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Does Muscle Milk Need to Be Refrigerated? Does It Go Bad?

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Muscle Milk provides ready-made protein shakes and powders to those who need added protein in their diet, and it contains numerous beneficial nutrients and vitamins.

These products help to provide sustained energy for workouts, as well as helping to promote recovery and muscle building, so keeping some on hand is definitely a good idea.

Does Muscle Milk need to be refrigerated, and can it go bad?

Ready-made Muscle Milk protein drinks do need to be refrigerated, as well as any protein drinks made with Muscle Milk protein powder. Once opened, the ready-made shakes should be kept in the fridge and used within 7 to 10 days, whereas homemade Muscle Milk shakes should be used within 2 days.

You need to know how to store your Muscle Milk products to ensure you get the most from them, and that they don’t spoil and go to waste! Read on to find out how to store Muscle Milk and whether or not the products can go bad.

What Is Muscle Milk?

Muscle Milk is a protein whey shake or protein whey powder available in various flavors. For convenience, you can purchase Muscle Milk ready-made shakes, or buy the powders to make your own shakes at home.

The stand-out feature of Muscle Milk is that it has a very low lactose content and a very high protein content. It is made using four different types of protein, including milk protein isolate, hydrolysate, whey protein isolate, and calcium sodium caseinate.

For many, the convenience of having both ready-made shakes and protein powders suits many different diets and needs, whether working out at home, going to the gym, or as a meal replacement during the day!

Should Muscle Milk Be Kept in the Fridge?

Muscle Milk ready-made shakes can be kept in the pantry if they have not been opened, but once opened, the ready-made shakes need to be placed in the fridge. Once placed in the fridge, the ready-made shakes should be consumed within 7 to 10 days.

muscle milk shake

The ready-made drinks can be kept in the pantry unopened, but you do need to make sure that you keep a check on the best-by or expiry-date to make sure you do not leave them sitting in the pantry too long, and that you use them before this date.

The protein powders can be kept in the pantry too and should be stored in an airtight container, in a cool, dry environment. This does not necessarily mean refrigeration, as long as the powder is stored properly.

However, if you use the powder to make a protein shake, then it will need to be placed in the fridge. This homemade shake should be used within 2 days of being placed in the fridge, and it does not have as long shelf life compared to the ready-made shakes.

Can You Drink Expired Muscle Milk?

It is recommended that you use Muscle Milk within the best-by date or expiry date, but it does not always mean that the Muscle Milk will be expired or spoiled after this date.

The best-by date indicates when the Muscle Milk will be at its best quality, and it won’t necessarily spoil straight after this date. It might also have an expiry date, which is an estimate of when the Muscle Milk might spoil, but this does not always happen on the exact date.

Sometimes, you can get away with still drinking Muscle Milk which has passed its best-by date, or using Muscle Milk powder past its best-by date, as long as it does not show signs that it has started to spoil.

The one thing to consider is that the Muscle Milk will lose some of its nutrient content as it is left to sit for longer, and it might not deliver as much protein as it would have if it had been used fresh.

You might also notice that Muscle Milk powder which has passed its best-by date will have a less intense flavor, and it might end up tasting like cardboard when mixed with your liquid of choice. So while it might not be bad, it won’t be all that pleasant to drink before or after a workout.

Can Muscle Milk Go Bad?

Muscle Milk can eventually go bad if it is left for too long, or if it is not stored properly. If a Muscle Milk ready-made shake is opened and not refrigerated, there is a good chance that it can turn sour. You obviously do not want to be drinking sour Muscle Milk.

The same goes for protein shakes you make with Muscle Milk powder, if the leftover drink is not kept in the fridge and used within 2 days, and if it is left out at room temperature for too long, then there is a good chance it could spoil.

You do need to make sure that you store Muscle Milk protein drinks, whether ready-made or homemade, correctly, to prevent the protein shakes from going bad, and then going to waste.

How bad Muscle Milk might go does depend on how long it has been left for, as well as the conditions it was left in. Ideally, the drinks should be kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Left at room temperature, the drinks can go bad just after 2 hours.

How Long Can Muscle Milk Stay Unrefrigerated?

Once opened, Muscle Milk should not be left unrefrigerated for longer than 2 hours. After 2 hours at room temperature, there is an increased chance of bacteria growth that could cause the Muscle Milk to spoil, and possibly be dangerous to drink.

However, unopened Muscle Milk can be kept out of the fridge, and tucked away in a cool, dark environment, for quite some time. There should be a best-by date to follow, which you should try to stick to, but there is a good chance that the Muscle Milk can stay in the fridge for a few weeks past this date.

The same goes for the Muscle Milk protein powder. It can be kept in the pantry for a few weeks past its best-by date, and it should be fine to use, as long as it doesn’t show signs of spoiling.

Signs That Muscle Milk Has Gone Bad

It does help to know the various signs to look for that Muscle Milk has gone bad, especially if it has passed the best-by date and you are not sure whether it is still okay or not.

For the Muscle Milk ready-made shakes, you should first smell the shake. If it has a sour or rancid smell, then it is likely expired and not safe to drink. 

muscle milk need to be refrigerated

Secondly, have a look at the shake itself. Does it seem discolored, or has it separated? If you notice any change in appearance, then it is likely that the shake has started to expire.

For Muscle Milk powder, check that there are no lumps or clumps in the powder, which could show that moisture has gotten into the protein powder, which could cause bacteria growth, and make the powder unsafe to use.

There should also not be an off odor or smell with the powder. It should smell like the flavor it was made to be and nothing else. If there is a bad odor, rather throw the powder away, especially if there has been a change in the texture as well.

Lastly, if you notice a strange, rancid flavor when having some Muscle Milk, whether ready-made or homemade, stop drinking it and throw it away – it is not worth the risk of becoming ill.

Can You Have Muscle Milk Warm?

You can definitely warm up Muscle Milk ready-made shakes in the microwave, or use a warm liquid of your choice to make Muscle Milk with powder, but once you have finished, you should discard any leftovers.

It isn’t the best idea to refrigerate warm Muscle Milk, especially if you are going to be reheating it a second time, so only warm up what you know you are going to finish.

Does Muscle Milk Need to Be Refrigerated?

Muscle Milk ready-made shakes should be refrigerated once they are open, but they can remain in the pantry unopened till a few weeks past the best-by date. Once opened and placed in the fridge, the Muscle Milk shake should be used within 7 to 10 days.

For Muscle Milk powder, it can be stored in the pantry, in a sealed container, but once you use the powder to make a shake, the shake should be kept in the fridge and used within 2 days.

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Is Muscle Milk Better With Milk or Water?

Muscle Milk can be made with either milk or water, it is dependent on what you include in your diet and what you prefer the taste of.

When Should You Drink Muscle Milk?

It is best to drink Muscle Milk after a workout, so your body has what it needs to recover, but this is up to you and what you prefer to do with your training.

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