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How Much Is One Ounce of Chocolate? What Does It Look Like?

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Whether you are following a recipe that calls for chocolate chips or are looking to portion yourself out some chocolate to enjoy, knowing how much an ounce of chocolate is, does help!

Most of us won’t be able to guess what an ounce of chocolate is off-hand, but it is a helpful measurement to know.

How much is one ounce of chocolate?

One ounce of chocolate is 1/16 of a pound, or it can be measured as roughly 28 grams. It can be difficult to get an exact ounce of chocolate, as it comes in many different shapes and sizes, and the ingredients in certain chocolates make them lighter or heavier than others.

What an ounce of chocolate looks like will also vary, as you will have more chocolate chips in an ounce than you will have solid pieces of chocolate, and so on. Read on to find out more about how much is in an ounce of chocolate!

How Much Does an Ounce of Chocolate Weigh?

Chocolate is usually sold by weight, and one of the most common measurements used for chocolate is ounces. This is great for many purposes, but if you are not too sure how much an ounce of chocolate actually is, it can be confusing!

To make it simple, one ounce of chocolate will be the same as 1/16 of a pound, or if grams are easier, then one ounce of chocolate is equal to 28 grams. 

When reading the weight of chocolate on the packaging, keep in mind that this will refer to the product only, just the chocolate you can eat, and not the packaging or the wrapping found on the chocolate, so if it says 6 ounces, then it will be 6 ounces of actual chocolate.

What Does an Ounce of Chocolate Look Like?

An ounce of chocolate, when exact, will measure the same weight no matter the type of chocolate (unless it is referring to fluid ounces). However, what an ounce of chocolate looks like will vary quite a bit.

There are many, many different types of chocolate to be found – chocolate bars, chocolate chips, chocolate truffles, chocolate buttons, and so much more. These are all different shapes and sizes and are all different weights too.

This means that one ounce of a chocolate bar will look very different from one ounce of chocolate chips. You can expect quite a few chocolate chip pieces in an ounce, but only a small piece of a chocolate bar.

Not only does the size and shape of the chocolate determine what an ounce will look like, but the type as well. Two slabs of chocolate can have different weights too. If chocolate is made with more cocoa butter, it is going to be lighter than one made with less.

Chocolate with fillings, such as dried fruit covered in chocolate, or espresso beans covered in chocolate, will weigh even less, as the filling is lighter than chocolate, so you can expect there to be more of these in an ounce than regular chocolate.

How Many Chocolate Chips Are in an Ounce?

One of the most common places you will come across chocolate measured in ounces is when you are baking, and a recipe asks for an ounce or two of chocolate chips.

Sure, you can measure this and find an ounce, but not all of us have kitchen scales to use, so we need to find a different way to measure this out.

chocolate chips

If you look at a regular-size semi-sweet chocolate chip, then you can expect there to be roughly 48 chocolate chip pieces in an ounce. This will be 1/16 of a pound.

The problem however is that there are so many different types of chocolate chips around, from smaller flatter ones, to bigger plumper ones, that counting out 48 chocolate chips to make an ounce isn’t the most reliable method.

The same size chocolate chips could vary in weight as well, with a white chocolate chip weighing less than a dark chocolate chip, so you would have more white chocolate chips in an ounce than you would dark chocolate chips.

The best way to get a perfect ounce is to measure out an ounce, 1/16 of a pound, or roughly 28 grams, but if you do not have a scale available, the below table can help you guess a little easier:

Ounces Cups Grams 
1.8 oz1/4 cup50g
2.3 oz⅓ cup67g
3.5 oz½ cup100g
5.3 oz¾ cup150g
7 oz1 cup200g

Using cups as measurements for chocolate chips might not give you an exact weight, but it is the best option if you do not have a scale available.

How Many Pieces of Chocolate Are in an Ounce?

There really is not one answer as to how many pieces of chocolate are in an ounce, as this heavily depends on the type of chocolate. 

chocolate truffles and bars

One ounce of a chocolate bar with large squares might equal one whole square, or in a chocolate bar with smaller squares, it might mean two squares.

For standard-sized truffles, you might get up to two truffles in an ounce, and up to 48 chocolate chips in an ounce too.

On Valentine’s Day, you might be lucky enough to get five foil hearts in an ounce, and if chocolate-covered espresso beans are your thing, you could get around ten in an ounce!

How many pieces of chocolate you will get to enjoy when you are having only an ounce really does depend. 

The type of chocolate, the size, the shape, and the ingredients will all determine how many pieces make up an ounce, but at the end of the day, whether you have 48 chocolate chips or two squares of a chocolate bar, the ounce will still weigh the same amount, around 1/16 of an ounce, or roughly 28 grams!

Does Milk, Semi-Sweet, Dark, and White Chocolate Weigh Different Amounts?

You can expect milk, semi-sweet, dark and white chocolate to all weigh different amounts. You could have the exact same size square for each, or the exact amount of chocolate chips for each, and find that the weight will all vary.

milk, dark and white chocolate

Generally, milk chocolate weighs less than semi-sweet chocolate chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips weigh less than dark chocolate chips, which are most often the heaviest chocolate.

White chocolate is most commonly the lightest chocolate, which means you will seem to have more white chocolate pieces, or white chocolate chips, in an ounce than you would other types.

You would therefore have fewer chocolate pieces or chocolate chips in an ounce when weighing out dark chocolate, but it will all still weigh the same.

How Many Chocolate Wafers in an Ounce?

Chocolate wafers are often used in various recipes where melted chocolate is needed. They are larger than chocolate chips, and therefore each individual wafer weighs more than an individual chocolate chip, so you cannot count them out the same way you would chocolate chips.

Chocolate wafers tend to have a higher cocoa butter content than chocolate chips, which helps them melt easier, but that also means they are slightly lighter too. So, with a standard-size chocolate wafer, you can expect there to be around 13 wafers in an ounce.

How to Easily Measure an Ounce of Chocolate Chips

This is by no means an exact science, but it is a great way to guess how many chocolate chips you would need to make up an ounce when you do not have a scale to use.

Roughly, two tablespoons of chocolate chips will be close enough to an ounce, and you can therefore use it in the recipe you are making.

This method can also be used for chocolate morsels, chocolate chunks, chocolate mini-chips, and chocolate jumbo chips.

How Much Is One Ounce of Chocolate?

One ounce of chocolate is equal to 1/16 of a pound, or 28 grams. When it comes to what an ounce of chocolate looks like, it becomes more complicated.

You will have way more chocolate chips in an ounce compared to squares of chocolates, and where you might have two chocolate truffles in an ounce, you will have about 10 chocolate-covered espresso beans.

The best way to work out an ounce of chocolate is to use a scale, as all chocolates vary in weight, and the size and shape variations of chocolate make it difficult to guess an ounce!

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