Hardee’s Lunch Hours (and Menu)

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Hardee’s is a global fast-food chain known for its delicious charbroiled burgers and a wide variety of other menu items. If you want to learn about its lunch hours and menu items then this guide is just for you!

What are Hardee’s lunch hours and best menu items? Hardee’s generally operates from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Between this time, it serves breakfast items from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM and then switches to its regular (lunch) menu that usually lasts until 10:00 PM. 

Read below to learn more about the lunch timings at Hardee’s and their popular menu items that you can try during different times of the day!

Brief History of Hardee’s

Hardee’s came about at a time when the fast-food industry in North America was just taking off – and to illustrate the creation and history of Hardee’s, we need to first talk about another popular food chain that played a pivotal role in its creation: McDonald’s. 

While there were several burger and sandwich restaurants around the USA at the time, the true concept of fast food was actually invented in 1955 with the launch of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s was touted as a revolutionary fast-food chain at the time because it completely reimagined the service and food industry by focusing on quality and the word “fast” in fast food.

See, before McDonald’s many eateries served burgers and most of them even had a dedicated take-out service, some even had drive-thru services as well. 

But none of them were good at serving food. For example, wrong orders and long cooking times were the norms and everyone expected a wait time of around 15-20 minutes after placing their order. 

Most eateries also heavily focused on a full dine-in service with a range of different menu items. But with the launch of McDonald’s everything changed. 

McDonald’s focused on a simple and streamlined menu with speedy service.

It also dispensed with the dine-in model and opted for a drive-thru and take-away model where customers could come in order, and be out with their order within 2-3 minutes.

They did this by standardizing everything in the kitchen. One can even say that McDonald’s did to fast food what Ford did to automobile manufacturing.

Since the staff at McDonald’s had hyper-focused roles, they were able to produce more food (and with accuracy) than anyone else in the industry.  

Enter: Wilbur Hardee

McDonald’s was gaining widespread attention and success – and many business owners started to take notice of how much this small food chain was earning in comparison to bigger and more investment-heavy restaurants at the time. 

One such entrepreneur who happened to visit McDonald’s was Wilbur Hardee. 

Wilbur Hardee was already familiar with the fast-food industry, having had experience in several restaurants that he had successfully opened with the help of his Wife.

But he was taken aback by just how much a relatively small McDonald’s outlet was able to earn in an hour serving only burgers and fries.

He regularly visited the outlet and studied what the customers were responding to the most.

He noticed that people loved the idea of having quick service and simple burgers – but he noticed that there was a bit of room for improvement in the patties. 

This is when Wilbur had an idea in mind: he wanted to make a similar-structured fast-food chain that provided a bit more than McDonald’s. 

Hardee’s – Charbroiled Burgers

In 1960, Wilbur Hardee came up with the name, logo, and theme for his own fast-food restaurant – but his main selling point was his focus on better ingredients and the introduction of charbroiled burgers. 

Wilbur, being a grill chef for most of his early life, had been experimenting with different types of burgers using various cooking techniques.

He knew that the market lacked a good old juicy, thick, and grilled burger. So, that’s what he based his restaurant on!

Fast forward to today, Hardee’s is known as a popular and revered name in the fast-food industry with sales in billions of dollars. 

The chain is recognized for its famous Angus beef burgers and a variety of other popular menu items including sandwiches, hand-breaded chicken tenders, and their famous skin-on and curly fries. 

Popular Menu Items

Find the full official Hardee’s menu here

Hardee’s has several popular menu items – but two items jumpstarted the brand and gave it a place in the fast-food hall of fame: charbroiled burgers and “made-from-scratch” biscuits. 

From burritos to curly fries to breakfast biscuit sandwiches, and more. Hardee’s has incorporated multiple menu items to please a range of hungry customers.

However, the franchise is built upon a few high-selling items that account for most of its daily sales.

Here are some of the top menu items at Hardee’s:

Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

The charbroiled BBQ chicken sandwich seems like a simple and classic option – but Hardee’s has given it its own twist by adding interesting flavors using tangy condiments.

The success of the classic BBQ chicken sandwich is a testament to how keeping a focus on basics can make the most difference in the fast-food world.

Instead of going for over-the-top ingredients and flashy marketing, Hardee’s uses simple high-quality ingredients and a combination of lettuce, tomato, juicy chicken fillet, and of course, its signature BBQ sauce. 

All of this is packed between soft potato buns and this meal goes great with a side of curly fries (more on this below).

The charbroiled chicken sandwich is our top pick for anyone who is looking to satiate their lunchtime cravings without overdoing the calories. 

Breakfast Platter

The breakfast platter is arguably one of the best things that the brand has introduced in a long time.

The platter comes with an assortment of biscuits, gravy, folded eggs, strips of crisp bacon, and Hardee’s Hash Rounds. 

If you are looking for a great and hearty breakfast then this is the item to get.

Also, depending on where you live, some outlets may add a variety of smoked and seasoned protein guaranteed to make you come back for more. 

The only weak point in this platter is the eggs with some people claiming that they usually overdo the eggs and ruin their texture. But if you direct the staff on how you want the eggs, then you can get a pretty solid breakfast at Hardee’s!

Crispy Curls

Curly fries aren’t new and have been featured extensively in the fast-food world but Hardee’s takes them to the next level by using delicious seasonings – which includes Cajun!

These fries are iconic and have been part of Hardee’s menu for a very long time. They are best served as a side for burgers and sandwiches, but you can also order them separately if you’re craving crispy and delicious French fries with a literal twist. 

The downside here is that their quantity is usually lacking. We recommend that you upsize them for the best experience as they truly are a must-have as a side for any lunch menu item! 

Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders

It’s tough to beat chicken tenders and while Hardee’s isn’t exactly known for its fried chicken products, its hand-breaded chicken tenders surely take the top spot here.

Hardee’s sells its chicken tenders in 3, 5, 10, and 20 pieces. Unlike other food chains that sell incredibly dry pieces of chicken, Hardee’s, fortunately, takes a different route and offers juicy and tender white chicken with a crispy coating. 

The flavor is highly balanced and the texture is on point. Throw in some great condiments and you have one of the best lunch offerings on the menu! 

Monster Biscuit

The monster biscuit is truly a triumph. Unlike other fast-food chains that stay away from going over the top with breakfast food, Hardee’s offers a monster menu item that can be termed as a brunch item due to its sheer size and satiability. 

The monster biscuit offers a combination of folded eggs, crispy bacon, ham, a sausage patty – YES, a sausage patty, and not one but two slices of American cheese; talk about heavy!

To top it off, the sandwich is pressed between two fluffy biscuits, the same hand-made biscuits that the brand is beloved for! 

This may seem like a lot of food – and it probably is, but many people who buy this item instantly fall in love with it and are even able to finish it in one sitting which says a lot about how well-balanced this sandwich is, despite its humongous size. 

Mushroom & Swiss Thickburger

Thick burgers are a big selling point at Hardee’s and are a departure from the flat and smashed patties that you will commonly find at most fast-food joints. 

Sure, thin patties have a lot of benefits, they provide a better (crispier) texture and great flavor, but thick patties truly changed the game for Hardee’s. 

If you want to change up your burger routine then we highly recommend that you try the Mushroom and Swiss thick burger.

The burger is a combination of perfectly charbroiled 100% black Angus beef with melted Swiss cheese and a lip-smacking mushroom sauce served between, of course, soft potato buns!

Despite the thickness of the patty in this burger, it still manages to provide all the right flavor notes due to how it is prepared, seasoned, and cooked. Charbroiling truly elevates the flavor of beef and Hardee’s is known for exploiting this fact.

We highly recommend this lunch menu item for anyone who isn’t familiar with Hardee’s! 

Beef Taco Salad

Here’s another lunch menu item that is sure to satisfy the need of any salad lover. Although this isn’t exactly a healthy offering, it is still a great menu item for people who enjoy a familiar beef taco flavor. 

Served in a huge taco shell, this salad is a combination of ground beef, shredded lettuce, salsa, shredded cheese, hot sauce, refried beans, and sour cream.

Did we mention that it’s served in a taco shell shaped like a bowl? That’s right, if you are looking for a satisfying lunch then we highly recommend this salad.

It isn’t as spicy as regular beef tacos, but it will surely get the job done with its serving size! You can also combo this meal with natural-cut French fries with the skin on which gives them a crispy exterior and fluffy interior – a Hardee’s classic! 

Hardee’s Lunch Hours 

Hardee’s operates from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM from Monday to Sunday. But the timings may vary depending on individual stores so you should double-check the timings of your local Hardee’s from their website or mobile app. 

In most cases, the fast-food chain will likely be operational from early morning to before midnight.

Some outlets may even remain open past midnight, especially on Saturdays which is usually the busiest day for most fast-food chains. 

As far as the lunch menu goes, Hardee’s typically opens up its lunch menu after 10:30 AM.

Before that, you will likely only be able to get their breakfast offerings. Some branches may also include a cross of breakfast and lunch items between 6:00 AM and 10:30 AM.

It is worth noting that some stores may even serve breakfast all day! You will need to check with your local Hardee’s outlet to see their overall menu offerings throughout the day.

The guide below shows the usual timings of the fast-food chain throughout the week:

Hardee’s HoursOpening Hours (Breakfast Menu Begins)Breakfast Ends/Lunch BeginsClosing Hours
Monday6:00 AM10:30 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday6:00 AM10:30 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday6:00 AM10:30 AM10:00 PM
Thursday6:00 AM10:30 AM10:00 PM
Friday6:00 AM10:30 AM10:00 PM
Saturday6:00 AM10:30 AM10:00 PM
Sunday7:00 AM10:30 AM9:00 PM

As you can see from the chart, Hardee’s follows standard operational timings, just like any other fast-food chain.

The timings are the same for all days of the week except for Sunday when the chain usually opens an hour late at 7:00 AM and closes an hour before at 9:00 PM. 

Please keep in mind that Hardee’s may also have reduced operational timings during the holiday season and may even be closed in the case of Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day. 

The best way to know for sure is to visit Hardee’s website.

Go to the store locator on the site and type in your area to know about all the outlets near you.

You can also get store timings and other related info on the website. 

Related Questions 

Hardee’s lunch hours are usually between 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM but some branches may also offer extended lunch timings and may even close after midnight depending on the area and how busy it is. 

Now that you know all about the Hardee’s lunch timings, here are some related questions:

Does Hardee’s have extended delivery timings for its lunch items?

You can have Hardee’s delivered during the operational timings listed above. Additionally, some outlets may even provide extended delivery timings later in the night. This will depend on where you live and the individual store policies.

We recommend checking out their mobile app to be sure about the delivery timings.

Please note that some outlets may also have limited delivery timings and may even charge extra for delivery compared to if you have a meal at the restaurant. 

Is the dinner menu for Hardee’s different?

Hardee’s generally serves the same menu items during dinner time.

Typically, dinner timings start after 5:00 PM and you will be able to order from its full menu. Please note that the availability of some items, especially from the breakfast menu, may be limited. 

As mentioned in our guide, Hardee’s may or may not sell all-day breakfast depending on the location and store policies. You should check their website and mobile app to be sure!

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