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How to Cut a Pizza Into 6, 8, 10, or 12 Slices

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You can never go wrong with pizza — it is one of the best crowd-pleasers you can make, plus everyone can get involved with the cooking process!

Even if you don’t make pizza from scratch, takeout pizza or frozen pizza is a super easy (and super delicious) dinner.

The one issue that we all face with serving pizza is knowing how to cut it into equal slices with the optimal ratio of topping to crust. 

For example, if you have 10 people to serve, then you would obviously want to cut the pizza into 10 equal slices. But how do you avoid cutting too-small slices?

How do you cut a pizza into 6, 8, 10, or 12 slices? The best way to cut a pizza into equal slices is to choose the right size pizza to start with. Cutting a small pizza into 12 slices will give you teeny-tiny slices, while cutting a large pizza into 6 slices would give you pieces that are too big.

So, if you are wanting to perfect your pizza slicing and ensure that you always have the right size and right amount of slices to go around, read on to find out everything you need to know about cutting pizza to size!

How Many Slices Should You Cut a Pizza Into?

How many slices you should cut your pizza into is dependent on two things — how many slices you want, and the size of the pizza.

Most store-bought pizzas, and most traditional pizza stones, measure around 12 inches in diameter — in this case, it is best to cut the pizza into 8 slices, to give you perfectly sized slices to feed a couple of people.

cut a pizza

It really is up to you and the number of people you are sharing the pizza with, as well as how big you like your pizza slices to be, when deciding how to cut your pizza — just make sure you have a sharp pizza cutter!

Here are some guidelines to follow to help you work out what the perfect serving per pizza size is.

What Size Pizza Is Best to Cut Into 4 Slices?

If you just have a small pizza to enjoy at home, then 4 slices are all you need!

You should really only cut a 6-inch pizza into 4 slices — you might be fine cutting an 8-inch pizza into 4 slices, but the slices will likely be quite large.

pizza cut into 4

Cutting a pizza into 4 slices is wonderfully easy:

  1. Slice the pizza in half vertically.
  2. Slice the pizza in half horizontally.

Just 2 cuts will be all you need to slice a pizza into 4 pieces!

What Size Pizza Is Best to Cut Into 6 Slices?

When slicing pizza into 6 slices, there are 2 size options that work great — the smaller size option will give you slightly thinner slices while still being large enough to enjoy.

pizza cut into 6

The best size pizza to cut into 6 slices would be an 8-inch pizza or a 10-inch pizza. These give you 6 perfectly sized pizza slices, which is ideal for 1-2 people.

These are 2 smaller-size pizza options that might not be ideal for a family, but if you are looking for a pizza to enjoy on your own, then those 6 slices would be great!

To cut a pizza into 6 slices, do the following:

  1. Cut the pizza once in half.
  2. Turn the pizza slightly and slice in half again.
  3. Turn the pizza to the other side and slice it in half a third time.

This should give you 6 equal slices of pizza.

For more help, here is a video from Santa Barbara Baker on YouTube showing how to slice a pizza into 6 slices.

What Size Pizza Is Best to Cut Into 8 Slices?

When you are sharing a pizza with someone else, then cutting it into 8 slices is better than 6!

The best size pizza to cut into 8 slices would be a 12-inch pizza. The slices will be the right size to hold and enjoy, and nobody will feel as though their slices are too thin!

pizza cut into 8

It is also fairly easy to cut a pizza into 8 slices — this is the most common sized pizza you will find at a takeout (medium pizza) or in the frozen section of the grocery store.

Here is how to cut a pizza into 8 slices:

  1. Slice the pizza in half horizontally.
  2. Slice the pizza in half vertically.
  3. Rotate it 90 degrees and cut it in half again.
  4. Rotate it for the last time and cut it in half.

Essentially, you are just cutting the pizza in half 4 times, which will give you 8 even slices.

Here is a quick video from Chef Naman on YouTube showing how to slice a pizza into 8 slices.

What Size Pizza Is Best to Cut Into 10 Slices?

Slicing a small size pizza into 10 slices means everyone will likely get quite a thin slice, so you need a bigger size pizza to cut into 10 good slices.

The best size pizza to cut into 10 slices is a 14-inch pizza. You can go a size up and have bigger slices, but a 14-inch pizza is the best option.

pizza cut into 10

There is more slicing involved with a 10-slice pizza, but it is still super easy to do!

  1. Make the first slice to cut the pizza in half.
  2. Move a 30-degree angle and make the next cut.
  3. Repeat this and slice again.
  4. Move another 30 degrees again and slice.

This might seem confusing — essentially you would cut the pizza in half, move over how big you want the slice to be, slice through the pizza at this point, and then place another two slices in until you get to the halfway point.

Here is a visual from Cookingguide on YouTube on how not to do this.

What Size Pizza Is Best to Cut Into 12 Slices?

Who doesn’t want to get 12 decent-sized slices from their pizza? A 12-slice pizza is great for 2-3 people to share — with the right size pizza, all the slices should be large enough to enjoy, but not so thin that they become difficult to eat.

pizza cut into 12

The best size pizza to cut into 12 slices is an 18-inch pizza. You will likely have to order this as takeout (or make pizza on your own at home) since this is a large size that you likely won’t come across in the frozen aisle at your pizza store.

This is how to cut a pizza into 12 slices:

  1. Cut the pizza in half horizontally.
  2. Cut the pizza in half again vertically, creating a cross.
  3. Divide one of the wedges into 3 equal parts and cut across these.
  4. Repeat this for each wedge.

Here is a video from Glubilyn Show on YouTube showing how to cut a pizza into 12 slices.

The Right Size Pizza per Slice Amount

Here is a quick table showing you how many slices you should slice each size of pizza into:

Pizza SizeNumber Of Slices
6-inch4 slices
8-inch6 slices
10-inch6 slices
12-inch8 slices
14-inch10 slices
18-inch12 slices

Final Thoughts

The beauty of pizza (other than its deliciousness) is that you can cut it up pretty much any way you prefer to eat it.

If you feel as though you need a little help with deciding how many slices to cut a pizza into, the above guide should be enough to help you out!

Even if it takes you a few tries to figure out how to properly slice pizza, it will still taste the same and even an uneven slice will still be delicious.

Related Questions

What Is the Best Tool to Use to Cut Pizza?

You can use a knife or even kitchen scissors to cut pizza, but the best tool to use would be a round pizza cutter.

The round blade runs across the pizza like a wheel and smoothly cuts it into even slices. For some added help, you could even use a pizza cutting guide, which is a board that shows you where to slice your pizza.

How Do You Cut a Pizza Without a Pizza Cutter?

If you do not have a pizza cutter, a large chef’s knife is a good option. However, it is a good idea to allow the pizza to cool slightly before using the knife so that the cheese is not as soft, which means it will not stick to the knife as much.

Is It Okay to Cut Pizza With Scissors?

It is perfectly fine to cut pizza with scissors, and many people use this as their go-to method. You can even buy pizza scissors! You will need the pizza to be slightly cooler when using scissors, as you don’t want to burn your hands.

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