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The 5 Best Herbs That Go With Lamb

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Lamb is an incredible dish, made even better with the introduction of some delicious herbs! There are some really awesome ways to prepare lamb and those methods might vary depending on what you are making using lamb.

There are several different types of recipes made using lamb. Lamb can be a little particular and it mixes best with specific flavors and herbs. 

So what herbs go best with lamb? Rosemary is the most traditional herb to accompany lamb as its woodsy, citrus-like scent pair well with the robust, bold flavors of lamb. Other herbs that work well when used with lamb include mint, oregano, and coriander. Garlic also works well for its pungent, bright flavor.

Keep reading to learn more about the 5 best herbs for lamb and more!

Choosing Herbs To Go With Lamb

Lamb is not always a common dish in every culture but it is an absolutely delicious dish if you know the best ways to prepare it.

It’s considered to be a specialty dish as it’s not as common or popular as some things like beef, chicken, or pork which we see much more often

With that in mind, here are some things you may want to consider when you are choosing herbs to use with lamb. 

Flavor Combination

An important element when choosing herbs is what you’ll be making. You want to know that the flavors are going to combine to provide the lamb with a really great flavor.

Your goal is to mix some really great and flavorful herbs to really complement the lamb without clashing together with any of the other flavors present

You will find that most of the herbs recommended for use with lamb are woody in nature or have very deep flavors. 

Cooking Method

Keep in mind that the herbs you are using might vary depending on what you are making.

Depending on the recipe and how the lamb needs to be cooked, you may need to choose a different herb so as not to damage it during the cooking process.

The 5 Best Herbs For Lamb

Now that we’ve talked about some of the basics, let’s take a look at some specific herbs. In this next part of our guide, we will share our top picks for the 5 best herbs for lamb.

Let’s take a look! 

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is perhaps one of the most common and most popular herbs that are used with lamb. You can use rosemary in nearly every type of lamb dish and it is perfect for lamb chops, rack of lamb, and leg of lamb

This particular herb has a woody flavor to it that is also just slightly smoky as well. That deep, smoky flavor really pulls out the natural flavors of the meat but will really also round out a good marinade or sauce to go with the lamb. 

The rosemary will really bring any dish to life with lamb in the mix. You cannot go wrong with rosemary and you can use it for any type of lamb dish and get really great results in doing so.

You can use fresh rosemary if you have it available. You can also typically find dried rosemary in any spice section at a grocery store. 

2. Mint

Mint is an herb that we often forget about with other dishes but it really is an awesome option for lamb. Mint has a deep and slightly earthy flavor as well.

Mint is a great choice for lamb and a lot of people will actually create a mint sauce or even a mint jelly to accompany the lamb. Mint is best used for cuts of meat such as lamb chops, rack of lamb, or leg of lamb.

Mint is primarily used as part of a total marinade or used as an herb within sauce or jellies that are often served or added to lamb dishes. 

Mint has a refreshing flavor so it is different than using rosemary and probably won’t be used at the same time as rosemary.

Roasted lamb with mint is one of the most perfect and classic combinations that you can possibly use. You can create a sauce or jelly or you can use dried mint or fresh mint as well. 

3. Oregano

Oregano is an herb that is very similar to rosemary in nature but has a slightly more fresh taste to it and is slightly less earthy as well.

If you look at oregano compared to rosemary, you might not even be able to tell the difference but the flavors are slightly different. 

Oregano has a fresh aroma and flavor, so it pairs very well with lamb.

This can be a great herb to use for lamb stew or lamb mince where you want to add a little something else with flavor. It’s very distinct and often thought of as a springtime herb. 

4. Coriander

Coriander is not an herb that everyone keeps in their kitchens because it can be strong and specific.

However, coriander is a really great option for lamb. It is another earthy herb. It’s used in dishes like curry and other Middle-East cuisines. Coriander has robust flavor so it’s bold when you pair it with lamb

Coriander can be used for most lamb dishes, much like the other herbs. We recommend it with any of the basic meat preparations or perhaps even with lamb mince as well. 

5. Garlic

Garlic is not technically an herb, per se, but it can be used like one, and plus almost everyone has garlic in their pantries. Garlic can also easily be paired with other herbs and spices.

You can use a garlic powder, garlic cloves, or perhaps even minced garlic and use it in absolutely every possible lamb dish out there

You can’t go wrong with garlic. It’s robust and bright at the same time and it pairs with other seasonings nicely so you can use it in combination with other herbs from this list. 

Related Questions

We hope that you found this guide to the 5 best herbs for lamb to be a valuable resource with some really great options to try out. 

Below are some common questions and answers. We invite you to check them out for some additional information that could be helpful. 

What herbs go with lamb chops? 

You can use a few different flavor variations for lamb chops but we absolutely love rosemary and garlic for lamb chops.

You get that earthy and smoky flavor of rosemary paired with the pungent flavor of garlic and you end up with savory and flavorful lamb chops. 

What herbs go with lamb mince? 

Lamb mince is meant to be very herby and earthy in flavor. With that in mind, you should plan to use one of the more earthy herbs when you make lamb mince.

We recommend using coriander, oregano, or rosemary. You can’t go wrong with any of these. 

What herbs go with lamb stew? 

Lamb stew can sometimes be considered bland but there are a few small things you can do to just give it a pop of flavor.

When making lamb stew, we highly recommend using garlic. You could also really perfect the flavors of the stew with some addition of parsley and thyme as well. 

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