular sausage.

All of these smaller sausages are made with different ingredients and vary in length, but all are 4 inches or smaller, which is why they are considered small sausages!

Related Questions

What are mini sausages?

Mini sausages are pretty much just what the name suggests – miniature versions of a regular sausage. This isn’t a specific type of sausage, but rather the name given to sausages that are made in a smaller version of another type of sausage.

These are typically served as appetizers or snacks.

Are there square sausages?

Most of us think of sausages as a long, tubular shape, but there are some sausages that do not follow this. One such sausage is a Scottish breakfast sausage.

No casing is used to hold the sausage meat in place, which gives the sausage a square shape.

This sausage is served as square slices along with typical breakfast foods.

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