Can You Use Just Egg For Baking?

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Unfortunately, we live in a world with many allergies and intolerances. This led to a massive increase in alternative products, which manufacturers have pushed and pushed.

But, from personal experience, especially when it comes to egg substitutes, none of these alternatives come close to the real thing. What’s the point then?

Luckily, a new product has hit the market a couple of years ago and is gaining traction by the minute. It’s called Just Egg and we are obsessed with it. The taste, texture, and consistency are virtually the same as for regular cooked eggs.

But can you use Just Egg for baking? In short, this substitute is virtually flawless! You can use it as a vegan substitute in baking to make vegan cookies, cakes, muffins, and even loaves of bread. However, it also works fine for eggs used in custards, breakfast items, and puddings.

Today, we will look at exactly what this incredible substitute is and how exactly you can use it. We have listed the best ways you can substitute regular eggs with it and even when you should use it best. Ready to get started?

What Is Just Egg?

First things first, not many people are familiar with Just Egg, especially if you aren’t intolerant to eggs or on a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

Just Egg is essentially a plant-based product that was released in July 2017 by a company called Eat Just.

It was initially intended to be a vegan egg substitute for scrambled eggs and other breakfast egg dishes.

This plant product is made from the protein that is found in mung beans in addition to other stabilizing and flavoring ingredients.

The philosophy of the founding company, Eat Just, is to find similar proteins in plant products that eggs have. This way you can create a substitute that is still able to function in the same way regular eggs do.

For example, they look for the same components that make eggs act as a binding ingredient or an emulsifying one. Then, they use those plant proteins to create a substitute.

So, now let’s look at the actual product. Just Egg, as we have mentioned, is an egg substitute made from mung beans.

It is sold in liquid form and actually is more popular than actual liquid eggs. Furthermore, you can find this product in frozen form too, which naturally lasts much longer.

Nutrition Of Just Egg Vs. Regular Eggs

These two products, even though they are completely different, have a surprisingly similar nutritional build.

But, many suggest that the inventors intended it to be this way, seeing as they want a true vegan substitute that resembles regular eggs almost exactly.

Both an egg and ¼ cup Just Egg (which is the substitute for a large egg) contains 70 calories and 5 grams of fat. However, Just Eggs contains less saturated fat and cholesterol—0 grams as a matter of fact!

It also does, unfortunately, contain less protein as well, but only about a gram.

Can You Use Just Egg for Baking?

Now, a lot of people question whether or not you can use Just Egg as a substitute in baking, even though its intended purpose is as a scrambled egg substitute. 

Well, in short, you can easily use Just Egg for baking. We do all the time! Because this product comes in liquid form, it is basically pre-scrambled eggs.

And, when you bake food products, you almost always have to add whole scrambled eggs to the mixture.

Just Egg makes a fantastic substitute for whole eggs. It will function as a binding ingredient, as a food emulsifier, and as a leavening agent in the baked item.

It will also help enrich your baked item and even add some color to it.

The biggest downside to Just Egg for baking is that you cannot separate the egg yolks and egg whites (obviously, because the product isn’t made from an egg). The substitute is again, only meant to substitute whole beaten eggs in recipes.

What most people love about this egg substitute is that it doesn’t taste like mung beans. It actually tastes very similar to real eggs.

And better yet, once scrambled (or used in other recipes) it has virtually the same consistency, texture, and mouthfeel.

How To Substitute Just Egg For Eggs In Recipes

As we have mentioned, you can easily substitute real eggs with Just Eggs. They can perform any function as well. The real question is rather how you should substitute these two ingredients.

Our calculations are all based on large eggs. Any recipe that calls for an egg (especially when making baked products) requires a large egg that weighs about 63-73 grams.

So, the most accurate substitution would be to substitute each egg with 65 grams of Just Egg.

But, the easiest method is to simply use 1/4 cup of Just Egg instead. Obviously then, two eggs would be ½ cup of Just Egg and 3 eggs would be ¾ cup of Just Egg.

Now, if you need to use an extra-large or small egg for a recipe (just as an example), we would recommend checking out the weights of those sizes and substituting the eggs by weight instead.

It is much more accurate this way. You can use our chart below.

Egg SizeEgg Weight
SmallLess than 53 grams
Medium53-63 grams
Large63-73 grams
Extra largeOver 73 grams

How And When Can You Use Just Egg?

Now that you know Just Egg can be used as a substitute for eggs in every way, the doors of possibilities are wide open!

You can use these eggs to make delicious vegan baked goods, breakfast food items, or make baked desserts and custards. Remember, as long as the recipe called for whole whisked eggs, you can use this substitution flawlessly.

We absolutely love using this product when making cookies, cakes, muffins, and even enriched loaves of bread

You can also use it to make scrambled eggs, frittatas, omelets, and other egg dishes. You can even use it to make a delicious egg-based topping for casseroles, like bobotie for example.

Pros Of Using Just Egg

  • Just Egg is extremely easy to use and very affordable. You can incorporate it into any recipe exactly like you would beat whole eggs or liquid eggs.
  • Just Egg is a completely vegan product that only contains plant-based ingredients, specifically mung beans. This also means that you don’t have to worry about egg allergies or intolerances anymore!
  • This egg substitute can be used to function as a stabilizing ingredient, as an emulsifying one, and even as a simple binding ingredient.
  • The eggs will give you exactly the same consistency and texture that regular eggs will – no matter how they are used in recipes.
  • Just Eggs don’t have any strange flavors like many substitutes often have. You probably won’t even taste them at all in baked items.
  • This product will naturally not contain all of the nutrients that eggs do. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy! These eggs still contain low amounts of sodium and saturated fat. Naturally, it does contain a good amount of plant-protein, which many people often claim are healthier.

Cons Of Using Just Egg

  • Unfortunately, you cannot use Just Eggs to substitute egg whites or egg yolks. Especially not if the egg whites should be beaten.
  • These eggs cannot be whipped to form aerated egg whites. So, you would need to use an alternative egg white substitute for baking. Aquafaba liquid works well.
  • While this substitute is fairly easy to find, it is still not as easy to find as regular eggs. And furthermore, it isn’t available around the world. You definitely can find this product in America, Europe, and Asia. But, it still won’t be in every store and even every town.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over whether or not you can use Just Egg for baking, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

How long does Just Egg last?

Just Egg will last in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. And, once it has been opened, you would have to use the contents almost immediately.

It will only remain good for another day or so.  You can also buy the frozen version of their fresh product, but these are often harder to find.

Are Just Eggs more expensive than regular eggs?

Just Eggs will naturally be more expensive than regular eggs. Not necessarily because it is healthier or harder to make or find, but actually simply because it is a “healthy” ingredient.

Manufacturers love using specific phrases to increase the price of their products. As soon as you label something as vegan (even if the product is already naturally vegan) they increase the price.

What other ingredients does Just Egg contain?

This product is largely made from mung bean proteins. However, it does also contain water, canola oil, gums, and seasoning ingredients.

All of these, when used in the correct ratios, create a product that is almost indistinguishable from real cooked eggs.

If you’d like a review of this product, check out this video from Sauce Stache!

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  1. Thanks for the info on baking with Just Egg, especially the measurements. I’ve converted most of my holiday sides into vegan versions, but I hadn’t been entirely successful with getting the texture of Jiffy spoon bread/corn casserole right with other egg replacements. I tried it with Just Egg, and it was light and fluffy. I think it was better than the original version with chicken eggs. I appreciate your help!

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