The 5 Best Serrated Butter Knives Of 2023

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Freshly baked, buttered bread is a simple, undeniable pleasure that can make you sigh in bliss even after a long and stressful day.

Bread is delicate though, and there is nothing more frustrating than pulling holes through your little piece of heaven because your butter is too cold to spread. Butter is delightful, but a huge chunk in one bite followed by none at all in the next is nobody’s definition of a good time. 

So what are the serrated butter knives available on the market? The best butter knives are serrated on one edge and have a row of small holes along the other edge. When you drag these holes over your hard butter at just the right angle, you scrape the butter into beautiful little curls, which melt quickly and spread deliciously. 

If you want to fully enjoy your morning, afternoon or evening bread, it’s time you invest in one of the best serrated butter knives. Not only will your bread be buttered better than ever before, but anyone watching your skills with a butter knife will assume you’ve gone through several years of culinary school. 

What is a Serrated Butter Knife?

Most of us set the table with a fork and knife out of habit, and the dinner knife is falsely represented as a butter knife. There’s nothing inherently wrong with using a standard piece of silverware to butter your bread, but if you’re trying to spread hard butter onto soft bread with an average knife, you’re asking for trouble. 

A serrated butter knife allows you to use special teeth to scrape the surface of the butter, creating a nice, soft and easy to spread stream of butter. These teeth are often sharp enough to cut bread, but not nearly as efficient as a traditional bread knife.

A serrated knife specially designed for butter does not come in a set of 8 or 12 along with the rest of your cutlery because it is a unique tool.

At the top of a butter knife, you’ll likely find a single larger hole, which is designed to scoop butter into a thicker curl, which works perfectly if your butter is warm instead of cold. 

Some butter knives will even have an additional long, rectangular hole which is designed to slice a thin layer of butter off the top of a block or stick.

Now that you know what you’ve been missing all these years of buttering your bread with an average dinner knife, it’s time to start dazzling your company with an array of butter curls, streams, pats, ribbons or thin, perfectly spreadable slices.

Your days of ripped and torn bread are over.

The 5 Best Serrated Butter Knives

We’ve found the 5 best options out there – and they’re all made of high-quality stainless steel.

RankProductBest Feature
1.Simple Spreading Stainless Steel Butter KnifeWell-designed and manufactured
2.Butterblade Knife Butter KnifeErgonomic
3.DVP Stainless Steel Butter KnifeExtra scoop + curl loop at top
4.GENRICE Multi-Function Butter Knife2-pack bundle
5.Yoshikawa NULU Butter SpreaderAngled handle

Let’s take a look at each more closely, shall we?

1. Stainless Steel Butter Spreader Knife by Simple Spreading

Check current price on Amazon.

The simplicity of this design along with its durability and high quality makes is a quick pick for favorite, not to mention the great price for a pack of two. 

Key features:

  • Made out of 18/10 Stainless Steel, which will last a long time without bending or rusting
  • It has an ergonomic design which works just as well for left and right handed people, the shredder holes being at a perfect right angle to be used in either direction

Biggest Drawback:

If you don’t know how to use the curler, it won’t work as depicted and can cause frustration. There’s an easy fix though, just watch a video to learn the best way to handle your knife and you’ll be curling in no time! While the manufacturer doesn’t make such a video, one very happy and proud user left a video and detailed instructions that can be found at the top of the reviews on Amazon.

2. Butterblade Knife Butter Knife

Check current price on Amazon.

Butterblade is a recognized household brand that prides itself on premium quality and customer service. The knife design was upgraded in 2016 which added a cutting edge to the knife, which can be used to cut, curl, slice, stream and spread butter in any state. This serrated butter knife comes in a lovely box, which makes it perfect for gifting.

Key features:

  • The serrated edge is safe to touch yet still functional enough to cut through butter, cheese, cakes and even some fruits and veggies
  • It’s made of Japanese stainless steel, which keeps it safe from rusting and is completely non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • The design was made with ergonomics and balance in mind, and it works perfectly in either hand, used in either direction

Biggest Drawback:

Even though it says it is dishwasher safe, there are a lot of little holes and fine serrations. To keep your knife in tip top shape, hand wash and dry immediately.

3. DVP Stainless Steel Butter Knife

Check current price on Amazon.

The design, quality and comfort of this serrated butter knife has made it a go-to tool in kitchens everywhere. It looks as great as it performs so get ready to impress everyone from family to special guests with the fancy curls and ribbons of butter decorating their dinner rolls. 

Key features:

  • The three functions of this knife as easy to master, especially with the comfort of a well balanced handle and light, thin yet powerful blade 
  • Scoop, curl or stream hard butter into ribbons that melt quickly and spread easily on your bread
  • Easy to clean and store

Biggest Drawback:

If you happen to buy your butter in tubs, it’s more difficult to use. To create a truly impressive butter curl, this knife will work best with blocks or sticks of butter. 

4. GENRICE Multi-Function Butter Knife

Check current price on Amazon

Each of these knives performs multiple tasks, but GENRICE has made it a goal to combine ease-of-use with quality materials.

This knife is made with food-grade stainless steel that promises to avoid corrosion and rust damage.

Key features:

  • Quality is key with GENRICE, as they’ve manufacturer the knife from the highest quality stainless steel they could, which contains no dangerous impurities and won’t rust or corrode, even in the dishwasher. 
  • The high quality of this knife makes the serrated edge sharp and strong enough to slice bread nicely, not just butter.
  • It’s a pack of two knives at nearly the same price, or lower, than competitive brands for one.

Biggest drawback:

The curler holes are small, as with most butter knives, but it can lead to getting butter stuck inside them making the second swipe a bit more difficult. Quick fix, if your butter is too warm and you’re very committed to a perfect ribbon for each piece of bread, simply keep a warm damp cloth nearby to take care of any leftover butter if there happens to be any.

5. Yoshikawa NULU Butter Spreader

Check current price on Amazon.

This spreader looks as great as it works. It has a very modern, minimalist appeal and the manufacturer offers an entire matching lineup of silver dinnerware.

Key features:

  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel which is highly resistant to rust and corrosion and has a nice, sturdy quality that ensures it won’t bend under the pressure of trying to curl even frozen butter
  • The angled handle makes it easier to use in dishes and has a nice, sleek modern appeal

Biggest Drawback:

It’s a bit small which can be a pro if you’re skilled and dainty, but if you’re on the clumsy side, it can be slightly more difficult to get a good handle on. 

Related Questions

What is a heated butter knife?

A heated butter knife is a kitchen utensil designed to help you spread cold butter or delicate bread without tearing it to pieces in the process. One we like in particular is this heated knife by That!

Inventions uses your own body heat to warm the knife and the serrated edge to carve the butter into thin, easily spreadable strands over your bread or toast.

What is a dinner knife used for?

A dinner knife is generally used to cut simple foods on your plate, as well help you push food onto your fork for eating in polite company.

Many people often call this standard place setting knife a butter knife but in formal situations, a completely separate butter knife is usually made available so that your personal usage of the knife doesn’t end up contaminating a communal butter dish.

What is a cheese spreader?

A cheese spreader is a small, blunt utensil design for the express purpose of spreading soft cheeses such as camembert cheese onto crackers, breads or anything else you’d like to spread your cheese upon.

They work well for other types of spreads as well, such as butter or jam. A cheese knife, however, is designed to cut cheeses and there are different varieties dependant on the type and firmness of cheese you are looking to cut. 

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